*Translation of the speech originally delivered in Telugu.

739 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

[Sh. Bh. Vijaya Kumar Raju]

They called the area as Hindu instead of Sindhu. That is how the word 'Hindu' came into existence. The country come to be known as 'Hindu Desha' and 'Bharata Varsha'. During the British rule our country acquired yet another name, "India".

During its long and chequered history, people belonging to various religions came here and settled down, Muslims came and then the Christians. Christianity prospered during the British rule.

Everybody had freedom to profess and practice his religion. All the religions co-existed here peacefully. Tolerance and respect for other faiths are part and parcel of our culture and civilization. Ours is a composite culture.

Nearly six thousand years ago, Aryans came here. Vedas came into existence during that period. Since then, Vedas are being held in high esteem, and being worshiped by the Hindus. Hinduism which is also known as 'Sanatana Dharma' flourished during vedic period. Then, we see the advent of Jainism. Sir, we should not forget the fact that our's is a culture, in which every faith had been given due recognition and respect. Buddha was born in 6th Century B.C. and propagated Buddhism. Buddhism at once became popular not only in India, but also in various countries, both far and near, like China, Cambodia, Sri-lanka, Japan and Thailand. So, throughout the centuries, we have seen many religions shaping up on the sacred soil of ours.

People belonging to various religions professed and practiced their faiths foarlessly.

The essence of the teachings of all the religions is one and the same. Be it Lord Rama, or Allah, Jesus the Christ, or the Buddha, or the teachings of Lord Krishna as revealed in Bhagavadgita, the basic tenet remains the peace and prosperity of every one on the earth, Universal brother-hood is the aim and essence of all faiths. No religion ever advocated a conflict or a quarrel. No religion exhorts its followers to go on a war path with the people belonging to other - 740 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

religion, caste, community, language or region. No religion preaches violence. We should not forget these basic truths. Every religion strives for the welfare, progress and prosperity of every human-being.

Sir,every-one in the country is guaranteed freedom to profess and practice his religion. People belonging to every religion may have certain problems. But, it does not mean that there should be communal clashes in the country. Religion should not be mixed with politics.

Under the guise of a political party, no religion should be allowed to disturb peace in the country. Such parties should not be allowed to fragment the country into pieces in the name of religion. Unity and integrity is the need of the hour. Such a party has no right to continue and we all must wholeheartedly support this cause. Lord Rama is worshipped by all Hindus, to whichever party they may belong.

Nobody can dispute this fact. Nobody is against the construction of Rama temple at Ayodhya. But, at the same time, we must also keep the prevailing situation in the mind. Rama Rajya is nothing but an ideal state where everybody is lived with peace and happiness. But invoking the same Lord Rama's name, to construct a temple at a place supposedly the birth place of his, ignoring the sentiments of the people belonging to some other religion, is something which is not justified.

The adament attitude of some people to construct the temple at the same place, may ultimately led to the fragmentation of the country.

Religion should not be allowed to divide the country. Lord Rama always advocated peace. It is really shameful that we are using the same Lord's name to spill the blood.

Mixing religion with politics is quite dangerous. In 1977, when Janata Party formed the Govt. at Centre. B.J.P. in its earliest incarnation, was a part and parcel of that Govt. They, under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, were claming their party to be a secular party. They said that they had no connections whatsoever with organisations like R.S.S. But the same party, under the leadership of Shri Advaniji em-

741 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

barked on Rath yathra in 1989 just before the elections. Their commitment to Hinduism was adequately displayed. The very name Rathyatra, indicates that it was connected with the religion Hinduism.

They wanted to grab votes to win elections by provoking religious feelings. It is the duty of every one to oppose the policy of getting votes by arousing religious sentiments. The video cassettes of Rathyatra and the happenings at Ayodhya were played during the last election. If such things are permitted to go on, how can an ordinary man survive in this country. All along, people belonging to different religion, regions, languages, castes and Communities had been living together like brothers and sisters. But, now people in the country are being provoked to disturb the communal amity which has been prevailing until now. We have to oppose such kind of provocative policies tooth and nail. I am making this appeal in this august House, which is the Supreme forum of the nation. I warn that the religion will hence forth be not permitted to mix with politics. We are not going to allow such a policy any more. We are not against the Construction of the temple.

But, who has given them the right to shift mosque from the present position? Hugecut outs of Lord Rama were displayed every where during the last election. It is a blatant misuse of religion. In the name of religion B.J.P. wanted to grab the power at the centre. But invoking Lord Rama's name, by flaring up the Hindu sentiment, they somehow wanted to come to power. In 1984, they had only two seats in Lok Sabha. If not for the religion how coula they bag so many seats in 1989 elections? They misused Hinduism. They displayed their short- sightedness. Therefore, the time has now come, to ban political parties which are communal Be it B.J.P. or Muslim league or Majlis, any party which advocates Communalism has no right to exist. I appeal to the Hon. Home Minister, in this august forum, to introduce a bill to ban poltical parties. Which advocate communalism in this very session itself. We should no more allow mixing of religion with politics. Our country is backward socially, economically and educationally. More than 50% of the population is living below poverty line. At

742 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

a time when people are dying for want of food, we are more worried about our religions places, than providing food to the hungry.The development of the country has taken a back seat. Time has come to attend to our basic needs first. It is being said that Babar who invaded India in the Fifteenth Century, has constructed a mosque, demolishing a temple at Ayodhya. What happened in punjab later on?

