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SHRI SULTAN SALAHUDDIN OWAISI (Hyderabad): Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to submit my views before the House regarding the Babri Masjid and the way the demolition has taken place. The Babri Masjid Action Committee was always ready to resolve the issue through negotiations. These were held during the Prime Ministership of Shri V.P. Singh and Shri Chandra Shekhar. We did participate in the discussion initiated by Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao. The negotiations were held three times. It has always been the Vishwa Hindu Parishad people who have brought it to the breaking point. Documents were exchanged.

We have given them in writing. Three Ministers were associated in this work. You can very well image from one instance. It was asked whether Muslims would like to forgo their claim if it was proved that mosque was built by demolishing a temple. At that time we put a query. We asked them whether they would like to withdraw their case if it was proved that the mosque was not built by demolishing any temple. In return, the reply was that the question did not arise. You can imagine very well their attitude to this dispute.

The second question was as to why idols were kept there later on when the construction of this Masjid took place in the 15th century.

The reply was as the Muslims had voted for Muslim League during the elections held in 1946, we had installed idols to make India a Hindu Nation. It was explained in a written statement. Now it has become clear what the matter was. The matter has been raised just to capture power and make

523 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

[Sh. Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi]

India a Hindu Nation. it shows the intensity of the situation.

Shri Sharad Pawar himself suggested to both the parties to exchange the documents and said that decision would be taken by the Government, we were ready to accept it in writing. But the people belonging to the V.H.P. were not ready to give it in wiring. After that 6th of December was fixed for the 'Kar seva'. Now you tell us the logic behind it. It is said that they got some proof during demolition. But the point is that nothing was found during digging.

But you say that these things were found only after digging. Now you are showing the pictures of those things. I would like to submit that you as well as the House should examine the way this matter has been raised. Time and again we have been drawing attention of the Government that their intention is not good and they will demolish the Masjid. Despite drawing attention of the Ministers, nobody paid any heed to it and the Babri Masjid was demolished. I would like to say that the Masjid should be rebuilt. In this connection, I would like to say that along with the V.H.P. The Congress Government is also equally responsible. The carelessness and negligence on the part of Government has caused demolition of the Majid. When it is demolished you simply express regret. You tell us as to why the Muslims were fired bullets at either chest or head throughout the country. Have the Muslims no right to protest in India? Are we second class citizens? Therefore, we want that judicial inquiry may be conducted in every State. Muslims who have lost their lives and property worth crores or rupees should be given Rs. 5 lakh each as compensation. Guilty police officials must be transferred. Besides, we would like that the Masjid should be constructed at the same site. In brief I would like to say that the Government should suspend the chief Ministers of Bombay and Gujarat as large scale violence took place in these two States. More than 200 Muslims were killed there. Property worth lakhs of rupees has been destroyed. They were made targets and killed by bullets and their property worth

524 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

lakhs of rupees was looted. Are you not responsible for it ...

(Interruptions) Now you are clapping. But remember, tomorrow you will mourn. The rule of the B.J.P. is responsible for the entire destruction caused to us. The Government of the B.J.P. wants to capture power at the cost of Muslims. But they should be aware of the fact that these tactics will not last long. It should be understood that the way things are happening shows that on the one hand B.J.P. is doing something and on the other the Congress is encouraging them.

Nobody understands what actually is happening?

Mr. Speaker, Sir, I mean to say that the Masjid should be rebuilt there. If the Government really feels sorry, it should rebuild the Masjid at the same site. Undoubtedly it will prove its sincerity. If it does not construct the Masjid, it will be as per the Urdu couplet " Too Mara Jaisa Kar, Main Roz Aisa Karta Hun". Until and unless action is taken against those guilty officials who fired bullets at Muslims and compensation is given to them, you will not be able to assuage their hurt feelings. Remember one thing. A lot of tension has been created till now. It will have far reaching and serious repercussions.

