677 Disc. under Rule 193

Deterioration in Law & Order

I do not want to take much of the valuable time of this House narrating what the hon. Members have said yesterday and today. I would like to confine myself to only one or two points namely communal killings that have been taking place in the country for the last several years. I have with me the answer given by the hon. Minister of State for Home, Shri M.M. Jacob to unstarred question No. 566.

According to the hon. Minister, in 1989 14 communal riots have taken place in the country. In 1990 it was 24. And in the riot that took place in 1989, the number of people who were killed as a result of this communal riots was 915 including 413 persons in Bhagalpur. In 1990, in the 24 riots took place according to the official reports, the people killed were 692, including 113 in Hyderabad and 112 in Aligarh. In 1991, 24 riots took place not including the Varanasi riot where the death toll has not been shown so far.

These killings have been taking place in this country, a democratic country, a country committed to secularism ! This is really reprehensible. The members of the minority community feel insecure under the circumstances prevalent in the country.

In the recent past there is a sharp decline in the law and order situation. The police had been used to suit the political designs of the ruling party in some States - a point here to mention is the case in Uttar Pradesh. The recent riots in Varanasi about which there were mentions in through the House though not discussed threadbare, there were some discussions and opinions expressed on the floor of the House where it has been mentioned that the killings could have been avoided had the police done their duty impartially.

Unfortunately we find, it is very much disgraceful for the Government, that the State constabulary, the police, had been taking part in the killings of innocent people on religious ground. It is very much disgraceful. Also in Varanasi it has been mentioned in the House that while no other political party leader was allowed to enter into the curfew

Situation in various 678

parts of the Country

bound areas, only the local MP was allowed. Such things are happening unfortunately in this country. What is frightening is not just the death toll on account of the police brutality which became a common feature, but what is frightening is the people's lost, of confidence in the Government, the Government machinery and the impartiality of the system. It is a dangerous phenomenon in this country.

Therefore I request the hon. Home Minister to have a system by which no guilty police official or policeman shall escape. Otherwise it will be condoning the police misdeeds, the consequences of which will be far larger than the death unfortunately taken place in Varanasi. Therefore the administration should behave in an impartial way.

Quite unfortunately the menace of communal riots has grown as a cancerous disease on the body politic of our country. We all should put our heads together to find out how we will be able to stop it or at least to prevent it. Perhaps that will be one of the greatest services that we people will be doing for this country.

I am of the view that the propaganda let loose by some of the political parties or some of the people who are on inimical terms with some religious groups is one of the reasons for this communal riot. A case in point according to me is, there are some elements and parties which are propagating some myths about the minority community and this aroused a strong sense of resentment among the common people in the majority community. They will be looking down upon the members of the minority community as unpatriotic and also as anti-national. Such things later go to uncontrollable levels resulting in the communal killings in this country.

17.00 hrs.

It is not correct to say-even to maintain that the Muslims of this country are not part of the mainstream. We are and they are.

The mainstream cannot be monopolised by any

679 Disc. under Rule 193

Deterioration in Law & Order

[Sh. E. Ahamed]

section of people or any group or any party. One cannot distinguish between the religious identity and the national identity. Jews in America had a strong sense of separate identity. It is not necessary that a separate identity implies a separate national identity. Late lamented Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was a personification of both national identity and religious identity. Therefore, any propaganda by any interested element in this field should be stopped. The duty of the administration is also to ensure the safety and security of the minority community. May I mention a few words about the speech made by my learned friend, Shri Khurana, yesterday in the House? During his speech, he has criticised some of the views of Shri Farooq Abdullah, the son of Kashmir. I am not holding any brief for Shri Farooq Abdullah and I am also not in agreement with many of the things that he has done during his tenure. But one thing we must say and that is this. It was Shri Sheikh Abdullah along with great Jawaharlal Nehru who were responsible for the instrument of accession. People like Shri Farooq Abdullah had been advocating continuity and also committed to the nation that Kashmir is an integral part of the country. That is our view. We will not allow anybody to separate Kashmir from the Indian Union. That will affect the numerical strength of the Muslim minority in this country. We will be the first and the last people who will oppose any move by anybody to separate Kashmir from the Indian Union. Kashmir is an integral part of the country. But, at the very same time, nobody can make the Kashmir is to give up their psyche and their identity. It is a psychological matter. They have their psyche and they have their identity. We must also bring them into the national mainstream.

In one of the speeches made by senior colleague of ours in this House, Shri Indrajit Gupta, it has been mentioned that - it is a quotable quote - 'We have the soil of the Kashmir; not the soul of the Kashmir'. I also underline that it should be our endeavour, at any cost, to see that we take the soul of

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parts of the Country

Kashmir with the people of Indian Union. That cannot be done with bullets; that cannot be done by bullying. Therefore, people like Shri Farooq Abdullah and the secular, national elements like him are to be taken into confidence. We have also to go and speak to the people of Kashmir in their own language. We have to use the word to attract their hearts. Mere argument and propaganda of this kind will not do.

