Availability of Lignite

*306. DR. P. VALLAL PERUMAN: Will the Minister of COAL be pleased to state:

(a) the places where lignite resources are available in the country;

(b) the quantity available in different places and when these are likely to be mined;

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(c) whether the Government have any proposal to set up a National Commission for Lignite Mining and the allied thermal generation at Neyveli; and

(d) if so, the details thereof?

THE MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF COAL (SHRI P.A. SANGMA): (a) and (b) The important known occurrences of lignite in India, by and large, are confined to Neyveli, Jayamkondam and environs in Tamil Nadu, Bahur in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, Panandhro in Gujarat, Palana, Gurha, Barsingsar, Kapurdhi, Jalipu, Merta Road in Rajasthan and Nichahom in Jammu & Kashmir; besides sporadic occurrences reported in certain areas of Tanjore and Ramnad districts of Tamil Nadu, Alleppey, Varkala, Cannanore, etc. in Kerala and Rathnagiri, Sindudurg districts in Maharashtra.

The lignite reserves in the country has been currently estimated at about 6500 million tonnes. The state-wise distribution is as follows:-

State Area Million Tonnes Tamilnadu Neyveli 3,300 Jayamkondam 1,150 Bahur-Pondicherry 580 Gujarat Panandhro, Lakhpat, etc. 383 Rajasthan Palana, Barsingsar,

Kapurdhi, etc. 870 Jammu & Kashmir 90 Kerala 100 (to be proved by detailed exploration)

_________ Total 6,473 say

6,500 ________ 33 Written Answers

The lignite resources at Neyveli are exploited by Neyveli Lignite Corporation, a public sector undertaking, mainly for pit-head power generation. The existing projects of NLC are Mine-I (6.5 m.t.

capacity/annum). First Thermal Power Station (600 MW), Mine-II stage-I (4.7 m.t. capacity/annum), Thermal Power Station-II, stage I (3 X 210 MW), a fertilizer plant having an installed capacity of 1.52 lakh tonnes of urea per annum and a Briquetting and Carbonisation plant with installed capacity of 3.27 lakh tonnes of briquettes (leco)/annum. Besides, there are a number of projects under implementation and also new projects in the pipeline.

Detailed geological exploration for lignite in Jayamkondam area in Trichy district and adjacent areas of South Arcot district of Tamil Nadu and Bahur area in Pondicherry is at present being carried out by N.L.C. feasibility report/project proposal can be prepared only after completion of detailed geological exploration and hydrological investigations.

Lignite reserves in Panandhro in Kutch district of Gujarat is being mined by Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation. In Panandhro area, there is total reserve of about 90 m.t. out of which about 60 m.t. have been proposed for effective mining for a mine of 1.5 m.t.

for use in pithead thermal power station of 2 X 70 MW to be later expanded to 3 X 70 MW.

Lignite is also mined in Jagadia in Baroach district.

For exploitation of lignite resources in other areas like Akrimota, Umarsar, Bhavanagar, etc., further exploration may be necessary for firming up the reserves.

In Rajasthan, the Barsingsar deposit is already being considered for exploitation by NLC. A lignite mine (1.7 m.t./annum capacity)-cum- power project (2 X 120 MW) has been sanctioned by the Government of 34 Written Answers

India at a cost of Rs. 828.04 crores in April, 1991. Gurha deposit in the neighbourhood is also likely to be later considered for concurrent mining with Barsingsar for possible expansion of the proposed power project at Barsingsar using lignite.

The lignite deposits at Kapurdhi Jalipa and Giral in Barmer district, Kashnau-Igiar in Nagaur district and Palana in Bikaner district could also be considered for exploitation using appropriate technology. Palana lignite was mined earlier by underground method and was abandoned because of fire outbreak.

Lignite deposits have been proved in Nichahom district of Jammu & Kashmir. The combustion of the lignite has been tested at Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Trichy and the possibility of preparing a feasibility report for the installation of 2 X 10 MW Thermal Power Station based on the fluidised bed combustion at Nichahom is being considered.

For lignite deposits in Kerala, task force has been constituted to coordinate the exploratory activities to be taken up with various agencies and to evaluate the data generated and suggest measures for utilisation of lignite deposit.

(c) There is no proposal to set up such a Commission at present.

But International Competitive Bids have been invited for preparation of a Master Plan for development of lignite, power generation, other down stream industries, etc. based on it. NLC proposes to commission this study early.

(d) Does not arise.


Railways Expansion Programme in Rajasthan

*311. SHRI RAM NARAIN BERWA: Will the Minister of RAIL WAYS be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Government have taken steps to expand and provide

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facilities for the railway traffic in industrially backward states during the last three years;

(b) if so, the progress made so far in the implementation of railway expansion scheme in Rajasthan.

