<b>XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session I </i> </b>
XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session I Wednesday, October 27, 1999/Kartika 5, 1921 (Saka)

Title: Regarding felicitations offered to the Deputy Speaker.

11.20 hrs.

|vx j ( +] ʤɽɮ V{) : +vI ɽn, +{x + , xxɱ bF]E BBƺ E + + +Mɮ ʨj h E V +{ii x E i ɮ nx E + , <n ɽ E v< nx Sɽi *

+{ {U ɮ ɴ ɨi Sx Mɪ l, Ex < ɮ E ɴ ɨi Vɮ Vn ʨ`ɺ * +{ < nx E ʮ`iɨ n * {ɽ ɮ +{ 1967 n Sx Mɪ l + iɤ Miɮ ɽ F Sɱ * +x n +i , Vi , Mɮ +{ Jɱ +i +i , Vi xɽ *

ɦ < i E Eɮ Ei E ={vI E nʪi +{x ɱҦi xɴǽ E * Vɽ Ec< E Vɰi i , +{ Ec Vi + Vɽ xɮ< Eɨ Sɱ Vi , ɽ xɮ< Eɨ xEɱ i * j {n +{x ֶʦi E + ɦ E ɽM nx E Sɱi *

+{E ɡi E Eɨx Ei + +{E +{x {ڮ ɽM E +ɶɺx ni *

Ҩi xɪ Mv (+`) : +vI ɽn, +{x ɽM {.B. <n E +ɨ ɪ E ɦ E nɮ ={vI Sx Vx {ɮ nE v< ni *

{U ix nE Vn ɨɪ iE < nx ɮ n E nڮ-nڮ E Jڤɺڮi u{ E +ɴV ֱxn Ei * =xE nɮ Sx Vx, =xE +x֦ɴ, n + nM E Jʤɪ, xExɨ + ƺn E EɪǴɽ =xE Mnx E ɨx * +{x Eii, JֶʨVV + iɽVҤ E Vɽ =xx ɤ E +n {ɪ *

<n x < nx +xE BiɽʺE +ɺɮ {ɮ ɽ ʽ ʱɪ * {U 33 ɱ Miɮ E ɦ E n + =xx +ixi ɽi E q =`ɪ * ɽ ɮ M E ɮ ={vI *

=xE Ev {ɮ x BE ɮ Vɨnɮ bɱ , Ex Vxi E E iɮ |ɺxxi + VVxi E l +{x nʪi {ڮ EM*

SHRI SOMNATH CHATTERJEE (BOLPUR): Mr. Speaker Sir, I congratulate Shri P.M. Sayeed and also the people of Lakshadweep. I am sure that they are very proud today for having selected and elected continuously a very worthy representative of theirs who has adorned this House for decades.

Sir, the Prime Minister referred to his coming everytime. He has become a permanent fixture of this House. We have known him as one of the friendliest Members and a good guide who has maintained excellent relationship with everybody in the House. By nature, he is amiable. He cannot get annoyed with us. That is why, we are not going to take advantage of his amiability and good nature. He has already made his mark and shown his undoubted capacity to be a very worthy Presiding Officer of this House and we are very very happy that in recognition of his services which he has rendered to the House and to the cause of the parliamentary democracy that he has been unanimously selected once again. We wish him all the best. Speaking for my party and on my own behalf, we assure the fullest cooperation with the Chair, with Mr. Sayeed as Deputy-Speaker, and I am sure, as before, he will continue to render his services to this House and through this House, to the people of this country. Sir, I hope that he will not interrupt the supply of tuna to us from time to time.

