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+{ V Vɨnɮ xɦx V , =ɺ ɽi |ɺxx * ɽ ɮ ʱB ɽi Jֶ E i * ɮ {I + ɮ ɦ ƺn +{E {ڮ ɽɪi EM* <ix xɽ, Z ɽ ʴɶɺ E V ְ Mɪ, VɺE ]ɱE nx E Mʮ E xB J V Ei l, =E nɪ xɽ VBM* < i E Jɪɱ Jx M E bg ɱ E n ɤ M E n֤ɮ +{x xɴSx Ij Sxɴ E ʱB xɽ Vx {c* V Sɱ MB, `E , Ex V {ɺ +B =xE ʱB ɽ n֤ɮ ֺҤi x +B, ɽ nJx E Vɨnɮ {ڮ nx E , +{E + nx E Sɱx ɱ E * =n Ei E ɮ n E Vxi ɽ xɽ SɽM E bg n ɱ n ʡ Sxɴ , ɽ xɽ x SʽB* +{ɺ +x֮v EM E < nx E Mʮ Jx E ʱB V +{ xhǪ M ɦ E Eɨ +BM* U]-] i Ei , ʡ +{ ƺb <b JE =xE `E fM xɦBM + {Uc M E |i V +{E | ɽ xB JM* < n E +M gx E ʱB V +{E E ʨɱ =E ɪn +{ Vɰ =`BM, B =n Ei + +{x ɤ lɪ E iɮ +{E ֦EɨxB ni *

SHRI SANAT KUMAR MANDAL (JOYNAGAR) Mr. Speaker, Sir, on behalf of the RSP, I take this opportunity of congratulating you on your election as the Speaker of the Twelfth Lok Sabha. I assure you of all the necessary cooperation regarding the conduct of business of the House. I request you to do justice to the small-party Members in the highest forum of democracy of the country.

I also appeal to you to act impartially and judiciously in the extraordinary political scenario that is presently prevailing in the House in order to hold the high democratic values and the essence of the Constitution.

SHRI P.C. THOMAS (MUVATTUPUZHA): Sir, on behalf of the Kerala Congress Party, I would like to extend our cooperation to you in the conduct of this House. I am sure, you, with your general behaviour, with your common sense and awareness, will be able to do well in presiding over this august assembly.

We all know that it is not that easy to be a presiding officer of the House of this nature. Though we all say that this House has got its own prestige yet the Members have to rise up to the level. We know that on each occasion which this House had faced, there had been too much of trouble, there had been too much of disturbance and there had been problems which the presiding officer had to face during the conduct of the House.

I would like to say that we have found one quality in many of the presiding officers that we have seen. After I had come to this House, I have seen the presiding officers behaving with a lot of common sense. They had their own way in dealing with the problems. But they were all doing it in a manner which was acceptable to all the sections of the House.

I would like to say that there are small sections as well as large sections of this House. This trend is going to continue as far as this House is concerned. As a Member of the Telegu Desam Party, I feel that you will be able to understand the feelings of the smaller segments as well as the regional factions who would like to bring forth their feelings, the feelings of the region before this House. I think that you will be a success in the conduct of the House.

As many of the hon. Members have already said, I would also like to congratulate the former Speaker Shri P.A. Sangma as also other former Speakers like Shri Balram Jhakar and Shri Shivraj Patil who had all been a success in this House by getting the cooperation of each and every section of the House. But to be neutral is rather going to be a very difficult thing. The term `neutral' has also assumed a new meaning in the recent days. I would say that it may be better not to be neutral but it may be better to be impartial. So, I do not urge upon you to be neutral but I would really urge upon you to be impartial and fair to all sections of the House.

I come from a small State. I am sorry to say that there may not be anybody from our State in the Treasury Benches. I think, our grievances must be more heard in this House and we would come to your aid to bring forth the serious problems being faced by the farmers of Kerala, especially the farmers of the rubber plantations and the peasants of kerala. There are very many sections of people who are facing lot of problems. So we would like to have more of your time and more of your consideration for the small State of kerala.

I once again congratulate you on this occasion and offer you all cooperation from my Party.


