SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN (Rosera) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have given a notice that more than 20 people belonging to Scheduled Castes have been killed in Tsundur village of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh .... (Interruptions).... Even yesterday our colleagues from Andhra Pradesh were very much agitated. People belonging to Scheduled Castes including 400 Dalits have fled away from the village. The State Government was alreaday aware of the possibility of such an incident.

If the Government wanted, it could avert such a happening. The subject mater concerning the protection of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is the responsibility of the Central Government. But I find that since the new Government took over, the number of atrocities is continuously on the increase. A few days back three people belonging to Scheduled Castes were killed in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

Recently more than 20 persons were killed in Andhra Pradesh. According to my information, members of almost all the political parties have demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident. A delegation of opposition members is going there today. Home Minister, Shri Chavan is present here. I would like to know from him whether the Government is concerned by growing incidents of killings of the members belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and what measures are being taken by the Government in this regard?



MR. SPEAKER : I have allowed the Hon. Member from Andhra Pradesh.


PROF. VENKATESHWARLU UMMAREDDY (Tenali) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, a shameful incident has been

288 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

inflicted on Harijans in my own Constituency of Tenali in Andhra Pradesh.

Sir, the incident occurred in village Tsundur, is a naked attack on the very social order of the country. On the Sixth of this month, the upper caste people have organised an attack on the Harijans.


MR. SPEAKER : That is not to be shown like that. Please fold it.

This is not done.


PROF. VENKATESHWARLU UMMAREDDY : Sir, in Guntur district about twenty Harijans have been cruelly murdered. The sequence of events is that one Mr. Yocob, a Fair Price Shop dealer was summoned by the MRO.

While Mr. Yocob was going to MRO's Office, there was an attack on him by the upper caste people. This has resulted in a clash between these two groups; serveral people have gathered from both the sides; and there was a clash. Several people have been injured in the incident.

After some time, the upper caste people-who are Congress workers of that locality-have mustered strength not only from that village, but also from neighbouring villages. They have come in lorries and tractors with all the lethal weapons and they have massacred about twenty Harijans in that village. It is an organised one for the reason that they have not only murdered, but they have also wrapped all the dead bodies in gunny bags and thrown them in the Tungabadra drain which is flowing near by. It is a small drain. Sir, so far-till this morning-seven bodies have been recovered and the whereabouts of about twenty other Harijans are not known.

We have been feeling that more than 20 people have been murdered and operations are going on to restrict water flow in that canal and they have been searching for the bodies. Sir, this is not for the first time that at tacks on the down-trodden, the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes

289 Re: Brutal killing of Harijans

women and minorities have been inflicted in Andhra Pradesh in the past one and a half years. There were several other occasions where such attacks had been inflicted in Andhra Pradesh and even our leader, Shri N.T. Rama Rao as the Leader of Opposition, had reported all the incidents to the Prime Minister and the President of India. The law and order situation has completely deteriorated in Andhra Pradesh.

Dacoities, highway robberies, rapes and murders and communal clashes have been going for political gains-even for changing the Chief Minister. Communal clashes have increased very much and now Sir, it has become the order of the day. There is no security for life and property of the people. The people, particularly the Harijans, have been victimised....(interruption)....We demand that the Government of Andhra Pradesh should be dismissed forthwith for the reason that there is no law and order in the State. Sir, not that I am not telling that the Congress people have done it. The Minister of AP who had gone there himself owned the responsibility claiming that their own people have done it. He said that the upper caste people belong to the Congress Party.. (Interruptions)....Sir, we demand that a judicial inquiry should be ordered and high compensation should be given to the victims.


SHRI V. SREENIVASA PRASAD (Chamarajanagar) : Sir, the country is going to celebrate its 45th Independence Day just next week. I know that long speeches, colourful cultural programmes, etc. will be there.

Really speaking Sir, certainly is not a day to be celebrated joyfully.

I would like to bring to your notice as to what is actually happening in this free country.... (Interruptions).. Even today, the Scheduled Caste Harijans have been killed brutally in Chundur village of Guntur district. Many of them have been kidnapped and have been missing. What is the reason for these killings? A Scheduled Caste

290 Re : Brutal killing of Harijans

boy was killed in a cinema hall. This is the punishment they have given for the Scheduled Caste Harijans. Sir, we have always been talking of antiapartheid in this country. What moral right has this country got to talk about anti-apartheid? We can see apartheid in every nook and corner of this country in the form of untouchability.

How many people have been convicted in this country for exploiting the Scheduled Caste Harijans? Therefore Sir, I demand that this Government should hold a judicial inquiry and punish the culprits.


SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA (Bankura) : Sir, more than 20 Harijans were killed by the so-called upper caste people in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. After killing them mercilesly, they put the dead bodies in gunny bags and threw them in a canal. This is a very serious matter. All the political parties demanded a judicial inquiry into this incident. We have precedents in the past also and we have discussed this kind of incidents in this House. Since the killing of more than 25 Harijans is a very serious matter, this should be discussed in this House....(Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : There are many others who want to speak. Please be brief and quick.

SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA : This kind of killings are taking place in Tripura as also in Uttar Pradesh..(Interruptions) We demand that you allow a discussion on this under Rule 193. Or you may admit an adjournment motion. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : Loknathji, I will give you a chance. Please wait. I have called him

AN HON. MEMBER : Sir, are you going to admit it under Rule 193?

MR. SPEAKER : I do not decide it here. I decide it in the Chamber 291 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

SHRI K.P. REDDIAH YADAV (Machhilipatnam) : Sir, I also hail from the same constituency. It is my native place. All the facts have been brought before your notice and I am not going into those details. The fact is that the sub-inspector and the circle inspector were very much there. These brutal killings went on for five hours from 11 AM to 4 PM, in their very presence. No Government machinery works there. I request the Hon. Home Minister that he should immediately send a CBI team-as was done by Shrimati Indira Gandhi in 1969-to arrest those people, the Reddys and Telag as of that village. I do not call them the upper castes. They are the Reddys and Telagas of that village.

