Who said that NJMC is sick? NJMC can strengthen the economy by supplying jute, wherever required, in India. You have already abandoned the carpet-bag unit, and now only the sack unit is going on. I do not know whether the Minister is aware of B-Twil bags. When I was in the Ministry, I protected the B-Twil unit by giving an additional price. I do not remember, but I think, we spent around Rs. 50 crore or Rs. 100 crore, and the entire jute industry of Bengal was supported by them. Now, I am told, that policy is going to be changed.

Will the Minister call an urgent meeting of the experts, members of the Agricultural Price Commission and the MPs concerned to determine what should be the actual support price that should be given to the growers. The support price that is offered now is too meagre. When it was Rs. 1,400 during Indiraji's time, Rs. 1200 during Rajivji's time, why is the price of jute going down, that too when the prices of other commodities have gone up? What is the reason for it? That inquiry should be done immediately to protect the jute farmers. Finally, will you assure on the floor of the House today that none of the NJMC units would suffer?

I do not wish to make any comment on BIFR. It will be better, if the Government winds it up. They sit on a Bench as a quasi-judicial body, and with an ulterior motive they wait to see as to who will buy the mills. BIFR should be declared sick and it should be closed. In respect of NJMC, I know that two packages were put forward, but you did not support them because of which these mills have become sick.

1504 hours (Shrimati Margaret Alva in the Chair)

Lastly, I will submit only one point to the hon. Minister that he should take the West Bengal Government and all the trade unions into confidence and give an assurance in regard to fibre jute, which we used to call golden fibre, that the Government will come out with a new policy to revive the jute economy of Eastern India, including Assam, Orissa, Bengal, and part of Bihar. The Government should also inquire into the matter to find out how NJMC had been looted. Several audit reports have pointed it out, but you did not take any action.

SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA : A Parliamentary Committee should be appointed.

SHRI PRIYA RANJAN DASMUNSI : It is also a very good thing, and I support Shri Basu Deb Acharia, if he agrees for that. The time has come now when you have to give a message to the jute growers.

Do you know one thing? The jute growers in my area told me, "During the days of national struggle, at the call of the national leaders, the growers had cut their fingers to stop the cultivation of neel in the paddy fields. If our suffering is not reduced, then we would not allow any transport movement on the national highway; we would not allow the trains to move because we cannot suddenly change our cultivation from paddy to some other crop".

So, the Government should adopt a new approach to protect the jute growers; the jute workers and the jute industry as a whole. I strongly feel that the Government should not listen to those who are lobbying for the synthetic yarn. They could do business anywhere. I do not mind about that. But if you try to pamper the synthetic lobby at the cost the jute mills, then the days are not far off when the jute growers would burn everything down and the situation, particularly in the Eastern India, would be uncontrollable.

Madam, with these few words I would like to urge upon the Government to protect the NJMC; to revive the JCI; offer more support price to jute growers; open more new centres; and have an enquiry conducted into the mismanagement of the NJMC.

iʮi ɮh i{nɮ (E{֮) : b, S]E Vnڮ E l + < <b] E l 36 ɱ Vc B +{x iV֤ E +vɮ {ɮ E * x 36 ɱ <x Vnڮ E l ʤiB* iV֤ lc nںɮ E E * ɽ bx<Vx, bɪɴɺʡEx M-M ɮ i E V * ɽ M-] |Oɨ * ɽ E <Exʨ E ʱB ɪɤɱ M, E E M + Ex E = <iɱ E EM - ɽ nڮ E i * ] i {ɮ V E b M iE E {EVM ]ʮɱ , =ɨ 90 |iɶi E V] <iɱ i + +M M* +V nxɪ {EVM ]ʮɱ ʺl]E E xM +bǮ + , {EVM ]ʮɱ ʺl]E E <iɱ x x SʽB, ɽ nxɪ E {Eɮ * iV֤ E i E ɮ n ɮ ɮEɮ x b] V] {EVM +bǮ, V BE ɽi ʨi +bǮ , E VxɤZ E bɪɱ] E* M x ɽi b{]x n, iSi E, = < =`ɪ, < {ɮ ɽi +, F] il nںɮ i E, Ex E x EU xɽ E* Vx M x ɽ Eɨ E, M {ɪǴɮh E E< ɨɮ M i ɽ VE ɨ-Sc ɹh nM* +Mɮ ʺl]E ɱ M {ɪǴɮh E ɮ ɹh ni i Mi E ɮ n ɤ M E r ɨZi *

