Sir, at the time of framing of the Constitution, in the Constituent Assembly, Pandit Hridyanath Kunzru had emphatically said:

"If federation means anything, it means that there should be a transfer of wealth from the richer to the poorer provinces. Just the very concept of social welfare implies that there should be transfer of wealth from richer to the poorer people. So, the concept of federation, the concept of national solidarity implies that the richer provinces should part with a portion of what may be in strict theory be due to them, for the benefit to raise the less developed provinces to the level of more fortunate provinces. It will not even be possible to guarantee that the social services in the less developed provinces will reach a minimum standard."

He further added:

"Provinces like Assam, Orissa, Bihar and C.P. (now Madhya Pradesh) which are starved for want of funds and whose condition is as to extort sympathy of all fair-minded people, would remain forever in the backward condition that they occupy now."

The words were no doubt prophetic. The conditions of Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh have not undergone any change for better during the last 52 years.

Now, I come to the debt position of some of the poorer, backward States. The debt burden of Orissa, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh has reached such a stage that more than 70 per cent of their own revenue has been spent on payment of interest and repayment of loan. They are now taking loan to repay their earlier debts. Under article 293 of the Constitution of India, no State can take loan of even one rupee from whatsoever source, without the consent of the Central Government.

This is the position. The decision of the Central Government for Plan assistance to States with 70 per cent loan and 30 per cent grant has pushed these backward States into a debt trap. The Central Government, under the able leadership of hon. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, must help make a deep study of the regions of persistent backwardness with rich natural resources, and find out remedies to bring them at par with at least the national average within a period of five years. We have lost fifty-two years; now, within five years, we want that these backward States, with rich natural resources, should be brought at par with the national average at least. No serious thinking has been done during the last 50 years of Independence, despite the fact that we have been following a centralised planning.

Sir, a reference to Sarkaria Commission has been made in the hon. President's Address. According to the Sarkaria Commission, royalty on minerals, coal and oils should be revised every two years positively. More than five years have lapsed, since the last revision of royalty on coal. No upward revision has yet been done, and a State like Orissa is starving for finance and incurring heavy overdrafts to meet the day-to-day routine expenditure. So, an upward revision of royalty with proper perspective should be done quickly. I request the Government, through you, that for proper federal harmony, the backward States which have the potential to develop should be looked after seriously and sincerely, with a time-bound programme to remove regional disparities.

I do not want to take much of your time. I am of the opinion and I am convinced (it is a fact) that if we want to eradicate poverty, the first step is to remove regional disparities. It has not yet been attended to. My request, therefore, to the Government is that all attempts, all efforts, should be made to remove regional imbalances or regional disparities in socio-economic, infrastructural and educational fields. If this is not done, I tell you that there will not be any federal harmony. My request, therefore, is that attention should be paid to it. I am sorry to tell you that no reference has been made in the President's Address in this regard.

I belong to Biju Janata Dal, I am a new Member and this is my maiden speech. I am thankful to you for having given me the time to express myself. I have heard the Finance Minister, when he was replying, with rapt attention, but there was no reference to regional disparities and as to what are his programmes. I am sure, the hon. Home Minister, while replying, will make a definite reference to it; he will give a definite answer as to how or in what way the Government is going to remove the regional disparities, and that is a must. As a partner of the Government, I can only say that this is the demand of the three-and-a-half crore people of Orissa, who are starving and selling their children to meet their daily needs. This is the condition there. I am sure, it will be properly looked after. Thank you, Sir.

SHRI K.P. SINGH DEO (DHENKANAL): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to crave your indulgence. I did not want to interrupt the hon. Member, who was my President in my college and also because it was his maiden speech. We had just received a very distressing news that one of the super-cyclones of the scale of T-70 has hit Bhubaneshwar.

Sir, we are unable to get through to Bhubneswar because everything has collapsed there. Even the radar at Paradeep of the Indian Metrological Department has collapsed. Now, the hon. Home Minister is here and we would like to request him, through you, Sir, if we could get some information about it because the entire State of Orissa is now facing a 240 kilometer super-cyclone which has never occurred in India before.

