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Minute of Dissent to the Report of the Joint Committee.


SECRETARY GENERAL: Sir, I beg to lay on the Table a copy of the Minute of Dissent (Hindi and English versions) to the Report of the Joint Committee on the Constitution (Seventy-second Amendment) Bill, 1991 given by Shri Bhogendra Jha, M.P.

SHRI RAM NAIK (Bombay North) Sir, let the Minister say something about the point raised.


THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE (SHRI SHANTARAMPOTDUKHE):Sir, I have taken note of it and I will convey it to the hon. Minister.

SHRI A. VENKATAREDDY(Anantapur): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to raise a matter of great seriousness on the floor of the House.

The small and marginal dealers in petroleum products have been facing several difficulties and hardships. The Dealer commission that is paid to them is very meager and it has become absolutely difficulty for them to system the trade under this situation.

The dealer's commission of Rs. 0.418 per litre was fixed in 1976 when petrol was would at Rs. 5 litre. Now, even with the doubling of the cost of patrol and petroleum prpodcts the dealer commission more or less remains the same.It grossly affects the small and marginal dealers.

The was a representation from them as well as from some prominent Members of Parliament some time back for increasing

413 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

the commission of the small and marginal petroleum dealers and in reply to my Unstarred Question No. 9355 to this effect tabled on 7.5.92, the hon. Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas stated that his representation is under the consideration of the Government. But, so far nothin seems to have been done to increase the commission for small and marginal dealers in petroleum products.

Now, I understand that the Federation of All India Petroleum Dealers in organising a nation-wise strike on 11th August this year, which may result in the closure of all petrol bunks in the States in India as the Government has not responded favourably to the representation so far.

Sir, this is very serious situation and it may become explosive unless the Government responds to their demand immediately. I, therefore, appeal to the Government to take immediate action to increase the dealer commission, especially for the small and marginal dealers in petroleum products.

SHRI DWARAKA NATH DAS (Karimganj): Sir, my submission is about a paper, mill. Some odd smell always comes out of Cachar Paper Mill, Panchgram, Assam. About 10 to 15 sq. Kms around the mill is covered with this smell. This smell is severe in the monsoon. The villagers who live near by the mill are hard hit There is very apprehension of spreading of diarahea and other such diseases. It appears that this odd smell is due to the imroper arrangement of disposing of the refuge of the Mill. So, I urge upon the concerned Minister to look into the matter and take suitable steps at the earliest so that this area remains pollution free.


SHRI BARE LAL JATAV (Morena): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir the houses of the poor people were demolished on 4.8.92, in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, on the orders given by the Chief Minister of the region. without any prior information and without any plan in the name of removal of encroachment

414 Const. (72nd Amend) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

campaign. The police Superintendent of the district, himself lathi- chrged people bullets were fired and tear gas shells were registered against Congress (I) workers. The B.J.P. Government of the State demolised a 200 year old temple situated at Vankhandi road. This temple is quite famous in the region by the name of Chaturds Bada.

Tear gas shell were fired into the houses in congested areas as a result of which children and animals f ell ill

I would urge the House that an inquiry into this incident by an impartial agency should be order and arrangements should be made to take strict action against the offenders. Those who have been rendered homeless, should be given proper compensation and rehabilitated and false cases, registered against the Congress (I) workers should be with drawn.

SHRI RAMASHRAY PRASAD SINGH (Jahanabad): Bihar is a backward state where percentage of irrigated agricultural land is 29 only.

Today, the state in facing drought. Agricultural workers are starving due to lack of work and are fleeing to cities and they don't get any job. The State Government is finding it difficult to handle the situation. Sone canal was during dug the British rule. It could irrigation only hall of its command area and it has been reduced to half and water does not reached the other half. The lower level land has not has not been utillised for plantation and water is not reaching there. The State of Sone river is so poor that neither it is cleaned nor it is properly taken care of . The State complaints of lack of funds. Bihar is facing a terrible situation and is virtually ruined. Therefore. through you we request the Prime Minister and the Government of India to give the maximum possible funds to Bihar and save the people from drought and to get work started is that the lives of those agricultural workers who are dying of hunger, can be saved.


SHRI P.C. THOMAS(Muvattupuzha): Sir, in Kerala, Onam festival is going to be

415 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minitute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

celebrated next month. It is ourstate festival. But, we do not have rice quota which is actually needed. At present, we need 1,65,000 tonnes of rice per year but we are getting only 1,50,000 tonnes per year. We have been asking more allocation but we have not yet got more allocation.

So, I urge the Govenment that, at least, during Onam festival they should be more quota of rice, especially, taking into account the fact that it is heavily raining in Kerala and the poor labourers have no work. They are losing their jobs. They are not getting the normal work.

Sir, I once again urge upon the Central Government to allot more quote of rice for Kerala during Onam festival.

SHRI KODIKKUNIL SURESH (Adoor): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the Government, through you, to one important thing.

