There is the Minister sitting here. Let him say something. We want to know, is this the way for the Government to function? Does the Minister not know what is being done?

SHRI NIRMAL KANTI CHATTERJEE: If he does not know, he should leave the Government. He is the authority who should know about it.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: It is true that this is a very important matter and you are all very agitated. As you say, many of the employees are thrown out, workers are thrown out, my suggestion is, Shri Somnath Chatterjee and various other leaders are there is in the Business Advisory Committee, you kindly fix up the timing of the matters which you feel are extremely important to be discussed on the floor of the House. Then you can discuss the matters threadbare on the floor of the House.


SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA: We want a cetegorical assurance from the Minister. What he has said is that he is not aware of the fact that notice has been issued, order have been issued by the Management. Is it that without the knowledge of the Minister, the Management of Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation - Chairman and Managing Director - has issued such a noticeto lay out the workers? The Management has decided to close down the unit as the finance which is required to pay the salary of the workers is not there. There is no production. They have not taken any steps to re-start the production of that unit although three committees have submitted their reports and given their recommendations. No action has been taken by the Government to revive that unti. Unless the Government takes steps to provide budgetary assistance, how can the unit be

405 Written Answers

saved? He should tell the House, he should assure the House.


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Please listen to me.


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Nothing is going on record.


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Please resume your seat. We should have some norms in the House. It is true the matter is very important. You are all very much agitated, Workers are thrown out, salaries are note being distributed; it is all true. Now you have brought the matter to the notice of the Government.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: The normal procedures is you should give a notice under the relevant rules of procedure.


SHRI NITISH KUMAR: Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we are raising the issue of Barauni, but the hon. Minister has told only about Halida.

The hon. Minister is not responding to Barauni. (Interruptions) [English]

MR. DEPUTY -SPEAKER: Shri Nitish Kumar, you were also in the Government holding an important portfolio.

SHRI NITISH KUMAR: The Minister has responded, that is why I am raising it.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Suppose all of a sudden some issue is raised and if the Minister gives on information contrary to facts, then he is answerable, then you can catch him. It is always fair and reasonable 406 Written Answers

that issue a notice, give an opportunity, then take up the matter on the floor of the House, discuss it throadbare so that the Government can come up with the correct version. If you do not give a notice and if you were to suddenly ask the Minster to react, it is not correct.(Interruptions)


SHRI NITISH KUMAR: Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, we have raised the issue of Barauni so the hon. Minister should inform as to what is being done in the case of Baruni, (Interruptions)


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: You were also in the Government. Suppose somebody were to raise a question of this type, is it possible to respond? It is impossible, The country is vast. As you say, a number of factories are being closed down. But it is impossible for the hon.

Minister to come up with the facts and figures, suddenly.

SHRI NITISH KUMAR: It is not a small factory.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Let us not corner the minister.Let us have the grace to give him some time. Now, as you all readily agreed, according to the list I shall call the names of the hon. Members.



SHRI DAU DAYAL JOSHI (Kota): Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, from the day this Session has started, we have been observing that the senior most Members of the House take most of the time of the House and we are deprived of an opportunity to express our views. There are so many issues, which can be raised by the hon. Members in some other ways.

The hon. Members should be brief so that the other hon. Members also get an opportunity to present their views. I request that hon. Members should express

______________________________________________________________________ * Not recorded

407 Written Answers

themselves in brief. They have wasted half an hour of the House.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: I will call the names according to the list.


Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I think it is necessary for me to bring once again to the notice of the Members of Parliament that we have taken note of their concerns. I have made statement that the Government has no intention of doing any backdoor method of retrenchment or any such thing. I have also said that there is a problem in fertilliser industry, which all the concerned Members are aware.The hon. Minister has categorically said that he is sympathetic to the problem of the workers. He has gone further and said that he would like to discuss with the concerned members of Parliament so that a solution could be found out, the,sufferings of the workers could be alleviated and the problems of the units could be solved. After that we have also gone on to say that we are agreeable to have a discussion and the time be fixed by the BAC. Now what more in left?


SHRI SYED MASUDAL HOSSAIN (Murshidabad): Has the Minister gone to bring the relevant papers has he walked out? (Interruptions) Translation) -

PROF. RASA SINGH RAWAT (Ajmer): Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, through you, I would like to draw the attention of the Government to the fact that the very existence of ' Tirth Raj Pushkar'-which is a place of pilgrimage for crores of people of this country is in danger. Slit in large quantity has deposited in the Lake as a result of heavy rain on the neighboring hills, due to which all the natural sources of water have blocked. Rapid expansion of that desert is also on of the causes.