They have perpetuated all these brutalities. The Congress leaders in connivance with the Chief Minister, are not going to bring these people to book.

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV (Azamgarh) : I want to bring a very important factor before you.

SHRI MUKUL BALKRISHNA WASNIK (Buldana) : Sir, this is a very important issue ....(Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : I have allowed Shri Yadav. Please sit down.

SHRI MUKUL BALKRISHNA WASNIK : This brutal massacre of Harijans is a very serious matter.

MR. SPEAKER : One member has already said that. Why do you want to repeat it?


SHRI MUKUL BALKRISHNA WASNIK : I strongly condemn the upper castes who are responsible for the brutal massacre of more than 20 Harijans in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. This is a very serious issue. I have also condemned the failure of the police officials and the Government machinery who are responsible for not providing security even after staying for seven days in that village. In spite of that, so many people were killed. I request the Hon. Home Minister should immediately visit Guntur districts........

292 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

MR. SPEAKER : You have made your point. Please take your seat.

SHRI MUKUL BALKRISHNA WASNIK : Sir, the Harijans are not going back to their villages. They are lying on the streets.

MR. SPEAKER : This is not correct. Please sit down.


intervene.... (Interruptions);*

MR. SPEAKER : What Shri Wasnik says, will not go on record.


---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

*Not recorded.

MR. SPEAKER : This is not going on record. Yes, Mr. Chandra Jeet Yadav.

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : I think the entire House will agree with this and condemn this kind of brutal killings of Scheduled Caste and people who are helpless and poor. As soon as we got this information yesterday, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Rajuji and I submitted the full Facts to the leader of the House, Shri Arjun Singh.

SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA : I was also with you.

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : Yes, Shri Acharia was also there.

Seeing the urgency of it, we requested him that immediately the Government should get in touch with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He told us that the Chief Minister happens to be in Delhi; he will talk to him and will place the whole facts before the Chief Minister, and also that necessary, action will be taken. But I am sorry to say that necessary urgency is not attached to such cases where poor people are killed. If a train accident takes place and five people are killed, the Minister immediately rushes to the spot.


MR. SPEAKER : That is because the Railways is with the Central Government.

293 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : This is also the responsibility of the Central Government. So far as the lives and protection of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people are concerned, it is Central Government's responsibility. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : Minister wants to say something.

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : I would request the Home Minister to immediately send a Minister there and also order a judicial inquiry.

It will be a good gesture if the Home Minister himself visits that place. I would like to know whether the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was contacted or not. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : The Hon. Home Minister was on his legs. He wanted to say something.

SHRI BUTA SINGH (Jalore) : Sir, I am on a point of order.

MR. SPEAKER : There is no point of order in Zero Hour. However, I will allow you.

SHRI BUTA SINGH : You listen to me. I will explain how there is a point of order.

MR. SPEAKER : There is no point of order in Zero Hour.

SHRI BUTA SINGH : Sir, my point of order is that while making the statement, Hon. Member from Tenali has definitely charged the Congress Party. Therefore, my objection is that unless an inquiry is made and the fact is established, no one can be named in the House. My point of order arises from this. My submission to you, Mr. Speaker, Sir, is.....(Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : He has raised a point of order. Let me hear it. If I don't hear it properly I won't be able to rule.

SHRI BUTA SINGH : My objection is that till an inquiry is made by the Central Government, or the State Government, Hon. Member cannot..... (Interruptions)

294 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

MR. SPEAKER : Please take your seats. If I don't hear him

properly, I will not be able to rule. Let me hear him properly.

SHRI BUTA SINGH : The Hon. Member has grossly misused his

position as a Member of Parliament. He should not have named the Congress Party in that statement. I would request you that you should expunge those remarks as he cannot take the name before an inquiry is made and it is established as to who is responsible.

Secondly, sir, I would like the Hon. Minister not to leave the matter to the State Government. It is a heinous crime. People have been killed in the presence of police. Therefore, the Home Minister is duty bound to make an independent inquiry and present a report to this House. (Interruptions)

SHRI BH. VIJAYAKUMAR RAJU (Narsapur) : It is very clear from today's newspaper that the upper caste people belong to the Congress Party. (Interruptions)

SHRI BUTA SINGH : Let there be an inquiry from this House. I will request the Home Minister to send a team of this House to Andhra Pradesh. (Interruptions)

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : We support his proposal.


SHRI BH. VIJAYAKUMAR RAJU : We are welcoming him for finding out the facts.

SHRI SOMNATH CHATTERJEE (Bolpur) : Since a very senior Member of the Congress Party-the ex-Minister, who was hopefully the new Minister unfortunately not today, who could also have been the Home Minister- has made a proposal, the whole House unanimously accepts his proposal. Let it be today, here and now the House Committee be constituted. We support the Congress Party.

SHRI CHANDRA JEET YADAV : Let there be a house Committee, we support him. (Interruptions)

295 Re.Brutal killing of Harijans

MR. SPEAKER : Please take your seat. You had seen that the hon.

Home Minister was trying to get up and say something. You should allow him to express what he wants to express. Only then the things can be clear. What you actually want is that there should be a response from the Government. So, you should allow him to respond.

SHRI P.M. SAYEED (Lakshadweep) : He has already suggested one thing. Now, I want to submit before you that since Shri Buta Singh has given a suggestion that there must be an Inquiry Committee constituted from this House, I say, Sir, if that is so, it should not confine itself to Andhra Pradesh alone but should include also other places.

(Interruptions). Including Pilibit and Bihar also.