You will realise it later on. If such a situation continues, I fear what will happen in future. I would like that the present Government should take concrete steps and rebuild the Masjid so that the situation improves.

SHRI DIGVIJAYA SINGH (Rajgarh): Mr. Speaker, Sir, when the judge asked the Attorney General, U.P. Government (B.J.P.) in the Supreme Court after the incidence of 6th December.


"Now what is the credibility left of your Government"


He made a humble submission:


"Nothing My Lord".

525 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers


In a word he expressed the credibility of B.J.P. Government in Uttar Pradesh. I understand that it is the first incident of its kind when the Attorney General hung his head in shame and said that he was not ready to plead their case of his client. This was the credibility of the B.J.P. on which the State Government was surviving.

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee is not present here today. He said that he would speak truth and nothing but truth. Swami Chinmayanandji said that truth is spoken but it is spoken from different anger. Mr.

Speaker, Sir, a man like Swami Chinmayanand who has dedicated his life and taken Sanyas looks at truth from a different angle. Then what type of Sanyasi he is?

Mr. Speaker, Sir, if you assess this, whenever any affidavit is submitted and wrong statement is to be made, Swami Chinmayanandji and Rajmata do this job. This task is not performed by Mr. Singhal, Mr.

Morodutt Pingle of V.H.P. because they belong to Sangh Pairwar. False statement is not made by the Sangh Pariwar. Swami Chinmayanand and Rajmata make such statements. Mr Speaker, Sir do they not belong to the Sangh Pariwar?

SHRI RAJVEER SINGH (Aonla): He is talking about the Sangh

Pariwar. If he has knowledge, he may explain what does the Sangh Pariwar stand for?

SHRI DIGVIJAYA SINGH: Mr. Speaker, Sir, `Sangh Pariwar' is such a family wherein women are debarred. Only People from the particular class can join it. More than 95 per cent of the Indian population cannot become members of Sangh Pariwar. `Sangh Pariwar' only enrolls affluent people as its members but the leaders issue statements. If it is a matter concerning communalism then Shri Advani would speak and undertake Rath Yatra and if they wish to show themselves as liberals then Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee would speak.

Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to make a

526 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

mention of the incident that took place on 6th December, I would like to ask Swami Chinmayanandji to tell us whether they have demolished the Mosque or the temple, Then we would accept his statement. First he should be clear in his mind whether the demolished structure was a temple or a mosque. What is the reality. At least there should be no confusion in his mind on this issue. He may tell us what they think about it. If they have demolished a mosque it is very bad but if it was a temple then they did the worst. What sort of Hindu you are? Mr.

Speaker, Sir, what sort of truth it is that at least one lakh people were listening to the speech there and only 500 persons were demolishing the structure, nobody bothered to stop them....(Interruptions)

Mr. Speaker, Sir, we are happy that Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee is present in the House, otherwise we were feeling that what type of `Motion' is this when the mover of the `Motion' himself is not present here. Mr. Speaker, Sir, we have been saying `Jai Ram Ji Ki' and Ram Ram' in place of Namaste but `Jai Shri Ram' is no way of saying `Namaste' This is simply a slogan to declare war. Sir they say `Jai Shri Ram' in such a manner is if they are scolding someone.


Mr. Speaker, Sir, the country would have to differentiate between religion and communalism. It is good to be religious but spreading of fanaticism and communalism is wrong. Unless and until we are able to differentiate between these two terms, we cannot succeed. Mr. Speaker, Sir, they pretend to be religious but in fact they are not religious.

Had they been religious they would not have used Sadhus and saints in their political interests. They would not have used Swami Chinnayanand to tell a lie in the court. I am also a Hindu and I would like to say that some saints are sitting over here, I do not know that how much do they know about the Hindu religion but I would like to ask them whether any Shilanyas Ceremony is taken up during `Dakshinayan'? No it is never done. But they did it. We have also constructed a number of temples and the Shilanyas of these temples were done at Garbhsthal, it is never done at Sinhdwar. It is written in Ved

527 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

[Sh. Digvijaya Singh]

Shastras. But they have nothing to do with the religion and the faith.

