They thought on communal lines to gain political mileage and exploited the sentiments of the masses. People got swayed by the hysteria created by these people. In my view, separation of Sikhs and non- Sikhs was the only basis on which Punjab was partitioned.

Madam, when property is partitioned between two brothers, certain things remain disputed. Similarly when Punjab was divided and Haryana was created, some disputes like Chandigarh, Abohar Fazilka and waters of the SYL Canal came to the fore. The dispute over Sharing of waters among Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan has acquired an international dimension over the years. The politicians are to be squarely blamed for these disputes. The Shah Commission was appointed to resolve these disputes. The Shah Commission in its award stated that Chandigarh should be given to Haryana, 4.8 MAF water from SYL should be given to Haryana and Abohar and Fazilka should also be given to Haryana. Al that time, Chowdhury Devi Lal was the Leader of the Opposition. He opposed the recommendations of the Commission tooth and nail on the ground that the Commission was appointed

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[Sh. Dharampal Singh Malik]

by Shrimati Indira Gandhi. Thus, the disputes continued to pester.

Then in 1971 Indira Ji took some decisions which came to be known as the Indira Gandhi Award of 1971. These people opposed that as well and called for the implementation of the Shah Commission. While Chandigarh was given, the water allocated to it was reduced and even some villages of Abohar Fazilka were taken away from Haryana. This aggravated the situation and an agitation was launched in 1971 in which many students were shot dead in Rewari. Many people including Choudhary Devi Lai courted arrest in protest against the Indira Gandhi Award and these people refused to accept the Award.

After that , Shrimati Indira Gandhi launched the work on this Canal in 1982. After Shrimati Gandhi's assasination, Shri Rajiv Gandhi took the initiative to solve the problem and under the 1985 Rajiv-Longowal Accord, Chandigarh was taken away from us in lieu of some villages. Even Abohar and Fazilka were taken away from us and even our share of water was considerably reduced under the Eradi Commission Report. Now, the Opposition including Choudhury Devi Lal said about five days back that they are ready to accept all this only when the 1971 Indira Gandhi Award is implemented. They leave the latest Award and start talking about the previous Award. What was the reason for dispute. The leaders of Haryana exploited the feelings of the people to win elections and the same is done by the leaders in Punjab. Actually, every party was responsible for it. But if the Congress Party is 10 per cent responsible, the opposition parties are 90 per cent responsible. Because, most of time, the Congress Party was in power. When any party is in power, it never wants to destabilise, its Government. But the opposition parties talk of exploitation for their selfish ends. I know that today there is no representative from Punjab in this House. If we represent Punjab, what objection we may have. It will be better if the Sikhs represent the Hindus and the Hindus represent

732 (Punjab), 1991-92

the Sikhs. The Muslims represent the Hindus and the Hindus represent the Muslims. If we do not think on these lines, we are worsening the situation. It has no meaning if I represent myself.

I would only like to submit in this regard that if we start considering this issue in a nonpolitical way, it can be solved just in two minutes. While giving our lectures we give answers also in our lectures. At one time we ourselves say that the Congress Party is responsible for it and the Government is not able to solve this problem and after a shortwhile add that arms are being supplied from outside and Pakistan is imparting training to the terrorists. Has the Congress Party asked them to go to Pakistan and take training?

Everyone wants to solve this problem and it can be solved. But it will be better if with the solution of this problem one's chair is also saved. This issue is not taken very seriously.

I would like to submit here two or three points on which my state has dispute with Punjab. They are related with Budget too. Unless allocations are made for these things in the next Budget, we are not going to get anything till then. The major dispute is over the canal on which the Bhakra Dam has been constructed and which comes to Har- yana through Punjab and Haryana gets water from it. Near about 10 days ago, that canal has been damaged through bomb explosion. This is the dispute. Some mischevious elements are trying to vitiate the atmosphere there and political leaders and political parties fan sentiments there for their own vested interests. In this Budget, there is no mention about the allocation for minor irrigation or irrigation and power. Specially, funds should be allocated for the digging of S.Y.L. canal. Those funds are given from the centre but no mention has been made in the Budget in this regard. Unless these funds are allocated, work cannot be completed on this canal.

Thousands of crores of rupees have already been spent in Haryana and Punjab both, for digging of this SYL canal. 93 percent of work has already been completed only 17 percent remains in which work on bridges and lining are included. Due to the non-comple-

733 Demands for Grants

tion of work, the water we would have got in 1966, is still out of our reach after 25 years. 'If Haryana or Rajasthan today gets water from the canal, the production of Haryana will increase by one and a half fold. If the saving of the farmer is Rs. 100 today, it will rise to Rs. 150, if he starts gaffing water from SYL canal. Therefore, I would request that funds should be allocated in this Budget for the completion of S.Y.L. canal. It is not so that Punjab is getting that water. That water goes to Pakistan. The water, which gives greenery to our Rajasthan and Haryana, goes to Pakistan. Under the Indo-Pak Water Treaty of 1955 India has purchased that water for a sum of Rs.