SxpJɮ (ʱɪ, =.|.): +vI V, {.B. <n E < =SS {n {ɮ Sx Vx E ʱB v< ni * <n ɽ Vɤ +B, ɮ {ɮ ʨj * V ɮ E ʨj x E E Mɮ E ɽ =xx ɽi EU J * Ex =ɺ +vE VҴx E l{c J * Vɽ =xx Mɮ E =`i < ɽ E nJ , ɽ VҴx E =iɮ-Sgɴ E <xx {ɽSx * <ʱB <xE n MɮҤ E ʱB ɨi , BE x + =E =VMɮ =xx ɨɪ-ɨɪ {ɮ < nx E * Iu{ ɺ B xɴɺ =xɺ <ʱB <ix |ɦʴi E =xE +ɴɶEi+ E ʱB, =xE VҴx E ڱɦi SV E ʱB =xx ii |ɪɺ E * 1967 , Vɤ EO l, iɤ Miɮ MɮҤ ʨ]x E {x E E <n ɽ ci * iɮJ E EU nx ɮ + =xE l U] Mɪ, Ex ni x * ɽ ni +V Eɪɨ * +{x < ʨj E VҴx <ix ={ɱʤv {x E ʱB Z ɪ |ɺxxi E +x֦ɴ i * B xi E ɽ Eɱ =xE ɮ-ɮ Sx Vx E Eɮh xɽ , =xE VҴx V EU =xx +{xɪ , {ɮJ + Vɺ |Eɮ M E {c E l +{x E Vc , =ɺ x Eɱ ɽ Iu{ E |ixvi Ei , ʱE ɮ ={Ii, Ui + ʹi xɴi E ɽ |iE * < { =xE +ʦxnx Ei *

ֱɪɨ ʺƽ n (ɨɱ): +vI ɽn, {.B. <n V ={vI {n E ʱB Sx MB , =E ʱB Z Jֶ , =xE +ʦxnx Ei + ֦EɨxB { Ei * Z Jֶ E 1967 E + iE Miɮ < nx n E +ɨ Vxi E nJ-nn E {ɽSxi + +{x +ɴV ֱn Ei *

ɤɺ c E|ɪi + Vx|ɪi E |ɨh E 1967 Miɮ < nx E n * =xE ֦Eɨxɪ * Vɺ En E E, Vx <n E E < n E MɮҤ Ex, Vnڮ, +{ɺJE, ={Ii, J-xM M, VxE ʱB + iE r {x E {x E <xiVɨ xɽ , VxE E`x Pɹ Ex , +{ < {n {ɮ `E =xE ɴx+ E ʴɶ +n EM, Vɤ =x M E ɮ ɽ ɴɱ =`M* +{x {U j Vɺ xɹ{Ii + xɦEi < nx E Sɱx E , ɽ ɮɽxҪ *

{x: ɨVɴn {] E + +{E Mi + +ʦxxnx Ei *

SHRI M.V.V.S. MURTHY (VISAKHAPATNAM): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am very happy personally and also on behalf of my Telugu Desam Party, we heartily congratulate Shri P.M. Sayeed. He has been in this House continuously from 1967 onwards. He has mastered the art of winning the election as well as the hearts of the Members of this House also. Really, it is a great event. Also, he has seen all types of winds in this House. He has also mastered the art of keeping the House in dignity.

Shri P.M. Sayeed has occupied the administrative Office of the Minister also. I know him personally. We are really gratified and elevated on his election as Deputy-Speaker. I am sure, with the decorum and dignity, he will maintain this House at all times. We wish him all the success.

SHRI INDRAJIT GUPTA (MIDNAPORE): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I think Shri Sayeed's election today was a foregone conclusion. There is nobody who can match him in his long record in the chair and his popularity is something which requires to be properly understood and diagnosed why he is so popular with everybody in the House, not to speak of his own constituency in Lakshadweep. His nature and his character is such that we all know him for so many years as a very close friend also apart from being the Deputy-Speaker. He is the most amiable, most friendly and most affectionate Deputy-Speaker apart from being the most efficient - I should say - person that we have had all these years. So, as far as my group is concerned, we, of course, will cooperate with him fully in every way.

I am conscious of the fact that I am perhaps congratulating a future Father of the House. He has not got much further to go before he reaches that level. So, anyway, I wish him all success. We are very very happy today at his unanimous election.

