Members from the other side also spoke in protest against the Bill and the logic expressed by them cannot be denied, because no one looked at it from the political point of view (Interruptions).


THE MINISTER OF LAW, JUSTICE AND COMPANY AFFAIRS (SHRI K. VIJAYA BHASKARA REDDY): Sir, nobody opposed this Bill. Everybody has been telling that the Government should come with a comprehensive Bill, which we are for. It is known in which circumstances we have issued the ordinance. The Rajya Sabha has passed this Bill unanimously.

All the parties have agreed in Rajya Sabha.(Interruptions) [Translation]

SHRI GEORGE FERNANDES: The hon. Minister is an old Member, he should at last honour the opinion when the House has reached a consensus on some issue.(Interruptions)


THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS AND MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF LAW, JUSTICE AND COMPANY AFFAIRS (SHRI RANGARAJAN KUMARAMANGALAM): We have time only up to Eight O'clock. Let us adjourn the matter, we can discuss this later, and we can adjourn the House now and meet tomorrow.


1029 Stat. Res. re. disapproval of Representation of people (Amend.) Ordinance and

Singh Rawat, you can continue your speech tomorrow.


SHRI GIRDHARI LAL BHARGAVA (Jaipur): Tomorrow I will go.

SHRI GEORGE FERNANDES: It is nearing 8.00. p.m. now.

Representation of 1030 People (Amend.) Bill As passed by Rajya Sabha


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER : Now, the House stands adjourned to meet tomorrow at 11.00 a.m.

20.00 hrs.

The Lok Sabha then adjourned till Eleven of the Clock on Wednesday, March 18,1992/Phalguna 28, 1913 (Saka).