He goes on to give the reasons also.

Jn VVV E ɽ Ex * Vɮ nJɪ < En ɽ VV +M + E Ei , ɮ +J Jֱx SʽB*

"When the release of under-trial is severely restricted as in the TADA case by virtue of Section 20, Sub-Section 8 of TADA Act...."

Sir, I repeat it because of the importance of the sentences. The judge says:

"When the release of under-trial is severely restricted as in the TADA case by virtue of Section 20 of Sub-Section 8 of the TADA Act, it becomes necessary that trial does proceed and conclude within a reasonable time."

ɽ Vɺ] Bb ɮ x E ʱB Vɰ E Vxɱ ]< Ji E* Ex ɱi ɽ E E< Vxɱ ]< E +n ɱ E ɴɱ +i xɽ *

ɮ, V n Mɪ E ]b V Exx V E Vʮ|bx E =ڱ lc ]E + =E +n ʺɱ Ex <ix E`x< J n M< , i E E B ɨɱ E +n i +nɱi EɮǴ< iV x SʽB + Vxɱ ]<, VɤҴEi E +n ɱ +x SʽB* Ex V < <Ǵx E iɱ E VɴҴEi ɱ +x E nڮ-nڮ iE E< +ɶ, E< =n xVɮ xɽ +i*

ɮ, Vɺ En E ɱ n = En VVV +M Ei :

"Deprivation of personal liberty without ensuring speedy trial would also not be in consonance with the right guaranteed by article 21."

Eƺ]]ڶx +{ɽb Ex * x ɽ {ɮ Eƺ]]ڶx E ɮ Eɨ J< l, ɡ =`ɪ l E =E iʤE Eɨ M + ɽ Vɤ VVV JֱE <ix i E + <E ɴVn iɱJ EEi Sɶ{ Ei i i <ƺɡ E Jɱɡ i * Sɮx ɮ, ɽ n J VB E +Mɮ Exx Jn ExxҪi {ɮ ִx --

If the law itself is lawless --

+Mɮ Exx ɽʶɪx , +Mɮ Exx Jn ʺɡx +nɱi EɮǴ< E iɨn =ڱ E Jɱɡ + +Mɮ +nɱi EɮǴ< Eڱ qi {ڮ xɽ Ei i ʡ +ɨ E Biɨn Exx {ɮ =` VɪM, <iVʨɪ {ɮ =` VɪM, +ɨ E Biɨn +nʱɪ {ɮ =` VɪM, +ɨ E Biɨn ɮ Vɨڮ xVɨ {ɮ =` VɪM* ɽ iE E ɮ Vɨʮi {ɮ +ɴɨ E Biɨn =` VɪM* +n , <E xi<V Jn x E ɪxE ʤi Ei + <ʱB < <Ǵx E =x i E ʮɺ x] x {cM *

ɮ, +V <ƺɡ Eڨi E nMɱ {ʱɺ E ʶEɮ * x ֤ɽ BE ƺ E l, <E BE ɱ ɽ ni V>, E V E 1984 E ni E ʱB Eڨi x< VS E ʱB, xB EҶx E ʱB iɮ * < {ɮ EU Ex xɽ Sɽi, Ex nJ i ɽ E BE iɮ ɽ E V E 1984 E nM E +n V Vɨnɮ =xE >{ɮ EɮǴ< x SʽB + +Mɮ BE xɪ EҶx `x , i Eڨi Ei xɪ EҶx `x E ʱB iɮ * < M E Eڨi .{. * 1991 xMɮ ʺx, `-.{. 17 ֺɱɨx E nxnc Ei+ɨ +* ʺɡ +` Eq nɪɮ B + +V BEBE .{.E Eڨi x +` {ɮ En {ɺ ʱB* ɽ E Eڨi Vɺɨ ɪxʮ]V E Vx E E< 豪 xɽ, +EҪi E Vx E < Vɨڮ Eڨi E< EҨi xɽ* ʡEɴɮx ʺɱʺɱ, +xɺɮ E ƺɱ ֱxn E V + E, 17-17 ֺɱɨx E E, Ei+ɨ nxnc +, <Vɨ M B , Ex En {ɺ ʱB Vi *

ɮ, <ɺ {ɽ ɽɮɹ] Eɮ Eڨi l* Ec nʱi {ɮ Vֱ +* Vxx nʱi {ɮ Vֱ ʺiɨ fB l =xE Jɱɡ Ec En nɪɮ EB MB, Ex ɽɮɹ] E Eɮ ɮEɮ x =x {ɺ ʱɪ* <ƺɡ E +M-+M ɪɮ *

֮ ɨɮɴ Vvɴ ({ɮx) : ɦ{i ɽn, {ʱ]E E l*

V.B.xiɴɱ : ɮ, =xE {ʱ]E E E V VɤE ɽ <ʨiɽV E i ɡ Vʽ * + ɱ ni, Ex E ʴlc E ʱB ɽ E E E Exɱ ʡV +SU VBM + Vʮ ɡ Uc nB MB*

TADA is the blackest piece of legislation in independent India's statutes.