Sir, recently, the University Grants Commission's panel was re- constituted, wherein. Southern States have been totally ignored. The convention so far had been that two representatives from the Southern States were included in the panel at a given point of time.

The University Grants Commission is the Central agency which supervises the development of universities. It is responsible for planning, finance, examination reforms, development of new curricula, research and laboratories. Out of the twelve Members who are there in the U.G.C. panel, all of them belong to North India. It is a wrong decision which was taken by the Govenment of India. They have totally avoided eminent academicians and scholars from the Southerm States. I would also like to point out that there are no women Members in the newly reconstituted U.G.C. panel. It is very unfortunate. It will certainly dislocate the progress made in women's education.

It is a serious and important matter. Therefore, I urge upon the Government to reconsider the U.G.C. panel and include

416 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

eminet academicians and scholars from the Southern States, especially from Kerala.


SHRI BHAGWAN SHANKAR RAWAT (Agra): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, through you, I would like to raise a matter of urgent public importance in the House. The Taj at Agra is constantly losing its lustre due to environmental pollution. Expressing concern over it, 103 Members of Parliament have made an appeal to the hon. Prime Minister to prepare a time-bound plan. For this purpose the Government has not so far taken any positive steps to contain environmental pollution. In their appeal the appellants have pointed out that the Government has so far taken negative measures only. In order to meet requirements of energy, instead of running factories by Coal, the Government should make available natural gas through the H.B.J. pipe in or supply power direct from the National Thermal Power Corporation. The practice of using wood, coal cow-dung as fuel should be abandoned and cooking gas (L.P.G.) should be made available in their place. National Highways should be linked by constructing alternative ring roads away from Taj.

A barrage should be built over the Yamuna river, and intensive aff orestion should be done by checking spread of desert in Agra. The Taj National Park Project should be implemented immediately and a park should be deyeloped there so that environmentat poliution can be contained successfully.

I would, therefore like to request the hon Prime Minister to chalk out a time-bound action plan through the Ministry of Environment and save the Taj from environmental pollution, otherwise, the art lovers ofthe world and history will not forgive us.

SHRI BHUBANESHWAR PRASAD MEHTA (Hazaribagh): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, people are clamouring for drinking water for years in Ramgarh Cantonment Board in Hazaribagh district in Bihar. Besides army personnel common people also live in the Ramgarh cantonment board.

There are seven

417 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

wards under this Board out of which four wards had been sanctioned Rs.

79 lakh six years ago for the solution of drinking water problem. The Ministry of Defence had provided this amount. This work was started by the Public Health Engineering, Department (PHED) Bihar. Nearly eighty percent of work on water tanks has been completed. Pipes have been purchased for seven wards also. After the allocated amount was exhausted a revised estimate was submitted and a demand to provide Rs.

79 lakh wa made so that the remaining work can be completed and the problem of drinking water could be solved in Ramgarh. But the Ministry of Defence is not providing this amount on the pretext of financial cantraints. I talked to the hon. Minister in this connection. In the course of our discussion he assured me to provide the balance amount.

In spite of that a plea of financial cantraints is being made. It is very regrettable that along with the army personnel the common people are compelled to fetch water from a distance of one and half a kilometers. The people are compelled to use contaminated water of Damodar river which had become black due to fall of coal ashes.

Therefore, I demand from the Government to provide the revised amount at all costs and supply sufficient drinking water. It may be pointed out that Ramgarh is the very place where the Congress convention was held in 1940 in which a decision was taken to start "Quit India Movement " Its golden jubilee is being celebrated today.

The people, the army personnel are experiencing acute drinking water problem.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER:Kindly excuse me. Those members who came to the Parliament House at 10 A.M. and had given their names, should not be denied of justice. If I go out of the way, in calling the names members may not feel happy. What is the fate of those hon. Members who had taken the trouble of coming to Parliament House at 10 A.M. and had given their names I feel this aspect be borne in mind. If a little in justice is

418 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

done, we shall have the grace to bear that litte injustice.

KUMARI FRIDA TPNO (Sundargarh): I would like to draw the

attention of the Government to the fact that air service from Delhi to Bhubanserwar which is the Capital of Orissa has been cancelled for two days in a week i.e. on Mondays & Wednesdays with effect from August 1992 causing serious inconveniences to the people of Orissa.

I request that the Government should reconsider this matter and this air service should be restored immediately.

SHRI SRIBALIAV PANIGRAHI (Deogarh): We also support her.

SHRI DATRAYA BANDARU (Secunderabad): M/s Al Kabeer Exports Ltd is located at Rudraram Village, Pattancheru mandal, Medak Distt. in Andhra Pradesh. The mechanised slaughter house with an ultimate capacity of 500 buffaloes per day and 2000 sheep/goat per day, about 1.50 lakh 2.00 lakh buffaloes and about 7 lakh sheep/goats is a year are butchered in Andhra Pradesh.

