SHRI PURNO A.  SANGMA (TURA):  Mr.  Speaker, Sir, it is only in a democracy in
the truest sense of the term that the leader of leaders could emerge from
totally unexpected quarters.  Your election to lead and guide this House is
proof that we are a democracy in its every sense.

My heartiest congratulations to you. I have always believed that if the future of our country is to be made safe for domestic peace, democracy and peoples' welfare, we should hold out hope for our youth. You are young, Sir, and I hope that your election would send the right signals to the youth of our country.

The Chair to which you have been chosen by this House calls for enormous wisdom.

The term `Bala Yogi', literally translated, means the Young Sage. Sages are persons of great wisdom. For the aged, wisdom comes from experience. For the young, wisdom flows from their instinct, an alert mind and heart. I hope that you will be immensely guided by your youthful instinct and mindful and hearty wisdom. By your name, you are also `Mohana Chandra', which literally translated again, means the `lovely moon'. Let the coolness of the moon temper your reflexes and environment in the House.

You have found your elevation to the exalted Chair of this popular Chamber virtually straight from the din and dust of grassroot politics. I am hopeful that your reflexes and decisions would be impacted by the wisdom flowing from this grassroot experience as well.

This House has had the delightful experience of being guided from the Chair you have come to occupy during the later half of 1950s and early 1960s by the enlightenment of a great son of Telugu world, Late M.A. Iyengar, who represented the Tirupati constituency of erstwhile State of Madras. Let the spirit of the late Iyengar and the blessings of Lord Venkateswara, the presiding deity of Tirupati, guide you in your management of this House.

Let me also take this occasion to place on record my very deep appreciation of the immense and unreserved cooperation extended to me by all sections of the Eleventh Lok Sabha in my sincere efforts to maintain the dignity of the institution of the Speaker. I also extend my welcome and best wishes to all the Members of this House, oldtimers as well as freshers.


E֨ɮ ɨi xV : +vI ɽn, ihɨڱ EO E + +{E v< nx Sɽi * ɮn {ɴɮ V E v< nx Sɽi * +] ʤɽɮ V{ V x Vɤ +{E xɨ |ɺiʴi E + +{x ɹh ְ E i = ɨɪ V iɴɮh ɽ x, nʹ] ɽ = E {ɮ{ɮ E +xֺɮ =Si xɽ l* {E <Ex E n ɮ = E bE , ɮ {ɮ{ɮ

... (ɴvx)

Z +{x i Ex n*

This is most unfortunate. First please listen to what I am saying. I am congratulating not only the Leader of the House but also the Leader of the Opposition of this House, Shri Somnath Chatterjee and Shri Sangma. (Interruptions)

Now that we are taking part in a debate, we must maintain decorum. After the election of the hon. Speaker, everybody must congratulate him. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Somath Chatterjee, and Shri Sangma congratulated him. Today we must all congratulate him. I have seen from my own eyes when Dr. Balram Jakhar was elected as the Speaker of this House, everybody congratulated him. I have seen Shri Shivraj Patil being elected as the Speaker of this House. I have seen Shri Sangma being elected as the Speaker of this House. We must also convey our gratitude to all our former Speakers. They worked a lot to uphold the democratic system in this country. We are grateful to all of them. At the same time, from the Government side, may I appeal to all of you to please not only listen to the Leaders but also listen to us who are grassroot-level workers?

On behalf of my Party, Trinamul Congress, we assure you all cooperation and follow whatever guidance you will be giving us. The need of the hour today is that we must have a stable Government. Then people do not want elections every year. The people do not want that their money should be spent on holding elections. So, they want to have a stable Government. Sir, the albhabet `A' is very lucky now. The Prime Minister's name also starts from `A', and the hon. Speaker who belongs to Andhra Pradesh, and the name of his State also starts from `A'. We all congratulate him.

