Lastly, I wish success for the hon. Railway Minister as well as the hon. Minister of State for Railways.

Mɮvɮ ɱ MǴ (Vɪ{֮) : xxҪ ɦ{i V, iǨx j ָ ɨi V ɽi +{I EE E xʶSi { i E xM + Vɺlx E V E] , =E xɴɮh Ex =xE Mnx ʨɱM*

ɤɺ {ɽ ʤxn ɽ E xxҪ nMc V x Vɪ{֮ ɽ Vxɱ +ʡ Jx E ʱB +E]ڤɮ, 1996 ʶɱxɺ E l* Eɱ BE ʶɱxɺ E {ilɮ JE Sɱ +ɪ, Ex Vɪ{֮ ɽ +V iE Vxɱ +ʡ xɽ Jֱ* ɽ ɤɺ {ɽ M + Z =n E ɨi V i E xE Vɪ{֮ ʺ] Q Vxɱ +ʡ Jֱɴx E ɴɺl EM + i{ڴ |vx j V E n + Sx {ڮ M*

nںɮ i Z ɽ {ɮ ɽ Ex E nE<-+Mɮ ]E E c ɴ <x {ʮii Ex E Eɨ xɽ +* Eɨc V x =E =nP]x E - {i xɽ =xx EE =nP]x E* xɴx V x =nP]x E, {i xɽ EE =nP]x E* V V ɹh nx Mɪ l + Mɪ l* iɤ ɽ E Mɪ l E { E, vx E +ɴ xɽ +ɪM, Ex +V ɽ nE< +Mɮ ]E E Eɨ ʤɱEֱ xn {c + * +V +Mɮ E< Ei n Vɪ{֮ +x Sɽi i ɽ xɽ + Ei* Ei E +Mɮ Vx E ʱB 150 E] PڨE ɴ<Ǩv{֮ E +Mɮ E ɺi {Ecx {ci * ɨZi E xʶSi { nE< +Mɮ E Eɨ |ɮ E VɪM* <ɺ ɴ ʴɦM E P] * = P] E Eɮh ɽ E +V n ɽ ]E x Vi i <ɺ ɴ ʴɦM E +ɨnx Ei * < +Mɮ nE< ]E E xɽ x E Eɮh, ]E xɽ xx E Eɮh Vx 60 J {ɪ E xEx ʴɦM E *

BE U] M + * nM{֮ Vɪ{֮ E BE ={-]x * ɴc, Mɱ, <xn Ƥ< Vx ɱ Mc E ]{ ɽ x ɽi Vɰ * ɽ Vɪ{֮ E BE ]x , ɽ Vɪ{֮ nڮ xɽ * ɽ Vɪ{֮ 15 E] nڮ Vɪ{֮ E ʽ * < |Eɮ MvxMɮ ]x {ɮ Vɪ{֮ Vɨ iɴ, Vv{֮ n, n +nɤn , +nɤn n +ɸɨ BE| Mc E `ɴ x ɽi Vɰ * =xE Ex E {ɺ E Mc Vi , Ex M Vɪ{֮ ɴ ]x Vi + Vɪ{֮ ɴ ]x Vx E n Vɤ =xE Pɮ Vx {ci i n V 200 {ɪ iɦ +]ʮE ]E =xE ʨɱi * ɽ Vɪ{֮ E Vɤ BE M , Vɤ n Mc Ei , +ɺ{ɺ Ei , +x ]x {ɮ Ei , Ex Vɪ{֮ E +ɺ{ɺ nM{֮, Vɽ Mc |ɮ < l, ɽ {ɮ +V Mc xɽ Ei , ɽ c + E i * xxҪ j V <ix xɴnx E nx Sɽi E +{x {] v + , Ex +ɺ{ɺ E M +V ɽi =uʱi , +xnx EM + =E n =x M E ɨZx ɽi ʶE VɪM*

<ʱB nM{֮ + MvxMɮ ]ƺ {ɮ Mc Ex SʽB* Vɪ{֮ ]x E ʴEʺi Ex E ʱB +{E { E +vE +ɤ]x Ex SʽB* Vɪ{֮ ɽ |i& U& V E n j iE n Vx E ʱB E< Mc xɽ * V Mc n E n M< , =xE ɨxv +{ {x: ʴSɮ E* Vɪ{֮ ɽ E M E BE ɽi c M E Vɪ{֮ ʮuɮ iE BE Mc Sɱx SʽB* Vɪ{֮ SbMg, Vɪ{ɮ Mִɽ], Vɪ{֮ jɴp, Vɪ{֮ E iE Mc Sɱx SʽB* Vv{֮ ʮuɮ iE Mc Vi , i ʡ Vɪ{֮ ʮuɮ iE E xɽ Sɱ Ei, +i& <E ְ EB*