MR. SPEAKER : Do you realise that in the process, what you are saying is heard by none? That is why, if you want to make your points, you should make one after the other and allow the proceedings to proceed according to the rules. Otherwise, there is no point in speaking.

SHRI MUKUL BALKRISHNA WASNIK (Buldana) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Inquiry will take its own course. The question which is more important today is that of provision of security to the harijans who have left their villages and who were not able to go back to their homes. So, the question is that, they should be immediately provided security.

The Inquiry may take a week or may take even a month. What is needed today is the immediate security.

THE MINISTER OF HOME (SHRI S.B. CHAVAN) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I quite appreciate the sentiments of the hon. Members. I had a talk with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who left this morning and he is going straight to that village where this incident has happened. He will make personal enquiries into the matter and after I get the report, we will see

296 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

that necessary security is also being provided to all the Scheduled Caste people who not only have been affected but all the harijans who are living in that village.

SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN : Some of them have left the village.

SHRI S.B. CHAVAN : After we get the Report, we would like to make a statement on the floor of the House.

SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA (Bankura) : What about the House Committee?


MR. SPEAKER : Nobody is hearing what you are all saying.


MR. SPEAKER : Shri Shravan Kumar Patel. (Interruptions)

SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA (Bankura) : There should be a House

Committee. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : O.K. You take your seats. You do not allow me to say anything. You are all the time shouting. I should also say something. What is this? You have made your point. Now I am standing to reply. How can we conduct the prceedings of the House like this?

Let me say something. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : It should not be like this. If you make one point at one time, then there can be response to it. Now I do not allow you.

When you were talking, I listened to you all. But, all the time you cannot do like this. Let the Leaders of all the Parties meet and decide about it; if they want to constitute a Committee and send it to all the States, let them do so. (Interruptions)

SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN (Rosera) : Where will it go ?

297 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

MR. SPEAKER: Wherever this problem is there. You decide between yourselves. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Shri Shravan Kumar Patel. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: Please take your seats when I am standing.


MR. SPEAKER: You first please take your seats. (Interruptions) SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA: Are you allowing discussion on this?

MR. SPEAKER: Now, such matters cannot be decided on the Floor of the House. If, in your judgement and wisdom, you want to appoint a Committee, you can do so. You have made your point and got a response from the Home Minister. The Home Minister told you that he will make a statement in the House. After this if you want to appoint a Committee, I am not against it. But, you decide between yourselves what kind of a Committee you want to appoint, what would be its jurisdiction, where they would like to go and all those things. Such things, on the spur of the moment, in the House, cannot be decided. I would not like to take a decision on this point in this manner. Now, it is for the Leaders to come together and in their wisdom take a decision. I am not saying that you do this way or that way. I have no objection to your doing it; I have no objection to your not doing it. But you cannot place this kind of an issue on the Floor of the House as if there are no other issues to be brought before the House.

Members sitting on the last benches were coming to me and telling me that they were not getting a chance to speak in the House. Now, you have discussed one issue and got this much of response. Should you not allow me

298 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

to go to the other issues? Please appreciate it and allow me to go to the other issues. If you want to appoint a Committee, let the senior Leaders of all the Parties come together and decide about it.


SHRI SOBHANA DREESWARA RAO VADDE (Vijayawada): Who will decide?

MR. SPEAKER: You decide between yourselves.

SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA: What is the reaction of the Home Minister?

MR. SPEAKER: After this also you are getting up. You got more than you expected. Now you please keep quiet. Shri M. V. V. S. Murty.

SHRI M.V.V.S. MURTY (Visakhapatam): The Vizag Steel Mill has so far cost Rs. 7,800 crores. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: I would not always execute the duties of the

Government. Please do not always ask me to do the duty of the Government. As far as the duties of the house are concerned, it is my responsibility. But for this I shall have to carry you with me. And all the time sitting here, without knowing the facts, if I am saying "Do this" and "Do that" that is not proper.


SHRI ABDUL GHAFOOR (Gopalganj): It is for the Home Minister whether he agrees to form a committee or not. As far as my legal knowledge goes, a Speaker suo motu cannot form a committee.

MR. SPEAKER: We will discuss this later in the Chamber. There are other issues. Shri Murty.

SHRI M.V.V.S. MURTY: The full targeted production of the Vizag Steel Mill is three million M. T. per

299 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

annum to be achieved in one year from now. It requires Rs. 1,500 crores to complete the project of the Third Phase. But the Finance Minister has provided only Rs. 398.93 crores in this Budget. To achieve the targeted production within the next one year from now onwards, he has not provided the balance amount. Unless something is done for this Mill, on which Rs. 400 crores have been lost last year, another Rs. 500 crores would be lost this year, as cash losses. An additional sum of Rs. 1,000 crores is urgently needed for it to be completed as per Schedule.

I request the Hon. Finance Minister to provide the necessary amount of Rs. 1,500 crores budgetary support so that we can reap the fruits of the vast sum of Rs. 8,000 crores already invested on it so far. Otherwise, it will be a big drain on our resources. I would request the Finance Minister to pay immediate attention to it.

SHRI SHRAVAN KUMAR PATEL (Jabalpur): I wish to draw the attention of the House to the heavy death toll of life owing to waterborne diseases in Madhya Pradesh.

According to reports available with me as many as 547 deaths have occurred in Madhya Pradesh up till now. The number of deaths in July when the rains are heavy is anybody's guess. Every year, water-borne diseases like cholera and acute gastro-enteritis, viral hepatites and enteric fever take a heavy toll of human life. This trend is certainly on the ascendency. In my constituency Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh every year severe gastro-enteritis take the form of an epidemic and there are many deaths in the surrounding rural areas.

I would therefore urge upon the Government to take the following steps immediately:

(1) To ensure that an action plan is drawn up every year before the monsoon sets in, to extensively educate the rural masses about the use of safe drinking water.

300 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

(2) Wells in villages should be appropriately treated by the Government.

