MR. CHAIRMAN : Please conclude now.

SHRI P.H. PANDIYAN : From Kollam to Madurai there is a metre-gauge line. ...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: I am now calling Shri Suresh Jadhav. Shri Pandiyan, please cooperate.

SHRI P.H. PANDIYAN : I thank the Chair for giving me this opportunity. I appeal to the hon. Minister to please sanction the pedestrian-crossing overbridges at Palayamkottai, Tachanallur, Tirunelveli and other places.

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... (ɴvx)

nMɮ BE| E b gɪ VB*

... (ɴvx)

+{x V Z ɨɪ n, =E ʱB ɽi-ɽi vxɴn*

ɦ{i ɽn : + +{ V M ɽ ʮEb xɽ VBM*

(ɴvx) .*


*EɪǴɽ ixi ʨʱi xɽ E Mɪ *

SHRI S. BANGARAPPA (SHIMOGA): When a Member is speaking, if another Member's name is called immediately, then it is very difficult for that Member to speak.

THE MINISTER OF RAILWAYS (KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE): Sir, out of the total number of Members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, at least, I met 600 Members of Parliament. Everyday, the Members of Parliament are coming in a delegation. So, I do not know why the hon. Member feels shocked. Please understand that I am also a human being. ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: I am not allowing you. The Minister wants to say something.

KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE: When they said that I have to clear this project right at that time, I reminded them that there are some norms.

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... (ɴvx)

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17.00 hrs.

ɨi V Vɤ Vɴɤ nM i =xɺ Vxx SɽM E Vɨ =vɨ{֮ iE V ɴ <x xɽ x, =E E Eɮh ?

nںɮ i V =vɨ{֮ ɮڱ iE xɽ x, =E E Eɮh ? Vɨ-EҮ E VxiE, ɨVE, +lE + EʶǪɱ +ʨɪi ɤ E * E Vɽ E 15 ɱ V |VE] xi +ɱ E {ɮ xɽ i ? M E Ei E ɽ |VE] xM, {ilɮ M Vi Ex ʺɱ EU xɽ i* xxҪ ɨi V Vɤ Vɴɤ nM i iBM E < |VE] E ʱB Eix E J Mɪ l + Eix JS < + ɽ E ʹE BEx E ?

+ i BEx < ʽɤ E ɽ 60 ɱ xɽ xM* ɦ Vxi E EɮMɱ E r + + Vɨ xMɮ iE BE cE x E Eɮh ɮEɮ E Eix nEEi +i * <ʱB Ex E <E +ʨɪi E nJi B < |VE] E ʱB {ɱ bM x SʽB EE ɽ bǮ ]] *

nںɮ MVʮ ɽ E n ɱ iE ʮɺi V BɮVƺ , =x E iɽ-xɽ E n* +V ɽ Eɮ E ɽi c J * xxҪ ɨi V E< B ɴɺl EM Vɺɺ Vɨ-EҮ E M E ɴ i E VB, Vɺɺ Eɮ E V V + VɺE Mɱi <iɱ ɪ Vi , =E ɹ] E J vɮ +x E E ʨɱ VB*

Vɨ Mɱ E ʱB {ɱ Sɱ< VB EE ɽ E SS Ex]E E ʴʦxx ɽ <VxɪʮM, bE + nںɮ {ɮI+ E ʱB Vi * ɽi-ɽi vxɴn*

b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ (ɱ) : ɦ{i ɽn, {Ҩ] bb Vn Ex E ʱB xɽ , Eɱ EU SV n Ex E nʹ] x Sɽi * ɽ nɴ E Vi E BE Ec M j Ei , BE Ec n J ]x ɱ E fֱ< Ei * ɦ Vxi E ɱ Vxij E Vxx E ɽ * nxɪ +Mɮ ɤɺ {ɽ E Vxij i ɽ ɱ ʱSU Mhij l* Mɴx ɽɴҮ x ɽ VE E l E ɽ + Sɱi + Mɴx ɽɴҮ E ɽ Vxɦʨ * ɱ E ɮ-ɮ r] E] E Vi * ɨɪ ɨɪ {ɮ M E Vi E ɱ E ɴ <x Vc VɪM* =E iiEɱx j x 17 ɮ 1997 E =E ʶɱxɺ E* Ex + ɴIh * E Mɪ E

Where there is no will, there is survey; and where there is will, there is Railway.

ɽ ɨڱ *

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{]x {ֱ xx E ɮ S 1997 ʶɱxɺ +, n ɮ Vn MB Ex + =E E ɱi ? xiҶ V Ei l E ʶɱxɺ ɽ xɽ l + =E Vڮ xɽ ʨɱ l* E Vi E {h <E b x Ex <ɺ Vxi c ɨ i * M Ei E ʶɱxɺ + i {ֱ E xɽ x?

