17.00 hrs.

Some of us were consulted at various levels and ultimately, a consensus was reached. BJP was a party to that. Their leaders were a party to that.

What is he saying? He says: "Ensuring autonomy to the Government, autonomy to the Government channel, it is a meaningless exercise. We are spending one thousand crores of rupees. How can we just allow this body to work without any Governmental control?" This is what Shri Pramod Mahajan says. He says further: "No Government would like to spend about Rs. 1,000 crore on DD and AIR and have no control over them in day to day activities, specially at the functioning of the Prasar Bharati."

I just remind them that once our hon. Shri P.A. Sangma, when he was the Information and Broadcasting Minister, somewhere in the North-East had come out with a statement that Prasar Bharati was only an extended wing of the Government and it was meant for propagation of Government views only. This is what Shri Sangma had said. He was the Minister of Information and Broadcasting for a brief period. At that time, the entire Opposition including the leaders of the BJP joined in the protest and said that after the Prasar Bharati had been set up as a public autonomous body, the Ministers should not interfere in its functioning. Somehow, the Minister, Shri Sangma, tried to retract and backed out from the stand he had taken in public.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, there is another Member on behalf of my Party who will speak. So, I am trying to be brief.

Sir, he has talked about professionalism. What is professionalism? Let us define it. Yes, it is to put people like Shri Sonu Sen, Gnanamurthy, and others. Okay, they are professionals. But what about the presentation of pluralism of views, which is a verdict of the Supreme Court?

After six months, micro soft and some other things are going to come in Internet. In these days, a debate is going on, in this age of information technology, digital revolution, how more and more people will have access to global scenario, access to global information. You are trying to have a control over it. I do not know whether this is outside the Parliamentary parlance or not. They are living in the fools' paradise. You shall be punished by history, you shall be punished by the technology, and you shall be punished by the people next time when you face the people.

Firstly, he has taken one stand, that is professionalism. Immediately, when he saw that it would not stand the test of criticism, which was coming on, then he took a legal stand. He said that he removed them because he had got the authority and power and also said that they could go to the court. Why had this Prasar Bharati been set up? Why did you agree to it? Why are you still speak about autonomy? Why are you still speak about accountability?

Communications, broadcasting and telecommunication will ultimately converge. We have the Ministry of Information and Technology. Yesterday I was asking the hon. Minister for Communications a question. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has been set up by an Act of Parliament. They are defying the C&AG when the C&AG wanted to know from them as to what was the basis for the fixation of the tariff structure, which goes very much against the DoT and the Government companies.

Instead of giving them that information, they are going to the court and challenging the authority of the Comptroller and Auditor General and spending Government money. And you are saying that they are autonomous! Terms like `autonomy' and `independence' are being used by them only to confuse others. Even the regulator is accountable to someone and Prasar Bharati, of course, is accountable. But that does not mean that it is accountable to an individual Minister. There was a very big rally at Delhi. The Minister himself had, on the floor of the House, said that when the news had gone for broadcasting it, some higher-ups had intervened to say that no such news should go because it was a rally of the Third Front secular parties at Delhi. I had said that on the floor of the House also and no one had the guts to reply that day. They are behaving in a manner which will lead to their own graves. These people are behaving in a manner where they will lose their credibility. And if they want to control the electronic media, the electronic media also will lose its credibility. We have got excellent people. We have the best professionals in our structure in Doordarshan and also in Akashwani. Our people have been honoured. I can give you umpteen number of such cases. Our own Secretary was taken by Star TV Our own people in Doordarshan were taken by Zee TV and others. They are running their channels because of our own trained people and still they say we do not have professionals, and just to bring in professionalism, two eminent people had to be removed. No one will buy their argument. No one will buy their logic.

They are talking about so many irrelevant and meaningless things about technology and about digital technology age. I have been associated with a Select Committee under the leadership of Shri Sharad Pawar. I had the occasion to listen to many viewpoints. I have also been associated with the National Media Policy Group led by Shri Ram Vilas Paswan. When Shri K.P. Singh Deo was the Minister, he had set up that body and I was the privileged person to be associated with that body. I had the occasion to listen to so many things. The Congressmen had their own choice, their own preferences, their own authoritarian style of functioning and the BJP has been claiming that they are different, they are democratic. But now we see that there is no difference between them in the matter of misuse of the electronic media and also it is lopsided on information, education, entertainment. Now they say that on 26th January, we will have one Education Channel, we will have this, we will have that, but their preference is commercialisation, commerce and profit, not service. I shall only remind them that when Doordarshan had come first in the nineties, during the late Shrimati Indira Gandhi's time, it was said that it will be the most meaningful instrument of social change, with emphasis on education, information and, of course, healthy entertainment, which they are themselves destroying, and I think they will destroy themselves by trying to destroy these institutions which are built up by the people of this country. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