Division Bench of High Court afferthearing writ petition gave its Judgement on 16.11.91 directing the State Government to submit a petition for hearing their grievances with in four weeks; and after eight weeks the State Government should hand over the report to the Central Government. Now the period of eight weeks was over by February, 1992 itself. Still the State Government had not submitted its report to the Union Government.

The Corgress people are criticising the BJP for violating the court order in Aayodhya. The Congress people are demanding that the chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh should be dismissed because he has violated the court order. (Interruptions) Today I gave a notice to the Speaker. I have brought a copy* of the report from Andhra Pradesh.


---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

*As the speaker did not subsquently accord the necessary permission the paper document was not treated as laid on the table.

419 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

SHRI DATTATRAYA BANDARU: If this slaughter house is allowed to continue for one or two years more, in the entre Telangana region there will be no cattle population.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER; A you want the Government to take proper action. Thank you very much. Shri Dhananjaya Kumar.


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Nothing will go on record. Should not the others also participate? That is why some of the Members do not get a chance in the Zero Hour, becauser of the habit of their long key speeches

SHRI DATTATRAYA BANDARAU: Now they are getting Rs. 41/2 crores as compensation from Maharahstra. They have come to Andhra Pradesh. There is a temple also about 200 yards away from this slaughter house. A lathi charge also took place where many people were injured.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: I am sorry, you are going against principles.

After all, you can say all this in three or four sentences. Shri Dhanjaya Kumar.

SHRI DATTATRAYA BANDARU: The Government should intervene. The former Rural Development Minister hails from Andhra Pradesh.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Shri Dattatraya Bandaru, there are specific provisions in the Act. If you feel that it is an important matter.

Could you not bring these points under any of the rules ? Is the Zero Hour the only occasion where matters have to be raised in the House?

There are also other ways under the rules. Why should you not make use of them?

SHRI DATTATRAYA BANDARU: I gave notice to speak in the Zero Hour.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: You do not understand at all what I say. You want the Government to take effective steps to prevent it. Is it not?

420 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

SHRI DATTATRAYA BANDARU: I appeal to the Minister of Agriculture to get the report from the State Government and immediately the slaughter house should be stopped.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Shri Dhanajya Kumar. We have got hardly ten minutes. By 1.30 P.M. the House will be adjourned.

SHRI GUMAN MAL LODHA (Pali): You should allow us some time. We want to speak on other subjects for one minute only. Kindly allow us.

MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Shri Dhananjaya Kumar. Be quick and be short, both.

SHRI V. DHANANJAYA KUMAR (Mangalore) : I will try to place these facts within the shortest possible time.

I would like to draw the attention of the Government to the severe consequences that have occurred in Karnataka by permission being granted by the Doordarhan for televising a serial by name, Nirankush.

Sir, now this T.V. serial is based on a Kannda noval titled Chikkaveera Rajendra write ten by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. The same serial was once televised in the name of Anthimaraju and there was a loud protest from Veerashaiva community in Karnataka.

This Chikkaveera Rajendra has been the ruler of Kodagu, which forms part of my constituency. In the T.V. serial the then king is depicted as a devil incarnate and he is shown as a maniac. After the loud protest, the Doordarrshan withdrew the serial and they stopped televising it. Now again it is understood that the Doordarshan is permitting the televising of the very same serial in a different names, Nirankush. I would like to bring to the notice of the Government that the retired Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court and Allahabad High Court, Justice of Mr. D.M. Chandrashekar had an occasion to witness few episodes of this T.V. serial at the request of Doordarshan

421 Const. (72nd Amend.) Bill Minute of Dissent to the report of the Jt. Committee

only. I will just quote one sentence from his opinion. He said: "In short, Chikkaveera Rajendra is depicted in the T.V. serial as maniac and devil incarnate. There is not even one bright spot in his character."

Actually the history shown that Chikkaveera Rajendra the then king was the protector of the rule of law; he was the protector of women and actually during his rule, Kodagu prospered.

In spite of loud proetest being lodged by a major community in Karnataka and the people from my constituency, again the Doordarshan people are thinking to permit televising of the same serial in a different name.

Sir, I want to know who is bringing pressure on Doordahrshan and who are the interested parties behind this. I would also like to warn the Government that if at all this serial is permitted to be televised, then there would be large scale violence in Karnataka. I would make an earnest appear to the authorities concerned to desist from televising this serial in a different name, Nirankush. Otherwise there would be large scale violence in Karnataka and people would come out on the streets.

SHRI RUPCHAND PAL (Hooghly): Sir, a very serious development is taking place in Indian Airlines. About 50 pilots have applied that they be given No Objection Certificate so that they may leave India Airlines and join some foreign airlines. The Government of India has to spend Rs. 40 to Rs, 50 lakh for the training of pilots; and particularly some pilots were trained in France recently for A-320 aircraft.