... (ɴvx)

V{֮ Vɡ{֮ iE V cE ɽ =iiɮ ʤɽɮ E < <x * V{֮ <E M֨] + nMP M֨] * +ɮ ʥV E ʤx ɽ P] Ex {ci * BE E] iE Mc E <x M Vi * <E Eɮh <ix E`x< i E P] iE iɪi Vɨ Vi * {]x {ڴ iֽ Vx E ʱB P] Ex {ci * BE E] iE Mc E <x M Vi * <ʱB ɽ +ɮ ʥV x SʽB*

ʤɽɮ E Vnڮ Ex E ʱB EEii, n + {Vɤ Vi * ɽ +ɨnx EE ]x ]i i =x +ɮIh E +M +ʴv i * ɺi ].]. ɽi iM Ei * ɽ =xE h Ei + E< x E< {S Mi * Vnڮ Vɤ +ɨnx ɱ {ɪ Pɮ E Vi ,

<ʱɪ =E EU x EU h EE nx E i + < {ɮ xMɮx x Sʽ* Vɽ iE ֮I E ɴɱ , + EU ɽx {ɽ Mɪɺɱ nP]x < l, = nJi ֪ ֮I E Ec |ɤv Ex M iE Vx-ɱ E ʽVi E*

ɦ{i ɽn, +{x Z x E ʱɪ ɨɪ n, vxɴn*

SHRI V. VETRISELVAN (KRISHNAGIRI): Respected Chairman, Sir, my dear senior Members, and new Members, I express my sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity to make this maiden speech in this august House. On this occasion, I am thrilled and overjoyed to be here as a Member of Parliament, because our NDA has been given a clear mandate by the people of this country. All the credit goes to the leader of the NDA, the hon. Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee-ji and to my leader Dr. Kalaignar, who have worked tirelessly for the victory of the NDA in Tamil Nadu. I also express my sincere thanks to the people of my constituency Krishnagiri for having given me the opportunity to serve them as their Member of Parliament.

Sir, I am very happy to be a Member of this august House where our unparalled, great leader of Dravidian renaissance, Arignar Anna has made history in the annuls of Indian parliamentary democracy. I assure, Sir, as a disciplined soldier of my DMK party, I will stand committed to democracy, secularism and socialism.

Following the footsteps of our great leader Anna, Dr. Kalaignar and the hon. Union Minister of Industry and Commerce, Annan Murasoli Maran are shouldering the onerous responsibilities for which Anna stood. We always uphold the democratic spirit of Indian Constitution.

On behalf of DMK party, I support the Supplementary Demands for Grants, Railways.

Now, I would like to say a few words for the consideration of our hon. Railway Minister Miss Mamata Banerjee.

Let me straightaway come to my constituency and later to my State Tamil Nadu.

After the preliminary engineering-cum-traffic survey of Hosur-Jolarpettai, the new broadgauge line is on. I would request the hon. Railway Minister about the things to be done in my constituency, Krishnagiri. My constituency consists of six segments, of which Burgur is one segment. I think, Burgur, is a famous place in our constituency. The farmer Chief Minister Ms. Jailalitha contested from this segment and was defeated. That is why, Bargur is famous. The other five segments of my constituency are, Krishnagiri, Palacodu, Hosur, Tali, Cauveripatnam. There are about 15 lakh voters living in my constituency. Therefore, I request the hon. Railway Minister that the long dream of our people to have a new line from Jolarpettai via Krishnagiri to Hosur should be made true. This is hardly 100 kilometres line. This should be expedited, and the work of laying of line should be started as early as possible. This line goes via Krishnagiri, which is my constituency.

My area contains a lot of granite reserves. Our granite units are producing a huge amount of granite which are being exported also, whereby we are also earning a considerable amount of foreign exchange.

Granite is emerging today as important as diamond exports. So, a number of business people come to or go from Krishnagiri, either from Chennai or to Chennai or from Bangalore or to Bangalore, or from Hosur or to Hosur. Therefore, the work of laying this broad gauge line should be done as early as possible.

Previously, the Tirunelveli-Madras train was going via Jolarpettai and Tiruppattur. Although the train is running now between Tirunelveli and Madras, it is not running via Jolarpettai and Tirupattur. So, I request the hon. Railway Minister to restore this train. This will facilitate the people of my Constituency and other business people going to Chennai.

My Constituency, because of granite, is gradually turning into an industrial belt. Therefore, a railway link to Krishnagiri either from Jolarpettai or from Tiruppattur will go a long way in attracting new entrepreneurs to this area. It will also provide cheap transport facility to the poor people of my Consttuency. Further it will also enable the movement of raw materials and finished goods in this area.

Further there are four railway crossings on the busiest national highways in my Constituency. One is national highway 46. This is from Madras to Bangalore. Another one is national highway 7 from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. These two national highways go through my Constituency. They are at Pachaikuppam, Vaniampadi and Pachur, the most important places of level crossings. Due to the frequent traffic jam, there is a need for constructing overbridges at all these railway crossings. They are on the national highways. I take this opportunity to request the Railway Minister to address the Ministry of Surface Transport for carrying out overbridge construction at these four busiest crossings. Fortunately, the Railway Minister and the Surface Transport Minister, both of them are here. I request them to fulfil my ambition and the ambition of the people of my Constituency.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Don't make your speech so elaborate. If you have some important points, you can give them to the hon. Minister.

SHRI V. VETRISELVAN : This is my maiden speech. I will conclude within a short time.

Further, the platform of Jolarpettai Railway Station does not have a roof over its head. So, proper roofing should be constructed. In view of the industrial business, we need computerised reservation facility at this station. There is no TV on the platforms. So, sufficient number of TV sets should be made available to the Jolarpettai Railway Station for the convenience of the passengers. At the Jolarpettai Railway Station, there is no facility to accommodate VIPs like Chief Minister, Ministers, MPs and MLAs. The existing retiring room is not adequate. So, necessary arrangement should be made so that accommodation is available for at least four VIPs at a time to stay whenever they travel via Jolarpettai.