VҴ |i{ b (U{ɮ) ɦ{i ɽn, +V |ɺɮ ɮi {ɮ ɽ SS nx +< * Vɪ{ɱ d ɽ x ʴɶ { +{x Jڤɺڮi +OV il E U{x E |ɪɺ E* +V b + |ɺɮ ɮi E =J <ʱB nx + E =E n n E ]ɪ Mɪ* ʴɶ E E Ex ]ʱʴVx E Uc xɽ V Ei* Vɺ iɮ ]ExV g , Vɺ iɮ {ڮ ʴɶ M E +Eh b E |i gi V , Vɺ iɮ {ڮ ʴɶ |iɺ{v g , = nJi B ɽ BE B i Vɺ E vɨ ʴɶ E Ex-Ex E M BE nںɮ E l Vci * ɮi E {ʮ Vɤ nڮnx + + <b b E i Ei i +Vn E n ɽ ɽں i E + <b b + nڮnx {ɮ ɮEɮ xɪjh +vE * +i: < ɪii nx SʽB* ɽ SS E ʴɹɪ ֯ * ɮEɮ x < n |ɪɺ E + <E +ʨɪi ɽں E*

1990 nx nx x |ɺɮ ɮi ʴvE E ɽ֨i {ʮi E* =x 6 ɹ E S E< ɮEɮ +< Ex E x = x]< Ex E |ɪɺ xɽ E* 1996 Vɪ{ɱ V Vɤ Sx |ɺɮh j x i =xx |ɺɮ ɮi E x]< E* <E ֯+i ʴɴn <* cb V E i c vx x l* =xx +{x ɤ i E J Ex =xx BE VMɽ EU i E U{x E |ɪɺ E* ɽ ɽi{h ʴɹɪ * Vɤ xxҪ n x < ʴɹɪ E =`ɪ i =xx =` E =xE Vɴɤ nx E |ɪɺ E*

1997 BE +vn +ɪ VɤE ƺn j ֱx E ɨx xE SE l* ɽ Vɪ{ɱ V ` * Vɤ ɽ ʴ{I l i < i E ʴɮv Ei l* Mi BE U{ + BVb <xE {ɺ l* ɽ = M Ex E ʱB ]ɡ] +vn B*

|ɺɮ ɮi ʤɱ E 6 ɽi{h ʤxn l* =ɨ ɽ |ɴvx l E E ɦ + V ɦ E xxҪ n E |ɺɮ ɮi Mnɮ x SʽB* Ex <xx < i E ʴɱ{i E n* = ɨɪ .<.+. E BV E ɮ E Mɪ l E +vEiɨ BV 62 ɹ x SʽB* =xx < ʴɱ{i E n* =xx +ɪ Ҩ ɨ{i E n* <xE {ʮɹ Sɽ ɽ 70 E , 80 E , 90 ɹ E 100 ɹ E * < Ij 55 Vɮ Ec {B E {V xɴ * <ɨ ֱ ]< bɪɮE] ʴ{ E |ɴvx l* <xx < {n E ʴɱ{i E* Vɤ 55 Ec {B E ɴɺl |ɺɮ ɮi E M< i =xx ɽ ɽں xɽ E E = n E ɽ xxi E Vx , Vɽ 46 Vɮ ESɮ l* |ɺɮ ɮi =xE lxiɮh x l* =xE +vxɺl <xE +x l* <xx EʨE E xnE E {n Mɪɤ E n* ƪEi S E ɮEɮ E ɨɪ MVɮɱ ɽ |vx j l + Vɪ{ɱ V Sx + |ɺɮh j l* b.B.E. E ɴɱ {ɮ ɽ Ph SE l E ɨlx {ɺ ʱɪ VBM* ɽ < ɨɪ +ɽi Vi VɤE < i E {ڮ nxɪ E VxEɮ l* <x = b E vɨ VxEɮ l Vɺ ʴɦM E ɽ j l* <xE E {i xɽ l E ɽ ɮEɮ Vx ɱ * 29 +Eiڤɮ E ɽ nx +vn E +B* +Mɱ 17 iɮJ E iɮɨ Eɮ V E +]Ҩ] + Mɪ E b.B.E. ɮEɮ E ɽ EVB, xɽ i ɨlx {ɺ M* +Mɱ nx 18.11.1997 E ɮEɮ E {ɺ x] {] +{ + E E]]] n |ɺɮ ɮi*

