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Bomb blast in Bombay


THE MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS (SHRI S.B. CHAVAN):The investigation by the Bombay Police in regard to bomb explosions in Bombay on March 12,1993,has revealed the following:

541 Statement by Minister

(i) A conspiracy appears to have been hatched by Pakistan in conjunction with Dawood Ibrahim, a Bombay underworld don based in Dubai, and the Memon family of Bombay, molar Particularly Ibrahim Abdul Razak Memon "@ Tiger @ Must, a key lieutenant of Dawned.

(ii.) Ibrahim Abdul Razak Memon, along with other members of house family, has emerged as the pivotal figure behind the blasts. He visited Dubai thrice in the recent past, apparently to tie up arrangements with Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan

(iii) A huge consignment of arms and explosives was landed surreptitiously in district Raigad, Maharashtra, on February2/3,1993. The consignment, which was landed between masla and Srivardhan, was received by Mustaq himself, with the assistance of his trusted landing agent, Sharif Abdul Ghafoor " Dadabhai, Daud Mod phanse and Rehim Laundrywalla, all of whom have since been arrested.

(iv) As part of the planned operation, the arrival of the arms and explosives on the Western coast was preceded by the visit of on of the landing agent, Daud Mohammad Phanse, to Dubai on January 19-22,1993 at the invitation of Mustaq, who arranged for his stay at Hotel Delhi Darbar, Dubai. On January 20,1993 he was taken to a bungalow to meet Dawood Ibrahim. As per Phane's disclosure. Dawood indicated his intention of sending a consignment of 'chemicals' a code name for explosives to India asked Phanse to arrange for its safe landing. The consignment which arrived in district Raigad on February 2/3, 1993 was carried in a speed boat

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which has ownership links with Dawood Ibrahim.

(v) 'Tiger' Memon also played a prominent role in recruiting and motivating the trainees for carrying out the blasts. While the explosives, arms and operators at Dubai, both before their departure for Islamabad and after their return.

(vi) 20 such operators left Bombay for Dubai on different dates in February, 1993. They left Dubai in three groups by PIA flights on February 9,13 and 20, 1993; they were received at Islamabad Airport and driven off in a covered vehicle without going through the Immigration located in an isolated area about two hours drive from the Islamabad Airport.

(vii) The training comprised physical exercises, use of IEDs, handling of grenades and firing from Kalashnikov rifles. The operators were briefed specially to targets hopping centres, bridges, car parking areas, crowded localities and temples.

(viii) The departure from Islamabad to Dubai, on 1st March, 1993 was again arranged without observing any Im- migration formalities. While the group leaders had sought to destroy the Passports of the trainees, a number of Passports survived this precaution. The recovered Passports bear an Entry stamp dated February 18,1993 and an exit stamp dasted February 20,1993 of the Immigration authorities at Dubai.

Further. there is an Entry stamp dated 1st March, 1993 at Dubai Airport and an exit stamp dated 2nd March, 1993 for Bombay.The significant absence of Arrivaland Departure stampings of

543 Statement by Minister

(Sh. S.B. Chavan)

the Pakistan Immigration authorities, between 20th February and 1st March, 1993 are eloquent testimony of Pakistan's involvement.

(ix) The Pak complicity is further corroborated by a travel data in put which shows that 6 members of the memon family left Dubai for Karachi by flight PK-214 on March 17,1993.

(x) Evidence is available about the complicity of the Memon brothers in the Bombay blasts. A Maruti van abandoped by some of the conspirators after the bomb blasts was located in Worli area on March 12 evening. It contained AK-56 rifles and hand grenades. Ownership of the Maruti vehicle has been traced to Yakub Memon's wife. The search of the Memon's house has led to the recovery, among others, of the ignition key of scooter. This key was of one of the three unexplorded scooter which was detected in Saigon area of Dadar. Empty cartons of explosives were also recovered during the searches. While an effort appears to have been made to obliterate the inscriptions on these cartons, a close examination shows Lahore markings. The recovered grenades bear the markings 'ARGES'. These are similar to those exploded by members of the group elsewhere in Bombay on March 12. A large number of such grenades have been recovered during the investigations. The, marking on these grenades are those of a registered Trade Mark of an Austrian firm.

Further equerries are on going.

(xi) All the members of the Memon family left Bombay for Dubai between 10 th- 12 th March, 1993, morning. The Bomb blast in Bombay 544

last one to leave was Mustaq' Tiger The final touches to the ground level arrangements were entered by Mustaq to his trusted lieutenants including Ashgar Muqadam (Manager), Yalkub, Javed Daud Patel @ 'Chikna' and Anwar Haji Theba. A number of persons were then used to plant the various cars and scooters as well as susitacas bombs in thirteen chosen localities. Three of tube bombs in thirteen chosen localities, of unexplored 31 empty cardboard cartons, suspected to have contained the explosives, have since been recovered from the Al-Hussain building, in Bombay. While the Stampings on these cartons have been deliberately erased, two of the recovered cardboard boxes still bear the stamping of city in Pakistan.

