<b>XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session II (Winter Session) </i> </b>
XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session II (Winter Session) Tuesday, December 21, 1999/Agrahayana 29, 1921 (Saka )

Type of Debate: MATTERS UNDER RULE- 377
Title: Need to deploy adequate para-military forces in Gujarat to ensure peaceful celebration of Christmas in the State.

SHRI PRAVIN RASHTRAPAL (PATAN): Sir, the State of Gujarat was one of the worst affected States in the year on account of communal riots. However, the communal riots were in the major cities like Ahmedabad and Baroda. The tribal belt of Gujarat was peaceful as usual. In the history of Gujarat, the tribal belt in the South Gujarat was always peaceful as far as the communal disturbances are concerned. In the recent past, some organisations have selected tribal belt of Gujarat for their communal activities and, as a result, tension prevails among the other community of this particular area.

This year, on the eve of Christmas, the Government of Gujarat has very rightly issued a notification that on religious festivals of a particular community, other communities should not organise rallies and other functions which may create law and order problem. A few organisations have announced that Shilanyas of Ram Temple at Dang district will take place on 25th of December. They have also announced that there will be a conference of Hindus on the eve of Sankat Chouth on 25th December.

I, therefore, request that the Central Government should intervene and depute senior officials and adequate force to see that Christmas Festival is celebrated with peace and amity.