We have not told anything about our goods. As Shri B.K. Deo said, we are not going to affect the patenting or the geographical indication of champagne. We are interested in our own goods.

In the Trade Marks Bill, I had wanted one commitment from the hon. Minister. He did not give that. I am repeating it again. The hon. Minister should commit here that within a time-frame of one or two years, all the flora and fauna of this country will be surveyed and recorded with their properties including healing properties and their geographical indications, that all the birds and animals of this country will be recorded and registered with their properties. He has to commit to this time-frame. Otherwise, the purpose of this enactment will be totally defeated. That is my view.

Of late, we have awakened from deep slumber. Better late than never. Let us awaken and give a good start.

THE MINISTER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY (SHRI MURASOLI MARAN): I am beholden to the hon. Members for their full support to this Bill. As Shri Trilochen has rightly said, in Tamil we say Tri Lokam, we are awakening from a deep slumber. What happened to the Dhaka Muslims? What happened to the Indigo of West Bengal? They have all gone. Therefore, I would call this a historic legislation, which is trying to protect our products of geographical indications. The list is very long. It may apply to the Malabar tea, Darjeeling pepper, Alleppy Green Cardamom, Alfanso mangoes, Kolhapuri chappels, Pashmina shawls, Kanjivaram saris, Sambalpur saris, Tirunelveli halwa, I would say anything which has special characteristics should be protected.

Shri Deo has clearly stated that champagne is not a name of a drink but a name of a place. So, they are protecting. There is a famous case. In Spain they produced some kind of a wine and called it by the name Spanish Champagne. It was banned and they had to go to court. So, nobody can use the word Champagne. Likewise, nobody can use the word Scotch Whisky. It is not because it is cheaper. Here is a case in India also. The famous case of Mohan Meakin Breweries versus Scotch Whisky Association in Delhi High Court is a good example. They wanted to use the words "Highland" and "Highland Chief". It was not allowed by the Delhi High Court. The Scottish people were worried about the standards." They think that the word Scotch is associated with a quality product. I would appeal to the hon. Member from Tirunelveli. Kanjivaram saris mean, saris produced up to a standard in Kanjivaram alone should be called Kanjivaram saris. Halwa produced in Tirunelveli should have a particular quality. Similarly, Kolhapuri chappels mean that they conform to certain quality.

We should appeal to all concerned to come forward, form association, and define the standards. It is a historic piece of legislation. I once again appeal that this legislation may be passed unanimously.

1849 hours (Mr. Speaker in the Chair)

MR. SPEAKER: The question is:

"That the Bill to provide for the registration and better protection of geographical indications relating to goods as passed by Rajya Sabha, be taken into consideration."

The motion was adopted.

MR. SPEAKER: The House shall now take up the clause-by-clause consideration of the Bill.

The question is:

"That Clauses 2 to 87 stand part of the Bill."

The motion was adopted.

Clauses 2 to 87 were added to the Bill.

Clause 1, the Enacting Formula and the Title were added to the Bill.

MR. SPEAKER: The Minister may now move that the Bill be passed.


"That the Bill be passed."

MR. SPEAKER: The question is:

"That the Bill be passed.

The motion was adopted.