It is in this context that I say the Ekta Yatra taken out today by the BJP was quite unfortunate. It will divide the people. Therefore, it is time for every Indian who love this country, who has a commitment to this country and who has the national commitment to maintain the unity and integrity of the country - to join together and stand as one man against the fissiparous tendencies, against the elements who are dividing our people. That is going on to divide .the very hearts of the people. That will be a dangerous phenomenon for the country.

So, all of us should stand as one man to meet the dangers posed to the country. At the very same time, may I say that the minority community should be given protection? They must also feel a sense of security of their lives, of their property and honour.

SHRI GEORGE FERNANDES: Does the Home Minister intend to tell something?

MR. CHAIRMAN: He might have already an arrangement.

SHRI S.B. CHAVAN:Actually I had gone to talk with the Police Commissioner Mrs. Jetley, who happens to be the Secretary of Mr.

George Fernandes, was picked up because of the fact that some of the Tibetans were trying to got very near the area. That is why we did not want to take chance. But I have asked them to release her immedi- ately.

Since the House is going to rise at 6 o'clock, every arrangement will be made that Members reach their houses well in time.

SHRI GEORGE FERNANDES: Have you ordered the release of Tibetans?

681 Disc. under Rule 193

Deterioration in Law & Order

SHRI S.B. CHAVAN: That I can't.

MR. CHAIRMAN: He cannot give that undertaking.

Now, Dr. S.P. Yadav will speak. Dr. Yadav, two Members have already spoken from your party. You passed some remarks against the Chair. That is why I am giving you this caution.

SHRI K.P. REDDAIAH YADAV: Out of anger......

MR. CHAIRMAN: One should know where he stands.


DR. S.P. YADAV: Mr. Chairman, Sir, Under Rule 193 we are

discussing the deteriorating situation of law and order in the country with special emphasis on terrorism, killings and kidnapping etc. in the country.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I feel that terrorist activities in North India began with the creation of BanglaDesh in 1971. The fact is that regionalism, economic disparties, unemployment, favouritism, dishonesty, corruption, fanaticism, historic events, political and geographical reasons, cultural conflicts, laxity on the part of judiciary and increasing corruption, inaction an the part of the Government employees all such reasons gave rise to terrorist tendencies, killings and kidnappings in the country.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I would not talk about the terrorists activities in Punjab and Kashmir, as many hon. Members have already expressed their views in the House about the killings by terrorists in these areas. But I would like to speak, especially about Uttar Pradesh as I hail from there. The terrorism has spread from Punjab and Kashmir to Uttar Pradesh. This way many areas of Uttar Pradesh are in the grip of terrorism now. In September, 1991 a SDM and a Kanoongo of Vilaspur Tehsil of Rampur district were kidnapped near my constituency and they were released in a dramatic manner. Nobody knew Situation in various 682

parts of the Country

what action was taken against the terrorists.

17.08 hrs.

[MR. DEPUTY SPEAKER in the Chair]

Similarly, on 8th October, 1991 six policemen posted at Police Station in Dhanaura Mandi were killed by terrorists but till now it is not known whether any action has been taken against the terrorists.

Ramleela was being organised at Rudrapur in October. There was a bomb blast during the Ramleela in which 55 persons lost their lives.

This way, terrorism is rampant in Uttar Pradesh in these days.

Very recently a threat appeared in the "Dainik Jagran', Jhansi of 67 December which we read and it was stated in that report that the Police Chief (Director General of Police) and the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh won't be able to see the dawn of 1st January, 1992. It is a very serious situation, an alarming situation of course. It is a matter to be given serious thought by the Central Government but what could the Central Government think in this matter is well known to us.

Ninth Lok Sabha was dissolved only because of the race for the post of the Prime Minister and with the result elections to the Tenth Lok Sabha were held. What was the law and order situation during the elections to the Tenth Lok Sabha? What to talk of deteriorated law and order situation in Punjab, Bengal, Assam, Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh, former Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi was killed in Perumbadur. I wonder what the CBI and CID were doing? Where was law and order? If a, all did it exist, how was it possible to kill the former Prime Minister? He was killed and the entire country mourned his death but our Chief Election Commissioner, Shri T.N. Seshan postponed the elections for Legislative Assembly and Parliament by 25 days. It is not known how many candidate suffered financial loss.

It is no use to discuss terrorism and kidnappings in our country.

Is it possible to check such activities? We discuss things in this House only under some section and leave them there in the House and forget.