Many Muslim religious places were converted into Gurudwaras when Sikhism came into existence and even later, during the British Raj.

Are we going to demolish them all, How impracticable the whole theory has been. Ours is an ancient land. Many religions, from time to time appeared and disappeared. Today we are living in a modern society. We should have respect for each other. We should respect the sentiments of others. Progress and prosperity coupled with tolerance should be our goal. One should think of his contribution when the other is dying of hunger. We should not be narrow minded. This forum should not be used for purpose other than development and welfare of the people. It should not be allowed to be misused for religious issued. Only those who are not wise enough resort to mixing of politics with religion.

17. 00 hrs.

We hold Hinduism in highest esteem to whichever political party we may belong. Sir, I do not want to take more time. I will end my speech quoting Lord Krishna in Bhagawadgita:

"He resides in the heart of all beings. Therefore, instead of temples outside, let us make our hearts as temples of God and worship him in our hearts."

We have to inclucate spiritualism. Hinduism is the treasure house of spirituality. Refinement of soul and body is the outcome of spiritualism. Let us not quarrel on petty issues any more. Let us not treat ourselves only as Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc., Once again I appeal to you, Mr. Home Minister,to ban Communal parties. If necessary you take steps to amend the constitution

743 Places of worship (Special Provision) Bill

[Sh. Bh. Vijaya Kumar Raju]

even. We will all support such a measure whole hertedly.

I once again thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.


MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER: Shri Lodha. My humble request to you is, if you stick to the timing, more Members can participate in the debate.

So, kindly oblige.


SHRI GUMAN MAL LODHA(Pali): Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I rise to oppose this Bill. It is a black law.

Sir, the speech delivered in the house so far were more of sermons, miles away from reality and the facts of the history...

(Interruptions)... Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, first of all, I would like to apprise you of the reality in which our leaders like Mahatama Gandhi,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and others tried their best to keep the people of this country united and also to restore the common cultural heritage in order to achieve the objective of integration of this country in the same way as Shri Aiyar and Shri Azad tried to do today through their impressive speeches. Mahatama Gandhi sacrificed the major part of his life for this cause. But what was the outcome? When Mahatama Gandhi went to attend the Round Table Conference, Jinnah Sahib stood up and said:


Mr. Gandhi, you do not represent India, you are the Hindu leader. You represent Hindus only.


Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, we must not forget that black day when Pakistan was formed, blood was shed and innumerable

744 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

people were killed. Today, the leftist parties say that India has a common culture. I would like to submit to them...


SHRI B. VIJAYA KUMAR RAJU (Narsapur): I am not a leftist.

SHRI GUMAN MAL LODHA: I am not talking about you. I was talking about Shri Somnath Chatterjee and Indrajit Gupta ...


MR. DEPUTY-SPEAKER: it was a pleasand disguise for all. He spoke in Telugu.


SHRI GUMAN LAL LODHA: Who say today that we have a common culture had been saying in the past that Muslims had right of self determination. These people are to be blamed for the partition of the country and the bloodshed that followed. It were they who supported Shri Jinnah's demand for the right of self-determination leading to the creation of Pakistan. The same people are trying to show path to us ... (Interruptions) ... At that time they supported Shri Jinnah's two nation theory.


SHRI BASU DEB ACHARIA(Bankura): It is totally false


SHRI GUMAN MAL LODHA: I do not yield. It is on record of

partition History that communist supported Pakistan's two nation theory on the rationale of right of self determination.


The people who supported the demand of right of self determination and opposed patriots like Subhas Chandra Bose by calling him an agent of Nizies and Fascists and a traitor are trying to teach nationalism today. USSR has disintegrated and the theory

745 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

of Communism has been rejected ... (Interruptions)...

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, Shri Aiyar delivered a very sentimental speech. He referred to the theory of dualism. I can also speak on the theory of monopsychism and pluralism. But I would like to speak on what exists in reality. People like him have been guiding Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Shrimati Indira Gandhi and others till yesterday. What guidance did they give? The guidance was that whatever advice they tender is according to the Constitution of India. One thing is very strange in the Constitution. I would like to submit to those hon.

Members of the House who tend to plead a case in favour of secularism in and outside the House that most of the hon. Members present here would be ignorant of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir adopted by the Lok Sabha. The proviso made in that regard states that...


In the Preamble, in the first paragraph, the words "Socialist Secular" should be deleted. In the penultimate paragraph, omit the word "Integrity".


Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is very significant to note that the Constitution of Kashmir does not favour secularism. `Secularism' was removed from the Constitution of Kashmir. When Shri Rajiv Gandhi paid a visit there, people raised slogans-


"You Indian dogs, go home."