The environment of Pushkar is being polluted due to lack of vegetation on the nearby hills and the affluence and polluted

408 Written Answers

water discharged by the hotels for the foreigners situated in the banks of the Lake is also a matter of concern. The pilgrims who go to Pushkar from all parts of the country, are not getting water for bathing in the holy Pushkar Lake. The livelihood of thousands of priests has badly affected by this. Though, the thousands of foreigners who visit Pushkar every year, are source of earning foreign exchange but due to lack of vegetation, expansion of desert and pollution, the very existence of Pushkar is in danger. Hence, the departments of Tourism and Environment of Central Government are requested earnestly that a comprehensive plan may please be prepared for the overall development of 'Pushkar ' Lake link other pilgrimage centres and the work for clearing the slit in the lake may please be started at the earliest. Alongwith that the work of afforestation and removal of those hotels from that site may also be undertaken.

Hon. Sir, Scindia ji is also present here. Through you, I would like to say that just as the tourism department of the Central Government, has included the development of 12 other pilgrimage centres in the composite scheme in the same way it should be included the Pushkar pilgrim Centre development scheme. As it is a place of pilgrimage as well as tourist spot also,It should be protected and developed.


SHRI G.M.C. Balayogi (Amalapuram): Through you, Sir, I would like to raise this matter of public importance.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh requested clearance from Central Electricity Authority along with other project for a 375 MW Gas based Power Projecuram. As you are well well aware that due to ONGC drilling operations there is abundance of gas in Godavari basin and in view of power shortage in Andhra Pradesh it is essential to develop and start immediately Gas based power projects.

Due to shortage of power the agriculturists too are facing problems in this

409 Written Answers

fertile area of Andhra Pradesh and you are requested to kindly see that Central Electricity Authority give its clearance for Amalapuram 375 MW Gas based power project at the earliest.

I request through you, Sir, the hon. Minister to give clearance to this project immediately.


SHRI SURAJ MANDAL: (Godda): Hon. Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, Shri Ramesh Singh Munda Contested the Lok Sabha election from the Khunti constituency in Bihar, and he also contested the election to the State assembly in the recent bye-elections. At the instance of Bihar Government, Ramesh Singh Munda, was arrested on 24th on the false charge of murder and was locked-up in Khunti jail. Today in the entire jharkhand region, Police is committing atrocities upon the tribals at the instance of Bihar Government and innocent people are being killed.

On 5th of this month three people were killed near Kirtnia in Goda district. After that a child was killed in police firing at Tamarmor in Ramgarh in Hazaribag district. The police fired at and killed Birju Mahto, his father., brother and sister in Badka village in Hazaribage district and now they are being termed as naxalites. In this way, in the entire jharkhand region, the police is going berserk.

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is a question of tribals. The police is getting the tribals involved in a false cases and arresting them.

Recently, those who were locked up in jail, were the candidates in the Lok Sabha elections..(Interruptions)..... We would like to tell the Central Government that Section -144, has been imposed in this area.

It is the responsibility of Central Government to take steps for the safety of the tribals in this areas. Two months base when we declared to withdraw the support given to Bihar Government is atrocities are being committed by its on the Adivasis and putting them in jails on false charges due to that ......(Interruptions) ....... We shall tell the Government that this is a question of tribals ......

(Interruptions) ..... the police is doing

410 Written Answers

injustice to the tribals. We shall demand from the Home Minister to give a statement on it. The tribals are being harassed by the police.

The name of a D.S.P. from Ranchi, who is the relative of one minister..... (Interruptions) has been mentioned in the investigation report of the commission. Seven to eight tribals have been killed in one or two months. This matter should inquired into ........


SHRI RAMACHANDRAN MAROTRA GHANGARE (Wardha): Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, on the 20th of July the ceiling of a mine at Rajpur colliery in Yavatmal district in Maharashtra Collapsed and a person named Chilaram Alori buried alive under the debris, His dead body was taken out. For many hours, it was lying there but the officials of that place did not pay any attention to that. Even his relatives were nto informed. The workers got agitated and went to the buglow of Area Manager. The manager did not come to meet them but called the police and the police opened fire at the workers in which two three persons died. This matter should be examined (Interruptions)......


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: It is not necessary. The Government should conduct and an enquiry about it and do justice.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Shri Ramachandra, you should allow other Members to speak.


Shri V. Dhananjaya Kumar (Mangalore): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, the Konkan Railway Project is a prime railway project in the country which is an on-going project. By completing the Konkhan Railway Project, Kanyakumari will be connected with Bombay. As per the schedule the work is on. But, proper finances are not being made available for the on-going project. The public bonds have been issued.

The shadow of security scam is cast on the scheduled banks and 411 Written Answers

they are not purchasing the bonds which are also un the nature of government securities. There is a fear that some top officials in the Indian Railways want to sabotage the whole project and they are note coming forward with the proper finances. The Indian Railways Finance Corporation has issued bonds. So, it is the duty of the Indian Railway Finance Corporation to see that proper finances are made available for the completion of the ongoing project in time. I would make an earnest appeal to the Government to look into the matter immediately.

