Monday, the 26th February, 1996 Part I

1222 hours

The Lok Sabha re-assembled at twenty-two minutes

past Twelve of the Clock.

(Mr. Speaker in the Chair)

(The National Anthem was played.)


SECRETARY-GENERAL: Sir, I beg to lay on the Table a copy of the President's

Address (Hindi and English versions) to both Houses of Parliament assembled

together on the 26th February, 1996.


MR. SPEAKER: Hon. Members, I have to inform the House with profound sorrow of

the passing away of two of our colleagues Sarvashri Surya Nayaran Singh and

Govinda Chandra Munda and also six of our former colleagues namely Sarvashri

Heera Bhai, Bakin Pertin, Amiya Nath Bose, Dev Kanta Borooah, T.S. Negi and

P.C. Sethi and Shri N.T. Rama Rao, Ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Shri Surya Narayan Singh was a sitting Member of Lok Sabha

representing Balia Parliamentary Constituency of Bihar. He was also a Member

of Seventh and Ninth Lok Sabha representing the same constituency during

1980-84 and 1989-91.

Earlier, he had been a Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly during


A veteran freedom fighter, Shri Singh participated in the independence

movement. A multifaceted personality, Shri Singh was an active social worker,

an educationist and a prominent trade union leader. He took initiative in

opening schools, colleges and libraries. He was actively associated in the

flood and earthquake relief works during 1987-88. Shri Singh was instrumental

in the distribution of surplus land to the poor and the landless.

An active parliamentarian, Shri Singh served on various parliamentary

and consultative committees of various Ministries.

Shri Surya Narayan Singh passed away on 8 February, 1996 at New Delhi

at the age of 76 years.

Shri Govinda Chandra Munda was a sitting Member of Lok Sabha

representing Keonjhar parliamentary constituency of Orissa. He was also a

Member of Sixth and Ninth Lok Sabha representing the same constituency during

1977-79 and 1989-91.

Earlier, he had been a Member of Orissa Legislative Assembly from

1952-1977 and served as Deputy Minister in the State Council of Ministers

during 1967-70.

During his membership of this House, he served as a Member of various

parliamentary and consultative committees.

An active social worker, Shri Munda worked hard for the betterment of

the poor and the downtrodden people of his area and evinced keen interest in

community development programmes.

He also authored `Jagaran' and few other books on Oriya literature.

Shri Govinda Chandra Munda passed away on 19 February, 1996 at

Keonjhargarh, Orissa at the age of 66 years.

Shri Heera Bhai was a Member of Sixth and Ninth Lok Sabha representing

Banswara parliamentary constituency of Rajasthan during 1977-79 and 1989-91.

Earlier, he had been a Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly during


An agriculturist by profession, Shri Heera Bhai had participated in

the freedom struggle. An active social worker, he was imprisoned several times

for taking part in agitations for abolition of bonded labour and for enforcing

prohibition. He fought relentlessly for promotion of Panchayat Raj.

Shri Heera Bhai passed away on 25 December, 1995 at Kakanwani near

Banswara, Rajasthan at the age of 73 years.

Shri Bakin Pertin was a Member of Sixth Lok Sabha representing

Arunachal East parliamentary constituency of Arunachal Pradesh during 1977-79.

He was also a Member of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Shri Pertin started his political career at a very young age when he

was still a student. He served as Vice-President of Siang Zila Parishad during

1975-77. He also served his home State in various capacities. He worked hard

for the upliftment of the downtrodden and promotion of adult education.

Shri Bakin Pertin passed away on 5 January, 1996 at Guwahati at the

age of 53 years.

Shri Amiya Nath Bose was a Member of Fourth Lok Sabha representing

Arambagh parliamentary constituency of West Bengal during 1967-70.

An advocate by profession, Shri Amiya Nath Bose, who was a close

relative of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, was actively associated with the

Indian National Army. He was Secretary of the Council for International

Recognition of Independence in London during 1942-44 and General Secretary of

the INA Committee of West Bengal during 1945-46. He was the founder Member of

Netaji Research Bureau and General Secretary of Netaji Hall Society, Calcutta.