(3) The Government of India should make available preventive and curative medicines abundantly including distribution of ORS (oral rehydration solution) freely.

MR. SPEAKER: Shri Ram Sagar. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER: I have called Shri Ram Sagar.


SHRI RAM SAGAR (Barabanki): Hon. Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the august House and the Government to wards the atrocities, including the police firing in which a student named Kuldip Singh Yadav was killed and dozens of students were injured and inhuman acts committed by policemen after forcibly entering into the houses in Chaubisi Kaithla village in Bulandshahar district of U.P.


SHRI DEVENDRA PRASAD YADAV (Jhanjharpur): I am on a point of information. I would like to know through you...... (Interruptions)* MR. SPEAKER: Please take your seat. You need not tell me as to what I have to do.


Only Shri Ram Sagar's statement will go on record.


SHRI RAM SAGAR: The most reputed and most respected person of this area, Shri Amanullah Khan was arrested by the police and the most condemnable acts of shaving of his hair and pulling him by his beard were committed publicly. Police beat him up severely with lathis to force him to shout slogans like "D. P. Yadav Murdabad" and "Mulayam Singh Yadav Murdabad". Police is beating, detaining and implicating 301 Re. Bratal killing of Harijans

in false cases, the supporters of D. P. Yadav and S.J.P. workers.

Behind all these things is the conspiracy of Uttar Pradesh Government.

There is terror in the entire area.

I demand a statement of the hon. Home Minister and an open discussion on this issue in the House.


MR. SPEAKER : He is speaking. You sit down.



SHRI VISHWANATH SHASTRI (Gazipur): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the Minister of Agriculture towards Uttar Pradesh, especially towards the loot and exploitation of agriculturists in Gazipur district.

In Gazipur district, the District Magistrate has issued orders to retail traders of fertiliser to sell the old stock of fertiliser old rates. On the contrary wholesale dealers have been ordered to sell the old stocks at revised rates. According to the District Magistrate of Gazipur, these orders have been issued to them on the directions of the State Government and the Central Government.

I would like to ask the hon. Minister as to what is the factual position. Oui demand is that the Government should issue orders for selling the old stock at old rates.

if the District Magistrate has issued orders to sell the old stocks at new rates contrary to the orders of the Government, I would demand, through you, that action should be taken against him.

SHRI JANGBIR SINGH (Bhiwani) : Mr. Speaker, I am thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to speak. I would like to draw the attention of the Home Minister through you, towards Hissar district of Haryana which has been converted into a torture camp

302 Re Brutal killing of Harijans

these days..*of Haryana stopped the trucks and..*committed.. by shooting the persons in the compound of Bhanu Industries and approximately eleven persons were detained in a very small room. They were kept in a Torture camp. Sir, today, on the 9th August, we are paying homage to the memory of the revolutionary martyrs who laid down their lives while fighting against the destructive forces. On the other hand such an incident is taking place in Haryana.



MR. SPEAKER : That which cannot go on record, may not go on record.


SHRI JANGBIR SINGH : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that without arresting and without keeping in police custody, 11 persons in were confined to a dark cell where there was no arrangement of light or fans and even the toilet facilities were not there. A poisonous atmosphere was created by confining 11 persons in torture camp at such a place. This incident has surpassed even the notorious black hole incident of Calcutta. In protest against this incident, the entire Hissar is observing a total bandh. Under the orders of the Chief Minister, neither the Police Chief nor any Deputy Commissioner is listening to the grievances of the people. I would like to draw the attention of the Home Minister, through You that despite his assurance on the floor of the House that there won't be any misuse of TADA,an industrialist, who also happens to be a legislator of Haryana Vikas Party, is being prosecuted under TADA. Such actions under Terrorist Act should be stopped. Eleven people have been detained under this Act which is also a gross misuse of TADA.

MR. SPEAKER : That is enough, please take your seat now.

303 Re. Brutatkilling of Harijans

SHRI JANGBIR SINGH : Sir, today the situation is that in Haryana, the office of the truck union has been converted into a Police camp.

MR. SPEAKER : Alright, Now, please take your seat.

SHRI JANGBIR SINGH : Not only this, the Jindal Factory has been converted into a Police contonment.


MR. SPEAKER : Whatever he says now will not go on record. Only Shri Ram Prasad Singh will go on record. (Interruptions)*


SHRI RAM PRASAD SINGH (Bikramganj) : Mr. Speaker, Sir through you I would like to draw the attention of the Government towards its apathy shown to the legitimate demands of the Central Government Health Service employees. Sir, the Government has turned a blind eye towards their problems.These employees have been raising their promotions too should be on the lines of other Government employees.

They had reached an agreement in this regard on September 11, 1989 with the then Health Minister, Shri Rafiq Alam, but unfortunately, that agreement has not been implemented yet. Further, on March 23, 1990 the Government promised to provide them 'Patient Care Allowance' and also give them promotion by 31-1-1991 but even those promises have not been fulfilled so far. Now, those employees have gone on a strike as a result of which the patients are facing great difficulties on the one hand and the employees too are suffering in no small means.

Therefore, through you, I request the Government to accept their demands and allow them to lead a respectable life.


304 Re Brutal killing of Harijians

SHRI HARI KEWAL PRASAD (Salempur) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, the entire House had expressed its serious concern over the growing atrocities on the Harijans, especially in the context of the carnage in Andhra Pradesh, in which Harijans were the victims. With your kind permission, I would like to bring to the notice of the House, an incident which took place in the Chain Khela village of Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh, in which three Harijans were burnt alive. Out of these three Harijans, two by name Prem Chand Raidas and Kishan Raidas, were shot dead, cut into pieces and consigned to the flames by two landlords of Mustafabad, alleged to be B.J.P. activities. A woman, Shrimati Chandrika Devi, who came to the rescue of the two victims, was also pushed into the fire by these landlords and thus three Harijans were killed.

