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19.00 hrs.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Shri Palanimanickam. You may be brief. We will have to rush.

SHRI S.S. PALANIMANICKAM (THANJAVUR): I will conclude within my limited time of ten minutes.

Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, I am extremely grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to speak on behalf of my party, the DMK, on the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address. I thank my leader Dr. Kalaignar and my voters of Thanjavur Constituency for this opportunity.

I thank the people of India who have given a clear-cut and decisive mandate for the NDA. It is a tribute to the Indian people -- their heads are held high. It is here that we must appreciate one billion countrymen of ours for the peaceful election. People accept that "NDA is new; NDA is the future and NDA is the broad-based movement for progress and justice." We are proud that NDA is representing both the national interests and the regional aspirations. After all, NDA is nothing but the mirror image of our nation's unity in multifaceted diversity, rich pluralism and federalism. This is a Government which is representing people from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and from Maharashtra to Arunachal Pradesh.

There has always been freedom of thought in this country. The days of monolithic parties ruling the country are over and now it is the era of coalition Government. It is better to form a Government with different parties than having a Government by one party with its Members putting in different directions. The coalition Government has come of age and it has come to stay here.

It is not the intention to hurt the feelings of anybody, but at the same time, I will be failing in my duty if I do not recall the fact that the age-old national party could not come to any conclusion as to whether to have a coalition Government or not and it has become a debating subject for its members. The people of our country have rejected the selfish personal agenda of those who instigated others to topple. All the national parties have become regional parties because they are not representing all the States.

NDA has come to power to honour the sentiments of the minorities and weaker sections. The minorities have clearly understood and accepted us and voted for us.

The long interval between the dissolution of the last Lok Sabha and the elections for the 13th Lok Sabha which has witnessed a grave and a serious challenge to our national security is over now. The armed aggression in Kargil by Pakistan was decisively foiled by our brave jawans, the airmen, the officers and the people of that area. We bow our heads before them. Pakistan has suffered a double defeat -- defeat both on the war front and on the diplomatic front. Our Government gave a package of assistance for the welfare of our brave soldiers' families who laid down their lives and also for those soldiers who were invalidated or incapacitated due to injuries.

Our Government is committed to harmonious Centre-State relations which are fundamental to a healthy federal polity and to achieve a balanced socio-economic development. Now, the dreams of our late leader Anna and our beloved leader Dr. Kalaignar have come true.

If the percentage of reservation for SCs, STs or OBCs exceeds 50 per cent in some States, it will be sanctified through legislative measures. But the first State to reserve more than 50 per cent for these categories is Tamil Nadu. It reserved 69 per cent for these categories under the leadership of Dr. Kalaignar.

Our Government is keen on taking time-bound steps to link Ganga with Cauvery. On behalf of our farmers, I urge upon our Government to take steps to link all the Southern rivers initially.

Our commitment to the nation will be clear if all the 19 languages included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution are made official languages, in order to honour the sentiments of all the people.

The President's Address mentions that more importance would be given to agriculture and agro-based small industries, creation of employment opportunities, assurance of health care, clean and potable drinking water even to the remote villages, female literacy, primary education, and a massive `Shelter for all' programme to make India proud and prosperous.

We are giving more importance to reforms. Reforms means less inflation and more expenditure for primary schools, hospitals and shelters as it is done in China.

Sir, with these words I support the Motion moved by Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra. Thank you.

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<ɺ Vɰ = Eɮh iE {ɽS Ei , Vɺ Vɽ g ɮ M E Ii i * ɮEɮ xɴnx EM E < |EiE +{n E ɽ iɮE ɨx Ex E ʱB E< ={ɪ fg* jɨb xB-xB j xB MB * BE xɪ {]ǡʱɪ xɪ VB Vɺɺ |EiE +{n E ɨx ɽ iɮE E V E*

iiɰg n E ɽM M`x VɮM n + ʴɶ ʽxn {ʮn BE ]] E b {{ Vx {ɱ uiҪ E ɮi +Mɨx E ʴɮv E * =E ʱB Jn Ei Ei + Sɽi E ɮEɮ E + B ={ɪ EB VB E {{ E < n ɽ fM Mi * V M ʴɮv E , B x E {B + =xE j ɡ * < iɮ E Eɨx Ei B +{x i ɨ{i Ei + +{x V Z ɨɪ n, =E ʱB +{E vxɴn ni *

SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY (CALCUTTA NORTH WEST): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, you may tell the time as to when you will ring the bell so that I will try to conclude my speech before that.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: I will first give you a caution bell.

SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY : Sir, I rise to speak in support of the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address moved by Shri Pramod Mahajan and seconded by Shri Malhotra.