A widely travelled person, Shri Bose had special interest in the

fields of defence, foreign policy and economic planning.

Shri Amiya Nath Bose passed away on 26 January, 1996 at Calcutta at

the age of 81 years.

Shri Dev Kanta Borooah was a member of the Constituent Assembly,

Provisional Parliament, First and Sixth Lok Sabha representing Nowgong

parliamentary constituency of Assam during l949-50, l950-52, l952-57 and

l977-79 respectively. He had also been a member of Rajya Sabha during l973-77

and served as a Cabinet Minister in the Union Council of Ministers during

l973-74. He was a member of Assam Legislative Assembly during l957-72 and

served as a Minister in the State Government.

He also served as Governor of Bihar from February, l97l to February,


Shri Borooah who led an active political career suffered imprisonment

several times while participating in India's freedom movement.

A journalist by profession, he was editor of two daily newspapers

namely the Dainik Assamiya and the Natun Assamiya. He also authored a book of

verses in Assamese.

A widely travelled person, Shri Barooah was one of the members of

Indian delegations to the U.N.O. in l954, l955 and l974 and Commonwealth

Conference held at New Zealand.

Shri Borooah was associated with various socio-cultural and

educational institutions in Assam. He was the member of Courts of Guwahati and

Viswabharati Universities and President of Assam Society of Cultural Studies

during l964-68 and Assam Publications Board.

Shri Dev Kanta Borooah passed away on 28 January, 1996 at New Delhi at

the age of 82 years.

Shri T.S. Negi was a member of sixth and seventh Lok Sabha

representing Tehri Garhwal parliamentary constituency of Uttar Pradesh during

l977-79 and l980-84.

Earlier, he had been a member of U.P. Legislative Assembly for two

terms during l950-52 and l962-67. He was also a member of Vidhan Sabha of

erstwhile Tehri State.

An advocate by profession, Shri Negi was a well known social and

political worker. He worked hard for ameliorating the lot of people of

erstwhile Tehri State.

An active parliamentarian, Shri Negi was a member of various

parliamentary committees. He also served on consultative committee of Ministry

of Communications.

Shri T.S. Negi passed away on 3 February, l996 at Narendranagar, Tehri

Garhwal at the age of 73 years.

Shri P.C. Sethi was a member of Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Eighth Lok

Sabha representing Indore parliamentary constituency of Madhya Pradesh during

l967-70, l97l-72, l980-84 and l984-89 respectively. He was also a member of

Rajya Sabha for three terms during l961-64, l964-67 and l976-80, He also

served as Deputy Minister, Minister of State before

serving as Cabinet

Minister in the Union Council of Ministers and held several important

portfolios such as Ministries of Petroleum, Chemicals and Fertilizers

Railways, Home Affairs and Planning to name a few.

He also served as Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh during l972-75.

A veteran freedom fighter, he had plunged into Indian freedom movement

after boycotting college in 1942.

An able parliamentarian and a seasoned politician, Shri Sethi had

served the country with distinction in diverse fields of national


A widely travelled person, he represented India at various

international conferences and organisations such as Commonwealth Finance

Ministers' Conference at Barbados in September, 1969; meeting of Asian

Development Bank at Seoul in April, l970. He was leader of the Indian

Delegation to Colombo Plan Conference held at Victoria, Vancouver Island,

Canada. He was also nominated as India's Governor to Asian Development Bank,

Manila and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Shri Sethi who had keen interest in the sports and cultural

activities, served as a member of Madhya Bharat Kala Parishad and Madhya

Pradesh Village and Khadi Board.

Shri P.C. Sethi passed away on 21 February, 1996 at Indore at the age

of 76 years.

I also inform the House regarding the sad demise of Shri N.T.Rama Rao,

who was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Shri Rama Rao started his career as a film actor and later became a

matinee idol. His unique acting talent made him an instant success. His career

in films span nearly half a century and he acted in over 100 films

contributing to making each one of them a remarkable ones.

