Examination and presentation

38. (1)As soon as a petition is received it shall be acknowledged in the form specified in the First Schedule.

(2) Every petition before presentation to the House shall be examined in order to see whether it is--

(a) in proper form;

(b) couched in respectful, decorous and temperate language;

(c) in conformity with the rules and decisions that may be taken from time to time.

(3) After the petition has been examined and is found to be generally in order, it shall be presented to the House by the Secretary-General or the member, as the case may be:

Provided that in the case of a petition on a Bill pending before the House, it shall be presented or reported to the House, as the case may be, as soon as possible after its receipt:

Provided further that in the case of a petition on a Bill pending before a Select or Joint Committee, the petition may be referred to that Committee without being presented to the House and the petitioner informed accordingly.

Withdrawal of defective petitions

39. If a petition, after presentation, is found defective, it may be withdrawn by an order of the Speaker and the petitioner informed accordingly.

Admissiobility of petitions

40. (1) A petition shall be rejected or returned to the petitioner if it-- (i) relates to personal or individual grievances; or

(ii) relates to matters specified in clause

(iii) of rule 160 of the Rules of Procedure.

(2) In case it is considered necessary to ascertain the facts from the Ministry concerned in order to determine the admissibility of the petition, a reference may be made to the Ministry and facts gathered or action taken by them ascertained.