Bɮ{] {ɮ BE c +|ɪ P]x < Vɤ +` ɱ E BE ʤ] BE] F E ɮ M<* {Ux SɽM E <E ʱB Ex Vɨnɮ ? xʶSi { xxҪ j V <E ʱB Vɨnɮ , ɽ ɴɺl Vɨnɮ Vx M x = ] E Jֱ Uc l* <ix nnxE P]x l* ɽ n E E l Ei * {ڮ ʴɶ E {x {ɮ M < P]x E nJi M, ]ʮ]

< P]x E nJi M, +x ɱ M < P]x E nJi M* < iɮ E P]x+ E ʱB Vɨnɮ Eiɪ E ffx M* < E ESɮ E <|ڴ Ex M, V xV {ii E n E {ii ɨZE < n E ʱB = iɮ E* j V +Oɽ EM E ɽ ƺl +{E ʱB xɪ * x {U ɮ E l E vɮi Vc +n E +ɺɨx E Vɨnɮ { M< Ex xʶSi { +OW E M]-{] ]E ɽ ʴɦM +{E ʨɱ * +{ nx E +{x l E +x ɱ nx <bx Bɮ<x + Bɮ <b E {S ɹ E +v n E ɤɺ |ɨJ ƺlx x nM*

... (ɴvx)

MR. CHAIRMAN : You cannot make a speech. You can ask a question. I apprise the Member that under the rules, you can ask a question for elucidation of further facts.

SHRI RAJIV PRATAP RUDY (CHHAPRA): That is there. What happens is that this issue is an emotional issue. The matter is so important and the hon. Minister also desires that something better should be done in this organisation. So, I would request the hon. Minister that he should take personal initiative in the happenings of the Indian Airlines and Air India and take the House into confidence to improve the services of these Airlines. (ends)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Shri Varkala Radhakrishnan, you may kindly be brief so that the hon. Minister may conclude his reply by 6 p.m.

SHRI VARKALA RADHAKRISHNAN (CHIRAYINKIL): The first point I would like to urge upon the hon. Minister is that there is no coordination between Air India and Indian Airlines. They operate in different sections. For example, they operate in the Gulf sector. Both Air India and Airlines operate together with the result that there are a few passengers in a particular flight. That is one point. If they have some prior consultation or discussion about the flight timings, this could be prevented. This is another point.

Another aspect is that there is mismanagement. Regarding the time schedule, there is no principle followed. I come from Trivandrum. We have an International Airport which is the fourth largest International Airport. On one fine morning, they had cancelled 17 flights all of a sudden without any reason. These 17 flights were operating between Muscat, Baharain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and such other cities. These flights were operated with full capacity to my knowledge. But due to some other reasons which I do not know, the flights were cancelled putting the Trivandrum airport to a very difficult situation. Subsequently, when I made enquiries, they told me that there was a loss and so, they had changed the flight timing but without changing the timing, the operation was profitable. All of a sudden, when it was changed, it begins to run on a loss. This is the position. So, there must be some coordination and understanding between Indian Airlines and Air India. It is quite natural that Air India runs on a huge loss because they are operating without any purpose. Take, for example the time schedule. It is most inconvenient for the travelling public. They operate their aircraft in such timings which are very inconvenient for the travelling public, for the office-going people and the business people.

I can cite a number of instances wherein Air India and the Indian Airlines are operating the scheduled flights without taking into consideration the convenience of the public. Probably, it will result in huge losses. So, I would request the hon. Minister to look into this. Of course, the hon. Minister is new to this field. I would request him to study the entire thing, reschedule all the scheduled flights and also make it a well-managed concern. Now, really the net result is, it is mismanagement for a very long time. So, I would request the hon. Minister to take immediate steps to restore the flights that have been cancelled at the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and do all that is possible to make the Airport more viable. Thiruvananthapuram is India's southern-most point. All foreign companies are demanding stop-over at Thiruvananthapuram. But these people do not allow them.

Regarding the finances of the Indian Airlines and the Air India, the matter should be taken into consideration. I hope the hon. Minister will take a very healthy decision in all these matters.

With these words, I conclude.

MR. CHAIRMAN : Now, the hon. Minister has to reply only to the questions raised by the Members under the rules. Only those Members who have given notices are allowed.