He started his political career in 1982, became the Chief Minister of

Andhra Pradesh in 1983 and later on rose to became one of the national

leaders. Shri Rama Rao was popular among the masses of his State because of

his secular ideas and for amelioration of poor and down trodden.

Shri Rama Rao passed away on 18 January, 1996 at Hyderabad at the age

of 72 years.

We deeply mourn the loss of these friends and I am sure the House will

join me in conveying our condolences to the breaved families.

THE PRIME MINISTER (SHRI P.V.NARASIMHA RAO): Mr. Speaker, Sir, it is with a

very heavy heart that I rise to pay my respectful homage to Shri Surya Narayan

Singh, a sitting Member of this House. Shri Singh was deeply committed to the

cause of the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden. He was a trade unionist

who worked for the rights of the working class. We will all miss him in this


I am also grieved to note that another sitting Member Shri Govind

Chandra Munda who is no longer with us. He was a champion of the Scheduled

Tribes and had published a number of books on Oriya literature. He took keen

interest in the issues of tribal welfare.

Shri Heera Bhai was a freedom fighter and also fought for the

eradication of bonded labour and suffered imprisonment a number of times for

taking part in the agitations relating to bonded labour, prohibition and

Panchayati Raj.

Shri Bakin Pertin started his career in the Government but soon left

it to work for the welfare of the people in Arunachal Pradesh. He took keen

interest in adult education and development of agriculture.

Shri Amiya Nath Bose was a distinguished barrister and organised

Indian Congressmen in Great Britain. He was a nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra

Bose and was closely associated with the INA Committee. He was also the

founder member of Netaji Research Bureau, Calcutta.

I also express my deep sense of loss and pay my condolences at the

passing away of Shri Dev Kant Borooah. He was a distinguished freedom fighter

and journalist. He was an intellectual who had a deep interest and love for

books. He served with distinction in several capacities as Minister in Assam,

Union Minister and Governor of Bihar. I had a particular attachment with him

being General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee while he was the


I offer my condolences on the passing away of Shri T.S. Negi. He was

devoted to the service of the people of the Tehri region and worked for their


I would also like to place on record my profound grief at the passing

away of Shri Prakash Chand Sethi. Shri Sethi was a freedom figher and a

veteran leader. He was an able and experienced administrator who held charge

of number of portfolios in the Central Government. He was also Chief Minister

of Madhya Pradesh from January 1972 to December 1975.

In the passing away of Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, we have lost

one of the most colourful and forceful personalities in the cultural and

political firmament of the country. An entirely self-made person he strode the

scene like a Titan and left his indelible mark.

Personally, I knew him for more than 40 years and followed his

meteoric rise with admiration. Despite politically having a strong diction

which came to him quite naturally and spontaneously, he was very considerate

and friendly. He built up a political party, every brick of it and put life

into it and remained its life.

He then went on to head a broad Front at the national level. I would

like to place on record my deepest respect for this remarkable person and

leader and send my condolences to the family. May his soul rest in peace!

