Rules of Procedure
and Conduct of Business
Lok Sabha

Chapter I



1.These rules may be called "the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha". .

2. (1) In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires,-- 

"Bulletin" means the Bulletin of the House containing (a) a brief record of the proceedings of the House at each of its sittings; (b) information on any matter relating to or connected with the business of the House or other matter which in the opinion of the Speaker may be included therein; and (c) information regarding Parliamentary Committees; 

"Constitution" means the Constitution of India; 

"Council" means the Council of States (Rajya Sabha); 

"Finance Minister" includes any Minister; 

"Gazette" means the Gazette of India; 

"House" means the House of the People (Lok Sabha); 

"Houses" means the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and the House of the People(Lok Sabha); 

"Leader of the House" means the Prime Minister, if he is a member of the House, or a Minister who is a member of the House and is nominated by the Prime Minister to function as the Leader of the House; 

"Lobby" means the covered corridor immediately adjoining the Chamber and coterminous with it; 

"Lok Sabha Secretariat/Secretariat" means and includes the Lok Sabha Secretariat at Delhi and any Camp Office set up outside Delhi for the time being for, or under the authority of, the Speaker; "member" means a member of the House of the People (Lok Sabha); 

"member in charge of the Bill" means the member who has introduced the Bill and any Minister in the case of a Government Bill; 

"Minister" means a member of the Council of Ministers *1[and includes a member of the Cabinet], a Minister of State, a Deputy Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary; 

*2[Explanation:-- A Parliamentary Secretary who is not a member of the House, is not entitled to attend its sitting.]. 

"Parliamentary Committee" means a Committee which is appointed or elected by the House or nominated by the Speaker and which works under the direction of the Speaker and presents its report to the House or to the Speaker and the Secretariat for which is provided by the Lok Sabha Secretariat; 

"precincts of the House" means and includes the Chamber, the Lobbies, the Galleries and such other places as the Speaker may from time to time specify; 

"private member" means a member other than a Minister; 

"Secretary-General" means the Secretary-General to the House of the People (Lok Sabha) and includes any person for the time being performing the duties of the Secretary-General; 

"Table" means the Table of the House. 

(2) Words and expressions used in the Constitution and also in these rules shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the meanings assigned to them in the Constitution. 


[*1] Ins. By L.S. Bn. (II) 9-5-1989, para 2930. 

[*2] Added ibid.