They ommitted the unity and integrity of the country from the constitution for the sake of Kashmir. Today, Shri. Ghulam Nabi Azad was very enthusiatic while delivering his speech; rather he became poetic. However, his own State Kashmir has become the place of communal activities. But it is the

746 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

Congress Party which is to be blamed for commiting he crime to encourage comunalism ... (Interruption)...

I would like to know from the Leftists as to why they did not propose any amendment for inserting the provision of secularism in the Constitution of Kashmir. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, most of the hon.

Members are ignorant of the fact that the word `Secularism' which finds place in the preamble to the Constitution of India has been ommitted in the Constitution of Kashmir, even the word `integrity' has also been removed from it to enable the Kashmiris to do what they like. When Shri Rajiv Gandhi went there, such slogans were raised "you Indian dog, go back", be tolerated this indecent attitude of those people. Today we are asked to learn to tolerate the disgrace our forefathers had to face years ago. We cannot tolerate it. An awakened nation, a living nation can never tolerate insult of their forefathers or the history of their country.

Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I would like to submit that once their was a proposal for the reconstruction of Somnath temple. I do not know whether Shri Aiyar and Shri Gulam Nabi Azad of the Congress Party were in politics at that time or not, but had they been in politics, they would certainly have gone on hunger strike to oppose the proposal ....(Interruptions)...

The Resolution for the reconstrucions of Somnath temple which was destroyed by the Muslim rulers, was passed by the Cabinet and the hon.

President Dr. Rajendra Prasad went there to lay the foundation stone and a function was organised on large scale to celebrate the occasion.

What happened to the composite culture at that time? The right to self-respect of the country ...(Interruptions)...


Gadgil wrote: On Nov. 1, 1947, Sardar and I went to Somnath, the temple destroyed by Muslims centuries ago... I announced G.O.I.

decision to rebuild the temple. Late

747 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

[Sh. Guman Mal Lodha]

Vallabhbhai made similar announcement (page 59-Govt. from inside "Gadgil.


SHRI MANI SHANKAR AIYAR: No mosque was there ...


SHRI GUMAN MAL LODHA: Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, he is ignorant of what happened...(Interruptions) In 1951, the `mazaar' was removed to raise the temple. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, he is trying to falsify what Shri Rejendra Prassad did. Pandit Nehru never coonsidered it essential to introduce any law for the purpose. He was a great leader he was the only person who could propogata secularism. Shirmati Indira Gandhi too did not consider it essential to enact any law for this purpose.

I would like to submit that history bears testimony to the fact that it was in 1946-47 when communal riots between Hindu and Muslims took place on an umprecedented scale. Maximum blood was shed; women were disgraced and the slogan `Pakistan Zindabad' was tatooed on their nude bodies; they were raped. Congress Members pretend to be ignorant of all that happened as if they were born afterwards and as if they did not read history. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, it is one thing to preach but it is another thing to practise it. Shri Aiyar was the Chief Adviser at the time when election manifesto of the Congress Party was issued in Mizoram. The manifesto stated that the administration in Mizoram would function as per the tenets of Christianity...(Interruptions)...At that time they forgot that poverty prevails in the country and a lot of development has yet to be made roads have to be constructed and electricity has to be made available in remote areas. At the time of elections they did not bother about these things; rather they encouraged reiigions fanaticism to fetch votes, and today they are teaching us. Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, a meeting was organised at Delhi Bar Room. I asked Shri Asoke eon, who was the then Minister of law as to

748 Places of Worship (Special Provision) Bill

why issues related to religion wee raised in the meeting of advocates despite the Government's claim that religion should not be brought into politics, secularism should be restored in the country; and the congress party has been committed to it. I would like to know from you as to why the then Minister of Law Shri Shiv Shanker led about one lakh Muslims in Bycullan in Bombay to challenge the verdict of Supreme Court and burnt an effigy of Justice Chandrachud? Why all this was done? Because these people though that Muslim votes would be lost if the verdict in regared to Shahbano case went in her favour. What was that case? It was a case filed by Shahbano to seek the help of Supreme Court to get maintenance allowance from her husband whom she had been divorced...(Interruptions)...Only one of the Muslim Members of the Congress Party opposed it, today I would like to thank that member, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, the Member of the Ninth Lok Sabha, had opposed it. But he was alone and as such his voice drowned in the din...(Interruptions)... The congress Party was worried about Muslim votes. Shri Arif Mohammad is not in the House today...(Interruptions)... I admit that we got him defeated. He was refused congress ticket in the by election at the instance of Shri Vishwanath Pratap Singh and persons like Syed Shahabuddin who were closely related to Haji Mastan were given the tickets...(Interruptions) merely get Muslim support. Shri Arif Mohammad Khan is a secular Muslim in the real sense whereas Shri Shahabuddin is a person who formed Action Committee to oppose the unlocking of Ayodhya Shrine and observed black day on 26th January.