<b>XII LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session II, (Budget) </i> </b>
XII LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session II, (Budget) Friday, May 29, 1998 / Jyaistha 8, 1920 (Saka)

Title: Made references on passing away of Shri Ratan Sinh Rajda, a member of Sixth and Seventh Lok Sabha on 10th April,1998; Shri Purushottam Kakodkar, a member of Fifth Lok Sabha on 2nd May, 1998. TEXT : 1100 hours

(Mr. Speaker in the Chair)

MR. SPEAKER: Hon. Members, I have to inform the House with deep sense of sorrow, of the passing away of Sarvashri Ratansinh Rajda and Purushottam Kakodkar.

Shri Ratansinh Rajda was a Member of Sixth and Seventh Lok Sabhas representing Mumbai South Parliamentary constituency of Maharashtra during 1977-84.

An advocate by profession, Shri Rajda was a well known political and social worker. He was associated with a number of organisations in various capacities. He also participated in the freedom struggle.

An able parliamentarian, Shri Rajda was a member of Public Accounts Committee in Sixth Lok Sabha and Committee on Subordinate Legislation in Seventh Lok Sabha.

Widely travelled, Shri Rajda was India's representative to International Parliamentary Conference for Population and Development in Tunisia during 1978 and attended the World Youth Festival at Edinburgh in 1969.

Shri Ratansinh Rajda died on 10th April, 1998 in Mumbai South, Maharashtra at the age of 71.

Shri Purushottam Kakodkar was a Member of Fifth Lok Sabha representing Panaji Parliamentary constituency of erstwhile Goa, Daman & Diu during 1971-77.

Shri Kakodkar was also a Member of Rajya Sabha during 1985-91.

A veteran freedom fighter, Shri Kakodkar actively participated in the `Quit India Movement' and suffered imprisonment. He was closely connected with the Goa Liberation Movement and had participated in the Civil Disobedience Movement launched by Ram Manohar Lohia in Goa in 1946. Shri Kakodkar was deported by the Portuguese Government and kept in detention for several years.

An able parliamentarian Shri Kakodkar was a member of Committee on Petitions, Rajya Sabha during 1986-87.

Shri Purushottam Kakodkar passed away on 2nd May, 1998 at Delhi at the age of 85.

We deeply mourn the loss of these friends and I am sure the House will join me in conveying our condolences to the bereaved families.

The House may now stand in silence for a short while as a mark of respect to the deceased.

(The Members then stood in silence for a short while.)

SHRI BIKRAM DEO KESHARI (KALAHANDI): Sir, I want to talk on the agricultural crops of Orissa.

MR. SPEAKER: You will get permission on Monday.