<b>XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session I </i> </b>
XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session I Tuesday, October 26, 1999/Kartika 4, 1921 (Saka)

Type of Debate: MATTERS UNDER RULE-377
Title: Need to provide financial assistance to State Government of Rajasthan to alleviate problems of famine affected people of the State.

COL. SONARAM CHOUGHARY (BARMER): I represent Barmer and Jaislmer districts and one segment of Jodhpur district. This Thar desert of Western Rajasthan is famine prone area. This year is third consecutive year of famine. Main source of income of people is cattle breeding and to some extent farming. There are no other source of income.

Due to severe famine, people of this area have migrated to other prosperous States like Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, etc. in search of job/livelihood. Crops and cattle are perishing due to lack of rain and shortage of fodder. There is acute shortage of drinking water. Financial position of Rajasthan Government is not good. Therefore, I shall request the Union Government to take following action to alleviate problems of famine affected people of Rajasthan:-

(a) Government of India should send a team of experts to Rajasthan to assess the gravity of famine;

(b) Sufficient funds under Calamity Relief Fund (CRF) should be released to Government of Rajasthan;

(c) Government of India in coinsultation with Government of Rajasthan should arrange for fodder; and

(d) Famine relief works should be started immediately to avoid hunger deaths and migration of people to other States.