That unit offered the manpower retrenchment programme on its own. A huge amount of money went to Japan for Japanese collaboration with this unit for manufacture of electronic weighbridges. Yet, the programme was repeatedly delayed and the unit was killed.

I would like to know whether the hon. Minister is in a position, before he thinks of the overall policy revival, to think of the four directions in which to proceed. Direction number one is to see whether a unit which is languishing can survive, not only with an injection of capital but also by augmenting a new variety of marketing of the products with a certain amount of modernization. The next is whether we can depute a professional management to those units. The Government usually deputes some officer who it does not like, for the time being as Chairman or acting Chairman. He goes there and tries to find out what his comforts in the company are. If the comforts are less, he comes back. If the comforts are all right, he stays there without any renovation plan. So, for God's sake, withdraw all kinds of bureaucrats from all such sick public sector undertakings and deputy professional management. There has to be a contractual obligation on the revival package and if the health is not improved within, say, four or five years, some drastic steps should be taken against such management.

The third direction is that the units can be combined together. There are many units which cannot survive alone. These can be combined. It will combine the expenditure of the establishment, integrating the production line. I will give an example. There is a unit called the National Iron and Steel Company in Belur, near the Belur Mutt of Swami Vivekananda. This unit used to wonders in the 1960's but it has now become sick. I found that some of the ancillaries that this unit manufactured were required by the Durgapur Steel Plant. The Durgapur Steel Plant was actually purchasing these ancillaries at high prices from other parties. If the requirements of the Durgapur Steel Plant are integrated with the ancillaries manufactured by this unit, this unit can easily survive. But no effort has been made in this direction in spite of several memorandums and representations being placed before the Government.

17.00 hrs.

My fourth suggestion is this. Once I was also inspired by this institution; but I am sorry to say that - even after today's debate - BIFR should be wound up. This is a terrible quasi-judicial body which is not considering revival of units, but it only considers either to wind up units or to find out some buyers who will buy them with a motive to utilize the properties for ulterior purposes and not for industrial packages.

I will give you hundreds of examples. I am tired of such cases. So, you may wind up BIFR. Instead of this, you can have a kind of `Revival Board' without quasi-judicial authority having a representative from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry, the Department of Planning with an integrated nature and offer the packages from the Government itself after considering the health of the units. Then only, revival is possible. Otherwise, I am sorry to say that I am not able to show my face at any gate of the public sector undertakings. They question me and say that I am coming there as a dalal of the Government or as a party to sign them in some agreement where retrenchment is fast and there is no revival. This is the fate.

Hon. Minister had been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra; he is much more competent and he knows - more than us - the reason of sickness of the units. The eyes of the private developers are on the properties. They come in,

in the name of industry, but they do not do anything for the industry.

+{ ]x =iɮ E ɴc ɽ V<B* V ] b E nx iɮ Vix EɮJx l =x ɤ E ʮ<ɱ E xɨ {ɮ, E l {ʱɺ E ɽɪi , Jɮn E bʱɶ E n Mɪ* Vnڮ VMɮ E {ڴ =iiɮ |n + ʤɽɮ Sɱ


A large number of workers went without getting the provident fund, without getting their wages from the sick units and at the cost of their toil, the developers got the properties like building.

< {ɮ +{ E E MBM, Z i xɽ ɱڨ* j V <ix ʺɡʮ E Ei E +{ <x Sɮ Zɴ {ɮ +ɱ EVB + ʽ] + 䱪ڶx xB E .+<.B.+ɮ. xɽ, Sɮ ʨxɺ]W E x֨<n E ֱ E, l, E]M, -]ʮɱ + ʮ<xƺ E ]b EE BE-BE {EV + EM*

It can be done through

professional management with a clear agreement of workers, the management and the Government; and they can say that such and such things are to be done year-wise and they have to develop. Then only, a few units would survive. Otherwise, I am sorry, they will not survive.

West Bengal is crying now because of this. Jessop is crying; India Machinery is closed; Hoogly Dock and Shipping is crying; National Instruments is finished; MAMC is closed. MAMC is a very good unit which was a dream of Dr. B.C. Roy. It is in Durgapur. These are a few cases, Mr. Minister, where your Government has killed such units. There was one of the best units in India called, ABL in Durgapur which used to manufacture boilers of the power structure. Thirty per cent share of it is with the Government even today. It was closed. I got it reopened with the help of Shri Vasant Sathe, when he was the Minister of the Government.

