(iii) Need to lay railway line between Arrah and Sasaram [Translation]

SHRI RAM PRASAD SINGH (Bikramganj): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, Bikramganj in Bihar Joins two historical cities-Arrah and Sasaram.

Arrah is district

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headquarters of Bhojpur district. It is a major business and industrial city. Not only this, it is the birth place of the great freedom fighter and brave fighter Babu Kunwar Singh as well as the centre of his activities. On the other hand, Sasaram is the birth place of the historical figure Shershah Suri and the centre of his activities. It is the district headquarters of Rohtas district and also a major business and industrial centre. The grave of world famous Sher Shah Suri is also there in Sasaram. It is a tourist place also.

During the pre-independence days Arrah-Sasaram Light Railway used to serve as a link between these two cities. After Independence the railway line was dismantled on the pretext of converting it into broad gauge line. But unfortunately it has not been done so far.

Consequently, lakhs of passengers who commute between Arrah and Sasaram have to face lot of hardships. The bus owners fleece the passengers and the people have to face lot of inconvenience. I, therefore, demand through you, that construction of a broad gauge line from Arrah-Sasaram to Bhavnathpur in Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh via Dihri and Rohtaspur be included in the Eighth Five Year Plan.