Scheduled  Tribes,  OBCs  and minorities. You have also to see that secularism
and national integration are strengthened. You have  now  become  symbolic  of
democracy.  On behalf of my party, the Republican Party of India, I once again
congratulate you and assure you of our full cooperation.


V.B. xiɴɱ ({xxx) : iɮ {E ɽ, < {֮Eɮ +ɨ Bx x +{E {E E +n {ɮ <V E * +{x Vxɤ + +{x {] ʺɨ M E Vxɤ +{E ֤ɮEn { Ei * < Bx E xnɮ ʮɪi + ɽ BE Jֱ EEi E {E

... (ɴvx)

iɮ {E Vɨʮi E ֽʡV + {ʱǨx ʮɪi, {ʱǨx x, {ʱǨx E<n + Vɴʤi E {ɺɤ i *,

custodian of democracy and Parliamentary practice.

+{ɺ ɽ =n JM E +{ < {ʱǨx x E ɮEɮ JM + < Bx E =E xnɮ ʶɴɪi + =E xnɮ E<n + Vɴʤi E iʤE SɱBM + <ɨ +{x xɨ x EM*

Vxɤ {E ɽ, ɽ Eڨi {ɺxn x Ex ɽ =, ɽ Bx {ڮ x + Eɪn il Vɴʤi E iʤE Sɱx SʽB iE bF]E ɱb + Vɨڮ nxɪ ʽxnֺix E Vɨʮi E xɨ + Vn x * ʽxnֺix V E BE c Vɨڮ ֱE , =E Vɨʮi E +x, x + =E Ep E +xn Vn <Vɡ ʱɽV ɮ iɨɨiɮ iɴx, E+{ɮx +{E l M* < En E Jiɮ M E ɽ Bx Eɪn E l, Vɴʤi E l, +{x ʶɴɪi E l, +{x x E l Sɱi *

{E ɽ, +{ Vɮ < Bx {ɮ BE xVɮ bʱB* +{x iɶEұ <E iɴV֨ ɽi xVE *.

It is a very delicately balanced House.

< Vɽ +{E Vɨnʮ + Vn g Vi * ɨZi E ɴɱE ɽ E +V iE Vix Bx +B, =x iɨɨ E +xn ɽ Bx BE xVE iɮҨ ڮi-B-ɱ E { Ei B +{E BE Ji +Vɨ< E +xn ֤iɱ Ei *

++ nɮ Vɮ ɽ SɽM E +{ +{x < +Vɨ< E +n Eɨɪɤ + =E ʱB ɮ iɴx +{E l M*

BE i + W i {ɮ Ex Sɽi * Vɤ +{E ֤ɮEn <ix x E l n V

... (ɴvx)

MR. SPEAKER: No, no. We must have completed it by six O'clock. It is already 6.15 P.M. now. So, please conclude.


V.B. xiɴɱ : BE i EE +{x i Ji EM* ɽ {ɮ U]-U] {]Ǫ < i E n JɪM + vx JɪM E {]Ǫ ɮ Vɨʮi E +ɤɰ * +Mɮ <x U]-U] {]Ǫ E nɪ Mɪ i ɮ Vɨʮi E x {ɮ +S +BM* Z Ex E +{E nɮi < Bx E >{ɮ + =E x {ɮ E< +S xɽ +x {ɪM + <x U]-U] {]Ǫ E l ɮ{ڮ <ƺɡ E VBM*

{E ɽ, <ɺ {ɽ E +{x M֢iM Ji E, Z Ex E ɽ 12 E ɦ * 11 E ɦ Mɨ ɮ {E l* =xE Eʤɱ Ep EɮEnM E WF E M M֢iM xiɨɨ M* =xE c ɨxx E =xɽx Vɨʮi E x E +M gɪ + <xiɽ< xWE ɱi + ɽx Eʡi E +n {ڮ nǤɮ E l {ڮ nxɶɨxn E l, {ڮ ɨZnɮ E l < = E Sɱɪ VɺE <xiɽ< Ep Ei B =x ֤ɮEn { EM* = nx E Jɱ JM

... (ɴvx)

+{E ֤ɮEn { Ei + < Bx E Vɤi E l Sɱx +{x + +{x {] E iɴx + E+{ɮx E Ex ni *

Speech in Urdu

SHRI VAIKO (SIVAKASI): Hon. Speaker Sir, it gives me immense pleasure to extend heartiest congratulations and felicitations to you on behalf of the Marumalarchi DMK and on behalf of myself for having been elected to the high office.