SHRI KHARABELA SWAIN (BALASORE): Sir, with your permission, I would like to put a straight question...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: I cannot go against the rules. You may put question in some other form. It is with reference to an accident.

(Interruptions) ... (Not recorded)

MR. CHAIRMAN: It is not permitted. What you say is not in reference to the matter under discussion. It is against the rules. Members who have given notices have already put their questions.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI K.A. SANGTAM (NAGALAND): Sir, why are you discriminating against me? When you have allowed him, why can you not allow me also?...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: It is a bad precedent. Under the rules, it will not be

permitted. I have disallowed that question also. It will go against the rules.


E.B. Miɨ (xMɱb) : xl <Ǻ] E ɮ BE ɴɱ {Ux Sɽi

... (ɴvx)


MR. CHAIRMAN: In order to do justice, I have disallowed these two questions. I have rendered justice. You can raise it on some other occasion through other devices.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: These two questions are disallowed. I should not expunge it. You should follow the rules. It is not permitted under the Rules. It will be quoted as a precedent in future. I do not want to create any precedent. It is against the rules. Otherwise, for every discussion, there will be questions put by Members who have not participated in the debate.

... (Interruptions)

THE MINISTER OF CIVIL AVIATION (SHRI SHARAD YADAV): I have understood your points...(Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: For your information, I read the rule:

"There shall be no formal motion before the House nor voting. The member who has given notice may make a short statement and the (members who have previously intimated to the Speaker may ask a question for the purpose of further elucidating any matter of fact. Thereafter, the Minister shall reply shortly:)"

You have not given notice. I cannot violate the rules.

... (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN (SHRI P.H. PANDIYAN): Please cooperate. I disallow the questions put by both the hon. Members. You can meet the Minister later.


*Not Recorded.

18.00 hrs.

xMɮ ʴɨxx j ( ɮn n): ɦ{i V, b V x V SS E P]x ɱ ɨɱ =`ɪ, =E ɮ x V ɦ ʴɺiɮ iɪ l* ɽ = xɽ J E, <E Z + * ɽ V n + , < {ɮ Ji Ji EɮǴ< V Ei , EM, iE ʴɹ < iɮ E P]xB x * <E l Eɱ <iVɨ Ex E Eʶɶ E * V x +{x SS Vix ɴɱ =`B , =x ɤE Vɴɤ nx + i E`x * <bx Bɮ<ƺ ɦ * Bɮ <b Miɮ nxɪ E ] Bɮ<ƺ x Vi * Ex n-ix Eɮh E Sɱi <x nx Bɮ<ƺ EU nEEi +<* +{x V Eɮh iB , +{x VMɽ * +i x ɱ xxҪ n x ESʮ E J E ɮ E + ɽ E E ɮ BE VɽV E {U 700 ESɮ , VɤE nںɮ Bɮ<ƺ +vEiɨ 250 ESɮ * 50 ɱ V ɮ ɮEɮ ={F x B , =xE ɮ V x B * Bɮ <b EҤ 18000 ESɮ * <xE iiEɱ <V ɮ l xɽ + i֮i <V Ex E`x Eɨ * b V x ESʮ E ɨɺ E ɮ i E , ɽ E E +vEʮ E V g * V {ɮʨb x SʽB, ɽ {ɱ i V , ɽ BE ɨɺ * Bɮ <b E V ʴiiҪ ʺli , 1996-97 = 14 Ec {B E P] +, 1997-98 47 Ec {B E ɦ +, 1998-99 38 Ec {B E ɦ + + 1999-2000 , <ɨ +v ɱ 14.3 Ec {B E ɦ + , Si ɽ +M gM* <bx Bɮ<ƺ 1980 Bɮɺ 320 +<, ɽ x ɽx E ʱB O=b E n M< l* ɽ ɤɺ c ] * ɽ ɱ ɮEɮ E uɮ ʱɪ Mɪ l* = ɱ MɦM 200 Ec {B E P] +*

SHRI VARKALA RADHAKRISHNAN (CHIRAYINKIL): Is there any proposal for the merger of these two Corporations - Indian Airlines and Air India?

ɮn n: +{E i {ɮ + *

MR. CHAIRMAN: Shri Radhakrishnan, please address the Chair. You should not directly ask from the Minister. You should address the Minister through the Chair.

