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16.00 hrs.

Jֱ x E Eɮh ɽ {x E Vʮ ɱ +ɺ-{ɺ E <E E |nʹi E * ɮi Ji i + ɽ bvɨ +ɺE BE xɱ E Vʮ hǮJ xn ʨɱi * Vʽ E < <E E iɨɨ Ji xn bvʨi g * Jnx E +ɺ-{ɺ E Mƴ ].. +ɨ i V * c E Eƺɮ E ɮV E J g SS +{M + xʺE { ʴEM {n * lxҪ ɴʶɪ V bvɨ Ji E Pɺ Ji , <E nֹ{ʮhɨ nJx M *

{ɮh >V Exx E +xֺɮ ڮxɪɨ +ɺE E Oɽh n ֮Ii fM E Vx SʽB* Ex VnMc ڮxɪɨ +ɺE E |lʨE vx E n S + +ɺE Vɽ BEji E Vi Vɺ ]ʱM {b Ei , ɽ {ɮ E SS Ji i E Sɮɽ ɴ Sɮi * xɪɨi: ]ʱM {b {ɮ E E BE ] {x x SʽB, {ɮ VnMc {b +ɺE E vڱ =ci < E nJ V Ei * +i: ɮEɮ ɮ M E =ɨ Vɱn Vɱn vɮ ɪ Vɪ iE bvʨi E E V E*

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN (COOCHBEHAR): Madam Chairperson, I rise not to oppose the Bill, but I am sorry to say that I cannot support the Bill wholeheartedly. I have gone through the Statement of Objects and Reasons and found that it is confusing. The land belongs to the State and according to what has been stated there, it seems to me that it will create a confusion with regard to delegation of powers. Of course, I welcome the Minister's initiative to prevent illegal mining and also to stop corruption. There is a Bengali proverb which says: "Sarsher Madhye Bhoot" which means, `one does not know whether the ghost will be in the corn or not'. If that is so, it is very much difficult to stop corruption.

In this connection, I would like to draw the attention of the hon. Minister, through you, that when his father was the Steel and Mines Minister in 1977, in reply to my question at that time, he said that there is a huge deposit of copper in Sikkim and in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. I asked him as to why the Government is not taking up mining in those areas and he said that our science and technology has not developed much so as to segregate the ore from copper. I do not know whether our science and technology has developed now in the past 22 years so as to segregate copper from other materials. I do not know whether the non-development of technology is preventing us from taking up mining or some lobby is standing in the way of exploring the possibilities of segregating copper from other materials. It is very sad to see that our technology has not yet been developed to undertake this work in all these years when science and technology has developed so much in other places.

With regard to corruption, I have got so many papers with me and I shall write to the Minister. So, I do not want to refer to all of them here.

I would like to cite here only one instance. It relates to his State. I think, it is NALCO, Bhubaneswar and very well known to him. It is under the Department of Mines also.

Regarding the dust suppression power plant, he had invited tenders. These were opened in Angul. The participants were BHEL, Andrew-Yule, ABB and I should not say anything about BHEL. Shri Sontosh Mohan Dev is there. He also dealt with BHEL earlier. We are proud of BHEL. It is one of the `Navratnas'. Then, why have BHEL or ABB not got the tender? That is my question to him. At this moment, I request the hon. Minister to please go through it and try to save this public sector undertaking. Do not go to private companies. Do not go to the multinationals. When firms like BHEL are available in our country - we are proud of BHEL being one of the `Navratnas' - why would they not get the tender? Why should the other organisation - Andrew-Yule - not get the tender? Why would they not get all these things? That is my question. I would like to place it before the hon. Minister. I hope that he will go through it and ultimately BHEL or Andrew-Yule will get the tender.

SHRI A.K.S. VIJAYAN (NAGAPATTINAM): Hon'ble Chairperson, I thank you for giving me this opportunity. I foundly recall our leader KKalaignar, cherished as their own leader by all the Tamils world-over. He is also ensuring a clean and transparent Govenment in Tamil Nadu and I take this opportunity to thank him alongwith the electorate of my Nagappattinam costituency who have enabled me to be a member of this august House. Let me continue with my maiden speech in this House.

As far as this Bill that has been introduced in this House, our party Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam welcomes and extends its wholehearted support to this motion. The salient feature of this Bill is that it provides for more powers to the States in the mining sector. It is commendable. This translates into action the cherished dream of our great leaderAnna who advocated federalism at the Centre and autonomy to the States. The National Decocratic Alliance's coalitation government at the Centre devolves more power to the States as it firmly believes in ensuring federalism and we welcome this move.

In the mining sector, as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, those who resorted to loot and corruption are facing corruption charges in the trial courts on a daily basis now.

In the earlier regime there was enormus corruption. Jayalalitha and her accomplice Sasikala are facing trial almost everyday charged with corruption.**....(Interruptions)

The Mines & Minerals Department of Tamil Nadu had witnessed corruption on a large scale. Shri Dhyaneswaran, an IAS Officer, was there. One of the officials of that Department facing charges before the Court was said to be carrying everyday several cases of currency to the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and no one can deny that such charges are tried by the Courts now.(Interruptions).