BE Ex Sɽi :-

"n VB +Mɮ ɱ, Sɨx i xɽ Jɱ,

ɽɮ ʡ +i , ɽɮ ʡ +BM*"


ɨ ʴɱɺ {ɺɴx (V{֮): +vI V, +{E E ɦ E +vI x {ɮ Vxi n E + +{E ɽi-ɽi ֤ɮEn nx Sɽi + V E nx E xi x + ʴ{I E xi ʽi ɦ xi+ x E E ɽ nx E Mʮ + ɽ nx Eij E ɴSS ƺl il = ƺl E +{ +vI E { xɴSi EB MB * + ɽ +vE ɪx xɽ Ji E +{ ɴǺɨi ɽ֨i ɴx֨i Ex + +{ nx E +vI + Z {ڮ =n E V nx E Mʮ , ɽ nx E Mʮ +{E l ֮Ii M* +V ɮ S Mɨ ɽ +vI E {n {ɮ xɽ Ex < nx E n E { ɽ + + ɮ l x E E ɽ ɮ S ʶɴɮV {] ɽ , ɱɮɨ VJc ɽ + <x ɤ M E M<bƺ ɤ M E ʨɱi M* Mɨ ɽ E ɽi-ɽi vxɴn nx Sɽi E < Mʮ E, < {ɮ{ɮ E +{x xB J* +V +{ +vI E {n {ɮ xɽ Ex {ڮ n x +{E ɮɽ + ɨZi E V +{x ʨɺɱ Eɪɨ E , ɽ ʨɺɱ ɤ E ʱB BE MnE E Eɨ EM* V nx E Vxi , =E MnE E Eɨ Ei M*

+vI V, +{ ɮ {֮x l , nɴ E ɦ , xVnE M E Vxi * +{ v֮ɹ , ʨɱxɺɮ , +{ɨ nM + ɨZi E nM E l-l Vɺ +vI E {n {ɮ +{ , = +vI {n E Mʮ +{E l ֮Ii M* <x ɤn E l +{E BE ɮ ʡ ɽi-ɽi vxɴn + v< ni *

MR. SPEAKER: I now call upon Shri R. Muthiah to speak.

... (Interruptions)

+vI ɽn : ɮ {ɺ ʺ{ {ɽ + M< * Sƺ nM*

... (ɴvx)

+vI ɽn : ɮ {ɺ ʺ{ * Sƺ nM*

... (ɴvx)

THE MINISTER OF SURFACE TRANSPORT (SHRI R. MUTHIAH): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am extremely happy and proud in congratulating you for having been elected to the precious post of Speaker of Lok Sabha in this parliamentary democracy.

As I come from the South, with all gratefulness I really appreciate and thank the Members of this Lok Sabha for having elected one of our colleagues from our brethren State to the post of the Speakership of this House.

Sir, again it has been proved, by your election, that in this country and in our democracy, a dalit is capable of handling any task assigned to him. You had been a Member of this House earlier for a term from 1991 to 1996 and had been a Member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly for quite a number of terms. With all such experiences, I am sure that you are fully thorough with the parliamentary practice and rules. You had also been a Minister and the Chairman of a Zila Parishad in Andhra Pradesh and so, you are quite familiar with the administrative system in the country. Hence, I hope and I am sure that you will succeed in this `risk' too. Sir, why I am quoting the word `risk' in this job is due to my vast experience in the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu as the Speaker for a full term of five years.

I hope and trust that you will succeed in this endeavour too as you were successful in all the assignments given to you in the past.

With these words, I once again congratulate you on behalf of myself and on behalf of my party, AIADMK, headed by our leader, Puratchithalaivi Dr. Jayalalitha.


ֱɪɨ ʺƽ n (Ʀɱ): +vI ɽn, +{E ɴSS {n {ɮ Sx Vx {ɮ +{x n E iɮ +{E +ʦxxnx Ei + +{E v< ni * Z ʴɶɺ E +{ < ɽx nx E {ɮ{ɮ+ E xɴǽx EM* E< ʶEɪi xɽ E +{E +ʦxxnx Ex E ʱB {S Vx {c* {ɽ nx {ɮ{ɮ ]]x M* < iɮ M E {U ` VɪM, i +{E nJ< xɽ nM* +Mɮ {U ` MB , i ʡ Vɤ SɽM, +{ iɤ ֱɪM* <ʱB {ɽ nx < nx E V {ɮ{ɮ , V Mʮ , =E xB Jx E Eʶɶ EM* +{E ɪb] {ڮ ɱڨ xɽ * ɽ ɽ E +x֦ɴ iɪ Mɪ * Z ʴɶɺ E +{ < {n {ɮ E + +x֦ɴ ʺɱ EM* <ix E Ei *

17.00 hrs.