ɦ{i ɽn, <E +Mɱ Ei xɪ* 19.11.97 E BE nx E iɮ, Vɺ b E M`x ɮEɮ Vx E +ɺl iɤ iE xɽ + l, ={-ɹ]{i =E n, Sɮx, | E=ʺɱ =E n, ɹ]{i V uɮ xxi E Vx ɱ n =E n x MB + ʺɱE] E] 19 iɮJ E M`i <* 55 Vɮ Ec {ɪ E Vɽ {V xɴ , Vɽ <ix c xhǪ ʱɪ Vx l, BE ɨ E U: n E xxɪx E |F {ڮ <* ɮEɮ E =ɨ E< iI{ xɽ l* +ɺɨx i xɨ =ɨ ]{E Mɪ*

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Will you yield for a minute?

SHRI RAJIV PRATAP RUDY : I will not yield now; I will complete my speech, and then I will yield.

ɦ{i ɽn, BE ɨ U: xɨ iɪ E n Mɪ* 19 iɮJ E ʺɱE] E] E `E M<, =ɨ xɨ |ɺiʴi E Sɱ Mɪ* 20.11.97 E xxҪ iɮɨ Eɮ uɮ +iɨ { E Mɪ E +iɨ ɨɪ , b.B.E. E c{ E, xɽ i EO {] ɨlx {ɺ M* ƺn n ɽ ` , {nvEɮ nڮ x M + M x M, ɮi ɮEɮ x ʴɶ E {x {ɮ < n {ɽ ɮ <ix BʶBx E l E M* 20 iɮJ = ɽɱ Ex E ʱB x] ڴ i + <xE BE ɮҪ {nvEɮ V V<] F] ɱ E , ɽ Ei E Vɺ Sҡ BEVE] +ʡɮ E xɨ <ɨ |ɺiʴi

He cannot be nominated as CEO because he has interests in Doordarshan and All India Radio.

EE Mɱ ɽ + =xE {ix = ɨɪ ʮɱ xi l + =xɨ Eɨ Ei l* i `E 11 V ɽ SE Sɱi + Sɴ = SE i E 11 V E ɨɪ ni * BbҶxɱ F] i E 11.30 V =ɨ ʱJi E ɽ +Ʀɴ , <E M`x xɽ E V Ei , ɽ xɪɨ E Jɱɡ * i-i Bbʴ] ʱɪ Vi , Vɺ .<.+. E <xE uɮ xɪEi E Vx l, =ɺ Bbʴ] ʱɪ Vi E ɮ {ɺ <]] xɽ + Bbʴ] E =E xɨ E {ɮ Ex E Eʶɶ E Vi * i ɽ Ji xɽ <, 20 iɮJ 21 iɮJ iE |ɺɮ ɮi E .<.+. E M`x + =E n E M`x - ɮi ɮEɮ B E xɽ + M E BE i 24 VMɽ SE Vi , 24 lx {ɮ M Vi , Ex +ʡɮ E MɴxǨ] + <b E F] iE SE Vi + 24 P] E n SE Vɪ{ɱ d ɽ E {ɺ Vi * ɽ =ɨ +{x +iɨ xhǪ ni B .<.+. E ɽ xɪEi Ei * ɽ ɮi ɮEɮ BE vɮh xɪɨ 377 E ɨɱ Vi i x ɽx iE Pڨi i + <ix c <E< E M`x j 48 P] Mi , nx-i SE Sɱi * Vɪ{ɱ d E nn ni E ɽ nx Eɨ xɽ Ei l, ʱE i-i ɮ VME Eɨ Ei l + {ڮ ʴɦM E i ɮ VME Ji l* <xx Vx ɽ |ixɪEi {ɮ `ɪ + +V ɽ Vɺ VMɽ {ɮ ` , <x BE c Jiɮ x ɱ * Mɱ ɽ c +SU ʱ]Sʮ] l, xɱ ʱJi l, Eiɤ ʱJi l* =xx BE Eiɤ `n b<x]' ʱJ, Vɺɨ =xx x {ʮɮ E ɮ hx E + Vɺ iɮ E hx =xx =ɨ E , =E =J ɽ xɽ E Ei* JɺE VҴ Mv V Ei V + nMi +i , =xE hx E Mɪ * =xx = Eiɤ V hx E , =ɺ Z c + + * xxҪ Vɪ{ɱ d +V Vɺ VMɽ ` B , Ex <x ɤ i E< ʴɶ En xɽ , ʺɡ ɽ nx Sɽi E Vxi Eix c +{ɴn * Z nJ i Vɤ nx < i E =`i * Ex ɮ ɨɺ E ɨɪ xi E +{x-+{x Z ZEE nJx M E E {ʮʺli <ix c xhǪ ʱɪ Mɪ + +V |ɺɮ ɮi {ɮ SS =`< V + V ɴɺl =E iɮ E M< , =E ɮ SS Ex {ɮ M E E] i * ... (ɴvx)

MR. CHAIRMAN : He is not yielding; so, I will allow you after him.