(c) whether the Government propose to link district head- quarters by railway line; and

(d) if so, by what time?


(a) Yes, Sir.

(b) Conversion works of Phulera-Bikaner-Lalgarh, Merta Road- Jodhpur, Bhildi-Samdari and Sawaimadhopur-Jaipur and construction of parallel BG lines from Samdari to Jodhpur and from Jaipur to Phulera have been taken up.

(c) No, Sir.

(d) Does not arise.

St. Name of work Progress 1. Facilities in connection with Sinhastha Fair-

providing new station building with waiting hall,

booking and reservation Office 5% 2. Provision of Pilgrims platform additional foot- over bridge, extension to cover over platforms

and circulating area 15% 3. Provision of a 50-bedded rail yatri niwas 45% These works are in various stages of progress and will be completed before the Sinhastha Fair.

(b) Yes, Sir.

(c) Works regarding provision of waiting shed, booking office and improvement to circulating area have already been completed on Birla Gram side of Nagda Station. Adequate facilities already exist on the Nagda Mandi side of the Nagda Station.

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Construction work of Ratlam Division

*313. SHRI SATYANARAYAN JATIYA: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) the details of the progress made and targets achieved in regard to the construction works in Ratlam Division of Western Railway in the context of Kumbha ``Singhastha'' to be held in Ujiain, Madhya Pradesh in April, 1992.

(b) whether the facilities of inquiry, retiring rooms etc. are available at the platform of Nagda Junction in Ratlam Division; and (c) whether the work programme has been formulated for Nagda Mandi and Birla Gram for the independent development of Nagda Railway Station?


(a) In connection with `Sinhastha Fair' to be held at Ujjain in April 1992, following works have been taken in hand at Ujjain on Ratlam Division of Western Railway:-


Suburban Services to Calcutta and Howrah

*315. SHRI AMAL DATTA: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Government have assessed the need for additional rakes/coaches for increasing the suburban services to Calcutta and Howrah;

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(b) the details of the present stock of rakes/coaches, the number of rakes/coaches actually available for service and the number needed for service in the Sealdah and Howrah divisions of Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway: and

(c) the number of overage coaches/rakes still in service?


(a) Yes, Sir.

(b) The present holding of EMUs on Eastern and South Eastern Railways is 135 rakes/1245 coaches, both for traffic service requirements as well as for running maintenance and periodic overhaul.

(c) 157 coaches as on 1-4-1911.

Railway Line from Ambaguda to Kesinga (SER)

*316. SHRI K. PRADHANI: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) whether there is any proposal to construct a railway line from Ambaguda to Kesinga in Waltair Division;

(b) if so, whether the survey for this project has been completed;

(c) the cost of the project and when it is proposed to be constructed; and

(d) the places in Koraput and Kalahandi districts likely to be connected by this railway line?


(c) Does not arise.

(d) Though no survey has been done from Amagura-Kesinga, a survey was done in 1965-66 from Lanjigarh Road to Amagura. Keeping in view the proposed Alumina Plant near Bhawanipatna, survey for part of the route from Lanjigarh Road (Near Kesinga) to Junagarh has been 38 Written Answers

updated in 1990-91. Construction of the line from Lanjigarh Road to Junagarh (54 km) at a cost of Rs. 80 crores has been approved by the Planning Commission for being taken up subject to the coming up of the Alumina Plant. The surveyed line passes through Bhawanipatna.

ONGC Complex at Ramanathapuram

*317. DR. V. RAJESHWARAN: Will the Minister of PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS be pleased to state:

(a) the amount to be spent on drilling operations in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu by the Oil and Natural Gas Commission:

(b) whether there is any proposal to set up an Oil and Natural Gas Commission office complex at Ramanathapuram:

(c) if so, the details thereof?

THE MINISTER OF PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS (SHRI B. SHANKARANAND): (a) Two wells have been drilled in the past at a cost of Rs. 0.7 crores. Four wells are to be drilled at an estimated cost of Rs. 13 crores.

(b) No, Sir.

(c) Does not arise.


Oil Exploration and Production by Indian and Foreign Companies *318. SHRI MORESHWAR SAVE: SHRI INDARJIT GUPTA:

Will the Minister of PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Government propose to invite tenders from the international and national oil companies for accelerating the pace of crude oil production and exploration;

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(b) if so, the details thereof and the companies/countries proposed to be invited;

(c) The details of the blocks identified which are likely to be handed over to those companies; and

(d) The terms and conditions therefor?


(b) to (d) The Government has decided to invite the Fourth Round of bids from international and Indian companies for exploration for oil and gas in India. 72 blocks-39 offshore and 33 onshore-in 17 basins are proposed to be offered, subject to environmental clearce.

Companies possessing requisite financial and technical expertise can bid. The contracts would be production-sharing contracts.