683 Disc. under Rule 193

Deterioration in Law & Order

[Dr. S.P. Yadav]

Prior to this the Prime Minister was also killed. Very recently a freedom fighter, former Minister and a senior leader was killed in Andhra Pradesh. We pay homage and there ends the matter and no action is taken in the matter. I believe that so long as favouritism, employment, atrocities on and suppression of people will continue , the proverb 'idle mind is a devil's workshop' will continue to prove true. There won't be any abatement in terrorism, kidnappings and killings. Kidnapping has become an industry those days and many extremists, politicians and some dacoits have joined this industry.

Uttar Pradesh is on the top in the incidents of kidnappings. There were 3878 cases of kidnapping in 1990. It is followed by Bihar, where 2138 cases of kidnapping took place. Then there is Rajasthan where 2107 people were kidnapped and 2681 people wee kidnapped in the Union Territory during the past three years. The rate of ransom demanded per kidnapping in Ghaziabad and Delhi is Rs. 50 lakh each. Investment wise it is the cheapest industry and no action is going to be taken.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, therefore, keeping in view the fast deteriorating situation, it would be better to call a meeting of the leaders of all parties and form late a national policy and then this policy should be implemented. Then alone some solution of the problem is possible. Then forces engaged in combating terrorism possess inferior weapons. The people having inclumation towards terrorism are in possession of the sophisticated foreign weapons. When six policemen were killed in Dhanaura, they possessed 315 bore rifles and the terrorists had A.K.-47 and Ak74 rifles. How unfortunate it is? I would like to suggest that the respected people of the areas where terrorist activities are on the increase should be given licences for AK-47 rifles. If licences are issued for A.K.-47 and A.K.-74 rifles, people would be able to protect themselves. Besides, police protection should be provided to the people living in border areas.

The most important things is that the police itself should be brought under control, Hon. Home Minister is present here.

Situation in various 684

parts of the Country

I was coming to Delhi on 22nd of the last month to attend the meeting of Public Accounts Committee. My railway seat was reserved from Moradabad in the first class compartment but two policemen entered the cabin and started breaking it while uttering abuses. Later on both of them placed their rifles on the glass panes. in this regard, I had sent complaints to the Non. Prime Minister, Home Minister and the Railway Minister but no action has been taken in this matter so tar.

The situation about the Police has already been made clear by the Member who spoke before me. If the Police Administration is not brought under control, the saviours will turn devourers, as they are virtually now. This will not improve the situation in the country.

It is very necessary to put the tinder check,

Corruption is at its peak in Police Administration. There was a time when police was considered as the biggest corrective department in the society but now it has gone other way and the terrorist undencies in the society are on the increase like anything and there is a nexus between police and terrorists. The hon. Home Minister should attach special importance to this discussion with a view to bringing these terrorist tendencies under control. I urge upon the hon. Home Minister that the discussion may not be reduced to a formal type of discussion. A meeting of the leader of ail parties should be convened and the points which he considers good should be discussed in it for finding a solution. Otherwise coming days are very crucial and it would be very difficult of solve the problem. We will think that if the Congress Government has failed to save its former Prime Ministers, how can it save the public. It Is a testimony to their incapability.

With these words, I conclude my speech.


KUMARI SELJA (Sirsa): There has been an increase in terrorist activities in the country and especially so in the north, where it has spread outward from Punjab. In the past two to three years, terrorists have gradually infiltrated into the States neighbouring 685 Disc. under Rule 193

Deterioration in Law & Order

Punjab, viz. Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

There have been many serious incidents in Haryana earlier, where the militants have struck with vengeance. There was a bomb blast in Kurukshetra, there were killings in Daryapur, Panipat, Dabwali, etc.

The latest incidents in this chain have been at Sirsa and Tohana.

The State Government has its own problems, but the Central Government cannot escape from its responsibilities. There has been a shortcoming on the part of the Central Government, where intelligence agencies are concerned. They have not been able to provide timely intelligence information to the States.

It is a well-known fact that terrorists have better and much more sophisticated weapons than the State police force. The terrorists do not operate with anything less than A-12s and A-47s, while our police is left grouping with 303 rifles. The State Government has asked time and again for more equipment from the Centre, which includes AK-47s, SLRs carbines, transmitters, etc.

Till now, the Central Government has not even decided as to what kind of weapons be provided to the State Police; nor has it suppled anything substantial. The Central Government should decide what kind of weaponry it should decide what kind of weaponry it should give to the State and it must do so fast.

The State police does not have proper training needed to combat terrorism. They need to be given different kind of training to face the new challenges. They can only wield sticks over the common man and when it comes to facing the terrorists, they do not even come out of the police stations. This was very much evident in the recent incident at Tohana where the terrorists spent about 45 minutes in the town, killing at will, even stopping and loading magazines in their AK47s. They could have spent even another hour there and nobody would have stopped