E֨ɮ ɪɴi (+Eɮ{֮): xxҪ +vI V, +{x {] E + < nx E =SS {n {ɮ ɨV iɱE Jx ɱ BE {g-ʱJ < ɽ +ɺx B , <E ʱB +{E v< ni *

ɪɴi Vɮ ɽ +{E {ɹ] Ex Sɽi , Vɤ +{E < {n E ʱB Sɪx + + |vx j V +{E v< ni B, nʱi E ɮ l + < {n E Mʮ E ɮ l, i x S Jc E xxҪ |vx j V < {n E Mʮ E ɮ =iiɮ |n E vx JE EU {Ux Sɽ l* Ex Z Jn E l Ex {ci , Vɤ < i E {Ux E ʱB Jc <, i Z x E E xɽ n Mɪ* xxҪ |vx j V Jc * nx E ɽ {ɮ{ɮ E Vɤ xxҪ |vx j V i + iɤ E< n S EU {Ux Sɽi , i xxҪ |vx j V ` Vi + {E ɽn E Vɨnɮ xi E =xE i E x VB*

... (ɴvx)

{ɽ ɮ ƺn n xE xɽ +< , {ɽ ƺn n SE Eɦ E + V ɦ E il n E < ɤɺ {c nx E i xɽ, Ex n E ɤɺ c |n, =iiɮ |n, E n ɮ Jɨj SE + nx E xi SE *

... (ɴvx)

Z ɱڨ , < nx E xi E E Vɨnɮ xɦx i * Z < i E Bɺ * xxҪ +vI V, x V E-+=] E, ɽ +{E < {n {ɮ +ɺx x {ɮ E+=] xɽ E , ʱE xxҪ |vx j V V {E {n E Mʮ E E EU l, i ɮiҪ Vxi {] E V +vI {n E E nMɱ xi , = {ɮ EU Ex Sɽi l, Ex i E Vɴɤ xɽ n Mɪ, <ʱB ɽVx ɨV {] x E+=] E*

... (ɴvx)


THE MINISTER OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT AND MINISTER OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DR. MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI): Mr. Speaker, Sir, she cannot discuss the conduct of the Speaker of the U.P. Legislative Assembly in this House and such remarks should not go on record... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Yes. those remarks will not go on record.


* Not recorded


E֨ɮ ɪɴi(+Eɮ{֮): +vI ɽn, +{E vɨ {ڮ nx E ix Sɽi , E xxҪ |vx j V x E E nʱi E ʽi ɽ S xɽ

...... (ɴvx)

=iiɮ |n ʮVx ɨV E M {ɮ, nʱi ɨV E M {ɮ Vֱ-Vni * ɨZi E < nx E =SS {n {ɮ ɮ ɨV E < E `E, +Mɮ +{ S E nʱi E ] ʺɱ E M, i Eɱ =iiɮ |n xɽ, ʱE {ڮ n +{E nʱi E ɽx֦i ʨɱx ɱ xɽ *

... (ɴvx)

=iiɮ |n E +xn nʱi E {] E icx E Eɨ E

... (ɴvx)

+{E {ڮ n ɡ xɽ EM ... (ɴvx)

MR. SPEAKER: Madam, you please speak about the felicitation to the Speaker.


MR. SPEAKER: This will not go on record.


E֨ɮ ɪɴi : ɽn, Vɤ |vx j V x E ʱB Jc B l, nʱi E ɮ i E l, i x E+=] E, Ex +vI V +{E Mi Ei *

18.00 hrs.


MR. SPEAKER: I am calling Shrimati Kailasho Devi and not Kumari Mayawati.


MR. SPEAKER: Please be seated. This will not go into the record. Please be seated. I have given the chance to Shrimati Kailasho Devi and not to you.



Not recorded


Ҩi Eɶ n (EְIj) : +vI ɽn, ʽxnֺix ʴɶ E ɤɺ c Eij + ʽxnֺix |Vij Eɦ +vI E {n +ii ɽi{h * +V +{E < ɽx Eij E <ix ɽi{h {n {ɮ +ɺx x {ɮ iɽn v< ni + +{E nE Mi Ei * ɮ ʮh En ɹ]Ҫ {] x < {n E ʱB +{E ɨlx E* ɮ {] uɮ +{E ɨlx E Vx BE Eɮh +{E nʱi M Ƥvi x * +V EU M x E E Mɨ V x nx E ɡ Sɱx E, < i E< n ɪ xɽ * Mɮ Z {h ʴɶɺ + +] +]] ɮ E +{ ƺn E Mʮ E vx Ji B ɮiҪ Eij E I E ʱB c c EҨi +n Ex E {U En xɽ ]BM* ʽxnֺix Eij E Ji xɽ Ei, ʽxnֺix Eij E ʴɹ =VVɴɱ ɽ i +{ ʤi E nM* +{ ʽxnֺix E {Sɪi V ƺl E, Vɱ {ʮn E +vI * +{ ɱ i Vxi E ʽxnֺix E 80 |iɶi Vxi Mƴ i * { V E {x Oɨ ɮV E l, <ʱB { V x {Sɪi V E +ʨɪi ni B {Sɪi V E M Ex E {x nJ l* Ex +V < ʽxnֺix E< B V Vɽ {Sɪi V ƺl+ E BE |iɶi ʴiiҪ + |ɶɺEҪ +vEɮ xɽ * <ʱB +{ ɤɺ {ɽ < Eֺ E ֶʦi Ei B ɽ Eɨ EM* {Sɪi V ƺl+ E {ڮ i BE] E iʤE ʴiiҪ + |ɶɺEҪ +vEɮ nx V-Vx Eɪ EM iE { V E ɽ {x Eɮ E, xɽ i { V E +i E E i xɽ ʨɱM =xE +i ]Ei M* +{x +Vn E 50 ɹM` E n < {n E Ʀɱ + Vɺ En E E +Vn ʺɱ E M< l, Vɺ =q䶪 E E E< M ƺ {ɮ Sg l +V ɽ =q䶪 {ڮ xɽ + * +V ʽxnֺix ɪE +lE, ɨVE + VxiE Mֱɨ *