Sir, the fault of these innocent victims was that they refused to do forced labour at the instance of these land lords. Though this horrible incident occured at a place adjacent to the village of Shri Eijas Rizvi, the State Food and Civil Supplies Minister, yet not a single representative of the State Government deemed it necessary to visit the scene of this heinous crime. It seems that the Police too wants to cover up the incident. Fear talks the entire village. The State Government has not ordered any inquiry whatsoever into the incident.

Sir, through you, I request that necessary steps be taken to apprehend the culprits, said to be B.J.P. activists, involved in this crime to take stringent action against them, to put an end to the atrocities perpetrated on the people living in that area and to remove the fear psychosis that has enveloped that area. (Interruptions) [English]

SHRI ARJUN CHARAN SETHI (Bhadrak): Sir, a serious situation has arisen due to the recent judgement of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in their judgement dated 4-4-91

305 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

have held the levy of cess on mining royalty beyond the competence of the State Government and have directed refund of the cess collected along with interest thereon from the date of judgement of the Orissa High Court i.e. 22-12-1989.On this account State Government may have to refund a sum of about Rs. 100 crores and further an amount of Rs.

171.75 or say Rs. 172 crores has been estimated in the budget of 1991- 92, towards collection of "cess on mining Royalty" including the arrears pending from 1989. The cess already collected from 22-12-1989 to 31-3-1991 and the interest thereon can be protected through enactment of the "Cess on major minerals (Validation and termination) Bill, 1991 " which is under consideration of the Central Government.

The required central legislation to legitimise collection of cess already made may enacted immediately in order to prevent further deterioration in the State resources.

Therefore, I urge upon the Government to immediately amend this Cess on major minerals (Validation and termination) Bill, 1991, so that the State Government should not lose heavily. Otherwise, it will not be possible for it to carry on developmental works in the State.


SHRI VISHWESHWAR BHAGAT (Balaghat) : Mr. Speaker Sir, I would like to make a humble submission that peole living in the Adivasi areas of Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh are dying in large numbers for want of basic medical and drinking water facilities.

Thousands of people have died earlier also and many are in their death beds. The State Government is totally indifferent towards the prevention of the spreading of epidemic .... (Interruptions) I request that a Committee be constituted to inquire into the matter.

SHRI HARPAL SINGH PANWAR (Kairana) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw the attention of the House towards the problem of acute water shortage in three districts of

306 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

Western Uttar Pradesh,namely Meerut,Muzaffar Nagar and Kanpur. There is a sharp fall in the water level of the Eastern Yamuna Canal originates from a place called Tajewala and what's more the water of the Western Yamuna Canal is diverted to Haryana as a result of which the distribution of water is imbalance. Uttar Pradesh is not getting its due share. It is a predominantly agricultural area and soil is highly fertile. The water shortage has created a grave crisis. I request the Union Government to urge upon the U.P. and Haryana Governments to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution and correct the present imbalance.


SHRI N. MURUGESAN (Karur) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to bring to your notice that more than four hundred and odd tiny smallscale units created out of Prime Minister's self-empolyment programme, manufacturing high density polyethylene monofilament yarn used for making fishing nets and mosquito nets throughout the country, mostly (eighty percent) in Tamil Nadu, especially in my constituency, that is, Karur, have been closed as a result of imposition of new excise levy of Rs. 9.25 per kilogram, which results in joblessness for more than ten thousand workers, mostly women. In the same manner, due to sudden rise in yarn rates by twenty per cent, thousands of handloom weavers are thrown out of job. This is due to export of cotton.

I request the hon. Finance Minister to repeal the imposed excise duty of Rs. 9.25 per kilogram so as to save the souls of poor and down-trodden employed in this sector and also show consideration by yarn price reduction and by stoppage of cotton export.


SHRI BRAHMANAND MANDAL (Munger) :Mr. Speaker, Sir, through you, I would like to draw the attention of the Union Government towards Munger district of Bihar. I has become very necessary to build a bridge across River Ganges, at Munger.

307 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

While on the one hand, there is a serious transportation problem in the Begusarai, Munger, Khagaria and Jamui districts, on the other development work has come to a standstill.If this bridge is constructed, it would not only increase the revenue of the Government but also prove beneficial to four crores of people. Although both Pandit Nehru and Shrimati Indira Gandhi, had given assurances in this regard in 1953 and 1971 respectively, the Union Government is yet to take any concrete action. I request the Central Government to allocate the necessary finance and start construction work of the bridge without delay.

SHRI SUKDEV PASWAN(Araria): Mr. Speaker, Sir, Bihar produces more Jute than Bengal or Orissa and I represent the Araria Parliamentary constituency, which contributes major chunk to the total jute production. Last year, the procurement price for jute was Rs. 600 to Rs. 700 per quintal, but now it has been reduced to Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per quintal. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : I had allowed a half an hour discussion on this issue and many questions were raised and answered on this topic. This is misuse of time, You are infringing on other time. (Interruptions) [English]

SHRI SAIFUDDIN CHOUDHURY (Katwa) : Sir, I would like to bring to the notice of this House a very important issue. 'INDRADHANUSH' a video cassette magazine, has carried an interview-in their August issue-of one Shri Rajendra Dara, who is writing an investigative book on PEPSI. In that interview he has raised certain important points in regard to the hand behind the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. A pertinent question has been raised, whether the CIA and PEPSI are involved in this. The Censor Board has not permitted this to go in that issue.

They have deleted it. Why has this been done ? We are apprehensive that an attempt is going

308 Re Brutal killing of Harijans

on to subvert any attempt to unravel the conspirators behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and those who have motivated LTTE in doing that kind of ghastly act. You will also remember about the musterious death of Shanmugam which has caused a lot of apprehension in our mind.