+V ɴɱ ɽ E E +{ ʴSɮ E E ɮ n {EVM ]ʮɱ x ʺl]E E x E M Ex E E< SS E ɴɱ E ɮEɮ ʴSɮ E , ɽ ɴɱ E{c j V * {ɪǴɮh j + |vxɨj V {Ux Sɽi *

EU Ex {ɪǴɮh E ɮ ɤ i Ei

... (ɴvx)

ɦ{i ɽn : ɴɱ {UB*

iʮi ɮh i{nɮ : x BE xɪn ɴɱ E n* E +{E Six ɽ i -

I am not begging for this industry. Nobody can kill this product. This will only be pushed this way or that way but nobody can kill this product. It will come up in a very big way. But this organised shape of the industry and other things will go down and, for the time being, the synthetic lobby will take care of the entire market and amass amazing amounts of money from the market. This is the conspiracy behind it.

{Ux Sɽi E b] V] {EVM +bǮ V < E] + |Ҩ E] x +{ɽb E, = ɽ E bɪɱ] E Mɪ? E +{ +V +x ɱ ɨɪ <E >{ɮ ʴSɮ Ex ɱ ? Bx.V.B.. E 1992 j{IҪ E] x l* =E n l* ɮ ɨɱ E Uxɤx < + ʴSɮ +* =ɨ BE Vɮ 1200 Ec {B E i < l* ɽ { + iE xɽ n Mɪ* +Mɮ Sɱx E iɮE `E i i <ix Ec {B E Vɰi xɽ {ci*

You go on producing and then you will be paid. But for continuing the production, you require working capital. That working capital is not being supplied.

E Vi E EǺ Vn *

I have established that workers are not in excess. The fact is that looms have become obsolete.

ɦ{i ɽn : +{ ɴɱ {UB* ɽ EʱM +]ƶx *

A Call Attention is not a debate.

SHRI TARIT BARAN TOPDAR : Does the Minister know, perhaps he has not collected it yet, as to how many spinning looms have been shut down only in NJMC? Therefore, workers will be in excess anyway. When the machines are shut down, the workers are going to be in excess.

ʮ<ɱ E i i i .+ɮ.B. E ɤɺ Vn i i * Eix EǺ E .+ɮ.B. ʨɱM? EǺ E .+ɮ.B. E Vɰi xɽ * +{ ڨ ֯ EVB*

Workers will be in shortage. You shall have to take workers from outside.

EM E{] E ɮ E Mɪ E < ɮ S V * +{ ɶx Sɱ Ex E ɮ E S ? EǺ E .+ɮ.B. E Vɰi xɽ ? j V {Ux Sɽi E m ]ɪɮ xVɨ] E E Vɰi ? E] < {ɮ SS < l* ʺri iɪ B l* Ex E ʺMɱ ]ɪɮ ʺɺ] x SʽB*

Now it is three-tier management. What is the function of the Technical Director of NJMC?

<E E iE ? <ɨ ]ExE bɪɮE] E E Vɰi ?

<ɨ E ]ExE - EU xɽ * ʨɺj M Sɱ i * <E ʱB ]ExE bɪɮE] E E Vɰi * E +{ <E Uxɤx EM? ɤɺ c ɴɱ ɽ E {]x =tM V +V nxɪ xɮ<V <b]V E +{ < + xɺ] <b]V ɨZi ?

ɦ{i ɽn : i{nɮ V, + +{ Ji EVB* EʱM +]ƶx Eix ɴɱ Mɪ *

iʮi ɮh i{nɮ : xɮ<V <b]V E +{ + xɺ] <b]V ɨZi * +i {Ux SɽM E ɮ n + <]xxɱ E] Bx] x E ʱB xE, xɱɪE =tM{i VxE l S]E =tM Sɱ , M xɽ E , i n + ʴn E Vɮ {EVM ]ʮɱ E E BE ʮ䱪ڶxɮ <] nx E V ʺli +V +< , E <ɨ MɴxǨ] + <b {]ʺ{] EM?

On this aspect, they should give directions to the industries and entrepreneurs. I had suggested about it earlier also....

+{ iɨɨ {]x =tM E ]E-+ɮ E VB, xxɱ<V i EVB + V Vɨnɮ M , V EbҶƺ ֱʡ Ei , =xE l S]E E n nVB*

DR. NITISH SENGUPTA (CONTAI): Why don't you give it to the workers' cooperatives?