I wish to place on record, Sir, the deep sense of personal loss and

grief felt by the nation and by all of us on the death of these illustrious



¸ÉÒ +]õ±É ʤɽþÉ®úÒ ´ÉÉVÉ{ÉäªÉÒ (±ÉJÉxÉ>ð) : +vªÉIÉ ¨É½þÉänùªÉ, +É{ÉxÉä +Éè®ú ºÉnùxÉ Eäò xÉäiÉÉ xÉä ÊVÉxÉ
Ênù´ÉÆMÉiÉ ¨É½þÉxÉÖ¦ÉÉ´ÉÉå Eäò |ÉÊiÉ ¸ÉrùÉ?VÉ汃 +Ì{ÉiÉ EòÒ ½èþ, ¨Éé ¦ÉÒ +{ÉxÉÒ +Éä®ú ºÉä +Éè®ú +{ÉxÉÒ
{ÉÉ]õÔ EòÒ +É?®ú ºÉä =x½å? ¸ÉrùÉÆVÉ汃 näùxÉÉ SÉɽþiÉÉ ½ÚÆþ*
¸ÉÒ ºÉÚªÉÇ xÉÉ®úɪÉhÉ ËºÉ½þ +Éè®ú ¸ÉÒ ¨ÉÖÆb÷É Ê{ÉUô±Éä ºÉjÉ ¨Éå ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú ºÉÉlÉ lÉä, +ÉVÉ
xɽþÓ ½éþ* ªÉ½þ Gò¨É <ºÉÒ iÉ®ú½þ SɱÉiÉÉ ®ú½þÉ ½èþ* ¸ÉÒ ËºÉ½þ BEò Eò¨ÉÇ`ö ºÉnùºªÉ Eäò xÉÉiÉä +Éè®ú
¸ÉÒ ¨ÉÖÆb÷É +{ÉxÉä ¤É½Öþ®ÆúMÉÒ ´ªÉÊHòi´É Eäò xÉÉiÉä ªÉÉnù ÊEòªÉä VÉÉiÉä ®ú½åþMÉä*
¨Éé ʴɶÉä¹É °ü{É ºÉä ¸ÉÒ näù´ÉEòÉxiÉ ¤É¯û+É, ¸ÉÒ |ÉEòÉ¶É SÉxpù VÉÒ ºÉä`öÒ +Éè®ú
¸ÉÒ ®úɨÉÉ®úÉ´É VÉÒ EòÉ =±±ÉäJÉ Eò®úxÉÉ SÉɽÚÆþMÉÉ* ´ÉèºÉä iÉÉä |ÉɪÉ: ºÉ¦ÉÒ Ênù´ÉÆMÉiÉ ºÉnùºªÉÉå Eäò
ºÉÉlÉ ¨ÉÖZÉä Eò¦ÉÒ <ºÉ ºÉnùxÉ ¨Éå +Éè®ú Eò¦ÉÒ nÚùºÉ®äú ºÉnùxÉ ¨Éå EòÉ¨É Eò®úxÉä EòÉ +´ÉºÉ®ú ʨɱÉiÉÉ ®ú½þÉ* =xÉEòÒ
º¨ÉÞÊiɪÉÉÆ ½þ¨É ±ÉÉäMÉ +{ÉxÉä ¾þnùªÉ ¨Éå ºÉÆVÉÉäªÉä ®ú½åþMÉä*
¸ÉÒ näù´ÉEòÉxiÉ ¤É¯û+É BEò ¤É½Öþ¨ÉÖJÉÒ |ÉÊiɦÉÉ Eäò vÉxÉÒ lÉä* iÉÒµÉ ®úÉVÉxÉèÊiÉEò
¨ÉiɦÉänùÉå Eäò ¤ÉÉ´ÉVÉÚnù ºÉƺEÞòÊiÉ ¨Éå, ºÉÉʽþiªÉ ¨Éå, ±ÉʱÉiÉ Eò±ÉÉ+Éå ¨Éå, =xÉEòÒ VÉÉä +ʦɯûÊSÉ
lÉÒ, BEò {ÉÊ®ú¹EÞòiÉ oùι]õEòÉähÉ lÉÉ, <xÉ ¨ÉɨɱÉÉå ¨Éå VÉÉä =xÉEòÒ Mɽþ®úÒ {Éè`ö lÉÒ, ´É½þ ºÉSɨÉÖSÉ ¨Éå