ֱɪɨ ʺƽ n Vɮ <ix Vɰ Ex Sɽi , ɮ EU ʶEɪi E +Mɮ {U ` E E< xxҪ n ʶEɪi Ei i +{ =xE i +ɶ x* +{ < ɴSS {n {ɮ ` E EijҪ ɴɺl+ E ɤɺ +SU +n |ɺii E* +V Eֺ {ɮ ` B n E ɽi M JֱɨJֱ Eij E VE =c , Eij E vVVɪ =c , < {ڮ n nJ *

... (ɴvx)

Mɨ Ex EV xɽ *

+vI ɽn, EU B M , "Si i =xE, {] i =xE*"

V Ex Sɽi , Ei * < ɴSS {n E ʱB ɮ {ڮ |ɪɺ l E ɴǺɨi Sxɴ * Z {i xɽ E <ɨ Eix i l, Eix Mɱi, Ex ɨSɮ{j E vɨ V EU {i Sɱ + ɽ SS< E ɪn E E E + n EU + E- "E { xMɽ, E { xɶx*" nJi MB* i ɽ Si , ɮ xMɽ E l Ex xxҪ |vxɨj V x xɶx E + ɮ n* ʡ +{E +{x n E iɮ ʴɶɺ ni E +{E {ڮ ɽM EM*

... (ɴvx)

+vI V, ʴɶɺ E +{ ʴɶɺ i M + ʴɶɺ ni M* + E< ɨɪ xɽ xE Mɪ, <ʱB Vɺ ʺri E E < n E +M gx Sɽi , n E ɨx Vɽ BE iɮ iEҡ , J-{ɺ = E l-l n E ɨx ɽi c Jiɮ * =x Jiɮ +{ < ɴSS {n {ɮ +ɺx B * ʴɶɺ E Vx Jiɮ E E ɤ BE B l = iɮ +{ {ڮ nx E BE Jx E Eʶɶ EM iɦ < n E ɽi c M* Eij E iɦ M Vɤ n SM* +{E Vɺ ɴSS {n {ɮ `x E M |{i + =ɺ Jֶ , xɮV xɽ Ex V |F +{x< M< = |F Vɰ lc iEҡ ɮx +{E i {ɽ x i*

... (ɴvx)

i S x Vxi *

... (ɴvx)

+vI V, +{ ʴ{I ` B xxҪ n E vx JB* ʴ{I E E +{ xɹ{I i +{ VxnM ɮ xɹ{I M* Z {ڮ ɮ +{ ʴ{I E +vEɮ E xx xɽ x nM* Ei E E ʴ{I ` n n VB Ex ɮ Ex E < n E ɨɺ+ E =VMɮ Ex E ʱB +{ ɮ {U ` B xxҪ n E x E E nM + V n E ɨx Jiɮ =x Jiɮ E nJi B < n E ɨɺ+ E ɮ ɽ SS M*

uɮ Vɮ

ֱɪɨ ʺƽ n Vɮ V iɨɨ M E +{ ʴɶ E nM* ʡ +{E +ʦxnx Ei , +{E v< ni + +{E +ɶɶx ni E +{x n E iɮ +{E nx Sɱx {ڮ ɽM EM*


ɱ |ɺn (v{֮): +vI ɽn, Z +V nE |ɺxxi < * +V {ɽ n E Vxi V +ɨVɺ E Sɱ l, ɮiҪ Vxi {] + =xE +<

... (ɴvx)

+vI ɽn, ɽ VE E i xɽ , ɽ MƦҮ |ɶx * ڱ E Vxi Ex ʴJi xxҪ |vxɨj V x Mɨ V E ʱB E l, Eɮ E l + = {I E M x Mɨ V E v< n l ... (ɴvx) +{ ` V<, +{ M E Uc i, Mɨ Mɪ i ʡ ... (ɴvx) +vI ɽn, x ɽ x E < n E BE xi, vɨxɮ{Ii ʴɶɺ Jx ɱ BE xi x ɽ E E EO + ɮiҪ Vxi {] ɨx nڮ JM* <E iɱɤ + x] M+* Ex x] M+ E< Mc Sɱi xɽ + BEBE ʺli ɽ + Mɪ E ɽ Mc ]{ M+ Sɱ Mɪ* <ɨ V{ V E n nx, =x {ɮ n gx =Si xɽ * +V n E Vxi Mɴ + ]E E Mɪ * +vI ɽn, +V V Vxi E J Sɱ =ɨ M V{ V E {ɮx E ɨZ Ei * i bVx E {I l, Sɽi l E bVx , EE ڱ E Vxi Ex Sɽi , ʺri E Vxi Ex Sɽi , Ex bVx xɽ +* +{ +vI x , +{E +ʦxnx Ei + n E +{E {ڮ ɨlx M* ɽ ɮi E MɮҤ Vxi E ɤɺ c {Sɪi + < {Sɪi E Mʮɨɪ {n {ɮ +{ ` B * < Mʮ E xɴǽ Ex n E {ڮ ɽM +{E ʨɱM, <ɨ n ɪ xɽ Ei *