That unit is competing well in the public sector. It stood the lowest in the bid to get the order to manufacture boilers. In spite of standing the lowest, they were not given the offer thereby causing threat of retrenchment in the unit. I talked to the hon. Minister Shri Kumaramangalam today. How can this happen? If NTPC is not awarding the contract to a unit which stood the lowest in spite of having technological power and awarding the contract to the highest bidder, that is, BHEL, what is the point in keeping such units? Such units will be closed. This kind of discriminatory attitude should also be opposed by the Government.

I have a lot of hope in the hon. Minister. It is not because he is a Minister, but he comes from a State for which industrial progress is the key. He knows the reasons and ailments. If he can consider these suggestions and do the needful, I will be grateful to him. Thank you very much.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Dr. Laxminarayan Pandeya.

SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY : Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, I just want to take one minute.

MR. CHAIRMAN: All right.

SHRI SUDIO BANDYOPADHYAY : Sir, in addition to what I said in my speech, I want to give some proposals in just a minute's time. I want to mention some proposals for remedial action. Induction of new technologies, budgetary support, consultative studies and rationalization of manpower are some of the proposals which will remedy the situation. Now, under the policy of the Government, the Central public sector units are being offered to the strategic partners. Kindly they may explain what are the real roles of the strategic partners, what are their capacities and in what capacity they are entering into the field in the name of strategic partners.

b. Iɨxɮɪh {hb (n): xxҪ ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ V E{ |ɺii E Mɪ , < |Eɮ E E{ E E ƺn E< ɮ SSB < * V ɴVxE ={F E Vi =xE ɮ ʴɶ |ɺiɴ E uɮ il +x |Eɮ ɽ {ɮ SS E Vi * Ex {ʮhɨ =E x * Miɮ xɮiɮ gx ɱ P] +V B ʺli + Mɪ E <x ={F E n Ex E xi + Mɪ * ɮEɮ +Ec E +xֺɮ MɦM 12 B ={F VxE n Ex E ʱB E V * i +xE x] {ɽ n SE * <xɨ Ҩ] Eɮ{x + <b, <E Eɮ{x, <bx +{lʨE xڡESʮM ʱʨ]b il +x < |Eɮ E V Eɮ{x =xE n Ex E ʱB E V * t{ +Mɮ =xɨ { Mɪ Vɪ i ɪɤɱ Ei Ex =xE ɪʤʱ] x nJE i =xE .+<.B.+ɮ. V n Mɪ, Vɽ + iE n-ix-Sɮ ɹ x E ɴVn E< xɽ xE, x =xE iɮ E< xhǪ +ɪ , < Eɮh ɦ E <xE n x E Si * E ={F < n E +l-xi E +vɮ-iɨ x B l* n E MɦM BE J Ec {ɪ B V <xE +n M + Ex ɽ {ɪ Eɮ ʺr i V + <xE Iɨi E ɺ E Eɮh <xE ={ni ɴl x Mɪ * <ʱB <xE ɮ Si Ex E +ɴɶEi * BE ֺ{ɹ] ɨxi =vM xi E +ɴɶEi *

Ҩ] Eɮ{x E BE =nɽh |ɺii Ex Sɽi * BE +SU Sɱx ɱ x] E <ʱB n E n Mɪ E { xɽ * Ij xɪMƴ E +n Ҩ] Eɮ{x E n x] V <ʱB n E ʤVɱ E { Ҩ] Eɮ{x xɽ n {ɪ* ɽ 45 J {ɪ xɽ n {ɪ, <ʱB +SU =i{nE x] n {c < * ɽ E MɦM 800 +vEɮ + ESɮ ix i { Ex ʤVɱ x x i E +vEɮ i + =xE SS {gx Si , VɤE ExpҪ ʴtɱɪ ɽ {ɮ * Z c Jn E ɮ-ɮ E Vi E Ҩ] Eɮ{x E EU Eɮ <E< E SE =E { < x] ME < ɪɤɱ x nM Ex EU + xɽ *