SHRI TARIT BARAN TOPDAR : Workers' Cooperatives will not be successful.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Please conclude now.

SHRI TARIT BARAN TOPDAR : Yes, Madam, I am concluding.

Lastly, are they going to accept the suggestions to take over the jute industry and hand it over, unit-wise, to some capable entrepreneurs so that they can fulfil the commitment and aspirations of the country and cope up with the situation of the national and international market?

SHRI ANIL BASU (ARAMBAGH): I want some clarifications.

MR. CHAIRMAN: Let him reply. If you are satisfied with his reply, then perhaps you may not need any clarification. Otherwise, in the end, you may seek clarifications.

EɶҮɨ h :b, {]x =tM E ɮ x {ɽ xɴnx E l* <E n E< ɽi{h ɴɱ ɽ =`ɪ Mɪ * xxҪ ƺn {Sn {ɱ V x BE ɴɱ =`ɪ `

What is the role of JCI?'

<E ɮ <ix EM E V ɮ V] O+ Sɽ ] Mɱ E , Sɽ ʤɽɮ E , Sɽ =cҺ E + Sɽ E V E -

About the protection of the interests of jute growers, our Government is serious.

+xɱ ɺ : Ij n {ɮSVM ] n E Mɪ *

MR. CHAIRMAN: Let him reply.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: You even do not like him to reply.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: You cannot stop him to reply. Please hear him.

... (Interruptions)

ɦ{i ɽn : ɽi ɴɱ =`ɪ Mɪ , j V =iiɮ n * <xE n +{ {U*

EɶҮɨ h: {ɮSVM ] ɱ {<] {ɮ +>M* {ɽ +{ xɪ*

ɦ{i ɽn : {ɽ +{ =iiɮ xɪ*

EɶҮɨ h: V V] O+ , =xE |]E] Ex E ʱB V..+<. x< M< + EM E ɮi ɮEɮ <ʱB ʨxҨɨ {] |< iɪ Ei , Vɺɺ =xE l Vʺ] E V E*

ɦ{i ɽn, {U ɱ V iɪ Mɪ, ɮ ƺn E ɱڨ E <E EҨi 100 {B E giiɮ E + Bx.V.B.. x gE .750 n + Vɤ-Vɤ V] E |< E] B.B.{. E i iɤ-iɤ Vix {ɮSVM ] E< + xɪ {ɮSVM ] Jx E Vɰi i , i ɽ JE Vix E]] {]x +i , V..+<. =E Jɮni *

+xɱ ɺ : ɦ{i ɽn, {ɮSVM ] xn + j ɽn E E {ɮSVM ] Vɽ + Jx E Vɰi i ɽ + JE V] E Jɮn E * ɽ i xɽ *

... (ɴvx)

iʮi ɮh i{nɮ : ɦ{i ɽn, j V E +ɮ x V VxEɮ n n, = ɽ {gE i * ɽ VxEɮ i ʤɱEֱ {ɮ * ... (ɴvx)

Eɶ ɨ h: ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ +ɮ uɮ n M< VxEɮ E +vɮ {ɮ xɽ ʱE +{x ɪ E VxEɮ E +vɮ {ɮ i * B.B.{.750 {B + Vix j V] ] {ɮ +BM, = Jɮnx V..+<. ʽSESBM xɽ* Vix vx E ɴɺl M, ɽ EM + E] V] JɮnM*

ɦ{i ɽn : j V, xxҪ n {U E Eix {ɮSVM ] ?

Eɶ ɨ h: ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ i>M*

ɽn, xxҪ ƺn |ɪ Vx nɺɨƶ x ɴɱ =`ɪ E V] ɽ 700 {B |i E] ʤE * < i E Q <xEɪɮ E>M + E B.B.{. V] E ʤEM, i V..+<.E + {ɮSVM ] JE =E Jɮn EM* {ɮSVM ] 171 *

There are 171 purchase centres in the country of which 100 are in West Bengal.