xxҪ |vx j V Vɤ nx E ɨvi E l i ɽi i x xɽ {B* +{E Vɱ {ʮn E i |{i * = SS Vx xɽ Sɽi* ɽ ɽ {ʮn xɽ * ɽ {ʮn ʽnֺix E ɤɺ MɮҤ, Sɮ, ʴɴɶ, il bڱb Eɺ] + bڱb ]<V E V M , =xE ʴSɮ + ɴɱ E ɽ {ɮ J Vi *

<ɨ ɽM nM + ɽM E< E xɽ +BM* +{ ɽM E i + =E E <iɱ Ei , ɽ M E +M nJx * EU xxҪ n E l E < ɮ ɴǺɨi ɱ Mɪ* E ɴǺɨi Mɪ? |vxɨj V E {ɽ Eɨ Exʡbƺ ] x E M Ex ɽ i ɮ ʺɺ] Jɮɤ {c * ʺɺ] Jɮɤ ɽ E + iE E E bʴVx xɨɮ B] xɽ B * B E ii VɱM? ɽ ɽx xɪ Mɪ E bʴVx xɨɮ B] xɽ B + bʴVx xɨɮ Jɮɤ *

... (ɴvx)

+vI ɽn : ɱ V, +{ Sɮ E Bc EʮB*


ɱ |ɺn : +{E Vn Ei x i B ʺɡ <ix Ex Sɽi E

... (ɴvx)

+{E Vxi * +{ɺ {ɽ +ɪ *

1977 E Jɱc * n ni E ɴɱ {ɮ ] Mɪ l* < i E V{ V Vxi *

... (ɴvx)

+vI ɽn : ɱ V, +{ Sɮ E Bc E*


ɱ |ɺn : ɽn, ɽ +{E +ʦxxnx * + +{E +ʦxxnx Ex E * < +ɺɮ {ɮ +{E v< ni * +{ <vɮ xʶSi ʽB* Sɽi E E< ʴux +n b{] {E Vɱn x Vx SʽB Vɺɺ +{E Eɨ E E* ɦ E +{E ɽM ʨɱi M* <x ɤn E l +{E +ʦxxnx Ei *

MR. SPEAKER: Shri K. Yerrannaidu.

... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Please be seated. I have called Shri Yerrannaidu.

SHRI K. YERRANNAIDU (SRIKAKULAM): Hon. Speaker, Sir, I feel it a great honour to welcome you to this coveted post. I am personally all happy to see you in this esteemed position as a person known to me for the last twenty years. I feel proud to inform the House that I have known Shri G.M.C. Balayogi as a classmate and a good friend of mine from Andhra University as a law graduate. Shri Balayogi had shown his leadership qualities and dynamism during his tenure as a student of Law College of Andhra University.

I am also proud to share with the House the information that Shri G.M.C. Balayogi hails from a hilly village, born in a poor family, and is committed to the poorer section. As the Zila Parishad Chairman of the East Godavari district, he has made a lot of contribution for infrastructure development and also for basic minimum services. In the last five years, he has been appreciated by all people from the East Godavari district with fond memories. He is also being appreciated by one and all as a Minister of Higher Education of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. His rich experiences as a Cabinet Minister to the State Government and also as Chairman of Zila Parishad would certainly help him in discharging his duties as the Speaker of Lok Sabha.

I would like to share with the House that in a Parliamentary democracy the Speaker's position is very crucial. This post was held by great legal and political luminaries like Shri Anantasayanam Iyengar, Shri Mavalankar, Shri Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Shri Shivraj Patil, Shri P.A. Sangma and other good persons. I call it as a very historic day because, for the first time, a person from the weaker sections is being elevated to this honour. The Telugu Desam Party which believes in social justice feels honoured in proposing Shri Balayogi for this coveted post and delighted to see him as the Speaker of Lok Sabha.