E Mɪ l* = {ɮ V Eɨ ְ VB i {Uc B nJb E ʱB V i n Mɪ , ɽ vɮi {ɮ =iɮ VBM* Vɤɱ{֮ E {xx iE ɪ n, ], ʺɨʮ + +xMV i B M E ɴ E Ei SE ,

Mɮ ɴIh Eɪ vҨ Mi Sɱ * xɴnx E < Eɨ E Vɱn Eɪ VB, iE +x ɱ V] <E ʨɱ E VB + xnJhb E <E E {Uc{x E nڮ E VB*

<x ɤn E l, BE i + Ex Sɽi * {h-<]ɮ {Vɮ E BE ]{V < Ij n VB, Vɺɺ xʶSi ɽ E Vxi E ɦ M*

Ҧ> E ɽɱ (ɱMƴ) : ɦ{i ɽn, xxҪ j V uɮ |ɺii +x{ڮE +xnx E M E ɨlx Ei * ɽ {ڮE V] xɽ , Ex +{x xɴSx Ij E EU ɨɺ+ E + j ɽn E vx nx Sɽi *

xʺE ɽ +tME ɽ , il Ij , Mi , ɽ ʨx]-| , <ix ɤ EU i B ɽ ɨ nڮ E Mb Ei xɽ * {h ɽ E ʱB +{x ix {ɱ Mc n , Ex xʺE ɽ E ʱB BE Mc xɽ * j ɽn |lx E < Ij E ʱB E E n Mc nx E E{ E* < |Eɮ {Vɤ E ʱB B.. Sɮ +ɮIh E ɴɺl l, Ex ɽ ʴv {ɺ M< * xɴnx E < ʴv E nɮ n VB* xʺE Vɱ +Mڮ E ʱB ɽi ɶɽڮ , Ex ɴ E ʴv ɽi E * +{E vɨ j ɽn xɴnx E < ʴv E {x: |ɮ E VB*

nںɮ i ɽ E xnMƴ ɽ BE ɴ {ֱ E Vڮ n M< l, Ex + = {ɮ Eɨ ְ xɽ + * xɨb, ɱMƴ, vxɪ + xɮnx - <x ɤ Ij ɴ E ɴIh {ڮ Mɪ * {h xʺE iE Mɪ * < x< <x E ʤUx {ɮ V n VB* ɽ ʨx V] , Vɤ {ڮE V] +BM, iɤ <x +ɴɶEi+ E {ڮ Ex E E{ E*

<x ɤn E l +{E vxɴn ni E +{x Z x E ʱB ɨɪ n*

xU֨ JM֮ Ҩlɪɮ (EEZɮ) : ɦ{i ɽn, +{x Z x E ʱB ɨɪ n, +{E vxɴn ni * Vn ɨ i Ex E ʱB Jc xɽ + * bb, + +hSɱ |n E M E ɴ ʴǺ Vc B ɨɺ+ E ɮ ix Sɽi * {U ɮEɮ xiҶ E֨ɮ V j l, =xE x BE b n l, Ex = ƨb BE i x M< + ɽ l, Vvx BE| E EEZɮ ɴ ]x {ɮ Ex E |ɤxv E Mɪ * < ɮEɮ ɮ nn, ɨi xV, j x * =xɺ +Oɽ E E ɮ EU bb E ɱ *

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It is a great discrimination. So, through your honour, I would like to strongly appeal and urge upon the hon. Minister of Railways to take concrete action


to stop all these trains at Kokrajhar Railway Station too. This has been a very very sentimental matter for the people of Bodoland.

ɽ ]{V ʨɱx E n ]x Sgx E ʱB E ʨɱ Ei *

This does not mean that the people of that area will use the train service without purchasing tickets. So, all these trains should have a stoppage there immediately.

ɽn, BE + ɽi iEҡ E i * ʽxnֺix Vix ʽxn M Eh E Mɴx E { xi * Eh E ɤɺ {ɮ SV ƺ֮ , VɺE b ɹ ʶ{M Ei + < xɨ = ]x E xɨ J Mɪ l* ɽ M] EҮOɨ + EҮOɨ Mִɽ] iE +ɪ Vɪ Ei l = n E n* = nɮ Sɱ Ex SʽB*

Why has this local train been stopped? This is my question. It has been a sentimental matter for the Bodo people. This train should be allowed to run again between Fakiragram and Guwahati.