+vI ɽn, +{ɺ {֮V +{ұ Ei E ʽxnֺix E Eij , ɽ E 80 |iɶi MɮҤ Vxi E xɪ nx E ʱB +{ +{x {n E Mʮ E ɮEɮ Ji B Eɪ E* +V <x Ҷ E nҴɮ + <x Mɨɮɮ E Ex ` E = 80 |iɶi Vxi E xɽ ڱ Vx SʽB Vxx < +ɶ + ʴɶɺ E l ɽ < ƺn Sx E V E ɮ l xɪ EM, ɮ ʽi E I EM* <x ɤn E l +{E < {n {ɮ ֶʦi x {ɮ ʡ nE v< ni * +{E ɽi-ɽi

SHRI R. S. GAVAI (AMRAVATI): Sir, on behalf of the Republican Party of India, I am here to extend my sincere congratulations on your elevation to this highest post.

Sir, India is the largest democracy in the world in the true sense. The various articles published regarding the future of democracy in India express the hope that we are shaping in the proper way. A day was there when the chief architect of the Constitution of India, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had offered `one man, one vote and one value'. Many critics in India and outside including Mr. Churchill said: "Sorry, the formula adopted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, `One man, one vote and one value' - will it be successful as the essence of democracy or not?" The reply given by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to Mr. Churchill was, `I am hopeful that democracy will develop in India. It will take ten years, twenty years or fifty years.' The forefather of the Constitution of India reposed faith in the praja, in the citizens of this country. Ultimately, through ups and downs we have proved that ours is the largest democracy.

You are a symbol of the largest democracy. A political thinker, regarding Parliament, has made an observation. He says, `What is Parliament? Parliament is nothing but a holy temple of democracy.' What is in Parliament? It is praja satta.' The people of this country are the gods and goddesses. What does he say about us and about you? We are supposed to be the devotees, the representatives of the people to serve the cause of the public at large.

You are the custodian of the whole House, not just the party and the Members who have proposed and seconded you. Kumari Mayawati, my sister has been misunderstood. She means to say that merely according a high position to a person belonging to the Scheduled Caste will not serve the purpose. That is only an ornamental hypocrisy on the part of either the Ruling Party or the Opposition. The problem is that we are according position but dithering from the genuine problems of the weaker sections of the society, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. Unfortunately, there is no social agenda on national programme after the tenure of Shri V.P. Singh.

Why do I respect you? It is not just because you belong to a Scheduled Caste. But as the Leader of the Opposition Shri Sharad Pawar has correctly mentioned that you have a vast experience of dedicated service in the Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samitis. You have served as a Minister thus not because of the fact that you belong to a Scheduled Caste but because you deserved it.

Do we mean to say that the elevation of His Excellency, Shri K.R. Narayanan - was he elected as the President of India in the fiftieth anniversary of our Independence - was because he belonged to a Scheduled Caste? No. It is because he deserves it. He has proved his ability. So, do not be under the wrong impression that this post has been accorded to you only because you belong to a Scheduled Caste, but it is because of the inherent talent in you. You have to develop on it and prove that we are equally competent.

The one essence of political democracy is `decision out of discussion'.

This is the essence of democracy. There is nothing wrong if you could allowed Kumari Mayawati to speak instead of asking her to sit down. This is the essence of democracy. So, there should be no bar on discussion.

MR. SPEAKER: Please conclude.

SHRI R. S. GAVAI (AMRAVATI): Sir, what for we are here? We have rules and procedures. Various procedures like Calling Attention, Question Hour and Adjournment Motion are the modus operandi for discussing in the House to deal the problems of the people of India. You are the custodian of not only the House but also to give justice to the problems relating to the Scheduled Castes,