Rules of Procedure
and Conduct of Business
Lok Sabha

Chapter VIII



Discussion on matter arising out of answer to question

55. (1) The Speaker may allot half an hour on three sittings in a week, for raising discussion on a matter of sufficient public importance which has been the subject of a recent question, oral or written, and the answer to which needs elucidation on a matter of fact.

(2) A member wishing to raise a matter shall give notice in writing to the Secretary-General three days in advance of the day on which the matter is desired to be raised, and shall shortly specify the point or points that he wishes to raise:

Provided that the notice shall be accompanied by an explanatory note stating the reasons for raising discussion on the matter in question:

Provided further that if a notice is signed by more than one member it shall be deemed to have been given by the first signatory only:

Provided further that the Speaker may with the consent of the Minister concerned waive the requirement concerning the period of notice

(3) The Speaker shall decide whether the matter is of sufficient public importance to be put down for discussion, and may not admit a notice which, in his opinion, seeks to revise the policy of Government.

(4) If more than two notices have been received and admitted by the Speaker, the Secretary-General shall hold a ballot with a view to draw two notices and the notices shall be put down in the order in which they were received in point of time:

Provided that if any matter put down for discussion on a particular day is not disposed of on that day it shall not be set down for any other day, unless the member so desires, in which case it shall be included in the ballot for the next available day.

(5) There shall be no formal motion before the House for voting. The member who has given notice may make a short statement and the *1[members who have previously intimated to the Speaker may ask a question for the purpose of further elucidating any matter of fact. Thereafter, the Minister shall reply shortly:]

Provided that not more than four members who have previously intimated to the Secretary-General may be permitted to ask a question each for the purpose of further elucidating any matter of fact.

Explanation.- A member wishing to ask a question shall make such request in writing before the commencement of the sitting at which the discussion is to take place. If such requests are received from more than four members, a ballot shall be held to determine the names of first four members who may be permitted to ask a question each.


[*1] Sub. by L.S. Bn. (II)dated 9-5-1989, para 2930.