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MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: Col. (Retd.) Sona Ram Choudhary - Not present.

Shri Satyavrat Chaturvedi - Not present

Dr. Ramkrishna Kusmaria - Not present

Shrimati Jayashree Banerjee - Not present.

Now, Shri S. Bangarappa.

SHRI S. BANGARAPPA (SHIMOGA): Mr. Speaker, Sir, the subject under discussion is very very important in the sense that it relates to the Plan or the subject matter that comes under the core sector or the priority sector of the Planning Commission.

Sir, I want to tell one thing that within a short span of time, no hon. Member, to whichever party he may belong to, can devote his ideas based upon the facts and figures in this august House while speaking. Therefore, I am also trying to attempt to touch certain important and salient aspects of the subject, which is under very serious discussion.

Sir, if I just look at the agro climatic conditions that are prevailing in our country, it is highly suitable for more production depending upon the availability of the water resources. You will have to just give the support and attention to certain problems relating to support price of the agricultural commodities and also make use of the available water resources including major, medium and minor irrigation. Let me just go through the Plan periods after we attained our Independence.

Starting from the first Plan period of 1951-56 to 1996-97, the Plan allocation for this sector has been maintained constantly. These are all facts and figures supplied by the Planning Commission only. I am just giving out the percentage of agriculture and allied activities in toto. Starting from 1951-56, the Plan outlay including the Plan expenditure has stood at 14.9 per cent. That is the Plan outlay. The expenditure has stood at 14.8 per cent. What was the Annual Plan of 1996-97? It was stood at 13.5 per cent. If we just go through the percentage of Plan allocation of 1951-56, it was 14.9 per cent. In 1996-97, it was 13.5 per cent. I am just giving, through you, Sir, to the the Minister of Agriculture only one suggestion. What exactly is your case that you have made out for the coming financial year? It is because the Budget is going to be presented in the coming month of February. Will you kindly just make out your strong case before the Planning Commission to cross or go nearer to 20 per cent of the Plan allocation?

Regarding your ability to spend well within the Plan outlay which is going to be fixed by the Planning Commission, I think you are capable of spending more if it is approved by the Planning Commission. I know that you are capable. It means your Department is capable. Therefore, I am giving you this suggestion. Before this Budget that is going to be presented by the Finance Minister, you please make out your case before the Planning Commission and also before the Finance Ministry to go nearer to 20 per cent or cross 20 per cent of the total allocation. Unless you do this, I do not think you are going to achieve your targets of alleviating poverty or giving more impetus to the rural folk so as to give them a decent livelihood and cross the level of poverty that you want to achieve. It is only a suggestion because I do not have much time to go into the details.

What exactly are the areas that are to be concentrated upon now? The first one is production. Yes, it is depending upon the availability of fertilizers including chemical fertilizers. I want to suggest one thing. On the production front, you cannot depend only upon the chemical fertilizers for getting more production or more food output.

Now, I suggest even the national fertilizers also will have to be taken into account. You give more priority to the other areas of the fertilizers also along with the chemical fertilizers. Along with these things, this Plan outlay must touch upon animal husbandry, dairy research, plantation, agricultural marketing, rural godowns, warehousing, food storage including cold storage for your floriculture or fruit culture and something like that. The concept that we have thought of is not the one which Mahatma Gandhi has given to us. Now, we are seeing that it is dwindling year by year or Plan by Plan. I should say it is going down. Actually, why was the charka thought of by our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi? He laid more emphasis on the rural way of thinking of getting more income by poor families living in the rural areas. But I am yet to understand why actually this concept is given a clean go by.

Therefore, I suggest you to give more importance for rural economy by giving more impetus to these areas.

Then, as far as irrigation is concerned, I felt one thing. There are lakhs of tanks in each of the State. Desilting of tanks will go a long way to give more water resources for the food output.

During late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's time, the industrial sector got a lot of importance. During late Shrimati Indira Gandhi's time, green revolution got a lot of impetus also. If you go through the Plan size and Plan outlay, you will find that the green revolution was also achieved. So, what I suggest is that it has got to be maintained.

You had made one statement that before the start of the Winter Session you would be bringing one Bill relating to plant protection and protection of farmers' rights. Now, the Winter Session is going on. Have you thought of bringing that Bill or not? We are yet to know about it. So, while replying, please touch upon this aspect also.

Sir, due to vagaries of nature, a farmer is unable to produce more. The marketing facilities are also not good and the rates given for the foodgrains are not maintained.

As far as Price Fixation Policy is concerned, you call a meeting at the national level wherein the farmers should be represented by the representatives along with the elected Members of both the Houses. Please also call the scientists who are working in research areas so that you will be able to make up your mind before you present the Budget of your Ministry in this august House.

Sir, as far as taxing the agricultural sector is concerned, it is better that you give up the idea. If you start taxing this sector, then it is going to give a lot of things on the other side rather than giving impetus to this area.

As far as trade facilities are concerned, some hon. Members have already spoken. There are two areas. One is cooperative sector and another is banking sector. As far as giving credit facilities to this sector is concerned, you please strengthen them.

The last point I would like to touch upon is about the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. You please give all the strength to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research because research is going to help us a lot in the future. Crop insurance sector will have to be covered because the farmers are badly hit in this sector.

As far as subsidies are concerned, please do not withdraw any of these subsidies given to this sector. Please continue to extend your support as far as subsidies are concerned.

These are the few suggestions which I wanted to make.

Sir, with these few words, I thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak.

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