Rules of Procedure
and Conduct of Business
Lok Sabha

Chapter IV



Duly constituted sitting

11. A sitting of the House is duly constituted when it is presided over by the Speaker or any other member competent to preside over a sitting of the House under the Constitution or these rules.

Commencement and conclusion of sitting

*1[12. Unless the Speaker otherwise directs, sitting of the House on any day shall ordinarily commence at 11.00 hours and conclude at 18.00 hours with a lunch break for one hour which may ordinarily be from 13.00 hours to 14.00 hours.]

Days of sittings

13. The House shall sit on such days as the Speaker, having regard to the state of business of the House, may from time to time direct.

*2[14. *** *** ***]

Adjournment of House *3[and procedure for reconvening.]

15. (1) The Speaker shall determine the time when a sitting of the House shall be adjourned sine die or to a particular day, or to an hour or part of the same day:

Provided that the Speaker may, if he thinks fit, call a sitting of the House before the date or time to which it has been adjourned or at any time after the House has been adjourned sine die.

*4[(2) In case the House, after being adjourned is reconvened under proviso to sub-rule (1), the Secretary-General shall communicate to each member the date, time, place and duration of the next part of the session.].


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