ɮn n : ɽn, <E n c Eɮh * ɤɺ c Eɮh ɽ E V B-320 Bɮ ɺ <bx Bɮ<ƺ Sɱ * =ɨ V iEi ɽ < ɺ E Eɮh * Sxp Jɮ V E F +n Ei E Mɱ Vɤ ɮ < i M ƺ MB* =xx <Vƺ BE ɽi c ɱ <x ɺ E Sɱx E E + xhǪ ʱɪ E <ǮE + Eִi V j ƺ B l, B 320 V O=b E M< l, =x jɪ E c j < ɺ xEɱx E Eɨ E* ɽ {ڮ nxɪ E c Vɤɮni Bɮ Fɡ] + ɮ <bx Bɮ<ƺ E < ] Vn iEi ʨɱ < *

... (ɴvx)

B-300 ɮ {ɺ x , Ex g MB * =xE = 20 ɱ Sɮ ɽx * B-320 E J 30 * 30 ɺ Vɤ +{ x ɽx iE Jc EM, <E ɱ Sɽ ɮ {֮x , xi E V Bbʨxɺ]x + ESɮ , <x iɨɨ SV E Sɱi {ʤE E] E ֮ ɱ + * Vɤ Mɱ<Vx ֯ + i E iɮ l? ... (ɴvx) iɮ |]Ex ʨɱ + l* M E {ɺ E< Sɮ, E< ɺi xɽ l, =x E <iɱ Ex l* <ʱB M Vɤڮ <x SV E <iɱ Ei l* Ex Vɤ Mɱ<Vx + E{]x Mɪ, i Sɽ >{ɮ E +ʡɮ ESɮ , =x ɤ E BʡʶBƺ BE c ɮ {n =` Mɪ, =xE { Jֱ M<* + {n Vɰ =` Mɪ Ex Exx ɽ , Exx E< qn xɽ * i n E Ei Ex xEɱx E ʺli xɽ l* +Mɮ xEɱM i V lc-ɽi P] Sɱ ɽ + g VBM* ɮ {ɺ V ] ɽ B-300 E x , V 20 ɱ {֮x , B-320 E 30 , <E = +` ɹ , -377 Eֱ 12 , VxE = 18.4 + bxɪɮ ix Ex <E = 14.2 ɹ , x ɮ {ڮ ] E V BɮV , =E = 12.9 ɹ *

ɽn, Bɮɺ E O=b Ex <bx Bɮ<ƺ E V S] {ɽS , V nEEi +< ɽ < i +< * nںɮ SV ɽ E <ɨ ɪni E VǮ Mɪ, Vɺɨ 1300 ESɮ l* {ɽ <E P] MɦM 200 Ec E l il 15 Ec {B Si P] l + {ɮ <Ǫɮ 15 Ec E P] + l* <E

ESɮ 1300 l, V B, x V BE E{x bڤ l =E Vɨ <bx Bɮ<ƺ {ɮ {c* <E <ɨ V E n Mɪ + < Bɮ B<ƺ x n Mɪ*

ʡ B<ƺ Bɮ E ɮ V ʶEɪi {U ɮ xxҪ b ɽ x E l, =E ɮ x +{x jɱɪ {ڮ EMVi, {ڮ SV E VxEɮ * V + ʶEɪi E Mɪ l E ɪni E ESɮ xɽ ɽ E Vn ESɮ ʱɪ Mɪ* < Eɨ E nJx E Eɨ E Mɪ * xxҪ E] + xxҪ b ɽ x ɨɱ =`ɪ l i x +{x jɱɪ VE ɤ Ƥvi +vEʮ ֱɪ* =ɨ E iɮ E Mɱi M i =E vɮ VɪM* +Mɮ ɡ Ex ɪE Mɱi xɽ M i BEx ʱɪ VɪM*

