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ɽn, xʶSi VMɮ Vx E Ƥv Ex Sɽi E ɮi ɮEɮ uɮ xʶSi VMɮ Vx E ʴEɺ E ʱB { n V , Ex =E nְ{ɪM , =E nְ{ɪM E E Vx SʽB*

... (ɴvx)

Ex E =E ɱ E =Si ڱ nx E ʱB ɱ Ҩ Vx E +xɴɪ { M E VB + Eʹ E =tM E nV n VB*

SHRI ANADI SAHU (BERHAMPUR, ORISSA): Mr. Deputy-Speaker, Sir, the plight of the farmers has been agitating the minds of the representatives of the people, and it is quite evident today. Vagaries of nature, successive and repeated failure of crops, distress sale of agricultural produce and mounting debts had compelled or driven the small and marginal farmers to commit suicide. That is because of the lackadaisical approach to the agriculture sector by successive Governments, right from the days of Independence. Perhaps, the successive Governments are following the dictum "

hV ɺi Iɨ, inlǪɨ Eʹ Eh"*

They did not give much importance to agriculture and, perhaps, they gave more importance to commerce and industry. That is why, we have had all these difficulties over the years. In order to rectify this defect, the National Democratic Alliance, in its agenda for governance, has clearly indicated that they would earmark 60 per cent of the Plan funds for public investment in agricultural, rural development, irrigation etc.

Hon. Member, Shri Bangarappa, is not here. He has raised this point. It would be quite interesting for you to know that 60 per cent of the Plan outlay would be earmarked for agriculture. Last year, 58 per cent had been allocated in the Budget for different agricultural works.

Due to time constraint, I would like to confine myself to Orissa. We have had two successive cyclones. What is the plight of the farmers there, before and after the cyclone? I would only stress upon that. We have had distress sales earlier in potato, cabbage, tomatoes etc. Last year, the Government of India had allocated funds for setting up small cold storages and godowns and funds had been given to the State Government, but till now no action has been taken. Last year, the Government of India had allocated Rs. 150 crore out of Rs. 450 crore, over a period of three years, for sinking shallow tube wells and for giving credit to the primary agriculture cooperative, But I am sorry to say, maybe, I am treading upon the toes of the State Government and my friends there would take it amiss, that nothing has been done . Now, after the cyclone, it may be seen that the bovine species have almost been wiped out of the Eastern sector. Till now, no steps have been taken to provide livestock to the farmers in the Eastern sector as a result of which it will be very difficult for them to revive the agricultural sector. Take the case of the betel vine where drip irrigation is most important.

No lift irrigation has started yet because more than 70 per cent of the lift irrigation points have not been energised. Whatever we may say, it would create problems for the farmers in Orissa. Added to it, there is shrinkage of arable land because of rapid urbanisation and industrialisation.

Sir, I would just give one example where the TATAs were given 7,000 acres of best agricultural land in my constituency for setting up of a steel plant. Out of that 7,000 acres, 4,000 acres have already been taken over by the TATAs and the TATA project is a still born project. No work has been done. My submission here now is that the Central Government may give a directive to the State Government to retrive the land and the land which had been given for setting up of a steel plant should not be allowed to be used for any other purpose. The Government may resume the land and set up a cooperative in the farming sector so that all those people who have lost their land could be asked to go in for agricultural produce again in that area. The distressed conditions are such that people require more land for producing more food.

Sir, the minor irrigation projects have been a failure. It is only because there is no work the tail-end gets no supply of water to the land and whatever money is being given that is going down the drain. Water cess is being taken but sufficient water is not being provided as a result of which the farmers are facing a lot of difficulty. We may say many things. We may say that we have set up minor irrigation projects; we may say that sufficient ayacuts have been provided but ayacuts do not get water and that is most important.

Sir, my friend have said about seed procurement, prices, distress sale and all those things. I would not like to dilate on that. The most important aspect of my telling these things is that Government of India has been thinking of many different plans. Since agriculture is a State subject I do not know how the Government of India can impose itself on the States to take up a particular work by the States. In my case in Orissa, the Government diverts the funds.

Sir, I gave the example of the TATAs. Rs. sixty three crores were given last year for 21 ITDA districts where there are tribal blocks. Out of that Rs. sixty three crore the Government of Orissa has sent only Rs. 21 crore to the 21 districts till date before the cyclones. I came to know that the rest amount has not yet been sent to different districts for taking up different work for the tribals. This is just one instance. There are many other instances where funds provided by the Central Government are not being properly utilised for amelioration of the conditions of the farmers.

So, my request now is that the Government of India may think of giving more funds for irrigation facilities in the post-cyclone conditions to Orissa and may supply different types of saplings for the Cash crop like coconuts from Koshi. The Government of India could send sufficient number of saplings and sufficient number of coconut plants to Orissa so that something could be done. High breed variety plants and seeds should also be given.

Sir, earlier also I have made a request that the Government of India may give Rabi crop seeds free of cost to the farmers of Orissa. The Orissa Government is charging 50 per cent of the money from the farmers for providing Rabi crop seeds. What is the necessity for it? Why is this niggardly attitude of the State Government? In this particular aspect I would like to appeal to the hon. Agriculture Minister to give sufficient seeds free of cost to those people who have been ravaged by the cyclone. Since the bell has already rung, I conclude my speech here.

MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: All those people whose names were called but were absent, they would now be getting their chances at the end.

