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SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGUR BWISWMUTHIARY (KOKRAJHAR): Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, and my learned friends who are present here, I would like to speak a few lines on the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address wherein I will try to draw your attention to certain very genuine issues. In this regard, first of all I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the President of India for taking a lot of pains in presenting a lot of points in regard to the developmental aspects of the country. Today I would like to try to speak in Assamese language so as to make the people of Assam understand the exact sentiments of the downtrodden and struggling Bodo people of Assam.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Please continue.

* SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY : Hon. Deputy Speaker Sir, today I would like to deliver my speech in Assamese. With a very heavy heart I am expressing the agony of the people of Bodoland. I would have been very happy, if I was allowed to speak in Bodo language, my mother tongue. The Bodo people living in India and abroad would have felt highly honoured had I been allowed to speak in Bodo. Ours Bodo language too, is a very rich language. It is our misfortune that after long 52 years of our independence Bodo language has not been included in the VIII Schedule of our Constitution. It is our long standing legitimate demand and I request the Government of India to make necessary arrangement for including Bodo language in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution of India w.i.e.

Here, I would like to refer to para 36 of the President's Address, where it has been stated that necessary action will soon be initiated for the creation of Uttaranchal, Vananchal and Chhattisgarh as new States. In this regard, I on my behalf and on behalf of the people of Bodoland extend support to this proposal. In this regard, it has been a matter of great regret and unfortunate that no policy matter regarding the creation of a separate State of Bodo Land, which is our legitimate and genuine demand has been mentioned. It is a heart rending event in the history of the 13th Lok Sabha. We, the Bodo people are the original inhabitants of Assam; we were the rulers of Assam for many centuries. We belong to that ruling Bodo dynasty, and so to say, I am also a prince/like representative of that dynasty. It is the irony of fate that today we are being treated as slaves.

During the long span of 52 years, after independence, the Government of Assam has deprived us from our legitimate and genuine rights. There has been no development worth the name in the Bodoland area. There ought to have ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Translation of the speech originally delivered in Assamese.

been much more development in the Bodoland area. Even the Union Government also failed in their duty in the field of development in the Bodoland area and in providing safety and security to the Bodo people. This is the only reason that the people of to-day's Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal, and our Garo, Khasi and Jayantia hills brethren also were compelled to go out of Assam during 1960s and 1970s. On the same ground and analogy only Bodo people have been demanding a separate State of Bodo land, and this is their just and legitimate demand. Therefore, I demand that alongwith Uttaranchal, Vananchal and Chhattisgarh, Bodoland also should be created with immediate effect. Otherwise, it will not be possible to preserve the identity of the Bodo people and their language, culture, customs and traditions. The safety and security of all the ethnic groups in Assam are at stake. The AGP Government headed by Shri Prafulla Kumar Mahanta miserably failed in giving protection to various ethnic groups.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Please conclude now.

SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY: There has been no development in the Bodoland area. By hook or by crook, and under any circumstances, this present NDA Government should take a concrete policy decision to create a separate State of Bodoland. It is a very genuine and legitimate demand, and it is our birth right.

Sir, the creation of a separate State of Bodoland is very much related to the question of preservation of our own distinct ethnic identity, language, culture, tradition and customs and that is why, it has been a must.

I am happy that a new Ministry to look after the tribal affairs has been created. We welcome this; but at the same time, there is apprehension in our minds regarding the power and authority to be exercised by the new Ministry or all the powers will remain with the Ministry of Home Affairs and also with the Ministry of Social Justice and Emplowerment. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs should be free from the clutches of both the Ministries of Home Affairs and Social Justice and Empowerment. There should not be any interference by the Ministry of Home Affairs and also by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the affairs of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Please wind up.

SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY: The next point I would like to raise is that Hon. President is kind enough to make a mention in his speech about the North-East Council that the Government will soon restructure the North-East Council for faster socio-economic development of North-Eastern States; but there is no indication about its plans and programme.

Another burning problem of Assam is the illegal influx of large number of foreign nationals into Assam. This has created varieties of problems in the State. I do not know how the problem of foreign nationals will be solved by the Govt. and the Hon. President's speech is silent on this vital issue.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: Please conclude now. Please wind up.

SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY: I am going to conclude my speech. This is my maiden speech. Please allow me to speak.

MR DEPUTY SPEAKER: This is not your maiden speech. You have been here for some time.

SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY: I would like to reiterate my strong demand again to create a separate State of Bodoland by this present Government of India under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Shri Bwiswmurthiary, please conclude.

SHRI SANSUMA KHUNGGUR BWISWMUTHIARY : By hook or by crook and, under any circumstances, this present NDA Government should take a concrete policy decision to create a separate State of Bodoland.

Sir, creation of a separate State of Bodoland is very much related to the question of preservation of our own district ethnic identity, language, culture, tradition and customs, and it has really been a must so as to ensure the question of survial and existence of several millions of indigenous Bodo people.