`E ɽ n <E Eɮ{x E , VɺE ɪɤɱ xx E i E Mɪ, Ex ɽ E|ɤv E Eɮh ɪɤɱ xɽ x * V JS =xE g B =x JS E x P]E xS E ESʮ E Ei B +V < |Eɮ E ʺli {n E n E < x] E ɮ Miɮ Si E E +JɮEɮ E E VB* E< |ɪix + vɮ E ɴVn <ɨ EU xɽ E * V P] nx ɱ x] V ʽnֺix ]DZ<Vɮ Eɮ{x + <b, <Ǻ]x E ұb ʱʨ]b, ɮi EEM E, Bɮ <b ʱʨ]b, ɮi <{i xMɨ, <bx +ɪɮx Bb ]ұ E{x, Ҩ] Eɮ{x + <b, <bx cM Bb ɨʺɪ]E E{x, =xE B ʺli * nںɮ =nɽh <bx cM Bb ɨʺɪ]E E{x E * <E P] ɪ Mɪ * <E {ɨ{ɮ, @ʹE, nɤn x] * Ex <xE Miɮ E|ɤv E Eɮh P] ɪ Mɪ E +V nںɮ E{xɪ, Sɽ ɽ xɤE ME , +M g + ɦ E * Ex E +<.b.{.B. E BEvEɮ l* Vɤ {xɱx E <Vn + l i ɽ =E xx M l, Ex +VE i ɽ Sɱi xɽ , Ex = ɨɪ <ɨ =xE BEvEɮ l + ɽ E{x <ix |ʺr M< l E V VҴx IE +vɪ =xE xx ɽ +<.b.{.B. Iɨ l*

Ex +V +<.b.{.B. Eɱ Mɦ xɮvE Mʱɪ xx iE ʨi Mɪ * x =x ƪj E VE nJ * B ʺli E ? BE iɮ +<.b.{.B. x] + {c xɤE x] * +{ ʮh MbMƴ VE nJ Ei * nx ɨxiɮ * nx E ʺli E ʦxxi +{E xVɮ + VBM* <x ɤ E ɮ MɨҮi ʴSɮ Ex SʽB* ɽ |ɺiɴ c ɴɽʮE * =xɨ Eɨ Ex ɱ M E E n ? ESʮ E E +{ɮv ? =xE ix + ii E +SU ɴɺl x SʽB* =xE SS E +SU ƮIh ʨɱx SʽB* ʴɹ xv E { nx E E< +SU ɴɺl xɽ * <ɨ vɮ x E ɮ E< ɮ ʴSɮ + Ex +M E< EɮǴ< xɽ <* < {ɮ MɨҮi ʴSɮ * < ɹ nx BE |ɶx E vɨ < {ɮ SS <* <E ʴɺiɮ xɽ Vx Sɽi* S 1999 BE |ɶx E Mɪ l* =ɨ iɪ Mɪ l E

"Whether Rs.191 crore were provided to 12 Central profit-making Public Sector Units from the National Renewal Fund?

The Minister has given the answer saying:

"It has been stated in the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year ended March, 1997 that controlling Ministries released Rs.190.73 crore to 12 profit-making Central Public Sector Undertakings for Voluntary Retirement Scheme."

V SU xɴii x Sɽi = Vx E SU M xɽ E Mɪ* EU Ij |ʡ] EM + EU xɽ * +{ <x nx E ɮ ʴSɮ E* < ɨɱ MɨҮi ɮEɮ E Eɨ Ex SʽB* 12 E ɦ < {ɮ ʴSɮ + l* ɮEɮ E iɮ xhǪ + l E < {ɮ ʴSɮ EE BE {EV |Oɨ xx Sɽi + V ɪɤɱ x] , =x ɪɤɱ Ex Sɽi + V ɪɤɱ xɽ , =x Uc nx Sɽi * <E ɮ + iE E< ={ɪ xɽ +* <ɨ Vn ʴɺiɮ x VE xɴnx Ex Sɽi E ɮEɮ < {ɮ MɨҮi ʴSɮ E* <ɨ Ec {B E V {V M , = Sɪ VB* V x] Sɱx ɪE , =x Sɱɪ VB* V Vɮ ESɮ <xɨ M , =x ESʮ E ʴɹ E ֮Ii J VB* n E <Ex E ʱB x] ɦ|n l + Ei * B x] E ɮEɮ SB* <x ɤn E l ={ɪEi nʹ] < |ɺiɴ E ɨlx Ei * vxɴn*

