That is why, it is necessary for the ruling parties also to see that they behave, they take action in a manner which would help others also to cooperate. If it is not, then it is their fault and they would suffer. The Opposition has to oppose, but the Government has to act and the Government has to produce results. It is in the interest of the Government to be just. If we are in power, we shall have to be just. If we are in power, we shall have to act in a manner that nothing can be done. Government machinery can be used, legal thing can be used, laws can be used and Government powers can be used in any fashion.

And when it is used in any fashion, it becomes a double-edged weapon and it can cut both ways. While I say that as a responsible party, we would cooperate, I would also say that we would expect the ruling party also to cooperate.

MR. SPEAKER: Shri Shivraj Patil, you have to cooperate with the Chair now.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI PRIYA RANJAN DASMUNSI (RAIGANJ): Sir, you may recall that in the Leaders' meeting, we agreed that the time allotted for the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address would be 12 hours and not eight hours but the Secretariat had provided the timings to the parties on the basis of eight hours. So, I want you to advise the Secretariat to provide the timings to the parties accordingly.

MR. SPEAKER: Even if it is 13 hours, you would exceed the time.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI PRIYA RANJAN DASMUNSI : I am talking about the calculation of the time.

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<x ɤn E l +{x i E ʴɸɨ ni *

SHRI P. RAJENDRAN (QUILON): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I am thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to participate in this debate. I am a newly elected Member. This is my maiden speech. So, I request all the Members to give me a patient hearing.

On behalf of CPI (M), first of all, I express my reservations on the President's Address. I also record my protest against the betrayal of the Government in the case of steep increase in the price of diesel. Actually, it is a betrayal of the popular verdict. The only excuse of the Government is that the international price of diesel has gone up. If it is so, we are throwing the people to the international market. Then, why is here a Government?

At the outset, I am sorry to say that there is no practical programme envisaged in the President's Address to tackle the problems of the people.

Can anybody be proud of the present situation in India? What is the moral sanctity of this Government to share the feelings and visions of Gandhiji? A force which tried to annihilate physically, politically and on all spheres of thoughts of Gandhiji, here hypocritically lauds Gandhiji's ideology.

What is the Government's agenda for a proud and prosperous India? How can they solve poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and so many socio-economic inequalities in this country? Millions and millions of Indians are deprived of better living conditions. The problems of the Indian people are exhaustively narrated only for propaganda. Has this Government got the will power and integrity to solve these problems?

Even after more than five decades of Independence, the people are living in agony. What is the real life of our rural folk? The homeless, illiterate, unemployed millions of Indians have heard so many proclamations on gracious occasions and annual national functions. But they have felt no change.

In the Address, the Government has narrated the march of Indian democracy in the light of the now concluded election. A party which propagated one party rule has swallowed it for narrow political ends. Everybody knows that up to the elections held in 1996, the slogan of the BJP was one-party rule. The BJP then appealed to the people: "You have tried others. It is the turn of BJP." Now, their slogan is: "the turn of opportunistic coalition Government". This double-speaking has now been exposed.

In 1996, when 13 parties joined together and formed the United Front Government, BJP went on teasing. But with 23 parties and enormous groups of conflicting interests, the BJP envisages a glorious future for the Indian democracy.

Let history prove how stable the Government is. The ruling front does not have any political or ideological basis apart from sharing the power. It is only a cover to the BJP's hidden agenda. What is there to be proud of it? The BJP has not improved or strengthened its seats in the Lok Sabha during this election.

We are proud of our Jawans who fought for our country in Kargil. But what was the Government doing all the time when the intruders came into our territory and settled there for months? Our beloved Prime Minister was waving his hands while leading the Lahore bus journey. The Kargil conflict also proved hollow the argument put forward by BJP on nuclear tests. The argument was that since India became a nuclear power, it was an effective shield from further conflicts and aggressions. But Kargil proved that any sort of conflict may flare up at any time. Their whole defence perception was totally wrong. I do suspect whether there is any glimpse and sincerity in the second part of the proclamation - the socio-economic announcements. Can anybody believe that this Government will fight against poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and so on? Has this Government any perspective or will power for that? What is the proposal for distribution of drinking water?

What is the financial arrangement for the housing scheme? What about creation of one crore of employment opportunities per year; when and where in the agricultural sector or in the industrial sector or through rural development? What would be the input for the same? What are the programmes for that?

Sir, even the judicial system is under threat from globalisation. The media, most of which, appreciated the idea of globalisation is now preparing to thwart the infiltration of foreign media. Can this Government think of the plight of the Indian farmers due to the results of this globalisation and due to the policy of import of agricultural products?

What is the purpose of a democratic system where landless, homeless, illiterate and jobless people are living in agony? What do you mean by democracy? I do challenge the Government with all politeness, can it enact land ceiling and distribute thousands and thousands of acres of land which is in possession of landlords in India? Is the Government ready to propagate literacy campaign as we have done in Kerala?

The policy of globalisation has affected all spheres of life, not to say, in industry only. The beautifully envisaged golden shake-hand is the by-product of this phenomenon. The catastrophe is that most of the workers, in anxiety of their future are welcoming this shake-hand, are being out of employment. This Document does not address these issues. Most of the industries are under threat from multinationals. Even the Telecom and Insurance sector are thrown to the evils. I would like to know whether the Government is ready for a detailed discussion and verification of the results that we have achieved through this policy of globalisation.

We are ready to welcome, if this Government strives for the prosperity of Indian people; take steps to protect Indian industries and agriculture; stop import of agricultural products; protect the traditional industries like handloom, coir, cashew and so on. But we do not find even stray references to the farmers' miseries and agricultural workers' plight. I would like to know how rural development can be guaranteed without land reforms.

I would like to know how this Government can chart a new course for the future, as mentioned in the Speech, after narrating the miseries of the people in Para 12 of the Address. Between lines anybody can read that the thrust is for future of the rich. The multinationals may be proud of this announcement on telecom and insurance sector policies. The people's plight may be worsened due to these policies, including rise in the price of diesel.

With protest, I conclude Sir.

MR. SPEAKER: Now, the House stands adjourned to meet again tomorrow the 29th October 1999 at 11 a.m.

19.59 hrs

The Lok Sabha then adjourned till Eleven of the Clock on

Friday, October 29, 1999/Kartika 7, 1921 (Saka).