<bx Bɮ <ƺ E ɮ V x E E EU ɱ +ʤMx xɦx {ci * B ] {ɮ Sɱi V EɶҮ , xl-<Ǻ] * ʡ ɤ ڤ E ʴiiҪ ɱi BE xɽ * ɤ ڤ +ɱ E nɨ + -]E +M-+M * +w |n ɽi Vn -]E , -+{ i E +i * ڤ E ʴiiҪ ɱi Jɮɤ * +ɱ E ɮ E nEEi +i *

iҺɮ i V M x E E xVɨ] 37 bɪɮE] * xʶSi i {ɮ <bx Bɮ<ƺ <ix bɪɮE] E Vɰi xɽ * {ɽ nx ]M Vɤ x <ix c nJ i ɽں + E <ix V E Vɰi xɽ * =ɨ E E V Ei , =E ɺi <bx Bɮ<ƺ E Bb + ʴɦM SS EE xEɱM* xɪ ESɮ i i xɽ Ex <xE E E E V Ei , < {ɮ ʴSɮ M* <E P] E ɮ n x ʴɺiɮ i n , Z ix E Vɰi xɽ * + P] E n ɽ + Mɪ + + ɦ E n * + ɮ Eʶɶ M E ɽ ɦ E iɮ gi Vɪ*

]< bڱb E ɮ Mɪ* nx Bɮ<ƺ ]< E ɽi |ɤɨ * EU i E{ɶƺ E Eɮh * ɱ +ʤMx E Sɱi E VɽV E nڱ E <E Sɱx {ci *

... (ɴvx)

+{E i E xi E Ei {ɮ Sɱ, =xE {ڮ bʱM * ɽ V +{x Zɴ n ɽ xxҪ n ɱɽ-ɶʴɮ EE + ɮ SV E <E_ EE nJx E n S VBM* Bɮ <b E P] E ɽi c Eɮh ɽ E B-320 ɺ Vɤ O=b E n Mɪ + Mɱ <E <iɱ E Mɪ, = ɨɪ <bx Bɮ<ƺ E Mɱ E ɽi c ʽ n Mɪ, Vɺɺ ɦ E* <xE ɦ i g Ex Bɮ <b E |ʡ] P] Mɪ* ɱi ʤMc < * < ɱi E vɮx E i *

+{x b-<ƴ]] E i E * + i BE ʴɦM +M x Mɪ * ɮ ʴɦM =E SS Sɱ * Bɮ <b ]]VE {]xɮ V =ɨ ɽ E Eix |iɶi , Eix x , xVɨ] Eix , < {ɮ SS Vɮ * <bx Bɮ<ƺ b-<ƴ]] E iɮ * EE V nx Bɮ<ƺ ɮi E ɨ{ii *

+V lc cJc< * +V nxɪ E Vɮ E ɱ + * = ɱ E Eɤɱ Ex M* + |<] B+<x + M< * <ɺ lc xEx + Ex ɦ +* ɦ ɽ + E |iɺ{v Jc x {c* = E{]x E Jc , < ɤi MɨҮi S-ʴSɮ Ex SʽB* + +B n ɽx B * <ɨ M * ƺn j +x Eɨ lc fұ + * <bx B+<x + B+ <b ɽi c <ƺ]]ڶx * n x c xi <x Jc E * ɽ E< nx iE |ʡ] Ex EU + ɽ P] * ɽ E n֯i , {ڮ iEi V Mx * Eʤɪx V] E ɴɱ b ɽ =` l* Eʤɪx V] E Eɮ E JʮV E Mɪ VɤE =ɨ JʮV Ex ɱ EV xɽ l* +] Mұ + {x =ɨ Mɮ Mɪ, ɱ i <* < i E {ڮ iɮ {ɺ nJ * E iɮ E E< nEEi xɽ +BM* +Mɮ +{E {ɺ E< Jɤɮ i Z iB* Eʤɪx V] E ɨɱ E EiMi { nJ * Z nJE iEҡ <* Vɺ nx Bb +ɪ , = nx =E iɮ {ڮ vx n * B+ <b E ɱi Jɮɤ * Eʤɪx V] 103 Ec {B E Bb ʨɱ Mɪ * ɮ Eʶɶ E < Bb E ʡ E n֯i E? B-320 O=b E n M<* BE ɪni =ɨ V E n M<* <bx B+<x V E BE ɺl ƺl l ɽ n nEEi {cM, < {ɮ ʴSɮ-ʴɨɶ Ex E Eɨ xɽ +* ɮi ɮEɮ E ʴiiҪ ɱi B xɽ E < {ɮ Vn { JS E E* ɽ ʴɦM lc xMɱE]b EE <E ɺi ] E * xɪjh lc ɽi EV * MɮǺ Vɰ Ex < {ɮ ɮEɮ E ɽi +ʤMx xɽ * EɮMɱ E <Ex iE <x +SU Eɨ E*