¦ÉÒc÷ ºÉä +±ÉMÉ =xÉEäò ´ªÉÊHòi´É EòÉä BEò MÉÊ®ú¨ÉÉ |ÉnùÉxÉ Eò®úiÉÒ lÉÒ*
¸ÉÒ |ÉEòÉ¶É SÉxpù VÉÒ ºÉä`öÒ ¨ÉvªÉ |Énäù¶É Eäò ºÉ{ÉÚiÉÉå ¨Éå BEò lÉä* VɨÉÒxÉ ºÉä =`ö
Eò®ú =x½þÉåxÉä >ÆðSÉÉ<ªÉÉÆ |ÉÉ{iÉ EòÒ* ¶ÉɱÉÒxÉ, ʶɹ]õ, ʨÉiɦÉɹÉÒ, ºÉ¤É EòÉä ºÉÉlÉ ±ÉäEò®ú SɱÉxÉä EòÒ
¦ÉÉ´ÉxÉÉ ºÉä |ÉäÊ®úiÉ ºÉä`öÒ VÉÒ +xÉäEò nùÉʪÉi´ÉÉå Eäò ÊxÉ´ÉÉǽþ Eäò ʱɪÉä ¨ÉxÉÉäxÉÒiÉ ½ÖþB +Éè®ú
=x½þÉåxÉä =xÉ =kÉ®únùÉʪÉi´ÉÉå EòÉ ¦É±ÉÒ-¦ÉÉÆÊiÉ {ÉɱÉxÉ ÊEòªÉÉ*
¸ÉÒ ®úɨÉÉ®úÉ´É +ÉxwÉ ®úɹ]Åõ Eäò xÉɪÉEò Eäò °ü{É ¨Éå = É®äú* ¨Éé "®úɹ]Åõ'
¶É¤nù EòÉ |ɪÉÉäMÉ VÉÉxɤÉÚZÉEò®ú Eò®ú ®ú½þÉ ½ÚÆþ CªÉÉå ÊEô iÉä±ÉMÉÚ ¨Éå ®úÉVªÉ EòÉä ®úɹ]Åõ Eò½þiÉä
½éþ* ÊEòºÉÒ EòÉä §É¨É ¨Éå xɽþÓ {Éc÷xÉÉ SÉÉʽþªÉä* ¨Éé VÉ¤É +ÉxwÉ ¨Éå MɪÉÉ iÉÉä ¨ÉéxÉä {ÉÊ®úSɪÉ
Eäò ºÉ¨ÉªÉ +ÉxwÉ ®úɹ]Åõ xÉɪÉEÖò±ÉÚ ºÉÖxÉÉ* +ÉxwÉ ¨Éå ®úɨÉÉ®úÉ´É VÉÒ xÉɪÉEò Eäò °ü{É ¨Éå
xɽþÓ, ¨É½þÉxÉɪÉEò Eäò °ü{É ¨Éå =¦É®äú* ®úÉVÉxÉÒÊiÉ Eäò ®ÆúMɨÉÆSÉ {É®ú =xÉEòÉ {ÉnùÉ{ÉÇhÉ ÊVÉiÉxÉÉ xÉÉ]õEòÒªÉ
lÉÉ, Ê´É·É Eäò ®ÆúMɨÉÆSÉ ºÉä =xÉEòÉ |ɺlÉÉxÉ ¦ÉÒ =iÉxÉÉ ½þÒ xÉÉ]õEòÒªÉ ®ú½þÉ* =x½þÉåxÉä +ÉxwÉ EòÒ
VÉxÉiÉÉ Eäò ¾þnùªÉ ¨Éå +{ÉxÉä ʱɪÉä VÉMɽþ ¤ÉxÉɪÉÒ*
RE B¡ò uùÉ®úÉ VÉÉ®úÒ
RE ¸ÉÒ +]õ±É ʤɽþÉ®úÒ ´ÉÉVÉ{ÉäªÉÒ VÉÉ®úÒ
½þ¨É ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÉä ¦ÉÒ =xÉEòÉä ÊxÉEò]õ ºÉä näùJÉxÉä +Éè®ú =xÉEäò ºÉÉlÉ EòÉ¨É Eò®úxÉä EòÉ +´ÉºÉ®ú ʨɱÉÉ lÉÉ* =xÉEäò
+ÉE?κ¨ÉEò näù½þɴɺÉÉxÉ ºÉä =xÉEäò {ÉÊ®ú´ÉÉ®ú EòÉä +Éè®ú +ÉxwÉ´ÉÉʺɪÉÉaring; EòÉä VÉÉä nÖùJÉ