110 crore. But we are not getting that water. The Thein dam project is lying pending. But no mention is made about it in any Budget. As nothing has been done on this project the water of Ravi is not going into Beas. When Beas is able to get water from Ravi, it will discharge that water into Sutlej. Water of Ravi and Sutlej goes to Pakistan. But no provision has been made in the Budget. It should have been done. I would like to make some suggestions. Some people think that this situation in Punjab has arisen due to unemployment Some jobless youths are indulging in such terrorist activities. But it is not so. On the one hand, we say that Punjab has the highest per-capita income in the country. On the other hand, we just comment by reading newspapers. Many people do not know the situation there or had never visited Amritsar. It is easy to make long speeches and write a book but it cannot make anyone's life. If poverty and unem- ployment were the only reasons for terrorism, It could have happened in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh first. The youths in Punjab have been misled and there is no problem of unemployment. In the same of securing livelihood for them, the political leaders serve their own interests. Suggestions are made that a political solution should be found when Shri V.P. Singh came to power, he visited Punjab. A 'saropa' was presented to him. He was of the view that the Congress Party was not working property. Although, he himself was in the Congress Party once and had never accepted 'saropa' then. But later on he went there all of a sudden and no talks were

734 (Punjab), 1991-92

ever held since then. They fight over water dispute. Ask them what is the reason of their dispute. They won't be able to tell why there is terrorism in Punjab. Not a single political leader supporters those terrorists. They don't say that we are supporters of Khalistan or we support it. But they give importance to newspapers. The number of incident which take place in Bihar is much more than that take place in Punjab. But in Bihar it is called personal enmity whereas in Punjab the incident of enmity are also described as terrorism. You can find the ratio of incidents in Punjab and Bihar. Some people loot others in the name of old enmity and it has no concern with terrorism.

Unless this disease is cured permanently, these political leaders will continue to misled the terrorists by their speeches. Sometimes, they say that the dispute is over SYL canal and also say that they will not hand over Chandigarh to Haryana, even every child of Punjab will sacrifice his life for Chandigarh and they will not let water be discharged into SYL canal because it will destroy them. Such excuses are being made by these leaders but their intention behind it is something different. I would request that the 7 per cent work remaining on the SYL canal should be completed. Several times the workers are killed and even the Chief Engineer has been killed there.

The funds allocated from the Centre are spent entirely on the administrative setup. The officers use their cars for unofficial purpose and the entire allocated funds are spent on the upkeep of their bungalows. Since the machineries are lying unused, they are getting spoiled and rusted I would request that the completion of the 7 per cent work left should be given to the Border Road Organisation, which is a semi-military department. The day, work on this canal is completed, fifty per cent of the problem will be solved.

Now remains the question of Chandigarh, Abohar and Fazilka. Four Awards have already been given. The Government can implement any of the Awards. It will satisfy the people. They have nothing to do with Chandigarh. They might be concerned with the water of SYL which will go Into the fields

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[Sh. Dharampal Singh Malik]

of farmers. The masses are not concerned whether their capital is Rohtak, Chandigarh or Delhi. These issues are only raised by the leaders for their own interests.

Today, the situation there is worsening a lot. When the general elections were held, the elections in that State were also scheduled to be hold on 20th or 22nd of June with them but due to the killing of several candidates the elections were either postponed or cancelled.

They also know it that the law and order situation should be disturbed anyhow and to frustrate the legal process. Many nonserious candidates also stand in the election. The sections of our Representation of Peoples Act are such that any person who has attained the specified age and who is a citizen of this country, can stand in the election.

Some people knowingly got the nomination filed by a 90 year-old person so that the election is postponed in case he dies. Therefore, I would request that to lesson the number of non-serious, candidates, a provi- sion should be made by amending the Representation of Peoples Act.

The issues regarding issuing of identity cards and fencing of border are also raised. if these identity cards are made in large quantity, the expenditure will not be more than Rs. 5 to Rs.7 per card. if they are issued to all the citizens of Punjab, who are above 18 years, they can properly vote. The presiding officer should sign the identity cards of the voters. Electronic voting machines should be installed there. if elections are hold there, More will be a State Assembly and there will be no need to pass the State Budget from here.

The issue of Installing these machines was raised during the elections in 1989 also. Already a lot of money has been spent on them. The Government has said that they can be installed In 150 constituencies but no action has yet been taken in this regard. I would request you not to see this problem politically. Everyone should feel the distress of Punjab as his own distress and it is not concerned with any political party. Only then, we can solve this problem.

736 (Punjab), 1991-92

With these words, I conclude and support this Budget.