ɮ {ɺ i Exx ɽi ɮ * =x Exx E <iɱ E V Ei * E Vi E ]ʮ] E Eɤɱ Ex , ]ʮV E Eɤɱ Ex , niMn E Eɤɱ Ex * {Ux Sɽi E E ]b V Exx E ɴVn ]ʮV gi xɽ ? E ]b ]ʮV E Eɤɱ Eɨɪɤ ? MVi Vɴɤ xɽ* ]b Sɱi , ]ʮV gi * ]b E Vɽ ]ʮV E< E {n xɽ <* Eix Exx +{E {ɺ Vn - ]b Vn , b]b Bʮ BE] Vn , +ɨb {ɱ BE] Vn , ]ʮ] +E]b BʮV {ɱ E]Ǻ BE] Vn , Ex <x ɮ Exx E VnM E ɴVn ]ʮV Ji E xɽ +, ʱE +V + gi V + ]b E ɨɪ + gi l*

MR. CHAIRMAN : Shri Banatwalla, how much time do you want?

V.B.xiɴɱ : ɦ{i V, ɽ ɽi ʺ] ɨɱ , ʺ] SV *

... (ɴvx)

AN HON. MEMBER: Sir, he is the Mover of the Bill...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Okay, please continue.

V.B.xiɴɱ ({xxx) : ɦ{i ɽn, ɽ xɽ Ei E V Eڮɮ , =xE Jɱɡ EɮǴ< x ɽ Ex E iɱɤ xɽ * ]ʮV E Eɤɱ E ʱB {ڮ Bx BE E Jc Ei Ex =E ɽ iɮE x SʽB* V Eڮɮ , ɮ {ɺ Exx E E Vn xɽ * ֱE E iɨɨ Exx Vn * ]ʮV E Eɤɱ Ex , i <E Eɤɱ ʺɡ Exx E ɽ ɽ xE, ]ʮV E ɨx ]] ]ʮV E xɽ E V Ei * ]ʮV E Eɤɱ Ex i ʺɡ B Exx xE, V Vɨʮi E ʨVV E Jɱɢ , V Vʮ|bƺ E Jɱɡ , < iɮ ]ʮV E Eɤɱ xɽ E V Ei ʱE < iɮ ]ʮV E + gɴ nx E i ɨx +i * +V ɴɱ ]Ťxɱ Vʺ] E ]xnx Ex E xɽ * +V ɴɱ -

What about our police force?

{ʱɺ E bx Ex E ʱB, {ʱɺ E <{ʶǪɱ xx E ʱB, {ʱɺ E Vn Vn <E] xx E ʱB E En =`ɪ V ? ʺɡ Exx E ɮɮ E nx ɨɱi xɽ i ʱE <]Vƺ E iɮ xɪ Vɪ*

EɮMɱ E ɮ <]Vƺ E i l, = {ɮ Vx xɽ Sɽi Ex <x i {ɮ E< iɴVVɽ xɽ * ɮ {ɺ {Һ E{M *

There should be better utilisation of peace keeping forces.

V ɮ , =xE iɮx <iɱ, ɽ ɽ <iɱ, iɮ + +SU <iɱ Vɰ iE ]ʮV E Eɤɱ E E* ]ʮV E Ji E xɨ {ɮ Eڨi E M Vɨڮ <Jiɪɮ + {ɴɺ nx, V +ɺx E l ʨɺɪV i , Vɺ ʨɺɪV E n n nx ɱ nɺix ɮ ɨx Vn * ɽ Mɱi Jɱ, Mɱi xVʮ V ɮ ɨx +i , n Ex SʽB* ɮ n ɽx * <E ɽx x E xɪn E ? <E ɽx x E xɪn <E ʺʴɱ<Vx * <E ɽx x E xɪn ɽ {ɮ ɽ ɪx Vɨڮ i {ɮ n + {ɮ x * ʺɡ ɽ Exx

