I gave you a pretty long time to decide and you raised many matters which were not really germane to the point which I had put to you. They were ably replied by the leader of the House also.


MR. SPEAKER: As far as discussion on that point is concerned, I think, that is over.


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MR. SPEAKER: Nirmal Kantiji keep everything nirmal in the House.


So, I am allowing the adjournment motion to be taken up. But that will be taken up 'after some time because you all need the opportunity to discuss the adjournment motion. I am not allowing the Question Hour to be suspended.


MR. SPEAKER: There are hardly five minutes left and you need the time. It would be a bad precedent.


MR. SPEAKER: Please take your seats.

SHRI SOMNATH CHATTERJEE: Sir, in your wisdom, you have not allowed the suspension of the Question Hour. We have herewith patience what the Leader of the House has said. It is very clear that the Government wants to persist with the antiworker and anti-people's policies. Today we cannot participate in the official business of the House and in protest we walk out.

SHRI SRIKANTA JENA (Cuttack): We are not going to participate in the Government's business today.

Shri Somnath Chatterjee and some other hon. Members then left the House

SHRI MANORANJAN BHAKTA (Andaman-Nicobar): Sir, we must send a message to those workers who are working today, A message from this Floor must be sent to them.

I move a Resolution that this House do appreciate and commend those sections of the working class who are working today all over the country for the upkeep of our national interests.

SHRI P.M. SAYEED (Lakshadweep): I second it.

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SHRI BHOGENDRA JHA (Madhubani): Mr. Speaker, Sir, there is a bandh in entire Bihar during the country-wide strike Even rickshaw pullers, tonja water and shop keepers have observed the Bandh.


(At this stage, Shri Bhogendra Jha and some other hon. Members left the House)

MR. SPEAKER: Question No. 121.

SHRI MANORANJAN BHAKTA: What about my Resolution Sir?