Sir, half a century has passed away since the dawn of Independence. Today is a red letter day in your public life. You have been elected as the custodian of the august House, Speaker of the House of the People of the largest democracy of the world which would send a message of hope and confidence to crores and crores of people who have been oppressed for many a century. That would be a fitting tribute to the memory to the Father of the Nation.

Sir, I am sure and confident that with your experience as a parliamentarian in the Tenth Lok Sabha, with your rich experience as the Chairman of the Zila Parishad of the State of Andhra Pradesh and with your experience as a Minister in your State, you would rise to any occasion to tackle any turbulent situation in the House.

Shri Yerrannaidu, when he was referring to your career, made a mention that you were a student leader of the Law College.

So, you would tackle any turbulent situation as the one which we witnessed some minutes ago.

Some people say that the people have given a fractured mandate. It is not so at all. The people have given a definite mandate for the BJP and other parties to form the Government. The people have given the mandate to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee to lead the country.

I wish you to protect the dignity, the decorum and the rich traditions of the House and also the rights of the Members for a full term of five years having Shri Vajpayee, the Leader of this House, as the Prime Minister of this country. From our side, we would extend all our cooperation to you to conduct the House.

I appeal to our friends from that side to extend the same cooperation. I fully share with the views expressed by hon. Shri Indrajit Gupta that a hundred crore people are watching what is happening in the Lok Sabha today. The whole world is watching us. So, we have to have self-introspection.

With these words, I congratulate you once again. I wish you success in your endevour.

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN (COOCHBEHAR): Mr. Speaker, Sir, on behalf of my party and on my own behalf, I would like to congratulate you on this occasion that you have been elevated as the Speaker. When I am congratulating you, I cannot forget the Speaker of the Eleventh Lok Sabha who performed very well in the House.

It is not correct to say that you are an unanimous candidate or a consensus candidate. It is a question of the Speaker's election. When the election is there, naturally, you are from one side and we have another candidate from our side. We opposed you. But after all this, you are the custodian of this House. You are no more with a partisan spirit. You are now the impartial custodian of this House.

In this connection, I would like to request you to look to your right, to your left and to your front. You also please look to the back Benches and also look to the small groups like that of ours. Now, the party in power will have to keep in mind that their number in 1984 was only `two'. It is a democracy. From this side only, they have now gone to that side. So, in a democracy, I think, Mr. Speaker, you have to perform that job. I hope, you will be able to keep the dignity of this House. I wish you good health.

SHRI P. CHIDAMBARAM (SIVAGANGA): Mr. Speaker, Sir, on behalf of my party, the TMC, I rise to offer you my felicitations and congratulations. All Members of this House will immediately recognise that you have occupied this Chair to a rather an unusual reception.

The reception has been unusual because you were, in many ways, an unusual candidate and the election was an unusual election. When your candidacy was announced you did not ask us for our support, yet we are happy to congratulate you.

Sir, all of us are limited by time and circumstances. Every Member of this Lok Sabha and indeed you, are elected for a period not exceeding five years. It is not what we say today that will enter the pages of history but it is what we will say when each one of us lays down office that will enter history.

Sir, I am tempted to quote a Tamil couplet:

"Thakkar Thahavilar Enbadhu

Avaravar Etchathal Kanappadum"

The great and the not so great will be determined by what they leave behind them. You have heard tributes paid to your predecessors. I sincerely hope that you will safeguard the rights of the Members of this House, you will uphold the great traditions of this House and that you will win not only our cooperation but also our esteem and gratitude.