(xii) The Bombay Police has so far arrested 80 persons who are accomplices in the conspiracy, of whom 10 were trained in Pakistan.

The Government of India had promptly informed the Pakistani authorities of the Memon family's involvement in the bomb blasts in Bombay as well as about the details of their travels and of their collaborators between India and Pakistan through Dubai.

The reaction of the Pakistani authorities to the information given to them so far indicates that Pakistan will the all possible measures to ensure against the exposure of any information relating to Pakistan training the conspirators in their country. This does not surprise the Government of India because Pakistan is under observation by important members of the international community about its involvement with state-sponsored terrorism. It is our assessment, therefore, that instead of cooperation in the apprehension of the Bombay blasts accused, Pakistan would try to safeguard against any revelation of their involvement in the explosions

545 . Statement by Minister Bombay.

in Bombay.

while the investigations are continuing. the results of the inquiries so far clearly indicate Pakistan's organised support and involvement in the planning and execution of the series of bomb blasts which took place in Bombay on 12 March, 1993, leading to a large number of innocent persons being killed and injured, besides ,enormous loss to property.



SHRI NITISH KUMAR(BARH): Madam Chairman, he has not stater', whether C.B.I. enquiry will be held or not. when, this issue was raised in the House the hon. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs had assured the House that the hon. Minister of Home Affairs will give a statement whether C.B.I.enquiry would be conducted or not....

(Interruptions)..... Madam, Chairperson, Yesterday this issue was raised as to why the C.B. I. enquiry is not being conducted The hon.

Minister Affairs will make a statement in this regard


SHRI MADAN LAL KHURANA(South Delhi): Madam, he has not uttered any thing about the C. B. I enquiry in to the matter.. He has also not said as to, when Pakistan was informed about the matter. The hon.

Minister of external affairs stated yesterday that he did not know whether Pakistan was directly involved in it. I would like to know whether the hon. Minister has informed the Minister of external Affairs about it....... (Interruptions)

SHRI NITISH KUMAR: Yesterday the hon. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs had assured the House in the issue of the C. B. I enquiry.

Mr. Chairman: There can be no clarification on the statement made by the Minister.

SHRI NITISH KUMAR: I am not seeking

Bomb blast in Bombay 546

any clarification.I am merely pointing out the hon. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs had assured us that the hon.Minister of Home Affairs would make a statement loon the issue of holding the C.B.I.

enquiry. through you, I would like to know whether he will make a separate statement or he will tell us just now whether the C.B.i.

enquiry will be held or not.

Shri Bhogendra Jha(Madhubani):Madam. a clarification on is needed here. It has appeared in the newspapers that the Chif Minister of Maharashtra is against the move to hold a C.B.I. enquiry into ' the matter, I would like to know as to what are the facts. I would like to know whether the Maharashtra police is capable of holding enquiry into the bomb blast incidents in Bombay for which conspiracy was hatched in foreign countries. Would the enquiry be handed over to the C.B.I.?


Mr. Chairman: Mr. [. Anna Joshi has just now informed that he has certain information to be given to the House. So, I will be allowing him.


Shri Anna Joshi (Puna): Madam Chairperson, I rise to submit with deep sorrow that just now a news has been flashed that a bomb exploded at pune railway station in my constituency around 2p.m. Four persons were killed on the sport and several others received injuries. The buildings around this site were also damaged. This is a preliminary news a details will follow. Through you, I would like to urge the hon. Minister of Home Affairs that He should make a statement tomorrow on this issue also (Interruptions)


SHRI ANNA JOSHI: He should make a Statement just now. This is my humble request .... (Interruptions)

547 Statement by Minister

SHRI NITISH KUMAR: He should make a statement on this incident just now and at the same time he must also as say some thing about holding a C.B.I enquiry into the Bombay bomb blasts.


SHRI S.B. CHAVAN: Madam about the enquiry to be entrusted to be entrusted to the CBI, I would like say that unless the state Government were to request for the same,we can not on our own entrust it to them.

SHRIMATI GEETA MUKHERJEE(Panskura): It is an international conspiracy.


SHRI NITISH KUMAR: I would like to kumar whether the Government of Maharashtra has opposed it...... (Interruptions)

SHRI MADAN LAL KHURANA: Is the government of Maharashtra opposing it?:Yesterday, we were informed that a CBI enquiry would

bordered.(Interruptions) It was stated in this august House that a C.B. I. inquiry will be held into it...... (Interruption)


MR. CHAIRMAN: You have communicated your sentiments. Now you please sit down.


SHRI NITISH KUMAR: This issue has national and international dimensions. This issue was raised in the House yesterday.....

(Interruption) Had it been an isolated problem of as State, we would not have discussed it in the house. But it has national and international dimensions. The august house has discussed it and it has discussed it seriously. therefore, to say that the Government there has not made any request, is not sufficient. What

Bomb blast in Bombay 548

dies the Central Government contemplate over it? does it suo-motu propose to hold a C. B. I. inquiry or not? soon after the incident, the Government had sent a team thread( Interruptions) Today the hon.