Cancellation of Train between Samastipur and Khagariya

*319. SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) whether the passenger trains running in the morning and evening between Samastipur and Khagariya junction (North-Eastern Railway) via Rosda have been cancelled for the last few months; (b) if so, the reasons therefor;

(c) whether the Government propose to restore this train; and (d) if so, by what time?

THE MINISTER OF RAILWAYS (SHRI C.K. JAFFER SHARIEF): (a) The run of 415Up/41Dn Samastipur-Banmankhi train has been cancelled between Samastipur and Saharsa.

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(b) This was one of the 83 trains that had to be cancelled due to dislocation caused by extensive civil disturbances and damage to railway property during anti-reservation agitation.

(c) No, Sir.

(d) Does not arise.


Khurda Road-Bolangir Railway Line

*320. SHRI SIVAJI PATNAIK: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) whether there is any proposal to conduct resurvey for the construction of a new railway line from Khurda Road to Bolangir on the South Eastern Railway: and

(b) if so, the action taken so far in this regard?


(b) Does not arise.

Privatisation of Vayudoot


Will the Minister of CIVIL AVIATION AND TOURISM be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Vayudoot is incuring heavy losses every month; (b) if so, the details thereof for the last one year and the reasons therefor;

(c) whether the Government have any plan to privatise the Vayudoot; and

(d) if so, the details thereof?

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(b) The accumulated losses of Vayudoot up to 31st March, 1991 are estimated to be of the order of Rs. 128 crores. The major reasons for the losses are: Short-haul nature of the operations. obsolete and uneconomic fleet. unremunerative fare structure.

(c) and (d) Government is considering various options regarding the future set up of Vayudoot. No final decision has been taken in the matter.

Railway Lines in Marathwada

322. SHRI PRAKASH V. PATIL: Will the Minister of RAILWAYS be pleased to state:

(a) the target set during 1990-91 for the construction of railway lines covering Marathwada;

(b) whether the target has been fully achieved; and

(c) the details of the plan for construction and conversion of railway lines in the area during 1991-92?

THE MINISTER OF RAILWAYS (SHRI C.K. JAFFER SHARIEF): (a) No target was set for opening of lines covering Marathwada during 1990- 91. (b) Does not arise

(c) Conversion of Manmad-Aurangabad MG to BG and construction of Adilabad-Pimpalkutti (Partly in Andhra Pradesh) are targetted for opening in 1991-92 in the Marathwada region.

Power Plants in Kerala

323. PROF. K.V. THOMAS: Will the Minister of POWER AND NON- CONVENTIONAL ENERGY. SOURCES be pleased to state:

(a) whether there is any proposal to set up a diesel based power station

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at Brahmapuram and a gas based power station at Vypeen, Cochin in Kerala;

(b) if so, the details in this regard; and

(c) if not, the reasons thereof

THE MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF POWER AND NON- CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES (SHRI) KALP NATH RAI): (a) to (c) A Feasibility Report for setting up of 90 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Brahmapuram envisaging installation of 2 X 30 MW Gas Turbine + 1 x 30 MW Steam Turoine based on the LSHS or Gas as fuel at an estimated cost of Rs. 106.66 crores was received by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in April, 1989 from the State Electricity Board. The proposal can be processed by the CEA for techno-economic clearance after the fuel linkage is confirmed by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, other requisite inputs are tied up and necessary clearances are obtained by the State Electricity Board.

NTPC examined the possibility of putting up a Liquified Natural Gas based power station at Vypeen (Cochin). Gas linkage is not available for setting up this Power Station.


Rural Electrification of Jahanabad District in Bihar


(a) the number of villages electrified in Jahanabad district in Bihar;

(b) the time by which the rest of the villages are likely to be electrified;

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(c) the details of the allocation likely to be made during the Eighth Five Year Plan, village-wise;

(d) whether any increase in this allocation is likely to be made; and

(e) if not, the reasons therefor?

THE MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF POWER AND NON-CONVENTIAL ENERGY SOURCES (SHRI KALP NATH RAI): (a) As per the available information, out of the 870 inhabited villages in Jahanabad district, as per 1981 census, 744 villages have been electrified by the end of March, 1991.

(b) to (e) District-wise electrification programme is finalised at the State level, based on the availability of funds and relative priority fixed by the State Government. Overall targets for electrification in respect of Bihar during Eighth Plan period has not yet been finalised.

Oil and Natural Gas Reserves in Uttar Pradesh

325. SHRI RAJVEER SINGH: Will the Minister of PETROLEUM AND NATURAL GAS be pleased to state:

(a) whether huge reserves of oil and natural gas have been found in Uttar Pradesh;

(b) if so, the details thereof; and

(c) the places where oil has been struck?

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