Law which are Law less

ɽ i ɽ <ɺ ɮ n E xEx E +ɴ + EU xɽ ʨɱM*

ɽ V EU E , +V ]Vɮ S V ` B , E Vɤ +{Vɶx l i ɽ i E l* Eix E ɱ, Eix E {Sɺ E ɱ +{E ɨx { E* ʺɡ Eʤx] E +n +{E EֱM E ɱ n V E Eʤx] Vn , xɪɮ + ɤ =xE ʮ{E] Ei * V ɦ l* xɨ i n M, ɽi xɪɮ EֱM -- Vɺɴxi ʺƽ* ]b E ʺɱʺɱ E Ei Vɺɴxi ʺƽ? ɽ Ex xɽ ʱE Vɺɴi ʺƽ V E Ex * ɽ V ɦ E l*

It was on 26th August, 1987 at page 403. I quote :

"If the Government is putting across a thesis that because the criminal justice system stood paralysed, therefore, they had taken recourse to the TADA Bill, I remain unconvinced."

+{E EM ɽ ɪ Ji * +M SɱE Ei

... (ɴvx)

PROF. RASA SINGH RAWAT (AJMER): Congress Party was in power at the time when TADA was introduced. ...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN : No interruptions please.

PROF. RASA SINGH RAWAT : It is the reality.

V.B.xiɴɱ : {ɴɮ l, = Ei { Mɪ*

... (ɴvx)

PROF. RASA SINGH RAWAT : Now it is the discretion of the Court. ...(Interruptions) How do you withdraw it?

MR. CHAIRMAN : Please do not interrupt.

V.B.xiɴɱ : +V +{ ɱi `E E nVB, +{E F +n EM*

... (ɴvx)

{]E E E i E iE M? V E ɱJ E {U =xE +J {lɮ M< * MɮҤ M iɤɽ + ɤn MB * ɽ ʺɡ {]E i i + {]E E S V , ɽ Eʤɱ-B-Wɨi i * Vɺɴi ʺƽ E i E l, <xE Eʤx] EM E i +{x EM E n n l*

"If there is the suggestion that this Ordinance is a means of eradicating terrorism, then again I disagree and differ and, therefore, I oppose it."

=xE {ڮ iEҮ Vn * < Bx ɽ E iEҮ ɽ { xɽ Ei* <ʱB =E iɡұ E +n xɽ V * Ex ɱ n SE * ɽ Vɺɴi ʺƽ V E -

"State must not advocate the adoption of unconstitutionality to combat crime. Our Indian State must reflect in its laws the excellence of its civilization, not its excrescence."

Eix + ɱ ni Sɱ +i* V +V ]Vɮ SV {ɮ ` B * x i ʺɡ b] E ɱ n* +V ɽ x ɨZ VB E ɽ E< + ]ʮWɨ E Eɤɱ E ʱB {U ]i * Ex ni E ]ʮWɨ E Eɤɱ ɮ n BE E EM* Ex Vɨڮ ʨVV, Vɨʮi {ɮ EE E ]E Mi B ɨx +x, ɽ <xiɽ< Mɱi i *

+ i ɽ E +V E֨i S E ]ʮWɨ E Eɤɱ E ʱB BE xɪ Exx ʡ ɪ VB* ]b E { x {ɮ =xx E< ɤE xɽ J* ɨZi E BE xɪ Exx ɽ {ɮ ʡ iɮ * n+ɱ ]b E iV {ɮ BE xɪ Exx x E iɮ * ɽ BE Eʤɱ-B-Wɨi ʡF E Vʮ|bƺ + Vɨڮ ʨVV E Jɱɡ V Exx i , =xE ɮ Mɱ ʺɺ] E BE VWɤ-B-<x <xɺ{ɮɱ ʱE x n VB* + E i E

The Government is habituated to take shortcuts.

ɮEɮ E +ni M< E ]ʮWɨ E ɮ EU ] E] VɤE ɽ ] E] 象 b]M ʤi i + ]ʮWɨ E Ji Ex E VB = q-B-+ɱ + gɴ ni * +V B ɱڨ i E M-ɨڱ <Jiɪɮi E W SJ x E n BMWE] ɽ Sɽi E ʺ]Wx E ɮ {ɮ ɴɮ =xE {ɺ Mɨڱ <Jiɪɮi *


)) 17.00 hrs.