Minister of Home Affairs has stated in his statement that there is Pakistan's organised involvement in it. In such a situation, what will be the jurisdiction of the State police? What does the Government think in such a case which has international dimensions?

Does it moot propose to hold a C. B. I. enquiry or not? It seems that the Government has no intention to apprehend the culprits and it want to pass the buck on the Chief Minister ... (Interruption)


MR,CHAIRMAN: You have communicated your sentiments. Now you please sit down.

SHRI S B CHAVAN: I refute the allegations/insinuations made by the hon. Members against the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. I have nearly stated even at this stage if the hon. Members so strongly feel, I don't think we can impose ourselves on any of the State Governments Against their will. If all the hon. Members were to agree, certainly, I have no objection. (interruptions) Even in Calcutta also, they are not asking for out enquiry from the Government of India. So, let us under stand the implications of what the hon.

Members are saying. If you so feel that the Government of India should take the initiative in the matter, the Act has to be amended; and there after,what ever the consequences are, we will certanly look into them. (Interruptions)


SHRI MADHAN LAL KHURANA: There is Pakistans hand in it.


MR. CHAIRMAN: You have communicated your feelings to the House.

549 Statement by Minister

Bomb blast in Bombay


Now you please sit down (Interruptions)

SHRI ANNA JOSHI: Does the Government want to make a statement on bomb blast in Pune?


SHRI S.B. CHAVAN: It is a fact that in a passengers train between Pune and Manmad, I believe, the lat compartment did have some kind of an explosion. We do, not have the details so far. I will make an enquiry; and then, it necessary, inform the house.


SHRI MADAN LAL KHURANA: You have stated in your statement that there is Pakistan's and in it. If there is Pakistan's hand, why the C.B.I..... (Interruptions) It must be replied ... (Interruption) [English]

MR. CHAIRMAN: There as no scope for clarifications in this House.


SHRI MADAN LAL KHURANA: This is not an isolated issue of

Maharashtra ... (Interruptions) He has stated that if the House wanted a C.B. I. enquiry it will be held. It may be noted that this adjust Hours has demanded a CBI enquiry earlier also. Since there is a Pakistan's hand in it, and the House also wants to hold a CBI enquiry,the Government should make an announcement about C.B.I.

inquiry into it ... (Interruptions)

General Budget 1993-94 550

General Discussion

16.50 hrs



MR. CHAIRMAN: Shri Peter G Marbaniang.


MR - CHAIRMAN: Please sit down.


MR. CHAIRMAN: Will you please sit down?

MR. CHAIRMAN: This is not going on record.

SHRI PETER G. MARBANIANG (Shillong): Madam Chairperson, I rise to support the Budget for they ear 1993-94. The speech of our Finance Minister, shri Manmohan Singh on 27 th February, 1993, while presenting the Budget for 1993-94........ (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: Pleases sit down.


SHRI BASUDEB ACHARIA(Bankura):What about Aligarh incidents?

SHRI S.B. CHAVAN:I am going to make statement on Aligarh incidents tomorrow.

SHRI HARIKISHORE SINGH(Sheohar): The Dubai Government have said that they had got the information after two days.Then, after two days,the Pakistan government said that they got the information.What was the Government of India doing.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- 551 General Budget 1993-94

MR. CHAIRMAN: It has already been said that you cannot seek clarification in the Lok Sabha on a statement made by a Minister.

Please sit down.



SHRI ANNA JOSHI (Pune): The hon. Minister of Home Affairs had assured the House during the discussion on the Bombay bomb blast that information will be given to the House regarding the Calcutta bomb blast and as statement will also be made on it. We, therefore, are reminding the hon. Minister of Home Affairs and would also like to know as to when a statement will be made regarding the Calcutta bomb blast.

PROF. RASA SINGH RAWAT (Ajmer) Mr. Chairman, Sir, it was assured on behalf of the Government that complete information will be given to this august House, but nothing has so far been said about the Calcutta bomb-blast...... (Interruptions)


SHRI SAIFUDDIN CHOUDHURY (Katwa): When the explosion at Calcutta took place, at that time, the Minister for Internal Security made a statement about what happened there. He clarified many things. I do not know what is new in that and on what will he be making a statement.

KUMARI MAMATA BANERJEE (Calcutta South):The situation in Calcutta is serious.

MR. CHAIRMAN: You should address the Chair.

SHRI SOMNATH CHATTERJEE(Bolpur): We will never be satisfied. You make whatever statement you like, we do not mind. (Interruptions) MR. CHAIRMAN: Noting will go on record.

General Discussion 552



SHRI MADAN LAL KHURAN: We are out satesfeed with that at the Horn Minister, has ,strted, we there fore,soage walk out (Interruptions) 16.56 hrs

SHRI MADAN Lal Khuraba and some other members then left the House.