17.46 hrs. (

b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ {`ɺx B)

U] <x {ɮ xɮɪh ]x +i * ɽ VMɽ n>nɱ V ɽɮV E {h ʨ * ɽ n Vx ɱ Mc E `ɴ x SʽB* ɽ BE +tME Ij * ExMg Vnڮ +i-Vi , =xE <ɺ +ɺx M* +Vɨ-E] E v BE <]ʺ] BE| ]x Vɪ{֮ E Sɱ< Vx SʽB, EE +Vɨ |i& U& V SɱE Vɪ{֮ {ɽS + ʡ E] {ɽS* ɽ ɨ E ix V SɱE i E n V +Vɨ {ɽS* ɽ ɺ ʺƽ V E M * ɽ Mc ExMg Ex SʽB* <E l xɮɪh, ֱ, ɺx{֮ E + SE il ɴ<Ǩv{֮ E Sɱ* Vɪ{֮-ֱ E S BE ] ]x SɱB Vx E +ɴɶEi * 807 b.Bx. E +Vɨ iE gɪ Vx SʽB* ɽ ]x i E +` V Sɱi , <E +Vɨ iE gɪ VB* n +Vɨ BE Mc Sɱ< VB* Jlɱ ]x +ɴɮ E |ɨJ ]x * ɽ Mc E `ɴ x SʽB* Vɤ j V |vx j +] ʤɽɮ V{ V E l Mɱ M< l i =xx ɽ E l E BE ]x Vɪ{֮ Mɱ +Vɨ E SɱM* ɨZi ɽ + iE |ɮ xɽ E M<* ɨi ɽx V ʨɱ l i =xx <E +ɶɺx n l <ʱB +{E < {ڮ Ex SʽB*

Vɪ{֮ ɽ E +ɤn ɽi g M< * ɽ BE ʮM 䱴 E |VE] x l, = {ɮ J {B JS EB MB , xE x Mɪ , M E = |VE] E Vɱn ְ E VB* BE ] ]x V nE<-Mɺ E S Sɱ< VB* <ɺ Vɪ{֮ +x ɱ nvɪ E ʴv M + +ɺx +{x nv S EM* ]bɮɪ ʺƽ xMɮ V {] =Jc l, M E Ex E = ʡ bɱ Vx SʽB* n Vɪ{֮ VBM i ɺi {S +tME Ij {ci * +Mɮ {] ʤU VB i <x Ij E =tʨɪ E +{x ɱ {ɽSx E ʱB ɱMc E ʴv ʨɱ Ei * ɱɴҪ xMɮ, {ɱ{֮ + Z]c {ɮ ix ʥV xx E Eɨ ɨ + Sɱ * ʤx 䱴 ʴɦM E nn E ɽ {ڮ xɽ Ei, <ɺ Vɪ{֮ ɽ E M E c E] * VɤE Vɪ{֮ + ʥV xɺɮɮ, Ji{֮ xx SʽB l, ʺʴɱ <ƺ xx SʽB l, nn E ]E {ɮ xx SʽB l* +{E n M E ɽ BE ɺ Mc ]E M< l + E< SS ɮ MB l, x < ɴɱ E ɽ =`ɪ l* = ɨɪ +xɨxb ]E {ɮ 䱪ֱɮ x nx E i =` l*

MM{֮ ]x ֨<-n ɨM {ɮ ʺli * ɽ 1200 +ɴɺ x MB , ]xM ƺlx , ɽ ʴti Eb E ={ɪM <ʱB Mc E `ɴ x SʽB* < |Eɮ n MMxMɮ xɪ M Ei * =E Eɨ Vɱn ְ Ex SʽB* MM{֮ ]x E Exp xE <E ְ E VB iE ESɮ + +vEɮMh ɨ{ii E ={ɪM E E*

Vɺlx ʴʦxx ]ƺ {ɮ ɽi{h Mc +` n P] iE Jc i * < ɨxv +{E ʴSɮ Ex SʽB* ɨi V c ɽn + nɱ * +Mɮ + ֨< ɱ ]{ E {ڮ EB* nM{֮ + MvxMɮ E M V +nʱi , ɽ Mc E ]{V nx E ɴɺl EB*

SHRI S. AJAYA KUMAR (OTTAPALAM): Mr. Chairman, Sir, Railways is the synonym for national integration in the whole country. It should not be let to be taken over by the traders who sell the nation into the hands of the multinational elements for greed and thirst for money. In this context, let me tell you that the development of the Indian Railways has to begin keeping in mind the most difficult commuters of this country and a provision has to be made in this regard in our General Budget.