E֨ɮ ɪɴi (+Eɮ{֮) : +vI ɽn, {.B. <n E ={vI {n {ɮ Sx Vx {ɮ +{x + + +{x {] E + =xE v< ni * l =xE Eiɴ E ɮ Z {ڴ Vx {]Ǫ E xi+ x +{x ʴSɮ J , =xɺ +{x ɽi Vii B, BE i Ex SɽM*

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Vɤ ɮi E ʴvx E xɨh + i = vɨ-xɮ{Ii E +vɮ {ɮ xɪ Mɪ* =E +xֺɮ ɦ vɨ E xx ɱ ɮɤɮ * =xE Vx-ɱ + =xE vɨ E I E Vɨnɮ Exp + V ɮEɮ E * Ex vʨE +{ɺJE ʺɨ, ʺJ, <Ǻ<, {ɮ + r] M, VxE Eɡ ɨ + +xnJ il +V +{x E +֮Ii ɽں E * +{ vʨE +{ɺJE ɤɺ c vʨE +{ɺJE ʺɨ ɨV iɱE Ji * Z ʴɶɺ E +{ ʺɨ ɨV xɽ ʱE +{ɺJE E ʴʦxx M E {ڮ vx JM + Vɤ E =xE ʽi E E< i ƺn =`M i +{ {ڮ ɨɪ nE =xE ʽi E I EM* <x ɤn E l =n Ei E x Vx i E iɮ + Jɺ i Vx vʨE +{ɺJE E iɮ +{E vx +Eʹi E =xE ʽi E +{ Vɰ vx JM*

SHRI P.H. PANDIAN (TIRUNELVELI): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I, on behalf of the AIADMK Party and on my own behalf, offer our felicitations to the Deputy-Speaker, Shri P.M. Sayeed, on his unanimous election.

I know the difficult task of the Presiding Officer of any House. The Deputy-Speaker is calm, smiling, friendly and we made fast friendship in the last week. I hope that he would be able to guide us in our parliamentary work here. The Deputy-Speaker acts in the absence of the Speaker.

The Deputy-Speaker has been elected to the Lok Sabha on 10 consecutive elections from the same constituency. It is very difficult to get elected from the same constituency for so many times, because he had to face the same electorate every time. The people of Lakshadweep have showered their love and affection on him and they have been sending him to the Lok Sabha for 10 times consecutively.

So, I wish him all success on behalf of our Party and I congratulate him.

Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ (ɱ): +vI ɽn, Eɦ E {֮x xxҪ n {.B. <n V E ={vI {n {ɮ n֤ɮ xʴǮv Sx Vx + Miɮ n ɮ Eɦ E ʱɪ Sx Vx {ɮ ɹ]Ҫ Vxi n E + Z c |ɺxxi * =x < i E ʱɪ v< ni E xʴǮv Sx Mɪ *

+vI ɽn, Z Jֶ <ʱɪ E ={vI V E Sx Vx {ɮ =xE ɽM +{E Eɨ E ɮ Eɡ E VɪM* < {n {ɮ =xE xʴǮv Sx Vx {ɮ nڮ-nV E Ij Iu{, V ɨp E S U] <E , ɽ E M E n Eix Jֶ M E < ɨxi {n {ɮ ɽ E |ixv Sx Mɪ * <ɺ M E ɱ ֱn + M E BE Ei ɽ ɮ ɮ Sx V *

+vI ɽn, {U Eɦ Vɺ iɮ xxҪ n E ɴx+ E Jɱ Ji ֪ =xx Vɺ xɹ{Ii + Mi < nx E Sɱx E + +{E ɽM |nx E, =ɺ 1977 E ɽ vɮ ɱɴi < Vɺ M x ֯ E l E ={vI {n {ɮ ʴ{I E Ei xʴǮv fM Sx Vɪ* ɽ `E i V xxҪ |vxɨj V x E E {U ɮ ={vI xʴǮv { Sx Mɪ l + < ɮ xʴǮv Sx Mɪ , Ex {U ɮ + < ɮ E * {U ɮ ii {I E M Sɽi l E = {ʮ{] E SExSڮ E Vɪ + +{x Ei ={vI Sx ʱɪ Vɪ* = ɨɪ =xE ɽM {] E M, Vxɨ E֨ɮ ɨi xV l, x ɽi Ec ]b ʱɪ + E E < {ʮ{] E xɽ ]]x Sʽ il ={vI {n ʴ{I E n Vx Sʽ* <ʱɪ |vxɨj V E =nMɮ ɽi E < ɮ Vn =iɽ{ڴE + = {ʮ{] E Vɤi Ex E EɪǴɽ =xE Sx Vx < *