Advaniji says that this is a question of faith and he considers Bhagwan Ram as an incarnation of God. But if he is an incarnation of god than have you ever read Golvalkar ji, who has said in `Vichar navneet' that Bhagwan Ram cannot be taken as an incarnation of God because at the time of abducation of Sita he had cried like an ordinary person. On one side he talks about the faith but he has not read Golvalka ji. In this context, the name of Sadhvi Ritambhara has been referred to. She has polluted the atmosphere of the country to such an extent as cannot be expressed. At the time of demolition of the Mosque, people say that she was raising slogans- "One more push and demolish the Babri Mosque." Can you call it a religious?

Apart from this, the Government of B.J.P. gave land worth 40 crore rupees to Ritambhara in Vrindavan on 2nd December. It is to be remembered that she is the main instrument in spreading communalism in the Country. The land worth crores of rupees was given just for one rupee-is it their religiousness... (Interruptions)

SHRI RAJVEER SINGH (Aonla): Mr. Speaker, sir, hon. Member just now mentioned the name of Sadhvi Ritabhara in the House and alleged that she was giving a slogan that there is a need of one more push. My submission is that when Ritambhara ji cannot give her clarification in the House then how it is justified to level such allegations against her. I would like to say that this sentence should be removed from the proceeding. You cannot level allegations against a person who is not present in the House...(Interruptions)

SHRI DIGVIJAYA SINGH: Mr. Speaker, Sir, the country neither needs Hindu fundamentalism nor Muslim one. Whatever it needs today, it is only liberalism. Today Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji is considered as a liberal by the countrymen and we too are convinced of his liberalism.

Today it is the need of the

528 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

hour that people like Atal ji should come forward. Respected Chandra Shekharji has invoked his `Guru', a disciple has invoked his teacher.... (Interruptions) Today it is the need of the hour that Guru ji should respond to the invocation of his disciple. Bhondsi Baba also needs you today.... (Interruptions) Today he needs you and you too need him.

In order to fight against communalism, all liberal Hindus and Muslims will have to come together otherwise this country cannot be saved. Mr. Speaker, Sir, the character of Shri Advani ji is entirely communal. On one hand he condemns the happenings there but while giving an interview to the B.B.C. at the time of his arrest, he added fuel to the fire by saying that 50 temple have been demolished in Kashmir.

With your blessings, I had been to Srinagar with a Parliamentary Committee ....(Interruptions) Kindly listen to me. Shri Madan Lal Khurana was also a member of that Committee. In his presence I asked the Chief Secretary there.....(Interruptions) you keep mum. I asked the Chief Secretary to tell as to how many temples were demolished there. Sir, at that time, the Chief Secretary told in front of Shri Madan Lal Khurana that only 4 temples were slightly damaged and these have since been repaired and no temple was converted into a Mosque. Mr. Speaker, Sir I would also like to say something about Bhopal....(Interruptions) Mr. Speaker, Sir, the conference of All India Jamayate-e-Islami was held in Bhopal on 11, 12 and 13th of November, the main speakers included the senior leader of B.J.P., the State President of V.H.P. and Pracharak, of R.S.S. and an Independent M.L.A. belonging to minority community, who are in jail in connection with the riots there. These people participated in Jamayat-e-Islami Conference and the chief of the Organisation praised the R.S.S. I would like to ask people if Jamayat-e-Islami is anti-national, can they tell me one instance when panchjanya or the Organiser has criticized the Jamayate-e-Islami. If it is not correct, I am ready to apologise for that.

Mr. Speaker, Sir, today these fanatic

529 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

and communalist forces and hatching a conspiracy to disintergrate and divide the country, therefore we must boycott them. I would like to tell the Prime Minister that he believed most unreliable persons; this is his fault and by believing such people, he got deceived but now it is not the time to be deceived.