* Translation of the peech originally delivered in Tamil.

** Expunged as ordered by the Chair.

Such corrupt people used such money to even topple a Governmnt at the Centre. Such of those politicians and officials who have been charged by the Courts are facing trial before Special Courts on a day to day basis.(Interruptions)

SHRI MANI SHANKAR AIYAR (MAYILADUTURAI): I do not know why he wants to bring out all these things. ... (Interruptions) This is completely unethical. ... (Interruptions) This is completely wrong and unacceptable. ... (Interruptions) This is not fair. ... (Interruptions) No, Madam; please remove it from the records. ... (Interruptions)

SHRI T.M. SELVAGANPATHI (SALEM): The matter is totally irrelevant. ... (Interruptions) You should not allow it. ... (Interruptions) He goes on with an irrelevant matter. ... (Interruptions)


... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Just a minute please. If there is anything objectionable or unparliamentary in what he has said, it will be looked at later and it will be removed. Please do not raise a controversy.

SHRI T.M. SELVAGANPATHI : Madam, the hon. Member's speech is highly motivated knowing full well that this has no relevance at all to the Bill about which he wanted to speak.

This has no relevance at all to this issue... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN : You cannot decide what is relevant or what is not.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Please sit down. You cannot dictate what a Member should say. If there is something unparliamentary or objectionable, we will remove it.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: The speech is over. Please take your seat.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI T.M. SELVAGANPATHI : Madam, we want a ruling from the Chair... (Interruptions) He has spoken about a person who is not in the House... MR. CHAIRMAN : Please listen to me. The Member has said something. We will go through the record and if there is anything unparliamentary or objectionable, it will be removed. I cannot remove something just now.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI T.M. SELVAGANPATHI : Madam, my respectable submission is that this is the manner in which they behave in this House; he spoke for three minutes on the Bill. That shows their concern about the nation, that shows their callous attitude towards the Bill, which is a very important Bill ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: I am sorry, this was his maiden speech. Please do not disturb.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI T.M. SELVAGANPATHI : Madam, he accused somebody who is not in the House. This should be condemned. This should be prevented in future.

MR. CHAIRMAN: All right.

Shri Ramdas Atawale: Chairman Sir, Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Amendment Bill

1957 E ʤɱ ƶvx Ex E ʱɪ
ʤɱ < * < ʤɱ V E Vn +vEɮ n Vx E |ɺiɴ E Mɪ *<ɨ <Mɱ Eɨ {ɮ {ɤn Mx E ʱɪ EU q =`ɪ Mɪ * Vɤ Vɤ E ʤɱ +b] i , iɤ iɤ Exx xi i + V +vEɮ i , =x +vE E{x Ex E E ʨɱi * n < q E E ɮEɮ +b] Ex Sɽi i ɮEɮ E < {ɮ MƦҮi Sx Sʽ* Jxx Eɪ E< M-Exx Eɨ xɽ i Ex JxV E ]ƺ{]x VMɽ VMɽ E{x i * Vɽ E{x i , +ʡɺ E ʨɱҦMi JxV ɽ xEɱ Vi * ɮEɮ E {ɺ E< ʮEb xɽ i * <ʱɪ < Exx E nx E +ɴɶEi *

nںɮ i ɽ E V E ɪɱ] n Vi V ] {ɮ x nE EҨi {ɮ V ɮEɮ E nx E +ɴɶEi * < Ƥv E] E V ʮ{] +< , = {ɮ j V E MƦҮi Sx E +ɴɶEi * =Ei E] ʮ{] Ex Ex q +ɪ , = {ɮ j V E Vɴɤ ni ɨɪ iɱx Sʽ* < ʤɱ E +{W xɽ Ex Sɽi Ex {] Ex E <SU xɽ * Zɴ E <ɨ vɮ E Vx E ʱɪ ɮEɮ E MƦҮi ʴSɮ Ex Sʽ* ɮ j xɴx {]xɪE , ɽ xɴx ʴvE ɪ , <ʱɪ +SU +b] Ex E +ɴɶEi *