V.B. ɮɮ (nE]) : xxҪ ={vI ɽn, +{E vxɴn Ei E +{x x E E n* Z < i {ɮ Mɴ E Ex E ɨɺ Eɱ +{ M E Eƺ]]֪ƺ xɽ ʱE Vɨ E Ex E֨ɮ iE + +iɺɮ E {bS iE BE * nںɮ ɽi{h i ɽ E < q {ɮ < nx ={ʺli ɽi E * Sɽ ɽ ʱM <b +{VҶx E iɮ * Z < i E Sxi E ɮEɮ +

Third piller of the democracy

E iɮ <Mx E Mɪ * ɽi nJ + ɮ x ɽ Ex SɽM E ɨƪ E + Eɱ EU {<] xxҪ Eʹ j V + E֨ɮMɱɨ V E ɨx EM* +Mɮ +{ +Ec E Vɪ E +SU i E ɽ E n i Ei E Ex E n E Z Vɪ + =ɺ <x M E ɪn *

ɤɺ {ɽ ʴɶ E E ʮ{] {ɮ +{x ]{{h Ex Sɽi Vɺɨ ɽ E Mɪ E n ɮ n E BE q {ɮ +Vn E n BE i ɽ ɽ E < n E xiE Ex < n E 100 Ec M E +xV ni + Vɺ J xɽ ɮx n* ɽ ɤ c Mɴ E i * Z =n E BE ɪɮ E i n +i V B :

=xE i֤i xɽ BE n, VxE Jx Vɱi l SɮM ix,

+ ]] =xE Eɮ {ɮ , V Sɮ S Ei l ɽn E Ex

+V ɮ ɮEɮ x ɱ] xxɱ E{xV E nɮi Sɽ ɺɨi Sɴɱ , n E< +x SV , Eڱ E <ɺ Ex E ɽi c vEE Mx ɱ * Z < i E Mɴ E {Vɤ E Ex xxɱ {ڱ 70 {ɮ] Vn ʽ ni VɺE {ɺ n E Eɱ bf {ɮ] <E *

...1.5 per cent of the area but we are contributing more than 65 per cent of the foodgrains in this country.

Ex Vɤ +V {Ui i ɱڨ i E {Vɤ E Ex JnEֶ E + iE 500 Ex JnEֶ E SE * {ɽ {Vɤ x {S nʮ+ {ɮ Mɴ l Vxɨ ɴ, Sxɤ, Zɨ, ʺv + iɱV +i < n x =Mɱi vɮi Sn x {n E l* ɮ {Vɤ E BE Eʴ x ʱJ E {S nʮ+ E xɨ ʽƺ, J, ɺ, +xɪ + iɨ V 65 {ɮ] b Ol ni l* xxҪ Eʹ j V BE ɴɱ {Ux Sɽi E +{x E {ɤn M< {Vɤ E Ex {ɮ E x Vɺlx Vɨx Jɮn Ei , x ʽSɱ Jɮn Ei + x Vɨ EҮ Jɮn Ei * <ʱɪ Ex Sɽi E

It is written in our Constitution that any person can have property anywhere in the country.

Ex ʴvx E vVVɪ =cE {Vɤ E Ex E ɽ E< Vɨx Jɮnx E +vEɮ xɽ V c JiɮxE i * <ɨ Vɨ EҮ E i +M Ex Vɺlx + ʽSɱ |n V ɮ {ɺ Mi , ɽ {ɮ {ɤn M< M< *

xxҪ E֨ɮMɱɨ ɽ +Mɮ vx n i +{E i Ex V * ɽ ]] VɺE Ex {ɮ E{] <xE xƤɮ BE {ɮ l, +V Sl xƤɮ {ɮ + Mɪ * b bWx x E i +{E ɮEɮ + |vx j V x E * +{ {ɮ E] E bɪxʨE j * +{E Ex SɽM E {Vɤ ʤVɱ b 2000 Ec {ɪ E P] <ʱB {c EE V{ + +Eɱ n ɮEɮ E J j

It is a good political gimmick

E ֡i ʤVɱ nM, ֡i {x nM* ɽ Mx +SU * ɪn Mx nx ] g VB Ex +{E ɽ i xx {cM E {] b E] <W {Vɤ ]{ Ei l, +{x lɨDZ {ɮ {] + <b {ɴɮ , Ex +V <ix c P] ]] <E]ʺ] bW E {c * +{ E E ɮ J j E E E

We want more power. We do not want free power.

+V {Vɤ E Ex E +ɴW E +Mɮ =E n P] ʤVɱ ʨɱx , <ɺ iɮ E =ɺ { SV E Ex =xE |{ɮ ʺʱ] + <E]ʺ] ʨɱx SʽB* < i E +{E nx M +Mɮ Ex E ʽi E I +{E Ex * ɽ Wɰ + +{ < i E Vxi * +{ EU E Ex +{ ɨZi * <ɺ +M VE n ɽi{h q EE +{x i ɨ{i EM*

hb ʱM E n V i Sɱ = ɽɴ ɽi l E hb ʮɨǺ M x SʽB Vɨx ]x SʽB* Ex n E ɤɺ c Eʹ =i{nE V E iV֤ {Vɤ Ex SɽM E +V n BEc Vɨx Wɤɱ xɽ * Vx Ex x ]E] ʱɪ , E @h ʱɪ ,