You also know how the Thakkar Commission report, that part which mentioned about the foreign powers' involvement in Indira Gandhi's murder case, was not placed before the House. I have these paper cuttings with me wherein the Home Minister has said in the other House that Rajiv Gandhi became an irritant to some of the countries who are left unchallenged as super powers. That had been contradicted by Foreign Office. I want to know that in every step where an attempt is made to unravel the conspirators behind the assassination, there is an attempt to subvert it and suppress it. I want a definite statement.

Who are the people responsible for not clearing this in the Censor Board ? We have a right to know.

This man Shri Rajendra Dara will give all the information to the Home Minister. He must be protected. He is writing an investigative book. He must be having many clues. These clues can be pieced together. I will hand over all the information to the Home Minister.

Shri Dara should be protected and information from him should be taken for the Inquiry Commission that is going into the case. That is very important. (Interruptions)

SHRIMATI GEETA MUKHERJEE (Tanskura) : This is really a very important matter.

SHRI MANORANJAN BHAKTA (Andaman-Nicobar) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have a very importat matter....(Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : Every day you want to bring important


SHRI MANORANJAN BHAKTA : The High Court of Calcutta is also 309 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

functioning as the High Court for the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar islands. But, of late, there is a conspiracy going on in a section of the bureaucracy in the island. They want to change that provision and have a Judicial Commissioner's post which is an inferior type of judiciary and the people of Andaman and Nicobar are not willing to accept that position. Fortunately, my good friend, Shri Rangarajan Kumaramangalam is also here. I would like to request him to consider to have a single-member permanent Bench of Calcutta High Court at Port Blair. This is the need of the islanders.(interruptions).

Sir, the Minister wants to reply.

MR. SPEAKER : I have no objection, if he wants to reply.

SHRI SOBHANADREESWARA RAO VADDE (Vijayawada) : That is pre- arranged.

MR. SPEAKER : Even then, it is welcome!

THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF PARLIAMENTARY AFFAIRS AND MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF LAW, JUSTICE AND COMPANY AFFAIR (Shri Rangarajan Kumaramangalam): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I understand that the High Court Judicature of Calcutta is seriously considering having a permanent Circuit Bench at Port Blair and we hope that a decision will be taken soon. Thereafter we will have a permanent Bench at Port Blair. (Interruptions)


SHRI BRISHIN PATEL (Siwan) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, Siwan is an

important district of Bihar. The First President of India, Desh Ratna, Dr. Rajendra Prasadji and Maulana Mazrool Haq Saheb came from this district. But I am sorry to say that the district has been deprived of the facilities provided by the Railway Board .....(Interruptions) 310 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

MR. SPEAKER : We have already had a discussion on the Railway Budget ..........(interruptions)

SHRI BRISHIN PATEL : Mr. Speaker, Sir, there is no mention about Bihar in the Railway Budget ....(Interruptions).......Please allow me to say what I want to say .... (Interruptions)........ Only Vaishali Super Fast Train runst here. I demand that the Central Government should run one more Super Fast Train in the memory of Desh Ratna.

MR. SPEAKER : You have already had a discussion on the Railway for 10 hours but even then you speak. Let other members speak.



MR. SPEAKER : Please sit down, not like this. Shrimati Suseela Gopalan

SHRIMATI SUSEELA GOPALAN (Chirayinkil) : Sir, Onam is a national festival of Kerala and all the employees of the State Government and public sector cooperatives and even the petty shop owners are given salary advance and bonus advance. But the Central Government is not prepared to give this bonus advance and salary advance to their employees. Especially this year Onam falls at the end of this month.

It is very difficult for the middle class employees to get on without these advances. You should take steps to disburse salary advance and bonus advance to the Central Government employees also.

One thing more. The Onam celebration is affected because of the lack of wagons to transport things into Kerala and to take them out of Kerala. This is a very important issue because Rs. 4.50 crores worth of coir goods are stranded and also 20,000 bags of cement is held up.

So, the workers are actually going to be laid off. Therefore, immediate steps should be taken in this regard.

wheat also is not taken to Kerala because in the open market there is no wheat and all the flour mills are

311 Re : Brutal killing of Harijans

closed. This is going to affect Onam. That is why we are telling that closed wagons should be given to Kerala immediately. Otherwise there will be so much trouble and lakhs of workers will be affected.


SHRI K.V. THANGKBALU (Dharmapuri) : Sir, the Television viewers in some pockets of Dharmapuri do not receive adequate signal and they complain about poor reception of LPT, Dharmapuri. The Dharmapuri district people do not get the Madras Doordarshan service at all. I request, through your goodself, the I. & B. Minister to consider the enhancement of the power of the existing transmitter to a high power transmitter (i.e., HPT) to increase the coverage area. In case it is not feasible, it is requested that an alternative accommodation may be seen, i.e., Vattalmalai near Dharmapuri which is at a higher altitude.

It is needless to say that this proposal, if approved by the I. & B.

Ministry will go a long way in satisfying a larg chunk of TV viewers in Dharmapuri.

The Dharmapuri district consists of lot of mountains. Due to that the TV coverage is not satisfactory. We request the hon. Minister to give an HPT.That is the only alternative for the proper coverage in the district. Thank you.

SHRI AJOY MUKHOPADHYAY (Krishnagar) : Sir, I would like to raise a matter of urgent national importance.

