Rules of Procedure
and Conduct of Business
Lok Sabha

Chapter XVII



Procedure regarding motion of no-confidence in Council of Ministers

198. (1) A motion expressing want of confidence in the Council of Ministers may be made subject to the following restrictions, namely:-

(a)leave to make the motion shall be asked for by the member when called by the Speaker;

(b)the member asking for leave shall, *1[by 10.00 hours on]that day give to the Secretary-General a written notice of the motion which he proposes to move.

*2[Provided that notices, received after 10.00 hours, shall be deemed to have been received at 10.00 hours on the next day on which the House sits.]

(2) If the Speaker is of opinion that the motion is in order, he shall read the motion to the House and shall request those members who are in favour of leave being granted to rise in their places, and if not less than fifty members rise accordingly, the Speaker shall declare that leave is granted and that the motion will be taken up on such day, not being more than ten days from the date on which the leave is asked for as he may appoint. If less than fifty members rise, the Speaker shall inform the member that he has not the leave of the House.

(3) If leave is granted under sub-rule (2), the Speaker may, after considering the state of business in the House, allot a day or days or part of a day for the discussion of the motion.

(4) The Speaker shall, at the appointed hour on the allotted day or the last of the allotted days, as the case may be, forthwith put every question necessary to determine the decision of the House on the motion.

(5) The Speaker may, if he thinks fit, prescribe a time limit for speeches.

Statement by Minister who has resigned

199. (1) A member who has resigned the office of Minister may, with the consent of the Speaker, make a personal statement in explanation of his resignation *3[on any day during the session in which the resignation has been accepted by the President:

Provided that a member may make such a statement at the earliest opportunity on a day not being more than seven days from the date of commencement of the session if the resignation was accepted by the President when the House was not in session.]

(2) A copy of the statement shall be forwarded to the Speaker and the Leader of the House *4[at least] one day in advance of the day on which it is made:

*5[*** *** ***]

3) There shall be no debate on such statement, but after it has been made, a Minister may make a statement pertinent thereto.


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