I like that the Supreme Court orders should be adhered to taking the Parmanent

on Mandal Commission Report 316

into confidence and having a threadbare discussion in the House.

13.00 hrs.


SHRI MOHAN SINGH (Ferozepur): Mr. Speaker, Sir, the backward class, which is the majority class of this country has been the victim of great inujustice for a long. Every party, which has come,to the power, has taken the help of these backward classes, but after coming- to the power, the have totally neglected these classes.

The report of the Mandal Commission was not implemented for long.

The Supreme Court gave a decision to implement it commission's recommendations and an Expert Committee was set up after that. The people of this country are not aware of the committee and therefore, they want that the recomendations of the Mandel Commission should be implemented as it is. No change should be made in it, so that the backward classes can get justice ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Please take your seat. Please do not disturb me, when I am helping you on your point .... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Please be quiet and let me say something.

You have raised you point in a very good manner. This House and the Government respect your sentiments and there is not doubt that the other people will also have a regard for your feelings. The hon.

Minister is also present here, but I am not directing him to say anything. 'You told me that a discussion should be hold on this matter. I will allot time for this discussion. This matter is such an important matter as requires a time for the discussion on it.


317 Re. Supreme Court's Judgement


MR. SPEAKER: Mr. Acharia, why do not you keep quiet ? Why do not you seal your lips?


I would like to request the hon. Minister that the hon. Members of this House have expressed their sentiments very minutely, So, he should call a meeting with them. If they have some misapprehensions, you should discuss it with them, before coming to the House.


It will help you. If you want, I can invite the Minister and you also in my Chamber and discuss. But you please first go to the Ministers chamber and have a cup of tea there and then come to my chamber, if you do not feel like and if you are not satisfied.


After this, I will not allow any other discussion on this issue today. Today is Friday, and I am allowing one or two Members to express their views. Shahabuddin ji, I will take up your subject on Monday. I am allowing one or two Members now and then I am going to allow the papers to be laid on the Table of the House.

SHRI ASTBHUJA PRASAD SHUKLA (Khaliabad): Mr. Speaker, Sir, the main crop in my constituency is sugarcane. The single sugar mill with a capacity of 600 tonnes is privately owned and it has become very old and obsolete. It has not been able to crush sugar for the last two seasons. The employees have not received any pay for the last 10 months. The family members of two employees died, as they were not able to get medicines for them. They had been deprived of electricity and water. Their entire life has become a hell. There is a widespread resentment among the farmers. The feelings of frustrations is also prevailing among them, as they have not been

on Mandal Commission Report 318

able to take their sugarcane to the mill for the last two seasons.

There is much resentment among the employees also. For the last 10 days, they are giving dharna at Lucknow, but no one is paying any heed to them. I have repeatedly appealed to the Governor, his advisor and the Food Minister to listen to the employees and the farmers and to talk with the owners.

It is being said that the sugar mill will run, but the Government is going to takeover it. Is the Government going to sell it or going to run it through the present mill owner? It is March and no decision has been taken and no work has yet been started in that mill. I have talked with the Secretary, today morning. the BJP Government of Uttar Pradesh had constituted a Committee to solve this dispute..

MR. SPEAKER: Today is Friday and we. have to rise early.



SHRI ASTBHUJA PRASAD SHUKLA: The Committee submitted its report in January but no decision has been taken on that report so far. I want to submit and demand that the House should be apprised of the action being taken by the Government with regard to Commissioning of the sugar mill of Khalilabad and work should be started there as soon as possible so that the crushing of sugarcane may be started In the next season. Prompt arrangements should be made to ensure the payment of salary to the mill employeess-so that they can meet our their daily expenses. They should be given guarantee of livelihood and the hon.

Minister of Food should make a statement in this regard.

MR. SPEAKER: Papers to be Laid.


MR. SPEAKER: I warn you. You should now go back to your seat.

This is not correct.


319 Papers Laid

MR. SPEAKER: I am warning you. You cannot hold the House to ransom like this. Please sit down now. You cannot turn the House into this kind of thing.


13.06 hrs.

At this stage, Shri Virendra Singh an some other hon. Members left the House.