THE MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS (SHRI L.K.ADVANI): Sir, earlier Shri Madhavrao Scindiaji had drawn attention to this fact and now an hon. Member from Orissa, a senior Member, also has drawn attention to this fact. We have been in touch and whatever information we have is becoming delayed and out-timed. Sometime back I was told that all the nine districts of Orissa have been affected by this cyclone ... (Interruptions)

SHRI TRILOCHAN KANUNGO : Sir, the cyclone has touched Orissa today only ... (Interruptions)

SHRI K.P.SINGH DEO : Everything has broken down ... (Interruptions)

ɱ Eh +bh: <ʱɪ +-+ x iɪ E ,SE |vxɨj V ɺl xɽ , + I j nx E ֤ɽ ɽ VɪM + V EU EM, E VɪM* + iE ɪ VV ɽ = nJ * V +ɨ E ɽɪi M, nM + =ɨ M ֪ * Vɤ iE = BbVx M, EU x EU VɪM*

SHRI K.P. SINGH DEO : Sir, now the Cabinet Secretary is chairing a meeting and if the hon. Home Minister could share some information about it ... (Interruptions)

SHRI L.K.ADVANI: I have given whatever information I had ... (Interruptions)

SHRI K.P. SINGH DEO : Sir, we are getting very distressing signals from all over Orissa. The hon. Minister is here ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: He has communicated to you whatever information he had.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI K.P.SINGH DEO : Sir, now the Cabinet Secretary is chairing a meeting. The hon. Home Minister is in a position to give us some information ... (Interruptions) Sir, it is a question of sufferings and miseries of the people ... (Interruptions) It is not an ordinary matter ... (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: He is also taking it seriously.

Now, Smt. Kanti Singh.

Ҩi Exi ʺƽ (ʤFMV): +vI ɽn, +{x {] E V ɨɪ n, =E ʱɪ +{E vxɴn nx Sɽi *

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+vI ɽn, ɮ ɽ JxV {nB ɮ{ڮ j Ex ɮ JxV {n+ E ɱ] gx E Eɨ xɽ E Vi* SE BE ɨɪ ɽ j l + x Eɱ E ɱ], V EҨi E +vɮ {ɮ n Vi , =E ɱ] E ɨɱ E Eʤx] Vx E Eɨ E l, Ex = {ɮ + iE E iɮ E EɮǴ< xɽ E + V ɱ] , ɽ Vx E +vɮ {ɮ + n Vi *

1843 hours (Mr. Deputy-Speaker in the Chair)

ɮ ʤɽɮ E { Vɽ n ʴEɺ E Eɪ i , =ɺ ɮ ʤɽɮ E ʴEɺ +Ui Vi + ɽ E ʴEɺ xɽ {i * Exp E M Sɽi E Exp + V E n{h Ƥv xB Jx =xE nn E* Exp E ɮEɮ +Mɮ Sɽi E =x ɽM E i V ɮ Vɤ E , +Mɮ ɽ ʨɱM iɦ n E ʽi E ʱB ɨV E ʽi E ʱB ɽM nM, Ex +Mɮ ɽ SɽM E iɮ nɪ VB + E i {ɮ xhǪ xɽ M i E< =x ɽM xɽ EM* ʴ{I i <ʱB E +Mɮ E< ɮEɮ Mɱi Eɪ Ei i iɱɴɮ E iɮ =E ʺɮ {ɮ ]Ex E Eɨ E iE ɽ E< Mɱi Eɪ x E E*

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+Jɮ ɽ {Ux Sɽi E +Jɮ E ɮ ʤɽɮ E < iɮ +{ɨxi E Vi * E EɮMɱ E r ʤɽɮ E E< Mnɮ xɽ ɮ n E +Vn nx ʤɽɮ E E< Mnɮ xɽ * E ɮ |n E |iɦɶɱ Ei {ڮ n {nvEɮ xE E iɮ Eɪ xɽ E ? ʡ E ɮ ʤɽɮ E < iɮ nxɨ Ex E Vɶ E Vi ?

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... (ɴvx)

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