Otherwise, the Government should make necessary arrangements by issuing direction to the scheduled banks to finance the project by purchasing the bonds. There is a fear that the work would otherwise come to a griding halts as many of the contractors have already made preparations to abandon the work.


SHRI RABI RAY (Kendrapada): Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, Scindia ji is sitting here and the new tourism minister is also present. I would like them to pay attention towards me. The invasion by star T.V. in our country is a matter of concern for Information and Broadcasting Ministry. I am raising this question because.........


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Hon. Rabi Ray ji T.V. is being used to

promote tourism? Today in India, many people are watching star T.V.

through Dish Antena which is not legal and to information and broadcasting ministry is unable to control this and it has not been able to amend the television Control Act. The information and broadcasting ministry is helpless to control the cultural invasion by star T.V. whereas the tourism ministry has decided to take the help of star T.V. and we do not get any revenue from the advertisements in star T.V. In this way, how will this dual policy of the Government work? I would like to know from the minister of tourism, why the Indian Government wants to use this to give inpetus to tourism. The way in which we organized cultural festival in foreign countries, we had to bear heavy loss

412 Written Answers

of foreign exchange, and we are facing the consequences, whereas our export has not increased because of this. I would like to know from Scindiaji and his deputies, whether it is correct that the tourism ministry wants to use star T.V. The Hon'ble minister should respond to this and tell us the decision of the Government, because it is a policy matter.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: For any hon. Minister to reply, sufficient time should be given to him.

SHRI TARIT BARAN TOPDAR (Barrakpore): The Minister is ready to respond, Sir.

THE MINISTER OF CIVIL AVIATION AND TOURISM (SHRI MADHAVARAO SCINDIA): Sir, obvisoly I have taken note of the hon. Member's views.

Our Tourism budget or our Publicity budget is extremely limited and it is extremely expansive to buy TV time or magazine time abroad.

Undoubtedly, our films about India should really be viewed abroad and we want tourists to be coming in from abroad. So, this is a matter which is under consideration. We have a foreign exchange budget also in the Tourism Ministry. But we want to utilize it in best possible terms and get the widest coverage. So, this matter is under consideration of the Tourism Ministry. Hon. Member's views will be kept in mind. I am looking at it from the point of view that it has just been expressed by the hon. Member, Rabi Ray Ji. I will have a look from that angle. But there may be seven or eight films that we want to be shown so that the coverage is done in the whole of South East Asia, Far East and also other areas which Star T.V. covers. The rates are also fairly inexpensive compared to what it would cost us to do in the other foreign T.V. channels. But the aspect that you have just given expression to., I will look at it from that angle also.

SHRIMATI MALINI BHATTACHARAYA: (Jadavpur): Sir, I want to draw the attention of the Government to the blatant attack that was made by C.R.P.F. jawans in the

413 Written Answers

inhabitants of the M.A.M.C. township at Durgapur. It was totally unprovoked attack in which 30 people were injured, nine of them had to be taken to hospital and the condition of one of them is serious. This happened as a result of the collision of a C.R.P.F. truck with a scooter which caused tension un the area and after that the armed C.R.P.F. jawans entered the M.A.M.C. township, went in the houses and stared beating up the people and even children and women were not spared.

In this respect I would like to put it to the Government that even earlier also Central forces have behaved in such a manner as to create an atmosphere of tension in the State. It has happened earlier in Noida also. So, we are demanding immediate punishment for the guilty jawans and compensation to be paid to the people who are attacked. The M.P. from Durgapur is also here. He will give the details.

SHRI PURNA CHANDRA MALIK (Durgapur): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I want to bring to the notice of this august House about an incident that happened recently. On 27th July evening, in the M.A.M.C.

township, Durgapur in West Bengal, a C.R.P.F. van dashed against a running scooter and injured two passengers seriously. The passers by got agitated over the incident. They got involved in alternation with the C.R.P.F. personnel who cased the accident. And thereafter those people dispersed. But some time after a large number of C.R.P.F.

personnel came out with arms from the nearby barack at Amarabati, Durgapur and created furor in the M.A.M.C. locality. They beat up mercilessly the local residents injuring many people. 30 people have been hospitalised. Houses and shops have been ransacked by those C.R.P.F. personnel. I therefore, urge upon the Government to investigate the matter urgently and punish the culprits found guilty.


SHRI TARIT TOPDAR: Sir, these things used to happen during

British days. It is a shame that such things are happening in an independent country. The Central forces go on rampage and attack the civilians. It is a

414 Written Answers

serious matter. The Government should look into it.