In long train journeys, sufficient security arrangements should be made for the travelling public. I understand in the trains if any accident happens, the reason for the same can be ascertained immediately. For that, as in flights a black box is kept.

In the same way, certain devices should be installed in the trains.

The ICF is a renowned coach-building factory which is fetching a huge amount of foreign exchange. It has got global contracts and we are getting orders for building coaches from all over the globe. I would request the hon. Minister to modernize the factory and expand it to suit global needs with regard to coach-building.

The Golden Rock Workshop is a renowned and prestigious workshop of the Southern Railway. It has got a historical background.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Please conclude now.

SHRI V. VETRISELVAN : Since this is the discussion on the Supplementary Demands for Grants of the Ministry of Railways, I have not made all the demands. I have touched only upon the oft-repeated demands of the people of Tamil Nadu. I hope, the young and energetic Minister of Railways, with her motherly attitude, generosity and broad-mindedness, will take suitable action to meet our demands.

With these words, I thank the House for the patient hearing. I conclude my speech now.

Long live Tamil! Long live Dr. Kalaignar!!

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SHRI AJOY CHAKRABORTY (BASIRHAT): Mr. Chairman, Sir, the Railways is the symbol of national integration. It carries bogies from the different parts of the country. It carries bogies from South to North and from East to West. I think for proper, effective and efficient functioning of the Railways, more budgetary financial assistance should be provided to the Railways. The Railways is not only the commercial institution but it is the welfare and social organisation also.

It appeared in the different newspapers that our hon. Railway Minister demanded more financial assistance for the Railways. We support that demand. It is not possible for the Railways to meet all the demands which have been advanced by the hon. Members including myself.

Sir, safety and security is the paramount problem of the Railways. More budgetary assistance should be provided for the safety and security of the Railways. Another problem is the signalling. The old signalling system should be changed and modern signalling system should be introduced to avoid accidents. It is also the main task of the Railways to save the commuters as also the Railways from accidents. We cannot forget the tragic accident of Gaisal. Another problem is of Railway tracks. These tracks were laid during the British regime. Therefore, most of the tracks need to be changed. The tracks should be renewed and changed. Then, the condition of Railway compartments is very much pathetic. The toilets are not in good condition and there is no lighting system. The windows of the trains are broken and it is very much difficult for the commuters to travel during winter season.

Now, I want to draw the attention of the Minister of Railways as well as the Minister of State for Railways to the punctuality of the trains. The earlier Railway Ministers assured the House that they would try to improve the punctuality of the trains. But the trains are not running on time, barring the old trains. Even the Rajdhani Express is running two hours to three hours late. Same is the case with Shatabdi Express.

Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the hon. Minister to the condition of the Metro Rail of Calcutta. That is the pride of our country and we are proud of our Metro Rail in Calcutta. But people are now afraid to travel in the Metro Rail because fire takes place almost everyday in the Metro Rail. So, I urge upon the firebrand hon. Railway Minister to look into it so that the passengers of the Metro Rail could be saved from the fire.

Now, I want to draw the attention of this House to the two projects of West Bengal, namely, Digah-Tumluk and Eklakhi-Balurghat. It appeared in the newspapers that the hon. Railway Minister accused the West Bengal Government that it is not taking steps to acquire land. But I have enquired into the matter and I found that excepting two kilometres, all the lands have been acquired by the West Bengal Government. But where is the financial arrangement for completion of the work?

Same is the case with the Eklakhi-Balurghat.

Sir, north Bengal in our State is the most backward and remote area. The Noth-east is the backward region of our country. In the regime of the United Front Government, the then Railway Minister Shri Ram Vilas Paswan declared some packages and took some measures for the development of the North-eastern region in so far as railway is concerned. I urge upon the present hon. Railway Minister to look into the matter, to take recourse to that matter and take up some projects for the development of the North-east in so far as railway is concerned, so that those people can come to the mainstream of our country.

Before Kumari Mamata Banerjee became the hon. Railway Minister, in the Twelfth Lok Sabha she had submitted a package called Bengal Package. She is very famous for that package. I would like to remind the hon. Railway Minister to remember some of the projects which were incorporated in that Bengal Package and take certain positive measures and suitable recourse, so that those projects are implemented and executed as early as possible.