It is learnt that an order has recently been issued from the Department of Power.Government of India, for transfer of a portion of assets and manpower from National Thermal Power Corporation to a newly formed National Power Transmission Corporation (NTPC). Flouting the existing labour laws and even without giving any opportunity of exercising option, the workmen of the NTPC, both executives and non- executive, engaged in transmission line activities at present have been asked to join the NTPC

312 Re : BRUTAL KILLING OF Harijans

This unilateral and arbitrary decision has caused resentment among all sections of the officers and workers of the NTPC which may tell upon the efficient functioning of the organisation. Above all, the job of grid management which is presently done by the zonal Electricity Boards on advisory basis through coordination between various State Electricity Boards and Central sector utilities is now going to be entrusted to the NTPC and such an important decision, so far as I know, has been taken without any prior consultation with the State Government. This attempt of establishing total control of the Central Government over the power management of all the regions of the country will inevitably jeopardise the interests of the States. This is nothing but a direct interference in the affairs of the States and a sinister design to shift power from the Concurrent List to the Union List.This is a very serious matter.I would, therefore, request the Central Government to refrain from this unjust and undesirable move. I would also request the Governmnt to make a statement forthwith on this matter, which is of national importance.


SHRI CHHEDI PASWAN (Sasaram) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, the houses being constructed by D.D.A......

MR. SPEAKER : It has already been discussed. Will you not allow others to speak? You are repeating it.

SHRI CHHEDI PASWAN : Sir, this is not the only point.

MR. SPEAKER : Others have said about it...... (Interruption) SHRI CHHEDI PASWAN : Sir, gross irregularities are increasing in the matter of allotment of flats and handing over the possession there of by D.D.A. Flats are not allotted to needy persons but...........

MR. SPEAKER : It has already been raised , Paswanji.........


313 Re.Brutal killing of Harijans

SHRI CHHEDI PASWAN : Mr. Speaker, Sir, that is why I am

submitting that flats are not allotted to, needy persons in Delhi.

Therefore through you, I request the Central Government to cancel the allotment of the flats and allot them to needy persons in case the allottees of these flats fail to shift within two months..(Interruptions).......

SHRI SURYA NARAYAN YADAV (Saharasa) : Mr. Speaker, sir..

MR. SPEAKER : You please raise a question as has not been raised earlier.

SHRI SURYA NARAYAN YADAV : I will raise the issue that has not been raised during Zero Hour so far. Sir, I am sorry to say that our places of worship, Gurudwaras in Pakistan are being demolished and a mosque or a slaughter house is being raised in place of these shrines.

Through you, I demand that the Government should look into the matter at the earliest and initiate action against demolition of Gurudwaras for the purpose of converting them into mosques. This is my submission.....(Interruptions).........

SHRI RABI RAY (Kendrapada) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like Shri Chidambaram Saheb to listen to me. Through you, I would like to submit that the Government of India has hit hard the Fourth Estate. Questions were raised in the House regarding prices of news-print in the last week also. Mr. Speaker, Sir, you might have read in newspapers, rather in detail, that there has been an increase of 60 per cent in the prices of newsprint recently. During the last 8-10 days it appeared as though the House, the country and the entire press were passing through a tumultous situation. All of a sudden the prices of newsprint were raised by 60 per cent. The point is that the S.T.C. handles the work of newsprint and it is under Chidambaram Saheb. That is why I. & B. Ministry of the Government of India and the Ministry under Chidambaram Saheb took up the matter with the

314 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

Prime Minister during the last 8-10 years. The meeting of the Committee on Price Fixation held yesterday had declared-'It is a crisis situation'. Sir, it appear that the S.T.C. is expressing its inability to supply newsprint to those newspapers who have deposited money before July, 30. The question is that we are not getting newsprint and who knows, we may, perhaps, get a newspaper for Rs. 10 in future.... (Interruptions)..... That is why I am submitting that, as you know, and as everybody knows, we would not be able to read newspapers when the newsprint is not available. And the electronic media is unable to communicate news to the countrymen.....

(Interruptions)..... The Fourth Estate is very important for the nation. In such a situation, why the Government has hit hard the print media, I am afraid that the S.T.C., which is a public undertaking is adopting a role of a hoarder. Through you, I would like to know from our learned friend, Shri Chidambaram Saheb as to how long the Government would keep mum on this issue? The newsprint industry has announced that they were going on a strike and they would not wait for the decision of the Price Fixation Committee. Therefore, through you, I would like to bring this serious matter to the attention of the Government,of the countrymen and particularly to your attention.

Please issue instructions to the Government to take decision in regard to it by Monday and also ensure that newsprint industry does not go on strike.


SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN (Rosera) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, this is a very important issue and the newspapers are facing closure due to it.


SHRI SOMNATH CHATERJEE :What is the response?

SHRI E. AHMED (Manjeri) : I just want to bring to your notice one sentence. I endorse the views of

315 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans Re. Brutal killing of Harijans what he said. I just want to bring to your notice:

"The STC has decided to. . . ."

MR. SPEAKER: You do not have to read the newspaper here.

SHRI E. AHMED: I am quoting.

MR. SPEAKER: You do not quote the newspaper.

SHRI E. AHMED: The attitude taken by the STC has put the small and medium newspapers in difficulty and hardship. They are put to trouble. Unless the Government takes a decision and asks STC to rectify the misappropriation and irregularities committed by it, small newspapers will be in trouble. Therefore, will the hon. Minister make a statement because a serious situation has arisen out of it?

SHRI K. PRADHANI (Nowrangpur) : The controlled rice in FCI

godowns in Koraput district, i.e. in my district, has exhausted. The State Government is unable to provide adequate supply of rice to the tribal people living in that district. In the market, rice is being sold at about Rs. 6 per kg. Therefore, I request the Civil Supplies Minister to supply sufficient rice to those areas as early as possible.

SHRI SRIBALLAV PANIGRAHI (Deogarh) : Due to faulty food policy of the State Government, no rice is available to the people. The Government of India should come forward.


MR. SPEAKER : Allow other Members to speak. It is not like that.

SHRI SRIKANTA JENA (Cuttack): In Orissa, the rice is being sold at Rs. 12 per kg. The Central Government is silent. The Minister of State for Agriculture has gone there but he did not help.


