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... (ɴvx)

BE ʨx] E{ɱ] E i , =E n +{ E *

SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY : Sir, Navratnas are the prestigious Central Public Sector undertakings. They make profit. They are one type. Normally, the public sector undertakings are known as sick. The disinvestment proposals are going on about which we are very much concerned and not with the Navratna projects. They are the assets of the Government of India.

So far as eight Central public sector undertakings in West Bengal are concerned, the Prime Minister gave an assurance in writing that this would be taken up for consideration for revival. At this opportune time, I would like to know from the Minister of Finance as to what steps are being taken by the Government for their revival. The hon. Prime Minister has given a categorical and written assurance to Kumari Mamata Banerjee that these undertakings will not be closed and all sorts of steps will be taken for their revival.

SHRI YASHWANT SINHA: Sir, I have already said that in regard to public sector undertakings which could be revived, we have already taken a number of steps to revive such units. There are undertakings which cannot be revived. Study after study has proved that there is no way these units can run at all, much less run at a profit.

In such cases, I am saying quite candidly that we will have to take steps to wind up such units. The point that the hon. Member has made and the point to which Shri Tiwari has referred is about the Navratnas. My colleague, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, has recently come out with a statement saying quite clearly that we shall strengthen the Navratnas. We will also strengthen the mini Navratnas. This is the policy statement which the Minister of Commerce and Industry has made. In regard to the eight units to which the Member has referred to, the Prime Minister has assured that we shall study the prospects of revival of those units once again. That study is going on. Whenever we are ready with the findings of those studies, we will be in a position to take appropriate decisions in that regard.

SHRI NARAYAN DATT TIWARI : I do not want to raise a long debate at this point of time. I would just mention that a number of reports on restructuring of such units, for example that of the Hindustan Machine Tools and a number of other public sector undertakings, are pending consideration in the Department of Expenditure. I would request the Finance Minister to go into the details of all those public sector units whose restructuring proposals are pending in his Ministry.

SHRI YASHWANT SINHA: I would assure the hon. Member, through you, that all such proposals are receiving my most earnest attention. When I talked about the Steel Authority of India, this is exactly what I meant. Why did I talk about the Steel Authority of India? It is because we discussed it and because this was a proposal which was pending. All such proposals will receive our attention.

={vI ɽn, ɽ {ɮ SS Ei B ɱb ]b +Mx<Vx E =J +ɪ* ɽ E Mɪ E ɹ]{i ɽn E +ʦɦɹh <E ɮ ɽi I{ SS E M< E n E ʽi E I EM* ɹ]{i V E +ʦɦɹh n E xMʶB]M bE֨] xɽ Ei * <ɨ ɨx i E VBM + ɽ ɽ E +{x n E ʽi E I EM* Vn Vɤi E l EM, Vix {ڴ xɽ < , =ɺ +M gE +{x n E ʽi E I EM*

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We shall have consultations with all the political parties in Parliament in order to finalise India's position in regard to WTO.

={vI ɽn, <E l l nx E ɽ Ex SɽM E Vix ʴEɺɶұ n , Vix ʨj n , =x ɤE l ɨ{E * =xE l ʨɱE BE ʨʱi Vx xB, iE x Eɱ ɮi E ʽi E I E, ʱE l l nxɪ Vix ʴEɺɶұ n =xE ʽi E I E, ɽ x E * V 15 n E ]b ʨxɺ] E ]M {U ʺiɨɮ Mɱ < l* +M < EɪF E g * ɱb ]b +Mx<Vx E ɮ ɮEɮ E EM, < ɮ E E x n x , ɤE l ʴSɮ-ʴɨɶ EE +{x xi iɪ EM*

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nںɮ V +x E{xɪ , ɽ P] =xE >{ɮ E Vɪ, =xE i E< Eڮ xɽ * +n ni E i֨ EҨi i g+, i EM E ɮ 10 Vɮ Ec {B E P] i֨ +{x V] + +{x V] M* M, i nx E i>M E E-E gi , E-E

31 Vɮ Ec {B E E< Mɮ M* ɨZi E 15 20 Vɮ Ec {B E Mɮ ʺɡ xx {x E JS M, i E 10-15 Vɮ Ec {B S* +{E Vix E]i Ex , M Ei ɮEɮ JS E, ʡVڱJS E E E Ei , Vix <Ex Ex , 10-15 Vɮ Ec {B E VB, EE E VMɽ +{ EU xɽ E Ei*

You are in a straight jacket.