+vI ɽn, Vɤ +{ Sx Mɪ l, = nx ɮ |ɺxxi < l + +V Vɤ ={vI V Sx Mɪ , =ix |ɺxxi * ɽ nx n E ɨV E +<x E iɮ * n E E ʺli , =E ɽ Sj Eɦ Vɤ +ɪ i x VɪM E ɽ VҴ + +{ nx {`ɺx +vEɮ < Eɦ E ƮIE * <ʱɪ Vxi E +EI+, Vxi E ɨɺ+, ɨV E n-ESɱ M E ɨɺ+ E xʶSi { +{ vx JM* l xɪ n + U] {]Ǫ E Jɱ JM iE Vxi E ɽ { + n E ɽ Sjh < Eɦ E +<x + E + M E Eij + ƺnҪ |hɱ E |i ʴɶɺ Vɨ Vɪ*

+vI ɽn, {x: BE ɮ {.B.<n E ={vI {n {ɮ xʴǮv { Sx Vx {ɮ v< + vxɴn ni E < {n E Mʮ + ʽ gx E Eɨ EM, B Z ʴɶɺ *

<x ɤn E l +{x i ɨ{i Ei *

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN (COOCHBEHAR): Mr. Speaker, Sir, on behalf of my party Forward Bloc, I would like to congratulate hon. Shri P.M. Sayeed, for having been unanimously elected as Deputy-Speaker of this august House. He is a good friend of us. Shri Sayeed is not only a gentleman but he is also a perfect gentleman and sincere to his duties. He has been elected ten times from the same constituency without break. It is a record. Justice is of great interest for man on earth. I hope the hon. Deputy-Speaker, when he is in the Chair, will do justice to the hon. Members of this august House.

He will do it accordingly and uphold the prestige of this House.

V.B.xiɴɱ ({xxx): Vxɤ {E ɽ, ɽi Jֶ E Vxɤ {.B.<n ɽ b{] {E iJɤ B + <iiɡE ɪ E l iJɤ B * =xE <iEɱ Ei * +{x {] ʺɨ M il +{x Vxɤ =xE n ֤ɮEn { Ei * V E ɮ VҮ+Vɨ +] ʤɽɮ V{ V x iɱɪ E {.B.<n ɽ ɺҽ iV֤ Ji * ɽ < Bx E x ʺɡ xɪɮ 訤ɮx +Ex , ʱE =xx ɺxn ʴVɮi E Vxi J + +{E +ɴx E i {ɮ b{] {E SE * ɮ Ex E <ƶ+ɽ ɽ +{x <V E Jڤ +Vɨ n {ɪM* {ʱǪɨx Vɨʮi E ʮɪi ɮEɮ J M< + +{VҶx b{] {E ʱɪ Mɪ * l l Eֱɮ Vɨʮi E Sɮ Sn Mi * {.B.<n ɽ +Eɪi + +Eɪi E n Jֶ M* x E E ɺ ʽnֺix * < ɡV `' {ɮ M Ex E Vɰi * `' + `Ҩ' , `' + `' , `' ʽn `' ֺɱɨx + iɨɨ nMɮ ʡE ɽ `' + `' Vɤ ʨɱi i `' i + < `' ʽnֺix i * ɽ {Mɨ V n E n * ֤ɮEn { Ei + Ex Ei E <ƶ+ɽ Eֱɮ Vɨʮi E =ڱ E ɽ Ep i M* Vxɤ {.B.<n ɽ E ֤ɮEn*

MR. SPEAKER: Hon. Members, I have pleasure in joining the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and other hon. Members in extending my felicitations to Sayeed Saheb on his election as the Deputy-Speaker once again. His unanimous election for a second term is yet another testimony to the collective commitment of this House to the well established democratic values and traditions.

Shri Sayeed is one of those few privileged Members who have virtually played most of the roles associated with being a Member of this House. The whole House, particularly, the new Members, stand to gain enormously from his long and varied experience in Parliament, in several of its Committees, in the Council of Ministers and most importantly, as the Deputy-Speaker in the previous Lok Sabha.