Sir, the establishment of a Zonal Office in Kerala for the Indian Railways is very important in this direction that can be taken up by the Railway Minister who comes from West Bengal which has also suffered due to discriminatory policies of the Central Governments of this country myriad number of times. The laws framed by the British authorities should not hold its sway in independent India. This has been pathetically forgotten by the champions of Swadeshi in the present Government.

I demand resolution to various problems crippling railway development in my home State Kerala. Doubling work from Shorannur to Mangalapuram and construction of 15 overbridges in this sector should be immediately undertaken for easing of hardship being faced by the passengers of both railways and roadways. This means that completion of the projects taken up by the Centre has to be speeded up. More than that, the Centre has to take up completion of the work of overbridges in Wadakkancherry and Ottapalam-Mayannur and include them in the agenda of the Railway Ministry.

The electrification work in the Ernakulam-Thiruvananthapuram section also should be taken up by the Centre, given the fact that the State Government has promised long ago that it would provide electricity for the implementation of this work. Above all, I would request the hon. Railway Minister, Kumari Banerjee to please include Kuttipuram-Guruvayoor subline in the list in her hand for immediate implementation. I would also request the hon. Railway Minister to help materialise the completion of the Tellicherry-Mysore line for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of commuters in the Malabar area of my State.

Sir, I hope that the hon. Minister is aware of the demands that we have been raising with regard to the extension of the train routes. Specifically, we would demand extension of the Kurla-Coimbatore Express route to Shorannur Junction. I would also like to draw the attention of the hon. Minister towards a very serious matter. There was a direct reserve coach from Coimbatore to Thiruvananthapuram for the last 20 years. That was FN1/513/6348, but recently this service has been cancelled. Actually, it was very convenient for the people, especially for the ailing and women. So, I would request the hon. Minister to take necessary steps to restore this service. Again, I would request the Centre to start Railway related industries in Shorannur which comes under my constituency and has all the infrastructure for such a venture.

I conclude my speech hoping that the hon. Minister would take into account my reasonable suggestions.

SHRI P.S. GADHAVI (KUTCH): Mr. Chairman, Sir, I rise to support the Supplementary Demands for Railways put forth by the hon. Railway Minister.

Sir, there is a long-standing demand for an additional Railway Zone in Gujarat. When 55 per cent of the total route kilometres of Western Railway pass through the State of Gujarat and when Western Railway has most of its earning and traffic from Gujarat, it is of paramount importance that an additional Railway Zone be created with headquarters at Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar.

In these Supplementary Demands, the hon. Minister of Railways has selected about 67 model stations for upgradation. I would request the hon. Minister to include Bhuj railway station in it because the broad-gauge railway line is to be completed by March, 2000. I also earnestly request the hon. Minister to come and inaugurate this long Broad gauge Railway line at Bhuj.

The Kandla Port is situated near Gandhidham railway station. That port is a very important port for the whole of northern India. It is also very important for the Capital. Our long-outstanding demand at Gandhidham railway station is for augmentation of terminal facility. If terminal facility is augmented there, many long-route trains can come there. So, my request is for extension of Howrah-Ahmedabad train to Gandhidham, and Cochin train to Ahmedabad. There will be no additional cost. The only thing is that Kandla Port can be connected with Calcutta and Cochin Ports. So, if these trains are extended and additional terminal facilities are made available there, then this could happen.

Bhuj Railway line is to be connected by broad-gauge. As you know, Kutch is on the western end of the country. It is situated near the Pakistani border. In that area, the potentiality of development is abundant for its rich mineral wealth. The Bhuj line to be connected with broad-gauge which is going to be completed by March.

But one thing is lacking there. The pit line facility has not been provided. Due to lack of pit line facility, all long-route trains cannot come. So, my request is that a provision requires to be made for the pit line at Bhuj station.

Now, I talk about the frequency of trains between Gandhidham and Delhi. I

In the last Budget, it was said that they were going to make a provision. In a week, two trains are running on an experimental basis. But these trains have not yet been made regular. So, my request is that these trains require to be made regular and frequency between Delhi and Gandhidham requires to be increased. These trains also requires to be connected with Hardwar. It could be Hardwar via Delhi, Gandhidham and Kutch. Then, it will be most useful for the people of Kutch.