LENKA) : How

316 Re. Brutal killing of Harijans

much do you want you tell me? Whatever you wanted, we have given. Your system is wrong.

SHRI SRIBALLAV PANIGRAHI: The Government of India should come to the rescue of the people. The State Government is pursuing a wrong policy.

SHRI LOKANATH CHOUDHURY (Jagatsinghpur) : There is enough food stock. They should direct the dealers to distribute the foodgrain that has been built up in the country.


MR. SPEAKER : I would request the hon. Minister to have a talk with those hon. Members who are speaking on it.

SHRI SRIBALLAV PANIGRAHI: Before elections, to collect funds, scarcity conditions had been created.

SHRI SOBHANADREESWARA RAO VADDE : In Andhra Pradesh, several crores of rupees have been collected by the Chief Minister from the rice millers.

SHRI MANORANJAN BHAKTA: He is making a baseless allegation.


MR. SPEAKER : It is not like this. Let there be some order in the House. I am asking other Members to speak. Please have pity on the Members who have not been given an opportunity.

PROF. SUSANTA CHAKRABORTY (Howrah) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to draw the attention of this House and the Government to a news report published in a French weekly news magazine, namely L' Evenment Du Judi. It focusses on the sale of human organs for transplant in Bombay and Madras. The headlines say, "Transplants of shame". The major, part of the investigation carried out by the news magazine was in a village Villivakkam near Madras. It was reported 400 of the 3000 inhabitants have sold kidneys in return for between rupees twenty thousand and rupees thirty thousand.

317 Re: Brutal killing of Harijans

The report features an interview with Dr. Kesava Reddy of the Guest Hospital in Madras who has performed 680 transplants with organs taken from live donors.

At a Conference in Munich, Dr. Reddy shocked his Western colleagues by saying that:

"What is the cost of life in this Country? When a train derails, the family of each victim receives between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000.

Rs. 27,500 for a kidney is just".

The magazine also published an interview with Dr. Gilbert Benoit who presides over the Parisian Chapter of France-Transplants. He says :- "Because of India, the neighbouring countries will never be able to effectively set up a system for taking organs for transplants from dead bodies."

He continues :--

"I do not wish to judge Indian doctors but I think it is the responsibility of the State to see, that the heritage of the nation- human life-is preserved in equal measure for everyone."

When such advice is showered upon us, we bend our heads in shame.

I urge upon the Government, therefore, to look into the matter and to have a probe into it.


SHRI SRIPAL SINGH YADAV (Sambhal) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, though you, I would like to draw the attention of the Government to a very important issue. The hike effected by the Government in the prices of petroeum products have-pushed up the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene quite sharply. The traders are resorting to adulteration in these products with the result that tractors, diesel pump sets and other automotives of the farmers and the people in general are facing great hazards. The Government must do so mething to check it.

11-233 LSS/(ND)/91

318 Re: Brutal killing of Harijans

SHRI RAMASHRAY PRASAD SINGH (Jahanabad) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, the foremost issue posing before the nation today is whether we would be able to control the growing extremism and terrorism in the country?

The answer to this question is neither with the politicians nor with the military officers or the administration. The main cause of growing terrorism and extremism in the country is the wavering policies of the Government, narrow minded and parochial politics and cheap political gains of the politicians for the fulfilment of which they use the police force and not to nab the criminals in the national interest.

The result was that whichever party came to power, they grossly misused it for their selfish ends.

In the present day politics, the police have cultivated a habit of using the political elements for their gains. Terrorism and extremism gets strength in the country when politicians use professional and hardened criminals to make their vote bank stronger and thereby ensuring their election victory. Thus, the politicians render the police force inactive by giving patronage to hardened criminals. The result is that this deviation from duty on the part of the police force puts them in a dilemma when faced with extremist and terrorist elements.

Therefore, if we want peace, prosperity and development in the country, forces of extremists and violence will have to be liquidated with a heavy hand. Adequate electoral reforms will have to be introduced so that the poor and weaker sections of the society could get a right to vote in order to strengthen the foundations of democracy.

SHRI TEJ NARAYAN SINGH (Buxar) : Mr. Speaker, Sir, the Central Government had laid the foundation stone of Rampur-Deval bridge on the river Ganga in Buxar district of Bihar in 1988. But construction work on the bridge has not started till today. Although it is now more than three years since the foundation stone was laid, the Central Government has not

319 Papers laid

sanctioned even a single paisa for this work with the result that the construction work has not even started. Therefore, I would like to submit to the Central Government that if the foundation stone of the said bridge was in fact laid by the Central Government, they must start construction work as early as possible so that Uttar Pradesh and Bihar could be connected through this bridge. (Interruptionsn).

SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN : Mr. Speaker, Sir, I have given notice of privilege against the Minister of Commerce. According to the rules of this House, no policy decision could be announced outside the House whenthe Lok Sabha is in session. This is a matter of propriety.

(Interruptions) While in Bombay the hon. Minister.... (Interruptions) [English]

MR. SPEAKER : I have disallowed that thing. It is not a privilege question.


SHRI RAM VILAS PASWAN : Mr. Speaker, Sir, please listen to me first. The House is in session, but Shri Chidambaram made the following policy statement in Bombay day before yesterday : "Import curbs on exporter to be lifted". This is against the spirit of the House. The Chair has already given its ruling... (Interruptions) [English]

SHRI SRIKANTA JENA (Cuttack) It is a policy matter. Let the Minister tell why he has made it there. (Interruptions)

MR. SPEAKER : Please take your seats. Time and again, it is ruled in this House that such matters do not constitute privilege question.

They may be matter of propriety but not a privilege issue.

Now, Papers to be Laid on the Table.


MR. SPEAKER : I have allowed one-and-a-half hours today. Now, Papers to be Laid on the Table.

320 Paper laid

13-15 hrs