While our respected comrade Shri A.K. Gopalan was here as an opposition leader, he had actually envisaged for Kerala a very important line, namely Tellicherry-Mysore railway line. It is now decades old. Some survey has been taken up. As a Member of the Twelfth Lok Sabha I appealed that this should be taken up and again now I am appealing that this has to be taken up because it opens up new revenue for the Railways and it opens up new projects for the Tourism Department and it connects two important States, namely Karnataka and Kerala.

I also request that a new division should be opened either at Tellicherry or Kannur as far as north Malabar is concerned. About the safety measures I very sincerely congratulate the Railway Minister, Kumari Mamata Banerjee for taking a great account of the safety side of the Railways, that is, manning the unmanned level crossings. It is seen in the Supplementary Demands for Grants that fifty unmanned level crossings in Southern Railways will be manned. This is the project.

1918 hours (Mr. Deputy-Speaker in the Chair)

But through you I appeal that some equitable distribution should be given to Kerala also. Southern Railway should not restrict itself to a particular State. There should be some equitable distribution in respect of Kerala also.

Regarding Class III and Class IV employees, there are a number of problems. No new recruitment has taken place in these services for quite sometime. So, this has caused a lot of difficulties as far as the service side of the Railways is concerned, which is both commercial and service oriented. But the service side is being neglected more and more over the years. So, I appeal that recruitment in the Class III and Class IV services should take place, so that we can improve the service conditions of the Railways.

Lastly, very many dilapidated, good for nothing bogies are being pushed to Kerala.

Whenever a new train is started or when old trains are running, very old and dilapidated coaches are being given to Kerala. I wish that I could take our hon. Railway Minister to our side and show for herself in what bad conditions these coaches are. I would request that this also may be given importance while the new Railway Budget is being prepared.

With these words, I conclude. I thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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SHRI PRIYA RANJAN DASMUNSI (RAIGANJ): Wrong people are placed and those wrong people should be removed. That is what he has said.

b. nx |ɺn Vɪɺɴɱ : BE + +Oɽ Ex Sɽi E Mɽ Uix{֮ ɴ <x + cE {ֱ nx l-l xx l* 1996 ɽ ɴ <x Sɱ M< Ex +V iE ɽ cE {ֱ xɽ x * =E ]b ɴ E BE ʴɦM - <Ex x ʱɪ* <Ex x +V iE = {ڮ xɽ E* +{ɺ +x֮v EM E +{ <Ex E +n n E = cE {ֱ E Vɱn Vɱn {ڮ E* < iɮ ESx BE| V MJ{֮ iE Sɱi , = E iE gɪ Vɪ* Vɤ ɨ ʴɱɺ {ɺɴx V j l iɤ =xx E l E ɽ Mc SɱM*

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={vI ɽn : +{ 19.25 {ɮ x ְ B l + + 19.32 Mɪ *

b. nx |ɺn Vɪɺɴɱ : j V ɽ Ex Sɽi E +{x ɽ E{]Ei +ɮIh xɽ n *

... (ɴvx)

+{x E] ɽ E{]Ei +ɮIh E ɴɺl E*

SHRI A.C. JOS (TRICHUR): Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, I thank you for having given me this opportunity. Through you, SirI have to congratulate my sister, Kumari Mamata Banerjee. She was our erstwhile colleague in our party. Even now, her heart is with us. She is now presiding over one of the largest enterprises in the world. Last year, she had the additional advantage of looking into the whole department of the Railways as Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Railways.

Now, I would like to point out one general thing to her. The Standing Committee submitted its Report last year. On page 103, it is mentioned in that Report about the land property belonging to the Railways as under:

"On the issue of augmentation of resources in the railways, one of the most important sources can be optimum utilisation of the railway lands. Huge quantities of land are owned by the railways. Proper land management can fetch huge resources for the railways to invest in development projects which are so much starved of resources."

I would request the Minister to form a separate authority in the Railways itself to utilise this land either by selling it or by utilising it for more remunerative purposes.

During Shri Jafar Sharief's time, you had identified that you have got land. But that land has not been utilised till date. I would request the Minister of Railways to have a separate mechanism by which that land can be utilised and additional revenue can be earned by the Railways.

As you know, Kerala is the most populous State. Every fifth man from Kerala is out of Kerala. They are everywhere - from Coimbatore to Kashmir or from Coimbatore to Punjab. You can see Keralites everywhere. They all travel by trains. One additional thing is that they all pay to the Railways. They buy tickets and travel. In most of the other places, the people do not pay for tickets.

The investments made by the Railways when compared to the utilisation of the Railway by the Kerala people is absolutely minimal. It is a criminal neglect that is being meted out to Kerala. That is what my colleague, Prof. Premajam has mentioned.

I would request the hon. Minister, through you, Sir, to take the statistics of the revenue earned by all the States, relatively compared with its population and the percentage. I can very confidently mention here that Kerala contributes more than what any other State contributes to it.

Sir, I would make a request to the hon. Railway Minister, through you, Sir, that Kerala should get proper consideration from the Railways. The Railways started one hundred years back in Kerala but it is remaining standstill except one or two railway lines which have been added. The Konkan Railway has come up to Mangalore but doubling work has not been done. I am thankful to Shri Nitish Kumar for having provided some money for this purpose. Now, the doubling work has to be speeded up and it should be completed. Then only, the people of Kerala will be enjoying the benefit of the Konkan Railway.

My constituency is Trichur. The electrification work from Trichur to Cochin is almost complete. I understand that it can be commissioned by March. My request to the hon. Minister, through you, Sir, is that an electric train can be started from Trichur to Ernakulam--it can be one or two trips--because it is a central part of Kerala. It is a highly and densely populated part. Trichur is the cultural Capital of Kerala. Cochin is the business Capital of Kerala. So, one or two trips of the electric train from Trichur to Ernakulam will ease the road traffic. It will be highly economical to the Railways as well as to the nation.

Madam, you are aware about the situation in Kerala. In the next Budget you should announce about the two, three trips of electric train. It is only 80 kms. It can be covered within one and-a-half hours to two hours. A lot of women are travelling. They are going to office. So, the most beneficial people will be women and poor persons.