BE + ʮɺ q *

Dhubri is the Western most bordering district of Assam and is adjacent to West Bengal and Bangladesh.

v֤ɮ M] iE Vx ɱ ]x E n E n Mɪ, = nɮ Sɱ Ex SʽB* ɽ BE ]x xɽ Sɱi , ɽ ]x ɽ nɮ Sɱ Ex SʽB* xl-<Ǻ] BE| + Eɨɰ{ BE| E ɮ{] b ]x {ɮ Ex SʽB* xl-<Ǻ] BE| + Eɨɰ{ BE| E ʤWx ɴ ]x {ɮ Ex SʽB* +v +ɨ BE| + xl-<Ǻ] BE| ]x E EҮOɨ ɴ VEx {ɮ Ex SʽB* Eɨɰ{ BE| + Bx < BE| ]x E M<Mƴ ] ɴ ]x {ɮ Ex SʽB* BE Bx V { M] iE E ]x SʽB* ɽ E +ɤn ɽi Vn , <ʱB =xE ʴv E ʱB BE E ]x Sɱ Ex SʽB*


x< n iE +x E ʱB bb +hSɱ BE| xɨ BE {ɮɺ] ]x Sɱ Ex SʽB*

This is required for the benefit of the people of Arunachal Pradesh, for the benefit of the people of Bodoland and for the benefit of the Bhutan Kingdom. Murkhongselek

Mɪ iE V ]MW <x = bMW <x i֮i Eƴ] Ex SʽB* v֤ɮ EҮOɨ iE V ]MW <x = bMW <x Eƴ] Ex SʽB* M<Mƴ ] + EҮOɨ ɴ VEx M<Mƴ ]=x, U{ɮE` 31 xxɱ <Ǵ E ɴ FʺM {ɮ, EEZɮ ]=x + ʤWx ]=x, ɮ{] b ]=x {`ɱ E xVnE, 31 xxɱ <Ǵ E ɴ FʺM {ɮ, Mɪ E ɴ FʺM {ɮ , M䶴ɮ ɴ ]x, ]Mɱ ɴ ]x, =nMc ɴ ]x, ] ɴ ]x, ɮɪP] ʥV E xVnE ɪɽ] ɴ FʺM {ɮ +ɮ ʥV xx , EE <E x x ɽ BEb] * <ʱB j V +Oɽ Ei E < Bʮ ɴ +ɮ ʥV xɴɪ VB*

19.00 hrs.

Vvx BE| E Sɱx E Eƺ E gx SʽB* = {iɽ U nx E ʱB Sɱ Ex SʽB* xl <Ǻ] Vix ]x x< n iE +i =x ɮ ]x ɮ ]<ɱ M E ʱB

Ethnic tribal food of better quality should be provided.

EEZɮ ɴ ]x V ]M l = {ɮ ɴ E x EV E ʱɪ + ʴɸɨ E ʱB E< xɽ * =xE Ex xEɱM? =xE i ɨi V E xEɱx {cM*

... (ɴvx)

Shri Prafulla Kumar Mahanta is not the Railway Minister. It is you who is the Railway Minister. It is the duty of the Government of India to ensure regular running of the trains on the NF Railway. The Assam Government has been taking crores and crores of money in the name of security related expenditure from the Government of India. This is my duty to bring it to your notice and it is your duty to ensure that action is taken for ensuring safety and security measures for getting trains run punctually.

xl M<Mƴ BE ESV xx E E] +{E xx {cM* <E l iiҪ + Sil Ob ɴ E V xEʮ =xE ɮ

North Eastern Region

E ִE E ʱB 80% Jx {cM*

Eighty per cent reservation in jobs of Grade-III and Grade-IV categories of employment in NF Railway should be kept reserved for the youth of the North-Eastern Region.

I would like to appeal very earnestly to the hon. Railway Minister to take some concrete steps regarding policy measures and action plans to get all the things done which I have just now mentioned. Thank you.

x ɴɱ (֨< nIh-v) : ɤɺ {ɽ ɨi nn E =xE EɪǦɮ Ʀɱx {ɮ v< nx Sɽi * ɮ nɺɨֶ V x + ]ʺƽ V x {]Ǻ E ɮ ɨɱ =`ɪ l* 17 xɴɨɮ E ɨi nn ʨɱ l + E E V J-J M ɽ ɮ n J Vi * =E +vɮ {ɮ ɴ i x SʽB* {U +` ɱ <E ʱB <] E * < i E {U ʨxɺ] ɽ x x l* n ɹ i xɽ * Ex Z +V ɨi nn E {j ʨɱ Vɺɨ ʱJ -

"The Railways are free to recruit kho-kho players depending on their requirement. As a minimum of 12 players are required to form a full team, the formation of kho-kho teams on the Indian Railways may take some more time."