SHRI CHITTA BASU (Barasat) : Madam Chairperson, I expected the Government to make a statement about the assessment of the situation in Punjab and also about the plan of action, the Government want to follow to solve the Punjab problem. Madam, I think you will agree with me when I say that there has been no assessment and that there has been no indication as to the plan of action to meet the situation in Punjab.

My assessment of the situation is that there is no possibility of decline in Punjab militancy in the near future. On the other hand, the situation in Punjab has deteriorated; incidents of insurgency have increased. And this has increased after the assumption of Office by the Congress, after the election in June.

During the period when the Congress was functioning as an opposition party in this House, all along they have been claiming particularly Mr. Chidambaram and some others who adorn the Treasury Benches today - that the National Front Government has no perspective of the Punjab problem and has no policy regarding Punjab. You might have witnessed that in this House. Madam, I was interested to see in their election manifesto, as to whether they have any policy regarding Punjab. Fortunately I saw it. It is for the benefit of the House to know the approach of the Congress regarding the Punjab problem which has found a place in the election manifesto of May last. I may quote only a few lines.

It says:

"The writ of the Congress has ceased to run in large parts of the State".

In May, the election Manifesto says this. This is the direct and inevitable outcome of there being no policy on Punjab except 737 Demands for Grants

appeasement and gimmickry. May I know as to what is their policy now?

Do they have any policy other than appeasement and gimmickry? Is the writ of the Government running in all parts of Punjab today? Does the Government exist there? The Government did not exist in May last, because it was Shri Chandra Shekhar's Government which was your ally.

But, does the Government exist today in Punjab? Tha nation wants an answer for it.

I have got the figures from the Government sources also, to show what has happened. The total killings in 1990 was 3,787. The sources say that in 1991 till now, 1,667 civilians, 374 securitymen and 1,641 militants have lost their lives.

The Incidents have increased; the volume has Increased. Not only the volume has increased, but there has been a qualitative change of the terrorist attack which has to be taken note of. The concentration of attack is one the security personnel, on the security staff. I feel that is a part of the total strategy of Pakistan. They want to demoralise our security forces. Therefore, attacks are not only on the security personnel but also on their relatives so that our security personnel cannot meet the situation with all their strength and vigour. This is the strategy externally. Internally, your writ does not run. Politically, Mann has been outspoken. He was speaking something earlier but never has spoken about the Khalistan in so many unmistakable terms. Let me quote. He says that it is their experience:

"One thing is clear now. Nothing short of separate sovereign Sikh State will satisfy the Sikhs."

This is a development on political aspect of the problem. During National Front's time, this kind of statement was never made by the Khalistanis or had not the courage to make this kind of statement, whatever may be your assessment of the situation. Why is he in a position to make the statement in categorical terms? There must be a sover-

738 (Punjab), 1991-92

eign Khalistan because of international situation that has of late taken place because of encouragement being provided by the forces outside the country.

Now again I want to draw your attention to other kind of subversive activities. I have got with me a news item published in the Telegraph a few weeks ago wherein it is stated:

"The Punjab policy is repressive, says Asia Watch." There is that 'Asia Watch'. I do not know what does it mean. It is naturally based in New York. They have produced a voluminous report. I only want to mention some of the paragraphs in that only in order to stress upon the fact that politically the Punjab problem has become all the more serious and assumed an alarming proportion not only from the point of view of the domestic situation but also from external developments. And the Government has got no assessment of the situation, the Government has got no action plan, and the Government still continues to pursue a policy of drift and procrasti- nation - that too in the case of a problem like Punjab. This 138-page report charges a big thing:

"It claims that the Punjab police, paramilitary troops and the Border Security Force have engaged in 'widespread summary executions' of civilians and suspected militants. Many executions are of people who were first detained in police custody and then said to have been killed in 'encounters' by security police.

These killings' are not aberrations but rather the product of a deliberate policy known to high-ranking security personnel and members of civil administrations and New Delhi".

I think, it is not necessary to quote more because the intention is clear that external

739 Demands for Grants

[Sh. Chitta Basu]

agencies are working round-the-clock to destabilise our country and create a condition of destabilisation within Punjab. In this situation, I am really very surprised to find and shocked also that the Government has got no policy to pursue and no well-thoughtout integrated plan of action to meet the situation in the country today.

It appears to me that the Government has taken to the policy of military solution and the question of political solution has been ruled out.

Why I say so is because the entire Punjab is declared as a disturbed area. That means you want to meet the situation by deployment of Army and security personnel. Basically, the problem is not a military one; the problem is a political one and a political solution is to be worked out and not a military solution. I feel that this is a point on which the Central Government must arrive at a conclusion on whether they have decided to have a military solution to the problem. Our friends are very much out-spoken and they say 'Demolish all the camps which might be existing within Pakistan'.