ɱ h (ɱڨɮ) : ɦ{i ɽn, ɮEɮ Jx + JxV ƶvx ʴvE

< , = Ij E V Jxx Fɪ , =ɨ x SɽM* Ij WE, b, ɡ]]x, ɺɡ] +n E Jxx E Vi *

ɨɪ E , <ʱB ɤDZ E Ƥv EU EM* Ij U]-U] ʱE x Jxx E + + =nɮEh x ɽ ɤDZ ʴn Vi * VɺE {ɺ { M, ɽ ʴn ɤDZ VM* =E l V Vn { ɱ , ɽ ɶxɮ Jxx EM* Sxi E = Ij E E BE J ʨE ɤDZ E Jx Eɨ Ei * <vɮ ɮEɮ x {ɤn M J E {ɪǴɮh Jɮɤ E <ʱB =xx EU ɨڱ iɪ E J E <E {i EM i Jxx E {+M* =xE BE BE ɱ n x Ex E ʱB E Vi * VɺE {ɺ { , ɽ x E i + Eɨ E i * VɺE {ɺ { xɽ =E Jx n Vi * <ɺ ʤi i E V vɮh Jxx Ex ɱ , =E vv n + ʨE E WMɮ xɪ V * Zɴ E U] Jxx Ex ɱ E <ix {ɤn xɽ E VB Vɺɺ =xE Jx n VB* {ɪǴɮh E Jiɮ =xE n E Vi * xɴnx E =xE +SU W Bʮ n VB + =ɨ ɽ {c MB + =E {ɤn E VB E < Bʮ {c Mx iE {ɪǴɮh Jɮɤ x , Jx n x + Wnڮ Pɮ x * Ij E< =tM vv xɽ , x E< B SW ɽ {ɮ {n i , ɽ {ɽc <E * =ɨ Eɱɨj Jxx Wnڮ +{x MWɮ Ei * ʱE Ei E ɮ Jx n x ɱ + i Jx n E i Wnڮ 15-20 {ɪ iE MWɮ Ex E ʱB Vɤڮ Vi * B =xE h i * ɮEɮ E iɮ {ɹ] x SʽB E =xE E E {ɪǴɮh E xɨ {ɮx x E iE ɽ Jxx E {B + Vnڮ E ɮɤɮ Wnڮ ʨɱ VB*

ɮ Ij ʽxnֺix WE , +ɮ.B.B. + E< iɮ E Jx Ex x { ]x + ɤDZ E ʱB V Zɴ n , = {ɮ j V +ɱ E + U] ʱE E {ɮx x E, Wnڮ E Eɮ x E* <x ɤn E l +{x i ɨ{i Ei +{E vxɴn ni *

SHRI SURESH RAMRAO JADHAV (PARBHANI): Madam, kindly allow me to speak.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Your name is not in the list which has come to me. Now you are sending the name when we have already exhausted the time.

֮ ɨɮɴ Vvɴ ({ɮx) : ʶɴɺx {] E x xɨ xɽ n*

ɦ{i ɽn : `E , +{ ʱɪ*

֮ ɨɮɴ Vvɴ ({ɮx) : ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ V <x Bb ʨxɮ +b] ʤɱ { E Mɪ , +{x ʴSɮ < {ɮ Jx Sɽi * Jx {^ iiɮh E ɮ SS <, <Mɱ <x E ɮ SS <* < =tM V E{x , =E E E Vx SʽB, = ɮ SS <* < =tM E ɤɺ c Expʤxn ɽ E V Jx EɨMɮ , =E ɮ < ʤɱ E< |ɴvx xɽ * < =tM E EǮ V Eɨ Ex ɱ , nx ɮ, i ɮ Eɨ Ei , =E ʴɹ E E M? +Mɮ =E BEbh] i , =E ʱB < ʤɱ |ɴvx E Wɰi xɽ, ɽ +hb] ʤɱ E vɨ Sx E Wɰi * V Jx E Wɨx , =E V ڱ xvǮh i , Vɤ Wɨx iiʮi i , Wɨx E ڱ xvǮh E] ] x Wɰ + +Jɮ BE i EE +{x i ɨ{i EM*

Jx Eɨ Ex ɱ EɨMɮ EǮ E E ʺli * JɺE ɽɮɹ] Eɱ Jx Eɨ Ex ɱ EɨMɮ E ʺli <ix +SU xɽ * =x Jx EǺ E ɮ E< +SU |ɴvx < ʤɱ E vɨ +x SʽB l* Ex ɽ <ɨ xɽ * +{E BE Jx EǮ E Ex ii * Jx EǮ {ڮ nx Eɱ Jx Eɨ Ei , Vɤ ɽ Pɮ Vi i =E l =E M Vi * Vɤ ɽ Pɮ {ɽSi + +{x {ix i E Sɪ x+, iɤ {ix i E {ii + EE Ex Eɱ Pɮ xɽ * ɽ ɮ ɽ Jx Eɨ Ex ɱ E ʺli * <ʱB =xE +lE ʺli E ɮ ʴSɮ x SʽB* ɽ +{E vɨ xxҪ j V E vx x Sɽi * <ix EE +{x i ɨ{i Ei * vxɴn*

SHRI E.M. SUDARSANA NATCHIAPPAN (SIVAGANGA): I will just raise only one legal point. Madam, actually the Constitution gives the powers..

MR. CHAIRMAN : We cannot have this debate go on till six o' clock. We have a lot of business before us. Names are being added from the floor now. It is not an open-edged debate that you can just go on and on and on. We must stop somewhere.

b.ɨEh Eֺɨʮ (n) : ɦ{i ɽn, = Ij +i Vɽ Ү xEi *

MR. CHAIRMAN: It is up to you all. You sit and conclude the business of the day. You take only two minutes.