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1409 hours

SHRI N.N. KRISHNADAS (PALAKKAD): Respected Madam, I am extremely thankful to you for having permitted me to participate in the discussion on the Railway Budget. Since most of the important points have already been covered by the earlier speakers, I would like to confine myself only to some other points.

Madam, we all know that the Indian Railways is a symbol of the national integration.

It is linking most of the major parts of this huge sub-continent.

Now, I would like to mention about the maintenance of bogies and passenger amenities. Most of the trains do not have proper electric connection, drinking water and toilet facilities. The quality, taste and condition of food served in the trains is very disgraceful. At the same time heavy charges are being collected from the passengers for these items. I hope the hon. Minister will take strict measures to correct these defects.

The Railways are having an acute shortage of workers. Thousands of vacancies are still there in the Railways but the Railway authorities are not filling up those vacancies. Without adequate number of workers, the Railways cannot function properly. I hope the new Railway Minister will take this matter very seriously.

Now, I would like to mention about the problems relating to my State, Kerala. For the last so many years, the State of Kerala is being neglected by the Railway Ministry with the result that Kerala is below national average as far as development of Railways is concerned.

Madam, as you know, Kerala is having a lot of specialities. Lakhs of people from Kerala are working in several States of the country, especially, in the North of India. This way, Keralites are playing a very important part in national growth and national integrity. But, the Railway Ministry is still discriminating against Kerala. There are no sufficient trains. There are no new lines as also no other developments pertaining to Railways.

Madam, the Railway authorities, only send the condemned bogies to Kerala. You know the density of population in our country. I would request the hon. Railway Minister to take special care to see that unmanned level crossings properly manned in Kerala. It is because Kerala is a thickly population State. The unmanned level crossings are the main cause for accidents in Kerala. It happens every month.

Madam, you know that there is not even a single Railway based industry in Kerala. When Shri Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, he came to Kerala and promised that the Central Government would start a Railway based industry, that is, a coach factory in Palghat in Kerala. But after some time we gathered from the newspapers that it was shifted to Punjab. We are not against giving it to Punjab but it was a clean violation of the promise made at that time to the people of Kerala.

Now, I humbly request our new Minister of Railways to please take immediate steps to start a Railway based industry in Kerala. On behalf of all the Keralites, I request the hon. Minister to start a wagon repair factory in Kerala immediately.

Madam, last year the total Railway investment in Kerala was only Rs.47 crore. This year the Budget provision is for Rs.127 crore. I appreciate the new hon. Minister of Railways for this increase. But I would like to draw the attention of the hon. Minister that Kerala is far behind the national average with regard to Railways. It is because Kerala has been discriminated by the Centre for quite a long time in the past. So the increase in this year's Budget is very meagre. The people of Kerala want new trains, new railway lines and new Railway based development programmes in the State.

The doubling of the line from Mangalore to Shoranur and from Quilon to Trivandrum needs urgent attention of the Government. The provision in this year's Railway Budget is not even enough for that.

After presenting the Railway Budget before this House, the hon. Minister of Railways invited all the Members of Parliament from Kerala and had a discussion about the problems faced by the people of Kerala. At that time he had made so many promises and we hope that he would fulfil all the promises made at that time. I would again request the hon. Minister of Railways to take up the matters relating to new trains, doubling of lines, conducting of survey and Railway based industries in Kerala immediately as these are the long standing demands of the people of Kerala.

I once again hope that our new hon. Minister of Railways will consider all these things and do a favour to the State of Kerala by meeting the demands of the people of Kerala.

I request the hon. Railway Minister to understand the real and the living railway problems of Kerala and take immediate steps to solve them.

Madam, I support the Railway Budget.

Thank you.


1421 hours

SHRI N. DENNIS (NAGERCOIL): Respected Madam, supporting the Railway Budget I wish to offer a few points.

The hon. Railway Minister has presented a soft, modest and a balanced Budget without placing the burden on the common people. I congratulate him for presenting such a good Budget.

Sparing second class passengers and monthly, quarterly season ticket holders of second class and first class from the increase in fare and exemption of 15 commodities of mass consumption from freight increase are the positive aspects of this Budget. Introduction of 15 new trains; increase in the frequency of trains and also introduction of train services to promote foreign tourists, special service to foreign tourists, are the other notable features of this Budget.

The increase in fare and freight charges has been necessitated to meet the increase in the price of petroleum products and also to carry out expansion and modernisation programmes.

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the people of Tamil Nadu have been disappointed with this Budget. The interest of Tamil Nadu has been ignored. Several demands have been put forward by the people of Tamil Nadu in regard to additional allocation of funds, inclusion of projects and gauge conversion. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, full justice has not been done in this Budget.

The train between Jaipur and Madras is the only new train to Tamil Nadu. It cannot be said that this train is passing through Tamil Nadu. Immediately on entering Tamil Nadu, this train travels only for one hour in Tamil Nadu before reaching its destination. So, it cannot be taken as a new train to Tamil Nadu.

Regarding Madras Rapid Transit Project, it took 13 years for completing twelve kilo metre line and the next stage of expansion is Luz-Velachery. I would like to bring to the notice of the hon. Railway Minister that adequate allocation has to be provided for the completion of this project at the earliest.