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The Verma Commission examined the aspects relating to security lapse which led to Shri Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.

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SHRI SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY (CALCUTTA NORTH WEST): Mr. Chairman, Sir, we support the Bill. This Bill is further to amend the Special Protection Act, 1988. First of all we all express our regret over the way in which SPG protection was withdrawn from our late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. It was not only shocking but it was a disastrous decision on the part of the then Government and the nation and the country had to suffer a lot for that.

Sir, what is my query? It is a very small query. I agree with you when you said at the beginning of your speech that SPG has now become a status symbol. SPG protection is provided to former Prime Ministers also, including their family members. But it is unfortunate that even a few former Prime Ministers who were provided with SPG protection could not win in the Parliamentary election and their deposits had to be forfeited. They cannot win even an election. But they have to move with SPG guard and SPG protection. I do not know whether there is really any threat perception to the lives of all those who are now being guarded with SPG.

Sir, yesterday in your speech you stated about the performance of the Delhi Police and the total number of Delhi Police personnel and how many of them are guarding the VVIPs or VIPs.

So far as the provision of SPG protection is concerned, it is to be reviewed from time to time, either in every six months or more. Maybe that the threat perception to the life of a person that is there today may not be there tomorrow. Once SPG protection has been provided, that will continue for long. It is not a proper decision and the Government can think of it very seriously. This provision for SPG protection is to be reviewed from time to time and gradually it is to be cut down.

I do not know whether our leader, Kumari Mamata Banerjee will be angry with me when I mention regarding her security matters in our State. Not less than five attempts have been made at her life. Even today she has not been provided with proper security arrangement or security guards, which she does not like at all. But I want to know from you whether the Central Government is still concerned about it or not.

I do not know whether many persons who are getting proper protection from SPG and other security agencies really are eligible for it or not. Excepting for two or three or four persons who really require it, the SPG protection should not be there, otherwise this system is to be totally withdrawn so far as other members are concerned.

16.00 hrs

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA (PONNANI): Mr. Chairman, Sir, there can be no two opinions that we cannot take chances with security. There cannot be any dilution or reduction of necessary security. I, therefore, rise in support of the Bill. I also thank the Government for having responded positively and timely to the threat perception with respect to our Madam Sonia Gandhi. The Government came out with the Ordinance, and we have the Bill to replace the Ordinance with, perhaps, the necessary modifications. Sir, we support the provisions of the Bill.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, it is most unfortunate that dangers of political assassinations are growing within our country. It is the most unfortunate aspect, but then providing security cover is, therefore an inevitable necessity. This is not a political issue. The Government cannot shirk the fact that the responsibility rests with the Government, and the security agencies have necessarily to provide foolproof security.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I must emphasise the fact that we cannot depend wholly and solely on security agencies, even the SPG, and certain other factors, which are issues connected with questions of wider internal security, have also to be taken into consideration. The security agencies have to be supported, for example, by (1) the creation of a reliable and efficient intelligent network; (2) the correct identification of potential threats, and (3) there has to be support from the civil police. The State police force are continuously deteriorating. There is need for their modernisation; there is need for impartiality over there. We cannot ignore these questions and talk adequately about the security cover. So, these wider issues of the internal security have to be taken into consideration. It is only when our security agencies are supported by these various other factors that an effective pattern of responsibility can come up. When we talk of the effective pattern of responsibility, I come to the question posed by the hon. Home Minister to this House, the question of NSG. Certainly, the NSG cannot be simply withdrawn from VIP security. Otherwise, an equal force of an equal rank will have to be created. These are the questions of practical necessity, unfortunately, in view of the situations that we have.

Some of our Members have referred to various personalities -- the question of security cover to Madam Jayalalitha, the question of security cover to our hon. Mayawatiji. All these matters, I do not want to repeat, but then I must assert that effective pattern of responsibility needs that there is no reduction or dilution of security in these necessary cases.

The hon. Home Minister also referred to the question of accommodation being provided on consideration of security. Now, there cannot be a blanket ban on provision of the accommodation on questions of internal security. Sometimes, threat perception may need a proper accommodation, and then strictly going in accordance with the threat perception, such a thing may have to be provided.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I may also emphasize that there are serious and shocking instances of abuse of police authority and the authority of the security forces and harassment to citizens. This must be checked.

Sir, here I would also like to draw the attention of the hon. Home Minister to another important fact. The security, if it has to be effective must be discreet. If the security is very conspicuous, then it is self-defeating in nature. A VIP being taken in a motorcade with a truck load of security or police people with a siren is not only a nuisance to the citizens but also is a clear and easy target to those who want to do harm to the VIP. Therefore, this particular fact that security has to be discreet has also to be considered.

16.06 hrs (Dr. Laxmi Narayan Pandey in the Chair)

Mr. Chairman, Sir, now I come to a very important matter. It is a very anguishing matter; it is a serious matter. It is something that is an assault on the very basis of secular democracy of our polity. I understand that oral instructions have been given that sensitive desks in the Home Ministry, in security agencies, in police and such other forces shall not be occupied by Muslims, Sikhs and such other minorities. The matter is agitating the minds of the minorities. Let the hon. Home Minister react to this matter in most clear terms ... (Interruptions)

SHRI KHARABELA SWAIN (BALASORE): How did he know that oral instructions have been issued? ... (Interruptions)

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : I am giving an opportunity to the hon. Home Minister to come clean on this ... (Interruptions) because circulation of such reports agitate and create tension in the minds of the people outside ... (Interruptions)

ʴVɪ Mɱ (Snx SE) : <E < < E ɨxv * +{ SV E ExʱV i Vc*

... (ɴvx)

SHRI PRAKASH PARANJPE (THANE): How did he know that oral instructions have been issued? ... (Interruptions) Sir, he is trying to create confusion in the minds of the Muslims and Sikhs who are loyal to this land .. (Interruptions)

ʴVɪ Mɱ (Snx SE) : < iɮE E < E =` x `E xɽ * ... (


SHRI SONTOSH MOHAN DEV (SILCHAR): The hon. Home Minister will reply to debate. Why are you getting excited? ... (Interruptions)

SHRI KHARABELA SWAIN How can they speak without knowing the facts? ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN : Shri Banatwalla, please conclude now. ... (Interruptions)

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : Sir, the moment they try and disrupt an honest question addressed to the hon. Home Minister, you are asking me to conclude.

Sir, let the Chair not come under such cloud. It is with good faith that I have raised this question. Let not such reports circulate and agitate and create tension outside. I am giving a direct opportunity to the hon. Home Minister to come clean on this particular issue ... (Interruptions)

SHRI PRAKASH PARANJPE : You have to find out the facts first ... (Interruptions)

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : Sir, I understand that instructions have been issued, let him contradict, that sensitive desks cannot be chaired by Muslims, by Sikhs and by other people belonging to the minority community and the question of appointment and recruitment to forces like the IB, the RAW, the CBI, the CRPF etc ... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Please wind up and conclude now.

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : Sir, please be patient with me. We are dealing with a very important aspect of the Home Ministry.

MR. CHAIRMAN: The allotted time for discussion of this subject was one hour. You have taken more time.

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : Sir, is it being directed towards me?



MR. CHAIRMAN: But I am seeking your cooperation.

SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA : Sir, I am responsible Member of this House and I shall not be taking time of the House even a minute more than what is necessary.