Sir, on behalf of my party I wish you success, I wish you best of health and I wish you all that is necessary to conduct this House. My party offers you sincere congratulations.

PROF. SAIFUDDIN SOZ (BARAMULLA): Mr. Speaker, Sir, on behalf of my party, the Jammu & Kashmir National Conference, I join the hon. Prime Minister, the hon. Leader of the Opposition and many other Members who felicitated you when you occupied this august office.

In my scheme of things it would have been better if you had occupied that high office through a consensus. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, a consensus was growing the night before last but yesterday morning that was shattered. Now that you have occupied that high office, I can only join the hon. Members in offering you not only congratulations but also my party's whole-hearted cooperation in the days to come.

I do not agree with people who offer advice to personalities who occupy that high august Chair. I have seen and it is my experience that every person who sits there has his own style. I saw Dr. Balram Jakhar, Shri Shivraj Patil and Shri Sangma in that Chair. All of them had their own styles. So, no word of advice is required for the hon. Speaker as to how to conduct the House.

Sir, I have a thought to share with you and the thought suggests as to how many are needed in this House. Shri Sangma reminded us that we were sometimes before a live telecast by Television! Now the world has become so small that before even the Doordarshan telecasts a thing in India it would be highlighted and telecast by the Star TV or the Zee TV.

We have to be responsible and we are responsible. Sometimes, hard and hot words bring a new colour to the Lok Sabha. But some of us sometimes cross the rekha. What do we do on that occasion?

I request you to kindly make an effort to evolve a system of self-discipline. I can assure you that my party, particularly myself and my colleagues here, shall contribute to that evolution of self-discipline. This is needed in this august House. When I was talking about the self-discipline, I remember a couplet in the realm of my mind and before I conclude I wish to quote that couplet.

ڱ E {ii E] Ei Ү E WMɮ,

n xn {ɮ ɱɨ xɮ xVE +ɮ*

The Speaker's appeal may not always affect a Member who wants to say whatever he or she wants to. Hon. Speaker should lead all of us to the evolution of self-discipline. I quoted this couplet only for this reason.

Before I conclude, I must place on record that Shri Sangma while occupying that Chair proved his high level of emancipation and integrity. All this is going on record. It is no secret that many of us wanted Shri Sangma to be a consensus candidate for the post of Speaker. This is an open secret now. Now that you have occupied that exalted Chair, I have no doubt that you will prove your mettle and give the kind of leadership that this august House needs. I wish you well in your task for the future.

MR. SPEAKER: It is already 6.30 P.M. I have two more names. Shall I call these two names also? I think, it will take another twenty minutes.


SHRI K. BAPIRAJU (NARASAPUR): Sir, I am a few hours old baby of this House. I have just taken oath today only and you have given me an opportunity to offer my congratulations to you. We travelled together from Hyderabad to Delhi. You could reach here and file your nomination in the last minute. I only feel that you are blessed by the God. It is a miracle that you could make it and file your nomination in the last minute. I feel that the BJP and the TDP, your original Party, have become instrumental in your being elected as the Speaker.

I wish to share my thoughts here. I am two-decades old MLA of a State to which you also belong. I want to be very very cautious because I know my limitations. In my political career, I have never crossed my limitations. But today, in the political system that we have in our country, people feel disgusted. We give the least respect to this kind of honourable post to which everyone of us should stand in ovation. We should see to it that we develop respect for the society and for everybody.

I wish to mention here about Shri Sangma. The shortest man of the Parliament has grown like an oak tree in his character. I was observing that Shri Sangma, the man who just lost an opportunity to become a consensus candidate for the post of Speaker, was offering his felicitations to you with a heart, with a smile. This is his quality. That gentleman was offering his best wishes to you with a smile on his face and I expected a smile on your face also. Please smile, Sir. Your smile will not cost you anything. It will rather help you.

MR. SPEAKER: A lot of time is there for that.