Mr. Speaker, Sir, I would like to request the Prime Minister to keep himself or a distance from these Hindu fanatics and Muslim fanatics and go ahead with constructing a temple as well as a mosque there....(Interruptions)

SHRI MADAN LAL KHURANA (South Delhi): Mr. Speaker, Sir, now the masjid cannot be constructed there. (Interruptions)

SHRI DIGVIJAYA SINGH: Mr. Speaker, Sir, I demand that the

Government should build both the temple and the mosque there.

Thereafter the idols should be installed in the temple and then only it should be decided as to whether that structure was a temple or a mosque. Then the Government should do as it wishes. But today the need of the hour is liberal attitude and goodwill, Therefore, today it is necessary to cultivate these things more and more. With these words, I express my thanks to you.

SHRI VISHWANATH PRATAP SINGH (Fatehpur): Mr. Speaker, Sir, today it appears that the Indian republic has been suffered a blow and we are seeing our faces in the shattered mirror of Indian republic. We are seeing our cracked Images in the minor, but as far as I take it the image of all of us has been shattered.

It is of little significance as to whose face is more shattered and whose less, unless efforts are made to join together the pieces and build and integrated image.

I think the structure which was demolished was virtually the justice and glory of Indian Republic. It is beyond discussion by the Government, the opposition party and others. It is our duty to protect the Indian Republic and all other things. You can

530 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

give any name to those domes but it should be noted that one more dome has been demolished here. That dome is of the Supreme Court. This dome has been demolished and if some more kar Seva is performed, its walls to will be demolished. But I do not think that this Government can dare to do this. It is a different thing if it is demolished automatically. Similarly, it cannot construct it either, it is different if something is constructed automatically. All the claims of the Government are meaningless. When glory is lost, the calims too are lost. the demolition indicates that the promise of the hon. Prime Minister given from the Red Fort on the Independence Day has been broken. Moreover, this Government too has been become a skeleton. It too has been shattered therewith. Sometimes it appears that the Government is some company. today the situation is that if Shri Ashok Singhal declares that they are going to Mathura to demolish the mosques there and Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao says that the Government will protect them, people will think in their mind that the mosques would not be saved and probably they will be successful in demolishing these. This situation is very grave for Indian Republic. Here the dome of supreme Court has been demolished, the promise of the leader of the House has been broken and promise given by the leader of the opposition was broken. When Shri Advani gave us assurance that the instructions of the court would not be violated, we were extremely delighted. That time it was realised that the House is unanimous on this point.

I do not want to level any allegation, but my heart is broken.

Sometimes the question arises as to what this system is. We have such institutions like Supreme Court (the judiciary), the Supreme Executive body and the Parliament. Moreover, there is the National Integration council which may not be a powerful body from legal point of view, but it has tried to evolve some moral ethics through which the people from various walks of life in the country may participate in it. In the previous meeting in which the B.J.P. also participated, all were hoping that the court orders would not be violated. But the National Integration Council has been reduced to a

531 Motion of No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers

[Sh. Vishwanath Pratap Singh]

mockery. Therefore, being a citizen of the country when I look to the N.I.C., the Supreme Court and the Government, I seems to me that the country is very much disgraced. When things have come to such a pass, it is a horrifying situation for the country.

But we have great confidence in the people of the country and we are sure that a solution will be worked out. We have failed to evolve any solution, they may succeed. But sometimes when our mind is disturbed, we are struck with disappointment very intensely, because today a question has cropped up in the mainds of the citizens whether they will ever get justice from this system or not. The Supreme Court issued its orders and the highest executive made promises to follow them. Even then justice has not been done. I do not say so only because my brethren have a question in their mind, I say in my capacity as a citizen of this country, that if such a situation comes in the country it is very dangerous and it is called alienation.