+{x ɽi Vɱn En =`ɪ Ex +{ =xE i E ʱB E* ʽnֺix ɮ VMɽ ɽ M J Vi * +{E <E ʱB v< nx Sɽi * BE nںɮ i Ex Sɽi * ɮ ֨< ɽ 13 +Ei֤ɮ 1993 E BE ʽ ]x BE n + l* BE b E +M M M< l + =ɨ 37 Vn ʽ+ E b Enx E Eɮh i Mɪ l* Ex =xE Pɮ ɱ E +V iE +ɴV xɽ ʨɱ * ʽ {x ]x ɤɺ {ɽ ֨< ְ < l* M = ɨɪ E j Vɡ ɮҡ ɽ + = ɨɪ E |vx j xɮʺƽ ɴ V ʨɱ l + ɽ ɨɱ =`ɪ l*

E֨ɮ ɨi xV: +{x ʶEɪi xɽ E M?

x ɴɱ Jn ɨ x<E V x E{ɱb E l*

E֨ɮ ɨi xV: +{ ʱJE Z n n*

x ɴɱ : +{x xp E ɮ ʱJ E ix J {B Vn JS Ex V * ɮ ɽ ɤǮ <x * ɽ ʽxnֺix E ɤɺ P] Mc Sɱi * +{ <E VS E * 60 J Vn j ɤɤx ]x j Ei * =ɨ ɽi nEEi +i * ɴ ]x {ɮ EM ɱ JcE n ʨɱi * ɽ E< ]ɡ xɽ i* ]ɡ x {ɮ EM JcE Jֱi ɮx ɽ n i * B ɽi ʶEɪi * ʶɴc ]x {ɮ ɽi BEb] i * i xɨɮ M] {ɮ ʥV M i BEb] n VBM* BEb] ɽi M E i M<* Ij Sx{Mɱ, b b {ɮ ʥV xx E +ɴɶEi * < Vɱn Vɱn E n* M E Pڨ E Vx {ci * ɽɱIɨ ɴ ʥV E ɮ i ɱ * +{ BE ɮ ֨< l SʱB* V M Ei E ֨< Mc `E Sɱ , =x ix Sɽi E ɽ Mc E E ɱi ? Mc <] xɽ i , {J `E xɽ Sɱi + b ɡ< xɽ i * E E l {ilɮ M VBM + = Bb M i E nںɮ E Bb x E Jiɮ M* b E JcE ]] i * ʨɱ Vnڮ E <E * <Ex E ɨɪ ɴ B|] x E ʱB BE ɨɱ =` l* ɴ b E Sɮx x ɽi ɽM n l* {ɽ ʴxpx Sɮx l* <E n +Oɴɱ l* <xE Vɽ g i M E ʱɪ Mɪ l* 7-8 ɱ {ɽ EU M E ɽɱIɨ |]M | B|]ʶ{ Jx E ʱB E Mɪ l Ex + iE xɽ J Mɪ* x <E ʱB +xnx E l* <E n Vx M E 8-10 ɱ VMɽ xɽ ʨɱ l, =x ɴ xE ʨɱ M<* + 103 M E ʮF]] x ɱ l* =E ʱB E ɱx +* ɽ MɨҮ ɨɱ * B{ɱɪɨ] BESV E m xɨ Mx SʽB l* ɽ B{ɱɪɨ] BESV BMVɺ]ƺ xɽ * B{ɱɪɨ] BESV E Bbxɱ V.B. ʨɱ l* =xx E E {S ɱ V VɤE {S ɱ ɽ BMVɺ]ƺ xɽ * ɴ ɱ E Ei ?