ɨnɺ +`ɱ ({f{֮) : ɽn, ɮEɮ Ij E =tM E< Vnڮ Eɨ Ei * ʴvx x < i E Eɮ E E E l E Eɨ nx SʽB* ɽ +SU i E ɮEɮ x E< =tM Sɱ EB* < {ɮ J-Ec {B JS B * ɮEɮ =tM V xVɨ] , ɽ E Eɨ E , < iɮ ɮEɮ x vx xɽ n* ɽi n B i E Vnڮ Vɺ EɮJx Eɨ Ei , = ɽں xɽ i E ɽ =E +{x * xVɨ] E Vnڮ E ʽi E ɮ Sx SʽB* V{x x iɤɽ E n EU ɱ ɽi |Mi E* ɽ E <Ex ɽi bɱ{ SE * ɽ ɽi ɮ =tM Jֱx E n +M E xɽ V E ? < ɮ ɮEɮ S* x V V +SU + ]M ʨxɺ] * V ʺE =tM , ʺE E i V , <E ɮ +{E Sx SʽB* +V |<] =tM xɡ E Ex ɮEɮ =tM P] Sɱ *

xɴnx E xVɨ] E vɮx E +ɴɶEi * xVɨ] Vnڮ E +{xx E Eɨ E* +V nJ ɽ V E xVɨ] Vnڮ E ɮ xɽ S * ɽɮɹ] + ֨< Bx.].. E ʨɱ n n x E ʺli * ɮ ɮi ɺj =tM M`i Ex V ɮEɮ ʨɱ =x Vn Vɤi Ex E Vɰi *

ɦ{i ɽn, =tM b + bɪɮE] i , Vɽ xɽ , ɽ =E ɴɺl x Sʽ* V E n{ x iɪ E n BE 訤ɮ xɽ i ɽ n 訤ɮ Jx E ɴɺl x Sʽ* <ɺ =xE Vnڮ E ɨɺ E VxEɮ i * < b + bɪɮE] ]b xɪx b BE +n ʱɪ Vx Sʽ* x < nx BE ɮ ɽ q =`ɪ l E Vnڮ E b] +ɺ 8 P] x E = ʶɡ] ʺɺ] Ex Sʽ i ɦ ƺ {c l* Zɴ E =E b] 6 P] E EE 4 ʶɡ] E n Vɪ* < |Eɮ ɽ nJ Mɪ E Vn ʶʡ]M |bEx Vn xEi + <ɺ J M E WMɮ ʨɱi * < i E BE{ʮ] Ex Sʽ* <ɺ J M E xE ʨɱ Ei * <E ֯+i ɮEɮ =tM V- Bx.].., ]ұ +lʮ],+.Bx.V.., E, ..+<. + B..+<. E V Ei * ɽ BE{ʮ] E Vɪ E n 6 P] E b] Mx {ɮ 4 ʶɡ] Vn |bEx i i <E +ɴɶEi * ɽ nJ Mɪ E ɮEɮ EɪDZɪ 10 5 V E b] i + M 2 3 P] iE Eɨ Ei * n ɽ ʴSɮ E ʱɪ Vi i Vnڮ E Eɨ ʨɱ Ei * Zɴ E ɮEɮ < BE{ʮ] E Ex E |ɪɺ E* V ʺE x] , =xE Vɤi Ex E ʱɪ BE ]M ֱE =ɨ ʴSɮ E*

ɦ{i ɽn, ɦ ʨɱ E +vxEEh E +ɴɶEi + x< ɶxɮ x E +ɴɶEi * <ɨ ɽ Zɴ E +vxEEh E xɨ {ɮ Vnڮ E U]x x E Vɪ E BE ɶx E {U 100 Vnڮ E ] n* M Mƴ UcE ʨɱ Eɨ Ex E ʱɪ +i * ZMM Z{c i Ex ɽ E bɱ{ɨ] Ei * +{x W ] E ʱɪ Mƴ UcE ɽ +i * n =xE xE ] n VɪM i =x M E VxnM ɮn Vi * ֨< E< ʨɱ n M< , =xE xE UcE Vx {c * <ɺ =x M E {ʮɮ E VҴx vɺi Mɪ* BE ɮ Mƴ UcE ɽ +ɪ, =E xE ʨɱ, = {ɺ Mƴ Vx E ʱɪ Vɤڮ xɽ E Vx Sʽ* =xE xE E |]Ex x Sʽ* Zɴ E < xɪ ɮEɮ E <E ɮ MƦҮi Sx E +ɴɶEi * ɮEɮ E <E ʱɪ E< x E< Mnx Ex Sʽ*