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, I have a right.

SHRI RAJIV PRATAP RUDY : I have a right to carry on.

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : I have a right to offer a personal clarification.

SHRI RAJIV PRATAP RUDY : I know that these various things which I am just telling you are hurting you. But then, in the interest of this country, I am compelled to speak out these things.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Shri Reddy, he is not yielding.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: You can speak after he completes his submission.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, I have every right to offer a personal clarification ... (Interruptions)

b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ (ɱ) : ɦ{i ɽn, E< n ɽ ` + =E xɨ ʱɪ VB + = {ɮ n E< +ɮ{ Mɪ VB, i ɽ +{x EʡEx nM xɽ?

... (ɴvx)

SHRI RUPCHAND PAL : Sir, he has the right to offer a clarification ... (Interruptions)

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, I would rise only to offer my personal clarification ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: But he is not yielding. You can speak after he finished his submission.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, there is no question of that ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: I will give you a chance then.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Under what rule do you want to intervene?

... (Interruptions)

b. Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ : ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ ` + +Mɮ E< xxҪ n ɮ >{ɮ E< +ɮ{ MB, ɮ xɨ , i E ` M? xɪɨ E Eiɤ nJ VB, =ɨ ʱJ E n {ɺxɱ BE{xx n EM*

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, you could consult everybody. I have the inalienable right to offer my personal clarification ... (Interruptions)I have the right to offer a personal clarification ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: All right. You have the right to clarify your point. But I will give you a chance after he finishes his submission.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, the only problem is that he is making some points now and later on ... (Interruptions) if I clarify the points ... (Interruptions)

VҴ |i{ b ɦ{i ɽn, E {ɮ +ɮ{ xɽ M * V i ɽ i *

... (ɴvx)

MR. CHAIRMAN: You speak after he completes.

SHRI S. JAIPAL REDDY : Sir, my clarification at that stage may be slightly out of place. Therefore, I need to clarify now so that the hon. Member can also be enlightened ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: You can speak after he completes.

Shri Rudy, you may continue.

VҴ |i{ b : ɦi ɽn, {ڮ nx E c E] EE < ʴɹɪ E EU n E S =` * ɽ ʴɹɪ <ʱB +ɪ E Ҩi ʨɱ l{ɮ + Vxp n E ] n Mɪ * <ʱB <x c E] * ɮ ] E l ɽ ɨZx Sɽ E c Mcc Eɨ + *

ɦ{i ɽn, |ɺɮ ɮi E M`x E n |i ɹ 1400 1500 Ec {B E JS ɮEɮ E ɽx Ex {c + =ɺ Eɱ 550 Ec {B E +ɪ * ɮEɮ E vx < iɮ +Eʹi Ex SɽM E 1996 E 1999 iE {ڮ n Bb]<Vɨ] E E] 76 |iɶi E giiɮ < + = +v nڮnx |ɺɮ ɮi E i B i |iɶi E Mɮɴ] +< * +Mɮ <ix Iɨ ɮ {nvEɮ i + {xɱ =xE xɨ i, i Vɺ +]x E i E l, Vɺ ʮ] E i E l, V Iɪ |ɺɮ ɮi E vɨ +V Sɮ ɱ |{i Ex E |ɪɺ E , ɽ E |{i xɽ E E* xi E |ɺɮ ɮi E Mhɴii E< n xɽ , Ex =ɨ Vx Eiɪ E Sɪx E , Vx E Eֺ {ɮ `ɪ Mɪ , =xɨ EU M V =E ʱB Vɨnɮ x SʽB l, Vɨnɮ xɽ xB MB* M E VxE ʨE Iɨ xɽ l, V ɪE xɽ l, = Mi E nx E ʺli xɽ l, =xE iǨx ɮEɮ x c fM xEɱx E, ɽ Ex E BE |ɪɺ E EE =x M E = ʴvx E iɽi, = xɪɨ E iɽi ɽ Ex l, Ex xɽ MB* < ʽɤ <E V xɴx ɽ `E * V ɽ E Mɪ + ɮ-ɮ i +i E ɮiҪ Vxi {] E E< ʽbx BVb , ix Sɽi E ɮiҪ Vxi {] E BE BVb ɹ]ʽi* =E +ɴ + E< BVb xɽ *