SHRI K. BAPIRAJU (NARASAPUR): Finally, I do not want to make a long speech. I wish you all the best. God will help you. In politics there are no murders and only suicides. It is left to you, how you wish to bring up the institution. You take the example of Shri Shivraj Patil, he is a gentleman.

Take the case of Dr. Balram Jakhar. He was a shrewd man. Our own man Shri Sanjiva Reddy, who passed only Tenth Standard, proved to be one of the best Speakers. Please keep them in mind and bring credit to the State, to the country and to the chair that you are occupying.


ֱix ɱ=qx + (nɤn) : Vxɤ {E ɽ, +{E {E E +n {ɮ EǮ x {ɮ ֤ɮEn { Ei EE ɽ BE nxɪ , ʮɪi {ʱǪɨ] , EE +x ɱ E ʱB xE iɴEi E <Wɽɮ + V Vi =E ʱB +SU Eɨi* Ex W M B EU Eɨ Uc Vi VxE n ɮ n E i * Mɨ ɽ =x M * Vn Bx E Ei x xɽ Sɽi Ex < EEi E <Wɽɮ E M xɽ Ei E x< E֨i +x E n ɽ E ɤɺ c Wɽ +Eʱɪi ֺɱɨx iɶɴҶ + Z iɴEE E +{ <xE ɺ< E E ʱB E ɽ EM + E< B SW x x {B + x E< B i x {B Vɺɺ ɽ E +Eʱɪi ɽ ɨZ E ɮ ɺ< Vɨɽڮ iɮE xɽ Ei*

+{ɺ iɴEE Ei E +{ < i E ɽں EM + ʡ BE ɮ +{E ֤ɮEn { Ei *

SHRI B.M. MENSINKAI KAYI (DHARWAR - SOUTH): * Mr. Speaker Sir, on behalf of my party Lok Shakti, I rise to felicitate and Congratulate you on this auspicious occasion. Sir, I am very glad that you have been elevated to this prestigious post of this August House. Our party shall extend full cooperation to you in conducting the business of the House. You hail from Andhra Pradesh, a neighbour of Karnataka. This fact has made me to feel supremely happy about your elevation to the post of Honourable Speaker.

While congratulating you, many honourable colleagues have already mentioned about poverty that is prevailing in our country even after fifty years of Independence. I, therefore, urge upon you Sir, to enthuse the Members of this house to work hard and root out poverty from this country. There is an urgent need to provide medical facilities particularly to the poor people living in remote villages.

Finally Sir, we have to maintain the dignity and decorum of this House. I hope you would guide us properly and help us to keep up the prestige of the House. I pray God to bless you with courage and confidence. I am sure that you would be a successful Honourable Speaker.

Sir, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my views on behalf of my party Lok Shakti and with these words I conclude my speech. (ends)


* Translation of the speech Original in Kannada

MR. SPEAKER: Hon. Members, I take this opportunity to heartily congratulate all of you who are elected to the Twelfth Lok Sabha. I particularly compliment you for furthering the cause of democracy by participating in the election in the true spirit of democracy.

I also compliment all those who have contested in the elections but could not make it to this august House, for their contribution is no less. It is time for all of us to leave behind the memories of the electoral contest and strive collectively to live up to the expectations of the people who have given us the mandate.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and humility that I assume the Office of the Speaker of the 12th Lok Sabha. I sincerely thank the hon. Members for this honour. I am hopeful that the demands of the duty will be made lighter by the active cooperation of all the hon. Members.

I need not remind the hon. Members of the socio-political transformation that our country is undergoing. Over the years, the composition of this august House is also changing, reflecting the socio-political transformation. This august House has always endeavoured sincerely to fulfil the mandate given to it through the hon. Members. I am particularly conscious of the composition of the 12th Lok Sabha and the expectations that flow out of it. Our democracy has successfully faced several challenges. This august House has withstood the test of the time and emerged as a pioneering institution upholding the democratic and social values and the philosophy enshrined in the Constitution.