But this has created another problem for the students. The syllabus is covered disproportinately in these sets resulting in easy questions in some sets and extremely difficult questions in some other sets.

This year another complaint heard form the students and teachers was that the question papers of Classes X AND XII contained questions which were out of course, particularly in Mathematics, Political Science etc.

From all this, it is clear that there is something basically wrong with the management of examinations in our schools and universities. If question papers are freely available in the market 48 hours before the examinations, what is the sanctity of our examinations? If this is allowed to continue, students who have the smartness and resources to contact the right persons or tap the right sources will score highest marks.

I would therefore request the hon. Minister for Human Resources to review the entire system and try to solve this problem. This has created a bad trend in our educational system. Especially in Delhi University, the students are very much disappointed by the regular leakage of question papers. (Interruptions)



of Bhopal Gas Tragedy 492

Mr. Chairman, Sir, thank you for giving me an opportunity to speak.

The very existence of sugarcane growers of Uttar Pradesh is at stake.

Shri Kalpnath Rai, who belongs to Uttar Pradesh is present here and he has recently toured the State. More than Rs.3 billion is outstanding against the mills. In my constituency there are 14 sugar mills out of which 3 mills are under the Central Government. These mills have been running for seven months now. When we went there, we came to know that the payment is being made for the sugarcane received upto 12th January and the payment of five months is still pending. The farmers have postponed marriages and other important family functions. The Mahajans are not ready to pawn the payment slips issued by mills even for half rates. The people are facing lot of trouble. The mill owners were paid at the rate of Rs. 140 per quintal for sugar and more than Rs.3 billion was paid by the State. The subsidy on molasses also runs in millions of rupees. I would like to urge upon the Government that the farmers of Uttar Pradesh have been ruined as the payment of sugarcane is outstanding (interruptions) I would like to know what steps does Shri Kalpanath Rai propose to take to allievate their sufferings. Three sugar mills have been declared sick. What would be their fate in future? (interruptions)

THE MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF FOOD( SHRI KALPNATH RAI): Mr. Chairman, Sir, regarding the question raised by Shri Ram Nagina Mishra and our other colleagues, I would like to assure you that the payment will be made by 30th May.(Interruptions)

SHRI RAM NAGINA MISHRA: I would like to request hon

Chandrashekarji to speak a few words about the sugarcane growers.



MR. CHAIRMAN: Don't record anything please.(Interruptions)* 493 Re. Interim Relief to Victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

MR. CHAIRMAN: Nothing is being recorded.


MR. CHAIRMAN: You are going too much. Please sit down.

MR. CHAIRMAN: Don't record anything.


SHRI NAWAL KISHORE RAI (Sitamarhi): Mr. Chairman, Sir, I come from Sitamarhi in Bihar. Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Vaisali Western part of Madhubani and eastern part of Motihari area have a population of around one crore, who is waging agitation since long for the development of Bajjika language but nothing has been done so far in this direction. The hon. Minister of Home Affairs is also present there, I would like to submit that I had also raised this issue at the time of presenting Demand for Grants of Ministry of Home and the Bajjika language, which is spoken by one crore people of Bihar should be included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, which may pave way for the development of Bajjika Language. The Minister of Internal Security has said in Bihar that Maithili and Bhojpuri language will be considered from the point of view of their inclusion in Eighth Schedule, we welcome it. I request that Bajjika Language spoken by 1 crore people should be included in the Eighth Schedule. I had raised this issue at the time of presentation of demand for grants but no response was given in this regard. The Government should be instructed to include Bajjika Language in Eighth Schedule. Like wise I also request the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that in Bihar a programme named Chaupal is broadcast and telecast, it should also be telecast and broadcast in Bajjika language


Papers Laid 494

Chairman, Sir, recently in my Constituency Sagar, the result of Central School has been declared. Most of the students have been placed under compartment Ninety percent of such students belong to s/c and S/T; Such result is due to a malice toward them. They have played with their future. The present principal has been there for the last 15 years. I have already apprised Minister of his abominable activities but no action could be initiated against him. These students are compelled to sit on the back benches in the class. They are ill-treated on account of untouchability and even teachers in Central School are given such treatment. On many occasions, they were ill-treated and they made a complaint to me in this regard and I sent their complaints alongwith my letter the Minister. I want to submit that an inquiry should be made into it and the Principles should be removed and with that copies of the supplementary exams should be re- evaluated. Ofcourse, there is a provision of re-totalling but it will not solve the purpose. A strict action should be taken against those examiners. The hon. Deputy Minister of Education is present in the House, she should come forward with a statement in this regard.


MR. CHAIRMAN: As you all know, we have to take up the

impeachment matter at two of the Clock exactly. Therefore, I would not allow now anything else. We will now take up Papers to be Laid on the Table. Please excuse me. You can raise it tomorrow.



12.50 hrs.