Wednesday, the 20th December 1995

1100 hours

(Mr. Speaker in the Chair)


MR. SPEAKER: Hon. Members, I have to inform the House with profound sorrow, of

the passing away of five of our former colleagues, namely Sarvashri Biddika

Satyanarayana, Lakshmi Shankar Yadav, Digamber Singh Chaudhuri, R. Ramanathan

Chettiar and Girdhari Lal Vyas.

Shri Biddika Satyanarayana was a Member of Second, Third and Fifth Lok

Sabha representing Parvatipuram Parliamentary constituency of Andhra Pradesh

during 1957-67 and 1971-77.

An agriculturist by profession, Shri Satyanarayana was an active

social worker. An ardent believer and follower of Gandhism, he plunged in the

freedom movement at a very young age.

Shri Satyanarayana worked hard for the upliftment of the backward

classes and the tribal people.

Shri Biddika Satyanarayana passed away on 24th October, 1995 at the

age of 77 years.

Shri Lakshmi Shankar Yadav was a Member of Provisional Parliament from

Uttar Pradesh during 1950-52. He had also been a Member of Uttar Pradesh

Legislative Assembly for six terms from 1952 to 1977.

An able administrator, he served as Parliamentary Secretary in Uttar

Pradesh Government from 1954-57 and later rose to become the Cabinet Minister

in the State Council of Ministers during 1969-77.

A true Gandhian, he worked hard for serving the poor and downtrodden.

A well known social worker, he strove relentlessly for the promotion

of education by setting up many educational institutions in his area. He was

associated with several social organisations.

Shri Lakshmi Shankar Yadav passed away in tragic circumstances on 29th

October, October, 1995 at Lucknow at the age of 77 years.

Shri Digamber Singh Chaudhuri was a Member of the First, Third, Fourth

and Seventh Lok Sabha representing Mathura Parliamentary constituency of Uttar

Pradesh during 1952-57, 1962-67, 1970 and 1980-84 respectively.

An agriculturist by profession, Shri Chaudhuri was an active leader of

Cooperative movement. He had served as the Managing Director of District

Cooperative Bank, Mathura and Vice President of Uttar Pradesh Cooperative

Bank, Lucknow.

Shri Digamber Singh Chaudhuri passed away on 10th December, 1995 at

Mathura at the age of 82 years.

Shri R. Ramanathan Chettiar was a Member of Second and Third Lok Sabha

representing Pudukottai and Karur Parliamentary constituencies of Tamil Nadu

during 1957-62 and 1962-67.

A businessman and industrialist by profession, Shri Chettiar was the

first Director of Reserve Bank of India till its nationalisation.

Shri Ramanathan Chettiar also served as the Mayor of Madras in

1950-51. He was a member of Executive Committee of the Federation of Indian

Chambers of Commerce and Industry for a long period. He also served as

Chairman of Indian Handicrafts Development Corporation during 1958-59.

A widely travelled person, Shri Chettiar took special interest in the

fields of economic affairs, finance, commerce and industry. He represented

India in the International Chamber of Commerce during E.C.A.F.E. Sessions held

in 1948 and 1956. He served as member of various sports and cultural

organisations. He authored a book titled `Nagarathar Varalaru' in Tamil.

Shri Ramanathan Chettiar passed away on 12th December, 1995 at Madras

at the age of 82 years.

Shri Girdhari Lal Vyas was a Member of Seventh and Eighth Lok Sabha

representing Bhilwara Parliamentary constituency of Rajasthan during 1980-89.

Earlier, he was a Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly during

1962-72 and 1974-77.

An agriculturist by profession, Shri Vyas had started his public life

first as Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat and later served as member of other

representative bodies such as Zilla Parishad and Legislative Assembly. He was

Chairman of Panchayat Raj

Committee in Rajasthan during 1969-73.

Shri Vyas had actively involved himself in the upliftment of farmers

and labourers and had served as Vice-President of Indian Trade Union Congress.

During his membership of this House, he also served as a Member of the Public

Accounts Committee. He took active part in the proceedings of the House.

Shri Girdhari Lal Vyas passed away on 17th December, 1995 at Jaipur at

the age of 71 years.

We deeply mourn the loss of these friends and I am sure the House will

join me in conveying our condolences to the bereaved families.

The House may now stand in silence for a short while as a mark of

respect to the deceased.

(The Members then stood in silence for a short while.)

... (Interruptions)

SHRI NIRMAL KANTI CHATTERJEE (DUMDUM): Sir, what is the response of the Prime


... (Interruptions)

SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA (BANKURA): Sir, where is the Prime Minister?

... (Interruptions)

SHRI NIRMAL KANTI CHATTERJEE (DUMDUM): Twenty four hours are nearly over and

we are yet to hear about the response of the Prime Minister.

... (ÔèÍÔÅÚÆ)
ÕèÏÜ ÄáÔáÆèÄèÏ ÈèÏ×ÚÄ ÍÚÄÔ (»¢»ÚÏÈÝÏ) : ºá.ÈÜ.×Ü. ³Ú ³èÍÚ ØÝ¥?

... (Interruptions)

KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE (CALCUTTA SOUTH): Sir, they cannot waste the time of

the House like this. ... (Interruptions) They do not want the House to run.

... (Interruptions) Sir, they are wasting public money. Do they know about

that? ... (Interruptions)

SHRI NIRMAL KANTI CHATTERJEE (DUMDUM): Sir, the Leader of the House should

respond. We have not yet heard anything about that.

... (Interruptions)

KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE: Sir, what about the Bill for the Physically

Handicapped? Parliament should discuss its scheduled business.

... (Interruptions)

SHRI NIRMAL KANTI CHATTERJEE: Today is Prime Minister's day in the Question

Hour. Yet, he is absent.

... (Interruptions)

ÕèÏÜ ÏÚÌ ÆÚ§³(ÌÝÌèʧ ¨ÂèÂÏ): ¤ÅèͳèÖ ÌØåÄÍ, ³Ñ ¸Ïè¸Ú ³á ×ÌÍ ÕݳèÑÚ ºÜ Æá
ÈèÏÅÚÆ Ì¢ÂèÏÜ ºÜ ³ØÚ¢ Øâ¢ê
... (ÔèÍÔÅÚÆ)

KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE: The House should function. Let them walk out if they



MR. SPEAKER: The House stands adjourned to meet again at 11 a.m. on the 21st

December, 1995.

1114 hours

The Lok Sabha then adjourned till Eleven of the Clock on

Thursday, December 21, 1995/Agrahayana 30, 1917 (Saka).

RE e.g. Tuesday, July 26, 1994/Sravana 4, 1916 (Saka).

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