At the outset, on behalf of the Trinamool Congress Party, we would like to salute the heroes of Kargil, the jawans who have lost their lives and certainly to the Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee who very cautiously tackled the situation. Probably, this was the first time when Pakistan was isolated from the rest of the world. It could not gain support from any corner. But it was disgraceful and unfortunate on the part of the Opposition deliberately targetting the Government saying as to why the Intelligence failed, how did Pakistan gain entry into our territory or capture India's territory and so on. Not a single Member of the Opposition ever talked either about the attitude and the aggression of Pakistan backed by their ISI Agency or the heinous way in which their Army had crossed the Line of Control and thus compelled India to go for a battle. It was never condemned. On behalf of my Party, I condemn the attitude of Pakistan.

Earlier, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had made an historic bus trip to Lahore and a Lahore Agreement was signed there. In this background, we unequivocally condemn the betrayal on the part of Pakistan. All of us should at least be united on this point, otherwise, the soul of all those jawans who have lost their lives during Kargil war will not remain in peace.

I would specifically like to speak about the problem of unemployment. The Hon. President has assured in his Address that one crore job opportunities will be created in the next financial year. Shri Somnath Chatterjee raised an issue in this regard and the hon. Finance Minister wanted to respond to that. In our State, the unemployed youths are really frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned. In our State, the registered unemployed youths are perhaps the highest in India. It has crossed the figure of 58 lakh.

They do not know how to get jobs and employment opportunities. According to a study the number of unemployed youths may grow from 50 lakh to one crore. I would request the Central Government to release a White Paper so that unemployed youths can get a direction and could know in what way they could get employment opportunities. I would even request the Central Government to convene a meeting of the Chief Ministers of different States. If a meeting of the Chief Ministers is convened with the initiative of the Central Government and if this matter is taken up with top most priority and is also considered a burning problem of the country at this juncture, then the youths of the country can get a direction. The things have come to such a pass that the hungry unemployed youths may lose their confidence in the Parliamentary system.

When we contest elections, the youths take major responsibility to see that their candidates are elected. They believe that if such and such party comes into power, they will certainly try to do something in this regard. So, it will be my humble submission to this Government -- where we are also partners -- that it should take all the initiatives to see that unemployment problem is dealt with top most priority.

Just now my colleague from Orissa was speaking. We must say that the Eastern zone is the worst sufferer of the regional imbalances so far as the Central Government's assistance is concerned. After 50 years of Independence, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Assam and also the North Eastern regions are really not getting the desired financial assistance. It is our agony that even after 50 years of Independence, Eastern zone is suffering from regional

imbalance. Our urge will be that Central assistance, Central projects and Central financial assistance should be extended for all out development of the States of Eastern region.

Sir, we are deeply concerned about the price rise. You know better that when the elections come, the national political parties take financial assistance from the industrial houses and big trading houses. After the election, these business houses have a tendency to increase the prices and try to make their profits in a bigger way. Now elections are over. The Government should remain very much vigilant to see that price rise do not take place and all sorts of positive efforts in this regard are taken.

Sir, electoral reforms have been proposed in the President's Address. Our Party, Trinamool Congress, still believe that introduction of Identity Cards which was initiated earlier, should be pursued. Huge money was spent for photographs and for distribution of identity cards. Seventy to eighty per cent people received identity cards throughout the country. We would like to request the Government that the should further take initiative s to introduce identity cards for the future elections. This is to be considered. Sir, still the election process in our country is not getting a proper democratic identity. Suppose a candidate has been defeated in five to six Assembly segments but in one Assembly segment, he gets more than 65,000 to 70,000 votes, what will happen?

A candidate who has secured even upto 80,000 votes in one assembly segment, but who has been defeated in five-six other assembly segments, is declared elected by a margin of 10,000 to 12,000 votes. Is it parliamentary democracy? Is it the way parliamentary democracy will function? So, it is our utmost request that electoral reforms have to be taken up on priority basis. It should not remain only confined to the President's Address. This matter should be taken up very positively.

Introduction of Lokpal Bill is also required. Prime Minister's office should also come under the jurisdiction of Lokpal. Can you imagine the Chief Minister of a State for the last 23 years goes abroad and stays there for a long two-three months at a stretch? How much expenditure has been incurred by the State Exchequer is never reported in the State Assembly. Who are the persons who provide facilities to him; which are the hotels in which the Chief Minister stays? Why not these matters are inquired in a proper manner? These are the questions being raised every time by the people of our State. We would therefore request you to see that the provisions of Lokpal Bill are properly implemented. The expenditure incurred by different Chief Ministers and even the Central Ministers who go abroad should be inquired into. How many days they stay abroad, what is the foreign-exchange they are getting from the Government of India should also be probed. One inquiry is to be initiated for this purpose, which we demand very firmly.