ɦ{i ɽn : +{ < ɮ ] ʱJ nVB*

x ɴɱ ( ɽ BE ʮɺ ɨɱ * MVɮi MVɮi, Mɱ Mɱ, E ɱɪɱɨ M + iʨɱxb iʨɱ M E |ʮ] ʨɱx SʽB* ʮF]] EV l E Vxɱ MV {{ɮ n Ei * Vɤ ɮ` {{ɮ ʱJ Mɪ i =x |ʮ] xɽ ʨɱ* Eɮ + Bc E ] V nB MB* <xx E ɱx E *

ɦ{i ɽn, ɺ] q ɽ =`x Sɽi E ɮ` M E l +xɪ + , i Ei ɨɪ xnb E =Px E Mɪ * <x ɤ i E <xEɪɮ x Sʽ* {ɮ EǶ{ 5 Vɮ ɮ x ]ڱ b=x ]E E l* <ɺ <x Wnڮ {ɮ ֺҤi M< + =xE n nx E ix E] n Mɪ* j +Oɽ EM E ɽ n nx E ix Mֱɮ<V E Vɪ* l ɮ` ɹ E |ɪʮ] ʨɱx Sʽ* ɦ V |ɪʮ] ʨɱ V E ɱɪɱɨ, Mɱ Mɱ ɹ *

ɦ{i ɽn, +i BE i j V EM E ɽ E Vxɮ xVɮ E +n nVɪ E ɽ E M E BE ]M + +Mɮ M E i ɽ i = ֱZɪ Vɪ* < i E M {U 7 ɱ E *

+{x Z x E ʱɪ ɨɪ n, =E ʱɪ +ɦɮ *

PROF. A.K. PREMAJAM (BADAGARA): Respected Mr. Chairman, Sir, I thank you very much for this opportunity. At the very outset, I would like to say that this is the last of the Supplementary Demands for Grants for Railways of this century as well as the millennium and we are just going to the new millennium.

My first request to the hon. Minister is to convene a Conference of Kerala MPs to discuss the problems as also to discuss the projects which should be envisaged for Kerala in the coming General Railway Budget. I am sure the authorities must be preparing the General Budget for Railways. Though the Railways' revenue from Kerala is very high as compared to many other States, we are still getting a very step-motherly treatment from the Railway authorities. Shri Sridharan, the architect of Konkan Railway is, in fact, a contribution of Kerala to the Indian Railways. But what is the contribution of the Indian Railways to the State of Kerala? The Railways are earning a lot of foreign exchange for the Central Government exchequer. In this connection, I would like to be very brief and just point out a few important points which are related to my State as well as my Constituency.

In erstwhile Malabar region wherein my Badagara Constituency falls, there are nine RoBs and the Kerala State has made a very firm commitment in respect of these RoBs and has provided funds in the last budget. So, I think from the Railways and also from the Ministry of Surface Transport, the initiatives should come forth and steps should be taken to complete these RoBs.

I have mentioned the Konkan project. When the Konkan project was envisaged, we all were very happy and we contributed our might to get it implemented in anticipation that the Konkan Railway would open up many avenues of progress as far as Kerala is concerned. But in fact, we are thoroughly disappointed because doubling has not taken place at the speed which we anticipated it to take place. A very limited funds had so far been given. I urge upon the hon. Minister to have a new vision for the new millennium for the Indian Railways and give equal funds to the different States of India because Indian Railways is actually the nerve system of the country as far as national integration is concerned.

Badagara is a very important growing city which is in the heart of my constituency. There are Malayalees from that constituency in different parts [of the country who are also adding to the revenue of the Railways. But, Gandhidham Express and Rajkot Express are not halting at Badagara. There are several passengers who have to go either to Kannur or Kozhikode which is a very tedious and strenuous journey for persons with families travelling from the Badagara region. I would request that this should be examined and some positive steps must be taken to have halting for these two Express trains which carry a large number of Malayalees to Gujarat as well as Rajasthan.

Now we are talking about the new information technology in the new millennium. One important station in my constituency is Tellicherry which has been started in 1904. We are at the end of this century. That means this station is about one century old. On my persistence some computers are just recently installed there. But they are not being operated because they say that there is shortage of staff. What is the purpose in installing computers if there is no one to operate them? This is a very pitiable situation in my constituency. This is a century old station. Now some new buildings are coming up. When this is being done, computerisation is absolutely necessary in these days. Here also travellers have to go either to Kannur or Calicut to get reservation. This is a very pitiable condition at the end of this millennium. We always say that we are entering the new millennium which is supposed to be of high information technology and information network. So, I appeal to the Minister through you to see that this point is examined and some positive measure is taken.