Gauge conversion work between Palanpur and Samkhiyali will be very important from our national point of view because it can connect the Capital directly to Kandla. The whole of north India would be connected with Kandla by broad-gauge if a section of the Palanpur-Samkhiyali is made Broad gauge. The Kandla Port Trust has come forward to be a partner in joint venture. So, the Railways will not have to more burden on this conversion work. The only thing is that this requires to be expedited.

Similarly, the gauge conversion is going on between Maliya-Miyana and Wankaner. It also requires to be speeded up. Then, Kandla Port can be connected with the whole of Saurashtra.

Some time back, I requested the Minister of Railways for better use of the unused land and surplus land at Bhuj. According to a letter given to me by the Railways, there is surplus land to the extent of 16 hectares. At the market price, it would fetch not less than Rs. 2.50 crore to Rs. 3 crore per hectare. So, I would request the Railways to make use of this land. Otherwise, all this land will be encroached upon. My humble request is that the surplus land can be made use of.

Our long-outstanding demand for one extra Superfast train between Mumbai and Gandhidham is there. The Railways are running about 170 trains every year. When they are running so many trains, it should be made biweekly or triweekly train regularly. The Railways have not to incur any more expenditure. They are already running the trains. The only thing requires to be done is that the train is to be run `daily'.

The gauge conversion between Nalia and Bhuj is very important from the Defence point of view.

18.00 hrs.

Our Air Force headquarters is situated in NALIYA. Whenever any emergency comes, at that time Naliya Air Force requires to be connected with the capital and that work requires to be expedited.

There is a long-standing demand for having export promotion facility at Kandla and Bhuj.

These are all my few suggestions which may kindly be considered.

VE Jɱ (+{֮uɮ) : xxҪ ɦ{i ɽn, +{x Z E +xnx E +x{ڮE M {ɮ SS E ʱB x E E n, <ʱB +{E vxɴn ni * +{E vɨ xxҪ j ָ ɨi V E vx =x |ɺiɴ {ɮ +Eʹi Ex SɽM, VxE Ƥv Mɱ E ES-ʤɽɮ, Vɱ{<Mc + nVʱM * = |VE] E i Ex Sɽi Vɺ |]E] E iiEɱx ɮEɮ E uɮ {ʮi E n Mɪ * x Vɱ{<Mc +{֮uɮ VEx + ʺɱMc i B x M<Mƴ iE V U] <x , =E c <x {ʮii Ex E V |ɺiɴ l, =E lɶQ {ʮi E VB* <E ʱB +{E vɨ j xɴnx Ei *

nںɮ i E V MV-EƴVx E ʱB {ɪ +ɴ]i EB Mɪ =xE lɶQ +Mɮ ={ɱɤv E n VB i < <x E c <x {ʮii Ex , = Eɨ E Mi n V Ei + lɶQ < Eɨ E ְ E V Ei *

iҺɮ, M E |ɺiɴ E ɽi nx +ɺɨ, Mɱ, Vɱ{<Mc, ES-ʤɽɮ, Mvɮ*

ɦ{i ɽn : xxҪ n E S + + E * <ʱB +` V iE = E EɪǴɽ E gx E ɽi ɤ M E x VB*

+xE xxҪ n : V *

VE Jɱ : <x Vɱ E M ɽ M E E x xMc SMɮɤv i B, ɺiP], i֡xMV i B VMP{ iE BE xɪ <x ְ E VB* BE xɪ +Mɮ ְ E Vi i ES-ʤɽɮ + Vɱ{<Mc E {Uc B Ij E ={ɱɤv VBM* <ʱB j ɽn +x֮v EM E ɴIh E V xn ʨɱ SE , Ex < xɪ <x E lɶQ xɨh Eɪ ְ E VB i ɽi Jֶ M*

<E l l BEJ ɱڮP] E V |VE] l =E V] V , Ex Z xɽ ɱڨ E +V iE < |VE] E xɨh Ex E <ix ɨɪ M * +{E uɮ j V {Ux Sɽi E ɽ V |VE] BEJ ɱڮP] E <E xɨh Eɪ E iE ɨ{i E VBM* <E l-l EɮMɱ r E Eɮh EU ]x E q E Mɪ * +{E vɨ +x֮v Ex Sɽi E <x ]x i n֤ɮ Sɱɪ VB*