<x +W E l +{x ɽ ʤɱ <x E {n Ex Sɽi * <x , Eڨi MVʮ E < <ƺx xEi-B-xWɮ nJ Vɪ, ]b E Exx xEi-B-xWɮ , ]b E +EJ xEi-B-xVɮ , ]b E Vɨڮ xEi-B-xVɮ , <ƺx xEi-B-xVɮ nJ Vɪ* Exx Ji, En Vɮ, B En E M V {c-{c Vix V E qi i , =ix qi iE E] SE * <ɺ Vn M-<ƺx ʺSBx + ڮi-B-ɱ E { +ɪM? +V Vɰ E < ʤɱ E Vڮ E* ]b Ji + + ɽ i {ɮ Ji * ɽ BE ɽʶɪx Exx l, VɺE +v <iɱ + * ʡ B Exx E iɽi Eqi E Sɱi x <xiɽ< Mɱi + <ƺɡ E Mɱ P]x E ɮɤɮ *

ɽ ʤɱ <x E {n E , =xE < i E nɴi n E MɮҤ E +ɽ {ɮ iɴVVɽ n Vɪ, =xE +ɽ E x Vɪ, V E ɱJ E {U V xn + VxE Jxnx iɤɽ-ɤn * , VxE +{ Eڮɮ ɨZi i ɮ ֱE E {ɺ ɽi ɮ Exx Vn , =x Exx E <iɱ Ei B =xE Jɱɡ +{ g Ei * x VV E, Vʮ] E ɪ E + =xE lEM E +{E ɨx { E * Z =n E < xVE c {ɮ ɽ <x =`M + <ƺɡ E BE + ʨɺɱ < ʤɱ E Vڮ Ei B Eɪɨ EM*

Exx ]ʮV E Jɱɡ ɤ iiɽn M, ]] ]ʮV E xɽ, ʱE ]ʮV E Eɤɱ +{x ɨɱi E ɽ Ji B, ɽ +nV E +xn E VɪM* <E +xn E< E xɽ +x {BM, Z Ex * E ɽ Bx < Exx E Vڮ EM*

MR. CHAIRMAN : Motion moved:

"That the Bill to provide for withdrawal and prevention of all legal proceedings under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, 1987 which expired on 23 May, 1995 and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, be taken into consideration."

SHRI ANADI SAHU (BERHAMPUR, ORISSA): Mr. Chairman Sir, I must appreciate the eloquent speech of Shri Banatwalla which was delivered in unsullied Urdu. I cannot match his speech in any way, but I would definitely try to pick holes in whatever he has presented to this august House.

Before I start, I would like to congratulate Shri S. Jaipal Reddy, who in his another eloquent extempore speech in the Central Hall, had quoted from Shakespeare. It was a Hamlet's statement: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." What was true of the Shakespearean days is true now in India. With extra-territorial loyalty in religion, in social behaviours and in political ideologies, this Indian polity, in a manner, many persons of this polity have looked to foreign lands, to foreigners and foreign activities in India. That is why, this august House and the Parliament in general had, from time to time, passed some laws to cope up with the problems that were facing this country.

I would request my friends in this august House to go through the Act itself wherein more emphasis had been put on coping with the problems and what were the things that were creating problems for this country.

It is a fact that the TADA was abused here and there. That is why, it was allowed to lapse in 1995. But Shri Banatwalla's entire attack is on clause 4 of Section 1, where there is a lingering provision. Why there is a lingering provision, that has to be thought of, when we are thinking of the political atmosphere, the secessionist's attitude of some people and the way people have been behaving.

The other day only, this House had passed the Money-Laundering Bill --- wherein it was indicated that persons who create something with a view to get money, who murder, who counterfeit, who take to prostitution, who are

involved in narcotics and psychotropic substances trade or Arms Act --- saying that the money-launderers will be booked. What was the TADA doing? There is a clear provision in the TADA about money-laundering itself. These are all matters which can be seen.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, the Indian Penal Code was enacted in the year 1860; the Evidence Act was enacted in the year 1872, and the Code of Criminal Procedure, after going through a lot of amendments, came into force in 1973 and became Act 2 of 1974. Those who had drafted the Act, enacted it and enforced it, did not know that there could be people who need to be tackled in a very different manner. Those who are in the executive, those who are in the enforcement agencies or the departments know how difficult it is to cope up with the problems. One has to read between the lines to enforce certain behavioural patterns among the people; in behavioural patterns, I am not talking of recidivism -- committing crime again and again is recidivism; I am talking of people who do not have any loyalty for this country mostly or who do not have any qualms or scruples for people -- the milk of human kindness does not flow in their minds.