<b>XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, <i> Session II (Winter Session) </i> </b>
XIII LOK SABHA DEBATES, Session II (Winter Session) Monday, December 13, 1999/Agrahayana 22, 1921 (Saka )

Title: Need to inform the Member about the during visit of the Minister in his constituency.


b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ (ɱ) : +vI ɽn, x Eɱ xxҪ n E +vEɮ E ɮ ɨɱ =`x Sɽi * n E< j E Ij Vi i vɮh ʶɹ]Sɮɶ <E Sx n E n Vx SʽB* + {ɮ E i , 11 iɮJ E Ҩi xE Mv, xxҪ ɨVE xɪ j uɮ ɱ ʴEM E ұSɮ +n ɽɪi n M< Ex = Ij E xxҪ n E <E Sx xɽ n M<* = Ij +i * ɽ ɮEɮ EɪF E {] E iɮ Eɪ Mɪ* <ix xɽ, ɽ ɽ ɹh n Mɪ E nMh ʴEM E |i vx xɽ ni* VɤE xxҪ Vɪ{ɱ d V x ʴEM nɺ {ɮ < ɮ ɴɱ {U l* x ɴɱ E l E ʴEM E ɨɺ E ɨvx + =xE ʴɶ iɮVҽ n Vɪ, <ɺ Ƥvi V ʴvE , E +ɪ* Ex xɽ E Mɪ* E ɽ B]ʱɶb ʶɹ]Sɮ xɽ E xxҪ j V E Ij Vɪ i E E = Ij E Ƥvi n E Sx n Vɪ*

... (ɴvx)

ɽ ʴɶvEɮ E ɨɱ xi *

... (ɴvx)

VҴ |i{ b (U{ɮ) +vI ɽn, Vɤ j l iɤ E ɽ n E Sx Vi l?

b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ : ɦ E Vi l*

MR. SPEAKER: I have received your privilege notice on this matter and it is under my consideration. Now, the House stands adjourned to meet again at 2.35 p.m.

13.36 hrs

The Lok Sabha then adjourned for Lunch till thirty-five minutes

past Fourteen of the Clock.

14.39 hours

The Lok Sabha re-assembled after Lunch at thirty nine minutes

past Fourteen of the Clock.

(Mr. Deputy-Speaker in the Chair)

SHRI S. BANGARAPPA (SHIMOGA): Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, with your kind permission, I would like to mention that we have given notices signed by the Members of this House from Karnataka relating to the Cogentrix matter. The Cogentrix, an American-based Company, has withdrawn from the Project.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Now, may I drawn your attention? You are making a submission. You can make this submission tomorrow during Zero Hour or as a special submission, you can do it. Now, we have to go to Item No.12 - Matters Under Rule 377. You have not given the notice. Why do you not do it tomorrow? You can do it tomorrow. Please give a notice.

SHRI S. BANGARAPPA : The only thing is that the matter is a little urgent. So, I am making a request to the hon. Deputy-Speaker to allow that matter under a different rule for some discussion. We have already submitted it to the Speaker and discussed about it.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: You could have made it before Lunch. Were not you here? Today, up to 1.35 p.m., Zero Hour continued. Either you make it tomorrow during Zero Hour or you can give notice also.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Now, the House shall take up Item No.12 - Matters Under Rule 377.