+{ n SEi xɽ EM i ʴn nxɨ M* +{ bƺ E E xɽ E Ei , EE ֮I E l E< E|<W xɽ EM* ʤb E xɽ E Ei, EE < nx ɽi V M E ʤb E E ɱi E x E* {ƶx E E xɽ E Ei, EE Sɮ g ɮEɮ ʮ]ɪb {nvEɮ E VB* O] ] ]] E E E E n, EE O] ] ]] ɮ Eƺ]]ڶxɱ +줱Mx * ɽ { x <xƺ Eʨɶx E iɽi V E nx *

... (ɴvx)

={vI ɽn : +{ + ɨ{i EʮB*

... (ɴvx)

ɶɴi ʺx : ={vI ɽn, i ɨ{i E nM Ex Sxi ɽ *

Just a moment. Let me finish. I am about to finish.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Please do not interrupt him.

SHRI YASHWANT SINHA: I am putting these figures in this House with all the seriousness at my command because I want this House to kindly appreciate the problem of balancing the budget of the Government of India. Balancing of the budget of the Government of India, just as balancing of the budgets of State Governments, is absolutely essential and unavoidable. If we do not do this, then we are not discharging the responsibility which the people have assigned to us, we are not fulfilling those responsibilities. I am not suggesting any solutions. There are some solutions in my mind. When I come up with my Revised Estimates before this House, maybe I will explain them in greater detail. What I am saying is that this is a problem that the whole House should ponder, this is a problem that the whole nation should concern itself, so that we get out of this.

<ʱB BE{bSɮ E] + BE{bSɮ EҶx E i l*

Unless there is a structural adjustment, unless we are able to reduce the burden of our budget, it will not be possible for us to establish fiscal rectitude. That is why we have talked in our NDA's Manifesto of a Fiscal Responsibility Act. I would like to tell this House through you that we are putting together the various elements of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, so that we can come before the House, we can come before the people of this country and put before them all the facts and take those hard decisions which this nation as a nation must take if we want that the future generation should live in peace and in prosperity. That is the problem.

Apart from that, as I said, the President has to be thanked and thanked most profusely for the very good Address that he has presented to both the Houses and I am sure this Motion moved by Shri Vijay Kumar Malhotra will be passed by acclaim.


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: You can ask clarifications from the Minister later on.

SHRI TRILOCHAN KANUNGO : He has told me that he will answer afterwards.

ʶn + (+ɮ) : Vxɤ b{] {E ɽ, ɮ b ɽVx ɨV {] E iɮ ɪɴi V ɽ Vn xɽ , =xE iɮ x + lE {ɮ x E ʱB Jc + * ɮ, +Mɮ E E E EE] nJx , ֱE E ɮ +nV Ex , E <ƺx E EE] nJx i =E W iɱɶ Ex

+ɴV xɽ n * +Mɮ <x {ilɮ E +ɴV n n Vi i x Vx Eix M < n E {ʤE E ɨx ɮx Vi* < Bc E { 12 n E ʺli E ɮ E Mɪ

"Crores of our people, particularly in villages, are still to be provided with basic services such as clean drinking water, reasonable shelter, primary education, health services and roads. Illiteracy is still a curse for large masses of our people - especially among Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, minorities and rural women."

<E ɴVn V n E ʺli iɪ M< , =E ɮ E< ExF] |Oɨ xɽ * <xʮ]V, bڱb Eɺ] E ɮ < {ڮ Bc ʺɡ BE VMɽ iVE E Mɪ E ɽ ɮEɮ =xE <]] E E +ɡ] EM* < Bc <xʮ]V, bڱb Eɺ] + +... E ɮ E< i xɽ E M< * < Bc Vbʶɪɱ ʮɨǺ, <E] ʮɨǺ, <Ex, EֱʮV + EɮMɱ E ɮ VF E Mɪ * <ɨ ɽ E ɡ-lɮ Jx E ɮ VF E Mɪ * iVɤVڤ Eiɱ E E i E {ɽ VF E, E i E VF n E?