xxx 䱱ɽ (=ڤʮ) : {ɽ 219 l* +{ E E {ɮSVM ] + J * +{E iʤE {ɽ E i V *

Eɶ ɨ h: {ɽ 208 l, + 171 * E <ʱB xn MB EE ɽ {]x E B<ɱ E l*

+xɱ ɺ : ɦ{i ɽn, j V E ix Sɽi E V..+<. E {ɺ V] Jɮnx E ʱB b xɽ l* =E {ɺ b E +ɴ + j V E E B<ɱ E l <ʱB {ɮSVM ] xn E nB MB* VɤE ɺiʴEi ɽ E V..+<. E {ɺ b xɽ l*

Eɶ ɨ h: ɦ{i ɽn, V..+<. x E b E +ɴ E Eɮh {ɮSVM ] xn xɽ EB*

iʮi ɮh i{nɮ : b, j ɽn = E M֨ɮɽ E *

ɺn +Sɪ : ɦ{i ɽn, ɱ V..+<. E E b nB Vx E ɨɱ E nx =`i * j V `E |Eɮ Vɴɤ xɽ n * = E M֨ɮɽ E *

MR. CHAIRMAN : This cannot go on. If you do not want him to reply, then he will sit down. It will not be possible for the hon. Minister to reply. Let the hon. Minister answer. Please listen to him. After his reply, if you are not satisfied, you can raise some questions. But if you do not allow him to speak, how is it possible for him to speak? You must also allow the other hon. Members to listen at least.

Eɶ ɨ h: ɦ{i ɽn, V x iɪ, B<ɱ E x {ɮSVM ] xn E ni + Vɤ B<ɱ g Vi , i {ɮSVM ] J ni *

ɽn, b] {EV E ɮ xxҪ n |ɪ Vx nɺɨƶ, ɺn +Sɪ, ici ɮh i{nɮ B xxx 䱱ɽ x iɪ* {ɹ] Ex Sɽi E Ox + Mɮ 100 |iɶi + V E Mɪ ʺl]E E |ɮ x ɽ bɪɱڶx E , ɽ `E xɽ * Vix V] ]ʮɱ Bɱ M, =E {ڮ ={ɪM E, <E ʱB ɮi ɮEɮ vx Ji *

+V E Mɪ E Mɮ |ɮ bɱ Ex Mɮ E |ɮ xɽ +ɪ * +{E VxEɮ M E V ƶvx x Ox + Mɮ 100 {ɮ] EE ʮ E 20 {ɮ] < + ɽ |Eɮ E , x E +{ xi Ex E nɤ ɮEɮ E xɽ +<* E ]b ɮEɮ E + Sɱ * Bx.V.B.. E ɮ E Mɪ E ʨɱ E n i V , i Ex SɽM E Bx.V. B..E V U ʨɱ , =xE ʱB V V] {] , Sɽi E Vɺ |Eɮ V] Oɺ E |]E] E, = |Eɮ B EǺ Vxx E< ɱ Bx.V.B.. E ʨɱ Eɨ E , =xE |]E] E Vɪ* x Bx.V.B.. E ESʮ E xɴɨɮ E ɮ n n * <ix xɽ, V V] {] , <E Ƥv ʡMɮ ix Sɽi E ɮEɮ Bx.V.B.. E Eix Jɱ Ei * 1993-94 ʡMɮ nx SɽM Ex =ɨ ɨɪ ɽi MM <ʱB 1996-97 80 Ec V] {] l* = ɨɪ ɮEɮ n + ɮEɮ x +i 1998-99 104.11 Ec V] {] E* + 1999-2000 50 Ec n n + 50 Ec BbҶxɱ ʨɱx x 100 Ec V] Bx.V.B.. ʨɱ E ʱB |ɺiʴi *

BE i +{E vx x Sɽi E V xɨɨ VV , i Sɽi E V ɮEɮ {]x =tM E bɱ{ɨ] nn E* EE Vɺ |Eɮ V] {ɮ V BE<V b] Mi l, = ɮi ɮEɮ x ] n * Sɽi E < iɮ ]] MɴxǨ] nn E* ɽ 䱺 ]E, 2 {ɮ] , {ɮSV ]E Sɮ {ɮ] * BOESɮ E] x {ɮ] * 䱺 ]E V {ɽ Sɮ l Ex n Vɤ x ] Mɱ ]E+{ E i = n {ɮ] E* Sɽi E Vɺ |Eɮ ɮi ɮEɮ x BE<V b] ] n , i {]x =tM E + bɱ{b Ex E ʱB B +M-+M ]E V ɽ Mɪ Mɪ , =xE Ji E Vɪ*